Day Eight ~ integrate



Day Eight of the Yellow Seed Wavespell

Blue Galactic Monkey

Quicky today as I am feeling tired and low energy day ~ still very hot and I want to do little. I am menstruating and in lots of pain so been tapping on this and my sacral ~ the space of co creation itself and all our wounding in relationships. This is the cradle of life.

The womb holds such potential for new life on lots of levels …..and the ability to rebirth ourselves is one of the creates gifts.

It is the day of integrating what has come in the past seven days and so…..

What has come up in the past week for you to see around your masks ?

Where do you avoid intimacy and what methodology do you use to keep it and yourself at arm’s length?

It is a strong planetary weekend as Mars joins other planets in Cancer so……there may be some strong words, clashes of the titans and ……

map clashes…..

this is what comes from different belief systems colliding and values being trodden on šŸ™‚

No one is a mind reader ~ although many people are very intuitive . The key to great relationships is being able to speak openly about what you want to create instead of having hissy fit arguments ….

so to tap on the hissy fit is great and allows speaking from the heart and clear solutions come from this space that comes as a result. A new patch of ground to plant roses together in ~ or a combination of plants that are accepted mutually. You may not both love them and you may tolerate them ~ if you have a big issue with a particular shrub ~ go deeper because harbouring big issues does not a harmonious Eden make šŸ™‚

If you could see through the eyes of a child who hasn’t experienced wounding…….imagine how this child would see the world free from any adult sense of burden….. and all the joy and wonder available without any need for anything except simply to engage with it šŸ™‚

This is what we can all be intending to create today if we choose instead of having a rant and a tant Ā šŸ™‚

Love to you and your playfulness. Being a cheerful, joyful ,cheeky, monkey creates magic.




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