Yellow Magnetic Sun Wavespell

Yellow Sun Wavespell The process of alchemy of the shadow in the Red Castle of awakening This is one of the 13 Clear Signs and as such this process is key to getting clear and aligning with the shadow free embodiment process we are here for at this time Heal the old storyline and live […]

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White Lunar Worldbridger

  White Lunar Worldbridger This is the new learning coming in to end old worlds The planet is Mars  Where Mars is in your chart is significant for you    Mars in terms of the planetary transits is currently in Pisces  The Spiritual Warrior  Here is a great article by Aeternalight It went in on […]

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White Dog Wavespell May 2016

White Dog Wavespell Just realised that in writing a new page on this WordPress Site It is not the same as a post so my regular subscribers do not get an email  Here is my Venus blog page  I am intending to write an article for 13 Clear Signs new page too  as soon as […]

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Red Moon Wavespell ~ the alchemy

Red Moon Wavespell Day 3 Alchemy Blue Electric Monkey Again in today’s blog all the beautiful artwork is by  Emily Balivet unless otherwise stated A 13 Clear Sign Day The 13 clear signs are the magical alchemical process  Here is an earlier blog I wrote about this Human Evolution The balancing process of the human […]

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Red Earth ~ integration day

Integration Red Galactic Earth Day Today we are in the 8th day of the White Dog Wavespell The Mayan Moon is also in synch as it is Electric Moon day 8 This is the 14th Wavespell and has a  Mayan Clear Sign especially for the alchemist  travelling consciously  walking the walk as well as talking […]

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