Unconditional Love



Day seven of the cycle ~ White Resonant Dog in the Yellow Seed Wavespell

When we get to step seven we have reached the top of the pyramid and are at the peak of the earth yang connection . Today we are day five of the new moon in Cancer energy and what we create today with intent tends to work out on the longer term ~ often the earlier days of the new moon can be intentions flung out that are fleeting and based on flights of ego fancy. Remember we are in Mercury retrograde and the first couple of days of new moon there is no moon visible. It is the dark side of the moon when we can really connect to our psyche and the collective underworld “truths” of transition. When we work consciously at this time from a place of heart wisdom we see beyond the surface detail as to our way ahead which is still largely determined by the way we have come.

Our beliefs create our reality and so as we have created anything ~ so we can uncreate it πŸ™‚ This is the powerful gift of moving out of the victim circle of conditional love and life experience. No one else can do that for us ~ except us. Remembering that if we do not love ourselves unconditionally ~ what will the universe bring for us to show us? Gifts where we can learn about our beliefs through events and experiences revealing this.

As much as we may think we are a free spirit ~ of course our spirit is free Β πŸ™‚ ~ we also have a vehicle our spirit travels in. In this lifetime it has an agenda and it is a conditioned one.Β 

If you take a psychedelic trip curtesy of the many plants on our planet , you will see all mind constraints removed and full exposure to the world without any barriers ~ oneness in a sense ~ and this is still influenced by the individuals belief and moods. Good trip or bad trip ~ it is our personality that determines the experience through our perception.

We cannot remove ourself from life in this way because we are here to experience it subjectively and be the seed of unique creativity that we chose to express and experience before we landed here in our human vehicle. What we can do is liberate ourselves from our conditioning and become a flexible, open traveller Β ~ childlike in our curiosity and a conduit for new learning. Lead from our freer loving heart space.

When we are truly ready to own that and take responsibility this is where we move into a whole new stratosphere and life becomes a lot more magical ~ which is the truth of our ability .

Our environment cannot do that for us ~ not it’s job description. Other people can only influence us ~ in as much as we allow it.

We are extraordinary beings ~ time to remember it πŸ™‚

The ego , bless it’s little cotton”s, has a tough role to play, because it is always bad cop. It is the sulky, n’er do well that has all of life’s burdens piled up on it’s shoulders ~ not just this life but every life since the beginning of time and so it has a heavy vibe and loves to offload about it ~ unsurprisingly πŸ™‚ Let’s hear it for our ego.

We don’t often listen to it though do we because it triggers all the emotions that feel really hard to bear and fool us into believing that all this history is actually in the here and now.

As we live in a universe ,that as individual experience, is created by our individual beliefs

and join together with the worldwide web to create a shared perspective in many areas our history Β ~

is what is showing up today energetically and archetypally with the same show repeating like TV reruns ~ which is also why we have TV reruns.

So if you are fed up with TV reruns even more reason to get groups going to do their inner work and change the TV network πŸ™‚

I know I am sounding flippant here but simply trying to share a salient point. This is actually what it takes to change the world.

Inside changes the outside.

Not the other way around πŸ™‚

So today if you choose simply connect to your higher self and ask to be shown how your

life is stuck in a cosmic groove.

Tune into your feelings and where you feel good about yourself.

Remember it is you that has the secret to your love life.

It is you that is the Philosopher stone.

Whenever and wherever you are battling, waging a campaign, a war and feeling persecuted, unloved, unheard, isolated, cut off and peed off ~

is an opportunity to tune in to your old channel of woundology and let go of it.

I use EFT and follow my cookie trail back to what created my feeling of not being loved and forgetting I am a valuable member of the cosmic clan and truly a gifted wonderful unique individual …..

and so my friend are you

In Glastonbury there are very intense waves of energy as it is The Heart Chakra of the world. All ley lines come in here to this heart centre just like arteries in a heart. Coming in on one side is all the heart hurts and stuff that hasn’t been processed ready to go through a purification process and be pumped into various stages and organs for cleansing and then flowing on ~ blood is joy. As above and so below it is all the same pattern. If we get too much fear pattern coming in it overloads the inner world and it’s organs. It becomes out of balance and the paradox is ~ it can only flow in because we are focusing on it on various levels of consciousness . We are the giving and receiving being in our universe and the source of our influence on it.

When you feel things deeply you pick up on this and some days the fear vibes are so strong here that you can forget that most of this isn’t belonging to you ~ and that there are some threads active in some way ~ some cords and emotions resonating with this ~ otherwise we don’t pick up on it.

Here’s when we can make a difference πŸ™‚

Instead of avoiding it we can go into it and greet it with open arms because this is our ego wanting to offload a whole set of baggage. We can also create healthy boundaries in relationships too and intend to let other people be where they are and feel what they feel without getting sucked into their experience as it is ~ theirs. This takes some doing and disciplined work.

My tip for you today:

If you think talking about this will solve it ~ think again my friend. How many friends do you have that offload the same old week on week, day on day and year on year and……never do anything about it …..except talk πŸ™‚

Maybe that is you? I know I do it with some issues and get sick of hearing the sound of my own voice πŸ™‚

Talking is communication and speaking something out loud and it brings the inside outside. It is the surface stage on the same groove as intellectual learning.

It’s good to talk . When we get stuck in this stage we are in victim space because often this talking, bitching, gossiping, blaming doesn’t have the intention of learning in it’s seed. It is the ego wanting to fix through co dependency and hoping that the other person will do something about it for us ~ hold this anxiety of ours or give us solutions.

We cannot find true solutions in the space that created them.

Here is where energetic change is required and it goes beyond talking.

I will give a story for an example :


Jasmine grew up with an anxious people pleasing mother who wanted to create harmony with everything and everyone and a mis matching father who would not create harmony because he had no way of knowing how to based on his childhood experience of extreme disharmony.

If you look at this family pattern you can see how most households would tick these same experiential boxes, based on a UK family of Jasmine being born in the 60’s, her parents in the 40’s and grandparents in the 20’s. Society patterns created in each generation through the beliefs and experiences of that time.

Her mother was a child in many ways and was very anxious about upsetting people because she couldn’t cope with anger. She had a very angry mother who chose to deal with her anger ( coming from anxiety and fear) by being in her masculine and trying to control everything and everyone in her life with strict belief systems and rigid ways of being. She had experienced huge trauma in her life and had to become responsible for other children when she was still a child. She felt comfortable with her own children staying as children and micro managing them as in truth she herself had never moved beyond this stage of being in many ways.

Jasmine’s mother learned to deal with her mother by being passive and so intending not to trigger her mother’s anxiety. This meant she repressed her own anger and behaved in~ authentically.

Jasmine’s mother learned to wear masks that soothed her mother and in effect in many ways became the mother that her mother had never had, although paradoxically was still being the role of the child. She lost her sense of self in this process Β ~ playing the role of the “perfect one “and forgot how to listen to her true authentic nature. As an adult she could change this and let go of needing to be “the perfect child” for her mother and so sacrificing herself. She wasn’t willing to do that because it was too painful and so she focused on blaming the world for being cruel ~ outside and reactive pattern. This pattern creates beliefs of lack and masks of being unable to receive and as a result intimacy is impossible until this is resolved. Even though the mind can create the illusion that all is well on the surface ~ the shadow self is there on a deeper layer and this energy expands into every aspect of life ~ mind, body and spirit.

Jasmine had two matriarchal archetypes of opposing polarity patterns on a simplistic basis. Myriads of threads in there too.

This was reflected in her Starcode ~ lots of polar opposites. When you look at your natal chart you can see all this information there and it shows why we chose our birth family because this is what we chose to learn. For Jasmine lots of learning about two different world of being as a woman and which aspects to model? Whichever chosen would suit one maternal member and not another so would create conflict and wounding in relationships as a result.

When wounding occurs an ego mask strategy develops for survival.

Jasmine learned to be a people pleaser in some respects and a rebel in others ~ a mis matcher. She became very aware of how her family members would basically lie about their true state of being Β ~ their emotional state.

This creates conflict for everyone at a young age because it means going against one’s true knowing and this is where our psyche often fragments to cope.

In Jasmine’s life she had a variety of women and men showing up that matched these patterns and this wasn’t conscious in early life. Whatever strategy she used to attempt intimacy did not work, after she reached an age of letting her mind lead rather than her heart.

At certain planetary milestones such as 30 and 40 she had life events that created emotional trauma and she started to change her beliefs and as a result go within more. She found her intuition kicking in and as well as looking for information and techniques that assisted in her learning about herself ~ she decided to stop doing the same stuff and hanging around with the same people that she felt no affinity with.

She learnt about her ego and how to transform it through listening to it and working with it ~ recognising that it was the wounded part of her that had never had it’s needs heard, felt or allowed to be expressed first by her teachers in early life and then by herself.

She learned to let go of her inner critic which had come about through conditioned learning. She loved and accepted parts of herself that she had sent away to please others. She let go of pleasing others knowing that this was an endless void that would never be filled and each person had different needs to fulfil. She let go of fulfilling them recognising that wasn’t Β her responsibility ~ apart from her own children until they were mature enough to do that for themselves.

As she took this journey energetically , emotionally, experientially and intellectually , she created new beliefs and ways of learning and learned that to create something new means to do exactly that .Β 

We often have to leave our tribe to go out into the world. It doesn’t mean we cannot return some day. When we return we can be a changed person and have evolved through our journey. As we have learned how to love and accept ourselves then we can truly love and accept others on a deeper level. We can give to others what we choose for ourselves ~ to live and let live.

To strap on a spiritual face and offer platitudes is not unconditional love. It’s an ego mask machine. We are human and we walk the ego path in truth.Β 

We can talk the talk ~ the difference that makes the difference ~ do we walk the walk ?

This is an integrity pattern.Β 

You shall know them by their fruits of their labours remember πŸ™‚

Simply look for the evidence of living the truth in others and you will see it in plain sight πŸ™‚

It is was it is.

Truth be told all the veils are coming down and as we remember to see and feel each other intuitively it will be impossible to hide anything

so may as well get those skeletons out now and bare our souls as the truth sets us free and let’s our ego donkey carrying all those burdens ….

become our guiding star Sirius ~ the dog star ~ our faithful loyal companion who only seeks unconditional love

Love to you today and our gateways to intimacy opening.

Be ourself day ❀

Do we really dare to?


One thought on “Unconditional Love

  1. Be myself! I decide to dare! I had a dream I found a brown horse laying down on the ground…as I got closer I saw it was dusty from just sitting there. Then I came even closer and I saw that it had a horn sticking out from it’s forehead…it was a Unicorn! I saw a gash on its leg and I used Reiki on it. I then heard there was a shard of myself by the Unicorn. Gradually it took off a coat it had one and then I could see it’s true Light shining through. Then the horn was turned into a rainbow colored spiral of color and when I looked at my hands, rainbow colored Light was coming from both hands! I felt I had found a shard of myself I had lost along the way.


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