Red Magnetic Skywalker

52 Days



Initiation of the Skywalker

Pacal The Great’s Sarcophagus Lid
Pacal The Great
The Red Queen
Pic credit

The Temple of Inscriptions is in Palenque and is where the tomb of

Pacal The Great was discovered in 1952

He is the 8th day of this 13 day process ~ Yellow Galactic Sun

He is a Clear Sign ~ check out my blogs about this

His Mayan Sign is on the tomb lid ~ above left

13 Mayan Signs are on here

These, I believe, are a process

Pacal has different meanings

One is shield

Another mask

One is a type of Scorpion which is key to the inscription


tree of life process on his sarcophagus

Here is an excerpt about this from a book :

The Ancient Maya New Perspectives by Heather Milene McKillop

Here is a great article about the Jade Mask by Mary Miller

Here is an article about Pacal from Wikipedia

Video Diary

Red Magnetic Skywalker Day 1
May 21 2020
Day 2 ~ White Lunar Wizard
May 22 2020

Day 3 Blue Electric Eagle ~ no video
May 23 2020
Day 4 ~ Yellow Self Existing Warrior
May 24 2020

Day 5 ~ Red Overtone Earth
May 25 2020 Clear Sign
Day 6 ~ White Rhythmic Mirror
May 26 2020

Day 7 ~ Blue Resonant Storm
May 27 2020
no video
Day 8 ~ Yellow Galactic Sun
May 28 2020
Day 9 ~ Red Solar Dragon
May 29 2020
Day 10 ~ White Planetary Wind
May 30 2020
Day 11 ~ Blue Spectral Night
May 31 2020
Day 12 ~ Yellow Crystal Seed
01 June 2020
Day 13 Red Cosmic Serpent
02 June 2020

Notice what has created heaven on earth for you

that is free from co dependency ~ expand

Notice what has created hell on earth for you ~ release through healing

Change behaviours

Unlearn and relearn and align

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