The challenge to openness



Red Lunar Serpent Day

Today is the yin coming in to show us the challenge that is holding us back from being truly open and free of ego masks and mechanisms.

Noticing that in this life we have not been schooled in the art of relationships with others …….unless we have chosen to go on self development courses and become aware and conscious of our own patterns and how other people have taught us that awareness.

Have you taken the time to do that and really know what allows you to glow and feel bliss?

Are you ready to commit to that process?

Most people on the planet haven’t and it isn’t the norm or the custom.

The strongest pattern at the moment is to co depend and rely on people or things to give us joy and pleasure ……

so when they are not doing that…..

we don’t feel good.

Which creates a very conditional pattern that is up and down and feels very disempowering doesn’t it? That is always what is part of an ego pattern.


When people are matching ways of relating that have caused us pain….physical and/or emotional ……we are triggered.


Here is an exercise for you to use if you choose.

Today is Sunday. What is your idea of a blissful Sunday?


Write it down.


Are you alone? With other people ? Inside or outside ? What is the weather like ? What are you wearing/doing/ being?

What are you eating? Drinking ? Doing?

What do you enjoy about that activity ?

What is the temperature like?

If you are with others how are they showing you relationship that feels good for you?

Are they giving you gifts/praise/hugs/their full attention?

How do know they love you / care about you ?

How do you feel part of the community and circle.

If you chose to be alone what does this choice give you ? Do you prefer your own company ?


As a child how did you learn to feel loved ~ did you actually feel it ?

Was it conditional? Was it unconditional ? Who taught you these ways of being and how.


Remember bliss times in your life and write about them. Fill in as much detail as possible about the whole experience with lots of sensory detail .


This is our bliss recipe and once we bring it to our conscious awareness we have the threads to weave our magic carpet that take us to our land of milk and honey. It is the start of a process as we see the information provided within “the script”

Now we can tune into being an open honest communicator of our bliss giving and receiving and share with our circle of significant others….

how we feel good about living in the skin we are in.

What feels good for us ~ allows us to feel loved and respected, what our values are and how we feel if we are not heard in this way.

How we choose to be heard, honoured and loved.

If there are times in the past when we haven’t had that experience with the person we are talking to and intending to create new relationships with….

how do we communicate that ?

I use emotional freedom technique to do that and talk and tap. This system of clearing helps me voice my truth, clear my emotion about it and truly let go of this past event.

Many people do not feel comfortable about revisiting past situations with their loved ones because of the emotion it brings up which are often feelings of guilt, shame, anger ~ in other words all the shadow emotions.

We have often created layer upon layer of masks and coping mechanisms to not go there ~ we may be mismatchers ~ an nlp term for refusing to comply or              co-operate with others because this was the only way to feel safe as a child and be rebellious. If we don’t consciously address this and change it as adults it expands until we pay attention and morphs into lots of different behaviours such as the road rager, the alcoholic alter ego ~ sweetness and light during daylight and angry drunk at night. The passive ~ aggressive pendulum swing of what is commonly labelled as manic depressive ~ again a coping mechanism where moods swing to compensate for the underworld feelings that are lurking unaddressed and festering with each passing day.

The truth will out and see the light of day in some way as this is the nature of the universe ~ this is the nature of the transition we are currently in and I offer you the gift of this time ~ tough love. Until we get to the heart of our issues we live on the surface of life and we feel at the mercy of the outside ~ endlessly looking for solutions and answers without when the place of change and transformation is always within.

Anything manifesting outside of us now or in our body now, that is feeling painful is an opportunity to see something inside seeking a recycle.

We expect our young people to show respect when many have never been respected,

to have compassion when they have never had their emotional or physical needs met and do not know what it means to receive love,

to know how to be gentle and loving when they have never known it……

It is impossible to truly know something and give something that has not been received and to not give something that has.

When we are experiencing criticism it is a match for our past and beliefs we have about ourselves.

Do you know how to give and receive love ?

Most people do not. They block their receiving.

Can you receive from the universe unconditionally?

Are you open to what each day brings for you?

Do you receive from anyone and everyone with grace?

Do you decide what is the best for yourself…..or are you open to learning new ways that your higher self brings?

Are you willing to go into the void  and not know?

Are you a master of trust and acceptance?

Lots to contemplate and review.

It takes work to create the life we want and the relationships that create intimacy and love.

It takes commitment and often we need to grow a pair and stand up for ourselves 🙂

We need to believe that we are worth it ~ especially the time and effort we commit to this process.

When you are looking at your monthly budget and schedule notice how much time you spent on your personal transformation this month ~ I am not talking about a workshop or course that gave you a qualification in doing something for someone else such as a therapist working with a client…..

How much money did you spend on you and your journey of change…..compared to “entertainment” or a cpd day ?

How much time did you commit in your day to look at your own issues and how you are feeling…..and how to create change?

How many triggers have you worked on this month so that you can feel more peace and calm.

If you broke down your month into a pie chart of money and time ~ available on some bank accounts ~ what would be the biggest chunk of it?

Is that in balance?

Is that being proactive or reactive?

We are the only ones who can create a change for ourselves by doing what it takes to make the difference.

There are many aspects to this shift and it involves taking action and new learning….


we stay on the same landscape and play at being Peter Pan.

Our bodies age but we live the life we did as a child .

Tough love time .

We are revisiting the same wavespell of the last Scorpio Gateway and all that came from it in the last Yellow Seed. Here is the post I made then.

Here is the post from the last Red Serpent Wavespell.


Has life changed for you since last October and more recently last

May ? Or are you still going round in circles?

If you are ready to take the next steps and do what it takes to get your love show on the road I have some fab tools to share with you.

Sorry I cannot wave a magic wand for you ~ you are here to do that for yourself and be that star seed sharing your gift ~ you have your own unique answers.

I can help you with the process as that is something I am good at ~ and I do it every day and it works. Doesn’t mean I feel fabulous all the time ~ it does mean that I now recognise and accept that when I am feeling painful emotions or distorting emotions that change me into a ghost of my past ~ I recognise that I am stepping through another gateway of new learning is all.

And with that gateway I allow new things to happen that come from a magical space that I may not have thought possible.

That is the reward of facing your inner demons.

Love to you and your serpent shadow.

Open to following the cosmic cookie trail……


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