Star Quality



Day 5 and our energy is coming alive with Yellow Overtone Star

in the Yellow Seed Wavespell

I was up at the crack of dawn ~ unable to sleep and that is unusual for me as I am a night owl who generally is very monosyllabic prior to noon. I generally cling to the last remnants of dream time and as my main operating mode is empathic and kinaesthetic I can take a while to respond to input ~ needing to let all my aspects have a connection to the information. Under rapid fire or with a person who processes intellectually and quickly I struggle especially if in a waning moon of Taurus where I can be so grounded that I take as much time as an oil tanker to change direction 🙂

Lots of energetic activity last night as in often the case here ~ blew my mind at first and now I am getting used to the interstellar highways that run through my house. Sometimes no matter how much you ask to be left alone in your bed ,the cosmic shifts simply pluck at your stardust strings and whatever is seeking an upgrade or download simply has to take place.

When this first started happening in Marsden in West Yorkshire , it was very intense ~ lots of colours coming in and I could feel them . I believe we are all on a star coded mission to weave new webs at the moment and shrug off our shrouds of the past.

I am reading a fictional book ~ Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness which is a sequel to A Discovery of Witches. I believe all “fiction” has a lot of fact and most of it comes as a channeled plot to upgrade the reader or viewer if it’s a film. Lots to ponder in this book about witchcraft and what was the real “truth” of these days of Witch persecution. I believe we are entering a new age of going back to this way of being ~ intuitive and in touch with the goddess energy and on a whole new level . As well as  the intellectual path, the outside ritual and the use of herbs and tangibles we are now working with internalising this with energy therapies and taking the quest ourselves that previously have been trod before by our mythical legends. All these workings are the metaphor for our own alchemical transformation and that is happening on a much larger scale. It is a very exciting time in our emotional evolution.

Time to be the star player in our personal movie and let go of the ego prima donna roles. This of course can be paradoxical and a difficult course to steer ~ it really does become clear as we navigate it experientially and then we receive what we need from our guiding star higher self.

I am crafting my retreat today and I am scaling it down to be a couple of hours per day . One of the key learnings recently highlighted for me is to scale down as I take on too much and I often offer too much information 🙂 New info has come to light about a different day ~ this is the blessing of Facebook where people can share what is happening. I am learning to live more and more in the moment and stop getting too far ahead of myself ~ which is difficult when marketing ~ however when we are intending to create the reality on all levels of our being the golden rule is:

Be Do Have

It’s the easiest way to integrate yourself 🙂

If you find you are saying one thing for example to clients as a therapist and then doing something different yourself……

There is a duality happening.

This is very useful information .

In Glastonbury I experience it a lot. People say one thing in “business” ~ all “adult like”and professional ~ great theory 🙂 What they actually do in practice is altogether different. The behaviour is what creates the clarity in this place of illusion. There are very few people I have met in Glastonbury who are honest, straightforward and have integrity ~ say what they mean and mean what they say.

Imagine how different it could be in our world if people could be honest about who they are and what they want out of life, relationships and ways of living together. This is what star quality can be modelled to create new patterns as unless we get real with ourselves and in doing so, with others, how can we expect to live from the heart?

I come from the North of the UK and spent much of my life in that realm. When I have lived in the South I notice the difference of communication ~ round the houses rather than direct.

I prefer A to B patterns for communication instead of calling off at stations in between with a hidden agenda constructed as a mask. What a waste of time and energy. Manipulators count on people who are too polite to speak their gut feelings for fear of “getting it wrong” .

Is that familiar for you ?

I am intending to trust my gut more now. The alternative is more dances in the shadows………Time to really own my perspective and beliefs.

I have had enough time to partake in the holistic hokey cokey to make some discerning decisions. Most people don’t put their whole selves into  anything here because that would take too much …..well…. being whole ….I guess instead of flakey and transient blowing hot and cold like a busted boiler. This sort of fannying around really gets my goat as a Leo and so…..time to create new beginnings. Why pretend it’s ok? It isn’t what sets my heart on fire but fuels my indigestion as I really cannot stomach it. Energy vamping and making other people give their time and energy when they really don’t want to ~ great for getting good insights about boundaries.

In the beginning of moving here I felt it was unfair of the letting agents to charge and screen in the way they do for property ~  now having experienced how people do what they like, when they like ,with no communication or thought of the other person they are relating with ~ hiring a space, viewing the room, coming to therapy sessions or workshops they have given a verbal agreement to for example I fully understand it . I had one woman say to me that I was behaving inappropriately because I told her I didn’t appreciate being stood up for a room viewing despite explaining in advance that I had to travel into town to meet her and that in light of her no show at the first stage, I didn’t feel she was someone I wanted to do business with. Her explanation ~ she had been busy and it wasn’t flowing for her to stop and take time out to come meet me. I understand going with the flow and what feels authentic and I also understand honouring commitment. There is an imbalance when someone forgets the interests of the other party without the other party’s consent. This is classic co~dependency patterns. I know change happens quickly here too as reality arrives sooner rather than later for many .

I have tried lots of ways over the years to be clear with people ~ terms and condition agreements, codes of conduct, having a chat, emails, memos, training and of course the courtroom. What has become abundantly clear to me is that if you have to dance the dance of deception ~ you will ~ no matter what steps you take. Other therapists have asked me about not having lots of terms and conditions on my website and I understand that point of view ~ this is a result of my experience and I believe the reality of what we attract for our personal evolution ~ which will happen no matter how we chapter and verse.

It becomes clearer and faster as we get clearer and we see the pattern in more clarity before we engage so our conscious choices shimmer with light .

People who haven’t dealt with their inner child wounding world are incapable of being an adult in that regard ~ simple. It shows up as a deletion pattern and a blind spot that is out of conscious sight. As we are a holographic light code this also shows up in deletions in our dna and as we change this through doing energetic inner work our dna. For more on this ~ Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton is a great read.

This is why we have created law and the courts over experiential lives  in our history, as people’s inner brats simply would not parent themselves and behaved

badly 🙂 Thing is most of that pattern was (and is :-)) actually part of the law making and keeping process 🙂 If you haven’t seen Judge Judy yet ~ check it out ~ great tapping material for letting go of your judgemental issues 🙂 Bet her remarks will trigger some pattern matches for you …..

The difference between being Judgemental and discerning is very simple ~ seeing and speaking about something as it is without placing a subjective label on it and an opinion about the person.

For example:

I believe your behaviour in our relationship is dishonest and manipulative

I believe you have lots of fear based opinions from your dialogue with me

as compared to :

I know you are a bad, lying, game player.

I know you are a negative loser.

It’s all very pertinent for our soul journey and evolution so we can play the game……

What game are you playing?

Star of the heart 

Star of the ego

Star blazing a trail of light language through inner transformation

Star blazing a show of low self esteem stage show

We all have a part to play and we all choose each and every line that comes from our “truth” that changes on our stairway to heaven.

Each day we connect to the energy of our past patterns and each day we can change them if we choose.

It’s always an opportunity to be Venus as our morning star.

Love to your starlight today.

5 thoughts on “Star Quality

  1. Forming a belief about the other’s behavior IS making a judgment. Perhaps the dialogue could be restructured to owning your own feelings and moving out of judgment of the other. For instance: “When you said that to me I felt manipulated and I had to withdraw.” This is authenticity.

    On the core level, we all desire to be honored, seen, loved and supported in spite of our woundedness and being judged by others is what created this wound in the first place. Continued judgment only adds to the wound.

    In Truth, we are all on this Journey to embodying the fifth dimensional frequency of Unconditional Love—first for ourselves and then for others. And it does take practice! Relationships are the playing field.

    I am finding in my own practice to hold this frequency that I often have to redirect my thinking and reform my words to truly embody Acceptance and Love while being authentic and honest with the other and myself.

    OH THE JOURNEY HOME TO SELF—isn’t it a grand adventure?


    1. Is it?
      How so ? If I have a belief that a behaviour creates something how is that judgemental ? It isn’t saying it is good or bad. For example behaving like a child doesn’t infer a judgement. A child isn’t a negative or positive position ~ it is simply what it is ~ a child. A child’s behaviour can been seen to be very honest or naive giving a duality example, depending on the person who is experiencing their behaviour in relationship with them and where they are on their evolution.

      Your comments about owning your own feelings : Implies subjectivity and can then lead to a lot of debate because it has been made personal. This depends on the people taking part in the dialogue and their level of ego and self awareness and it can also be used as a manipulation technique.

      My view on being judged by others ~ often our belief too when it isn’t always true. Depends on how clear of ego we truly are in our emotional mind, not simply our way of thinking, we are again.

      Behaviour isn’t the person it is the behaviour. If we choose to say how a person’s behaviour creates feelings for us then that is our responsibility ~ and we can communicate ways forward to change our behaviour in relationship.

      Having been to your workshops in Glastonbury I held back in my authenticity at the time for several reasons and so am being honest in reaction to your comments now.I felt very uncomfortable at the content I experienced and questioned myself about my beliefs around the ecology of them for some very vulnerable participants ~ choosing to stay silent and ponder. I did not believe the content matched who you are as a person and felt a duality and dissonance in how you live your life on a practical level and what you offer to clients from what I saw personally.

      As I have said in other blogs I have experienced many people in Glastonbury who have no grounding in day to day reality ~ especially therapists. I do not believe any person needs anyone else to do their journey either, so for me, I dislike, what I believe is the co~dependent pattern of a therapist claiming to do that for others. It is the same strategy as religion and I believe everyone can connect and evolve themselves directly to source energy.

      My belief is we are where we are and redirecting our thinking is an important part of the process ~ as is, I believe ~ being true about where we are. To move into the heart space requires being honest first and foremost about ourselves and our day to day on planet earth. We are here after all 🙂


  2. In my experiences with other people, I have developed a very interesting strategy to see the light in all. I realized that my relationships with animals were better than those with humans, so I decided to look at other humans as if they were animals. What this does for me is it stops the incessent comparisons I make between myself and the other. We don’t judge animals, because they are what they are. Each person you meet is as different as another species, and it is this difference that is the key to sympathy. A dog may bite, but so what, he is who he is. If we can love a dog who bites surely we can love a human who does as well. If we can’t, clearly we are judging them, and comparing their state of existence to our own. When we compare or judge others, we compare and judge ourselves, and thus become unhappy and frustrated.


  3. I found the article interesting as I too have been drawn to read a book about magick. A group I am involved in is reading “Magickal Knowledge” although I don’t resonate with some of the things the author states in the book I still am trying to read it! As I read the second part of your article and the person that didn’t show up for your appointment….I thought you made it pretty clear to her about meeting her. Courtesy would have dictated that she contact you that she was unable to show up…you may not have received her message in time to not make the trip but at least you would have known she valued your time as an equal exchange of energy. Thanks for writing about these changes we are experiencing!


  4. Thank you for your feedback Nathan and Alice 🙂
    What I am experiencing is realising that there is a difference between the world of the mind and intellect ~ linear masculine and the reality of the emotional mind which shows up for us based on our beliefs so we can let go of past events and heal our heart experientially. Logical says one thing ~ experience reveals the true nature and remembering the universe brings us what we believe to be true. I am living my learning now ~ literally and I guess you are too ? Love to you on your journey ❤


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