Red Moon Circle




Red Rhythmic Moon Day ~ lovers day 

Today is the sixth day of the Yellow Seed Wavespell.

In the bigger planetary picture we are in Year 7 of Red Magnetic Moon.

The artwork today is the first synchronicity and I was inspired to follow it’s cookie trail when I found it on my friend Maria’s wall. Love Facebook friends for inspiring me ~ gratitude to everyone for sharing my world. This is Edward Foster’s work and you can find his page on Facebook and on his website.

If you click on the links on my blogs you will find they lead to websites that I find on my cookie trail when I sit down, tune in and connect to what is synchronistically aligned for me to share with you today for my learning and if it feels good and an energetic match for you ~ for yours. This is my co creation way of being.

All that I share on my blogs is my journey and the same goes for my workshops and one to one work in energy therapy. I share from the heart “a” way is all and so please hear this if you can 🙂

Edward is a fellow Lancastrian and we have some friends in common, I find as I look at the information . I have lived in his neck of the woods. This was a very important magical time for me and is connected to today’s theme which is opening up and awakening to our true path and calling and how the real universe is rather than how our western society has presented it to us ~ which is all perfectly placed to weave our soul journey. The moon is our feminine self and our shadow , it is our shield from seeing the full sun scripted story all at one ~ if we were totally awakened and aware from day one then we couldn’t do the dance and relationships in the spiral and work with the web ~ the shared script that we all plug into.

This is how the Mayan Wavespell calendar can help you wake up and raise consciousness by using the thirteen day spirals as and when you are ready.       The feminine siren calls you in at the perfect time for you to go deeper and paradoxically as you do ~ your energy holograph changes and your vibe becomes higher. So to go up we have to go down. To complete our circle we create firm roots into the earth and so receive the feminine and balance the feminine within us.

This is the key of today ~ balancing the masculine and feminine within as when we are out of balance within us, the universe balances us outside of us so we can see where we can create change.

The more we ignore this and the stronger and louder the message becomes. Most of us on the planet are out of balance in this regard and there is nothing “wrong” with that.

If you are connecting to this blog for the first time please note that it is a series ~ this is the sixth day of a 13 day spiral and I am doing a mini post each day based on what I feel intuitively .

If you don’t want to miss it please subscribe to email as I don’t always post on the same sites every day on Facebook.

Many people are are following the spiritual path are focusing on going up and become top heavy like a weedy plant that has a sudden growth spirt and starts toppling over and in hot weather cannot sustain itself ~ it’s root system isn’t mature enough to match the top growth and give sustenance ~ and again paradoxically in humans this leads to being light headed and ungrounded.

When we avoid doing the foundation inner work and looking at our lower chakra areas as a place to start ( because they were formed experientially on entry into the planet as children )~ belonging and relationship which is the key transformational areas in our tree of life sacred geometry ~ we get stuck in the intellect and the head. Often this is an ego avoidance of looking at what is hurting ~ physically and emotionally. The heart path involves transforming the 3 lower chakras and in this process we let go of living from ego, the heart opens as a result and the upper chakras are activated ~ and you don’t actually need to know this all at once ~ only the ego does that head trip remember. Trust yourself and know that you have all the answers there because your heart communicates what seeks transformation through emotions. This is what is gifted to us in all the myths and sacred code and now is the time to recognise that this is about our inner journey as well.

All emotions are our guides to when we are on our heart path ~ feeling joy and love and when we are out of synch ~ feeling what we call our shadow emotions which is basically anything other than joy and love. If we simply focus on the positive then the shadow is being excluded. This is one of the hardest gateways to walk through and to walk through it experientially is a pre~requisite to enter the garden of the Goddess.

Otherwise we are lopsided and go round in circles on the outside ~ until we go within.

Today we see the pattern of the circle.

I believe all people have broken circle patterns ~ nothing right or wrong, good or bad about this. There is no judgement in karma pattern. It is what it is and is what is required for our mid life transformation process which is also aligned to the Mayan Wavespell and the magic of numbers and repeating circles of life. It is what I specialise in and can be said to be the “seer” archetype. When we choose to see we empower ourselves and our circle ignites. This is the Ouraboros 

The message has often been distorted by manipulative pattern creators as a power trip in this patriarchal society that we live in on most of our human population worldwide. There are few feminine energy systems in place in the world today and that is how it is meant to be at this time on the planet as we are experiencing all we need to experience for this time of our evolutionary learning. We are moving into the sacred feminine transit now as we go into the Age of Aquarius ~ the cup holder of the Gods. We are connecting to our God and Goddess potentiality if we are prepared to transform our ego.

It takes more than dressing up in Goddess outfits to usher the feminine in and many men may not be too fond of getting a frock on 🙂 Some may and that’s ok for them ~ whatever floats your boat. There are lots of people doing the drama of being the Goddess and many that I have observed are very heavily into their masculine energy and seemingly having no conscious awareness of that ~ because that is where they are at the moment and that is the web.

I remember the first time I went to a Goddess workshop in Marsden ( fab name :-)) and found myself feeling uncomfortable about calling myself and being with others calling themselves Goddess and noticing that ~ who am I ? Same feeling as the first time I went to a belly dancing class at a Brass Band Club ~ not a million miles from The Full Monty scenario .

Gratitude to the strong amazing women of Marsden and West Yorkshire generally ~ and there are many brave and courageous souls ~ who are blazing a trail of the feminine in the very masculine energy of the North.

It takes courage to step out and speak out of what is considered the “norm” and unless we do this ~ how will things ever change ? As we stand up for what we love truly from the heart , we face our challenge and through this personal change we shine light and weave new paths ~ others follow that lead feeling energised and inspired by that light and new “norms” are created. In this Northern old~ fashioned space of many other revolutions, was where I made my first forays into another world beyond the veil ~ and with the veil ~ and brought out the Goddess in me.

Without these first steps I wouldn’t be here today in Glastonbury. Love to you all and hope to see you soon either here in the South or when I come visit in September.

Today’s intuitive image I awoke with was a big electrical power cable that had torn loose from it’s moorings and was hissing and swirling with unfettered power like an angry snake.

By the time we get to mid life we have had our share of being on the receiving end of some unloving behaviour ~ much of which we were  ” made ” to receive by adults when we were children. Synchronistically last night on TV there was a programme talking about being an optimistic person or a pessimist and how the scientific community is now changing it’s beliefs on nature versus nature. It is titled The Truth about Personality ~ maybe “a’ truth 🙂 ? I mentioned Bruce Lipton in my blog yesterday and his work on epigenetics . Our beliefs ~ created from our life experience and our ancestral experience ~ create our dna. Change our belief and we change our genes. Just had an insight on meditation and how when we are being present with our thoughts and allowing their presence ~ we are allowing and accepting them in that space ~ very much the basis of EFT ~ Emotional Freedom Technique, which is the core of my transformational journey.

If I say the circle within us is broken that may trigger an emotional response in you ~ and if it does maybe notice that ?

It is broken in a sense of ~ it doesn’t connect and form a circular circuit.

If we have an emotional response to a statement then there is an emotional event that is unresolved from our past. We all have these and this is the soul journey. If we choose we can transform this emotional event and we can reconnect our circle. This is the circle of the lower chakras and it repeats this cycle over and over ~ when you learn experientially about the Mayan wavespell you will see how this works.

I can speak to you about it and I can share my experience ~ you can only access it on all levels when you start doing the spiral journey on all levels. Mind, Body and  Spirit. When it is your time you will feel it.

If you want to know your Mayan info please send me your time,date and place of birth and I will also send your Starcode.

Today I also got this little ditty :

Mary Mary quite contrary

How does your garden grow

With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row

Lots of beliefs about the origin of this. 

There is the Queen Mary version


There is a connection to the Camino Santiago ~ a leyline near where I live connects Glastonbury as a pilgrim centre with 5o something ley lines to this major pilgrim walk. This is the connection to the shell ~ reference to The Mary Line ~ the sacred feminine energy line and if you google pictures of the Pico Santo it is very similar to the distant view of The Tor in Glastonbury. Here is a lovely blog about this area

Silver ~ the moon, the feminine and pretty maids all in a row ~ the Pleiades constellation ?

Whatever it means for the individual at where they are on their cycle.


If you  are aware of your own circle, wanting to move to a new circle and leave one behind there are ways I can assist you.

This wavespell is leading us into a new Mayan Year of Yellow Galactic Seed on July 26th 

If you would like to prepare for it and go in from day one with a cosmically aligned

intention please contact me as soon as possible as I can only work with a few people  and

we are getting close.

How can I help you  that works for you ?

If you share with me your heart intention for this coming year I can:

  • Give you some information about your pattern from your Mayan Sign and Starcode
  • Let you know where you are on your thirteen year cycle so you can have a bigger picture view. If for example you are starting a brand new thirteen year cycle it is very different from being on your thirteenth year.
  • I can give you tools so you can find your own information and start process for change independently from me and speak to me when you require some assistance ~ my expertise is using a coaching outcome  ~ something you wish to create and move towards

We look at what beliefs and past events may be holding you back

  • Let them go
  • Create beliefs and strategies that align you with your desire.
  • I am flexible and I love my work . 

We can work in different ways:

  • Email
  • Skype
  • In Person one to one
  • Small workshops in person and online to work with your schedule ~ I can come and work with a group too
  • Retreats ~ one coming up in Glastonbury July 25

I love assisting people in their awakening process .

I understand it is difficult for many people financially at the moment and offer a pay what you can afford policy.

Please donate if you feel this was of value to you. It doesn’t matter if it is only a £1 ~ gratefully received. When people give to me  I can give to others . 

If you wish to come to my retreat or work with me and don’t have any cash I am open to exchange too and if what you offer is something I am open to it’s a match


Investing in our own personal development is not a part of our pattern for many

individuals and involves valuing the self so often is something we have to create a new pattern for 🙂

Wishing my two beautiful boys happy solar return today.

Basil and Arnold are ten today. They are Blue Solar Storm Siamese. Just did their Mayan Sign this week. Number 9’s like me which represent completion of cycles.I have looked at their pedigrees today with a smile as I look at their family ancestry.

Arnold is the dominant male ~ named by my children after Arnold Schwarzenegger and so true to that vibe 🙂

Their parents are Magical Hugga Wugga and Rewdith Ostara and one line is of Shadowsquad’s with masculine role models and rock bands ~ Iron Maiden, Remmington Steele , Pierce Brosnan, and one of my favourite films Joe Black. On the other line they have Mordor Aragorn Elfstone and Magical Moonstone, Borealis Sergeant Pepper and Magical Twilight Eyes.

Basil was named after Basil Brush and he is often as daft as he. Basil is a sensitive soul who was the runt of the litter and so had to become part of our cat family.

Cats symbolise the sacred feminine and have the opposite spiral of energy to humans which is why they can trigger huge allergies and be soothing when they unwind you when sitting on your lap. They are the embodiment of the pattern of this wild, untamed energy that is the polar opposite of the patriarchal masculine.


If it is your birthday today this year is all about today’s energy for you the year long

starting today on your birthday balancing your masculine and feminine from within.

You are in year 6 of your thirteen year cycle.

This started on your birthday in 2008 and you are in a Yellow Magnetic Seed Cycle so unmasking yourself and removing all those ego corset ties that hold back on the true beauty of you that is aching to be flung high and wide .

This will become highlighted even more as the new year arrives on July 26 and the planetary vibe will move your individual cog within it’s bigger worldly cog.

Wishing you joy and love today with your awakening to balancing the masculine and




2 thoughts on “Red Moon Circle

  1. Im newly awakened. Have already let go of fears. An my hearts intention is healing as many ppl as i can w healing love and light. I would lobe to learn more from u. Im a Red Rythmic Moon. Jan. 27, 1970


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