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Cosmic gateway time with White Electric Worldbridger Day

It’s the first day of 10 portals and so hold on to your hats as the possibilities for new beginnings begins. Yellow Seed Wavespell. I am doing a mini post every day in this thirteen day spiral with ten galactic portals.

Today we have a New Moon in Cancer and Saturn goes direct so on a planetary level in many respects it is time to move forwards and evolve.

If you experienced an intense day yesterday ~ hugs ~ I certainly did. Lots of deep emotion coming up for many events around my relationships and the frustration of still being stuck in old stuff. Part of me is feeling the pull so strongly to let go of this old goo and yet it is still here and so there is clearing work to do.

Surrender is todays  co creative sizzle. What is in our cup that is seeking to be emptied now so we can fill it anew?

What is seeking release so we can unburden ourselves from whatever is holding back from being the most beautiful being we truly are underneath all this cosmic crap we have attracted? Do you feel like a Sh*t magnet in a dense muddy vibe of negativity that doesn’t feel at all true for your shiny self and yet……here it is and you are wading in it up to your armpits ?

It doesn’t make sense to our mind to feel blue when this is a stirling summer time of sunshine, bursting nature and living the life and yet……

we may be in a puddle of woe just now as our ego may be holding on to outmoded ways of being that are heavy and controlling and keeping our wild spirit locked in a cage…….

It can be a feeling a bit like pre~ menstrual tension where our masculine and feminine, higher self and ego are having a tug of war and we feel cut off from any solutions.

Time to sit and see what is presenting and if we can be present to what happens when we do nothing and let the ego blow it’s top because the child issues and child mechanisms created to deal with them are no longer working and so it feels unable to control how we feel.This is where the shift happens ~ doing something different instead of the same old same.

What I have been doing is revisiting these feelings and tapping a lot.

My patterns that are coming up are:

Letting go of being responsible for other people and their ego crisis ~

which is difficult when you are empathic and have to learn to stand back and watch people hurting…..

It’s also difficult when your status quo on a practical level is threatened by the person having the melt down ~ remember times when your parent (s) had a job loss, redundancy issue, mid life crisis this may have been true for many in the 80’s . Then further life partners have had the same or still doing something they hate and unable to create a change ~ the vibes reach out and affect everyone .

To step in doesn’t help anyone because we all have to learn to be grown ups ourselves instead of depending on others. It is especially tempting to do that with teenagers ~ and being disciplined with yourself to model values and patterns that they will learn and benefit them in the long term is a lot more difficult to uphold than giving in to instant gratification bribes and people pleasing.

This often pulls me into my own ego crisis of being torn about how to be a mother and lots of threads around the choices I have made from that position right from day one with both of my children.

Also my position as a child and seeing how financial issues affected them and how they coped or didn’t cope.

My significant others in life are walking through my energy field right now like ghosts of relationships past and all have a story to gift me about how I shaped my beliefs reactively due to my interaction with them. Some of these ways of relating have been unloving for all and some downright needy and pathological and I am learning to forgive my part and theirs because all of this learning is simply what everyone knew at the time…..and has brought me here today.

I do not want to or intend to carry on with it now ~ said in strong and loud voice with serious pose 🙂

Some of it is proving to be as resilient as that old sh*t on a blanket metaphor and no matter how I shake a leg, tap and weep and wail it is still there laughing at me from the corner. When that happens I often have a feeling of wanting to get on a plane and go somewhere remote……and yet I know now that the laughing banshee will be waiting for me in the hotel room like a Stephen King novella ……and sometimes a whopping big novel like The Stand. Stephen has always been a wonderful source of the human condition for me and how our world isn’t what we have been manipulated into thinking. When this is happening I know I may be ready to discard it and for some reason there is something to unfold, cog to move, download to happen, person to arrive or leave in my web of life and so


When the time is perfectly aligned it will be so.

The key at this time is to keep focusing on yourself and hearing what is coming up for you ~ honour it, be with it like you would with a sick young child. Whatever it takes ~ give it, however many hours it requires soothing and healing ~ do it. Go deeper and do not give up ~ allow it to crash on your shore wave after wave until the sea of emotion becomes calm once more.

Record your insights and remember whence they came. Then create new strategies from that place of serenity rather than trying to fix your roof in a force 10 gale.

Welcome your ghosts with open arms.

They offer the solace of the soul journey ~ to forgive and therefore truly forget.

Clear space to begin anew.

Love to you today and your electric portents. 


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