Another info bite about Pacal


the 13 Clear Signs

that I discovered on my cookie trail the other day


Pacal is the 8th Sun  ~ 8 Ahau

Pacal means shield ~ Sun shield 

Yellow Galactic Sun 

is the 8th day of 

Red Skywalker 


His story and pattern are very interesting :

Wikipedia article 


In my understanding this picture


the 13 Signs

are the key

to the process of transforming the ego shadow 

to become 


The 20 day Sun process


pic Mariana Pavlova

The 20 day Sun process that Red Skywalker is found in



Yellow Galactic Sun is found in


the 3rd

20 day process :

Red Lunar Dragon 


Yellow Galactic Sun

It takes us from the 

Red Castle 


The White Castle 

Yellow Galactic Sun

is the day of integrating the

Yellow Sun Wavespell

The previous Wavespell

This Wavespell is the culmination of

the first scroll of

Red Dragon 

Showing how much light the human being holds

as they experience the first 39 days of the 260 day cycle 

Yellow Magnetic Sun is also a 13 Clear Sign 

as a Wavespell 

it is therefore also a very powerful process


The tomb was unearthed in 1952

From July 26 that was a

Blue Crystal Storm Year 

The 12th process of

Yellow Star Wavespell





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