Day Eleven ~ Liberation with White Spectral Wizard

The warm weather takes it’s toll energetically and we are reminded that everything in our universe has an energetic entourage that comes with it.

The less baggage we carry and the easier to move and explore.

Today we are in the day of death that each wavespell eleventh day brings.

We can be free from what is haunting us ~ 

if we are willing to pay the toll and do what it takes to set ourselves free ~ holistically in Mind, Body and Spirit.

It’s a total show affair and only by covering all angles is it possible to complete a change of circle and in the process a change of circumstance.

Yesterday I mentioned my perspective as loving my home comforts and as much as I have worked on liberating myself from hang ups about sharing my cleansing space ~ the truth is I like to have privacy and cleanliness in my sacred space and so when I go to places that do not provide this I have to bear this in mind.

Is it a sacrifice I am prepared to make ?

How will this affect me physically and energetically ?

When we change we have to take what goes with that ~ and it can mean we do not play in the same playgrounds that we used to visit or behave in the same way .

I feel this is what maturity brings us ~ discernment through knowing ourselves and what makes us tick. It is our responsibility to create well~being world’s for ourselves.

We can change some things about ourselves ~ surface events and learning that can be released with the ability as an adult to shape our existence in a way that was impossible as a dependent from a child space.

Some things are deeply enmeshed in our essence ~ here is where knowing our astrological natal chart and Mayan Sign gives awareness.

These energetic structural aspects are what shape our journey and learning and are to be honoured ~ learning how to do this from a love space can be achieved by using the sacred skills practised by death and shadow workers for millennia.

Shadow work is where it is at just now ~ tough love time ~ Saturn in Scorpio .Time to ponder our pit and pendulum and our void and free ourselves from our own dishonesty ~ who are we trying to kid ? We cannot hide from ourselves.

Time to be free from all ego masks that we learned as a child to keep ourselves safe as this has expanded to keeping us stuck in a role instead of living from our soul.

If we learned to be a bridge, read and fix and people please to keep the peace and provide a safe haven for our caretakers…..

Maybe some of these are familiar:

The ever adaptable shape shifting chameleon that can be all things to all people and so be liked, avoid being a threat and harmonise every situation by doing for others that which they really need to learn to do for themselves instead of getting someone else to do it for them….

and as we are doing that role we are often avoiding the person we are “fixing” it for’s placement ~ the shadow

As the eternal sunny side up optimist ……we do not show our shadow self without inducement 

As we have been such “good children” we allow the opposing temperament to slip out like the wolfy tail under grandmamas negligé after a few G and T’s…the polar opposite of the devilish diva 🙂

Hopefully not at the golf club gala though…. or our whole suburban dream may flip into instant nightmare as we are outed as an imposter in this living the dream artifice 🙂

This will happen more and more if we ignore our “dark side” as it will have it’s say. The drama will develop and notch up the energy the more we aim to suppress it.

If you “think” you have addressed this by committing a huge faux pas at some theatre of your life and behaving in a servile way bowing and scraping , muttering apologies and promising never to be such a “bad person” ever again ~

this is an illusion as this “bad” person is as much the real you as the good fairy role. Neither is “good” or “bad” just the thinking makes it so ~ according to a chap who knew a thing or two about drama ~ Will Shakespeare.

There is always a reason for this mask slipping event 🙂

Unless we change how we feel by doing some emotional clearing and get to…

our real deal

the pantomime will continue

what we call “real life” in our western society is so far from our true state of play and it is time to create something more fitting for our earthly existence.

Today’s pic is the Day of the Dead celebration skull . Showing what is underneath ~ the bare bones. From earth we are created and to earth we will return in this form ~ many times. The more I have learned about energy therapy and astrology ~ and especially the Mayan Wavespell and the more I know this with certainty. Hey can’t prove it tho 🙂 For me to know for myself is enough as anyone seeking definitive “proof” is living in the realm of ego existence and any motion I make to enlighten that circle will meet resistance 🙂

Only our ego is afraid of death ~ because it believes we are limited and finite and so in part this is true. However if we start by facing our end and the acceptance of it ~ we can free ourselves from the fear of it.

A great pattern ~ start with the end in mind. What do you want to be energetically on the day you leave this earth ~ this is what you take with you on your next trip 🙂

How do you want to have influenced planet earth by who you are ~ not what you have created on the outside ~ who you have touched with genuine , honest , open heart sharing by baring your soul for no reward ‘cept that.

Who are you now and with that space who will you become ?

What is expanding ?

If your caretakers had a huge fear of the shadow emotions and death and chose to liberate themselves temporarily through immersion or escapism ~ such as alcohol , weed or work then this will be a pattern within you too.

Everything we have experienced is within us.

The more we face these ego perceived inner demons head on and go through the feelings and the more we allow ourselves to transcend the past by burying what is seeking death and transformation now.

If we do not do this by choice ~ it will expand ~ it is the process of our evolution.

There is nothing to fear except our fear by doing this. 

We have all the tools we need to transform on our planet today as this is the transition time.

If you had a caretaker who often let you down by being dishonest, inconsistent and avoided feelings ~ maybe a top ranking narcissist who behaved like a bullying child , then you will naturally have issues around trust  and feeling worthy.

You may feel that you do not matter and why bother ? You may feel that no one cares about you ~ your own parent’s didn’t care about who you were or what mattered to you and this will still be showing up in all areas of your life no matter how much you put a brave face on…..

Your parent’s may have been super critical and pushed you to extremes……

All of this comes because of what each generation learned from others and often there is a positive intention rooted behind it ~ with no knowledge of how our mind and emotions really work.

I guess we have all done things from a space of well meaning only to cringe years later at our ignorance ?

What I did last year sometimes has that flavour as I believe change is happening so fast now with all the energetic connections we have. The more I learn and the more my ignorance shows.

I have worked with a range of people .

Some have experienced severe abuse both on  physical and emotional level and some would seem to have come from what would generally be known as “good” household’s ~ behind closed doors there is a different world to that of our general consensus of society beliefs.

I suppose in many respects we would say that aristocracy was a model for excellence and yet , as Diana Princess of Wales revealed in her tragic death, the truth of the lack of loving behaviour in these families ~ to “mould” them into their roles and expectations, was of an equal measure and felt equally ~

If you haven’t watched The King’s speech it really reveals this.

In my experience the results of the person and how they are feeling life now and seeking liberation now ~ are the same not matter the difference on scales of receiving.

All roads of living out of love lead to the same place…..

feeling less than and confused, lost, and out in the cold ~ low in confidence and self~esteem are many shared results of having received in this way.

To be the self empowered liberated shaman that today’s energy represents is an amazing mastery potentiality.

We can shape shift ~ by changing our inner beliefs, our inner thoughts, expectations and inner chat that follows us around ~ not by gagging it or drowning it out but by hearing it and recapitulating anything that doesn’t serve us.

We don’t actually need any education and are often so much more flowing on our path without it 🙂 Just re~reading Stalking the Wild Pendulum by Itzhak Bentov . It is an amazing consciousness book written by a man who had no formal education.

Everything comes to us at the perfect time ~ if we allow ourselves to see it and free up our inner space.

This week I had a frog visit my potato bed ~ yin veggies. I was watering the foliage and out she popped. Only because I have opened up a space to create a poly tunnel was this possible ~ I opened my circle. Otherwise she couldn’t have come in with the fence .

This is the perfect timing and I am reminded of the times when she has come into my life before ~ such as at the end of being a property renovator for a money making way of life. There was a large pond in the garden there with lots of frogs. My ego went through hell in that space and as a result I learned so much.

I also received a visit from a cricket and a dragonfly .

In case you didn’t realise there are lots of links with this blog and if you hover your mouse over the words there are lots of cookie trails you can follow if you want to go further and know more.


So if you want to share yourself in deeper more honest ways of relating now that feel heartfelt, loving and intimate:

Be honest with yourself 🙂

How are you going about it?

Have you had good teachers of that way of being or do you need to learn how?

Are you connecting to people who can relate in the way you want or are you barking up the wrong tree ?

Are you wanting to create something in a space that cannot support the being you are wanting to birth ?

To use gardening terms:

A plant that loves free~ draining soil, lots of sun and very few nutrients will not fare well in heavy, wet soil in a shady , rainy area no matter how much effort you give or love language you speak.

It may survive but it  ain’t going to thrive ~ doomed to result in plant that is unable to be it’s true nature. If you are looking for spiritual seekers they may be in short supply on the football terraces because they are different tribal patterns.

This is the journey of life ~ have the dream and go on the quest ~ and be open to new learning

and recognise when to stop that path because it isn’t ever going to create the outcome you intended

but through the experience of taking that path you now have had the opportunity to see your own pattern and learn about others

and through this death and rebirth process…..

a new beginning is born with wisdom .

We are all death and birth in each moment and this is the co creation process. Nothing is ever lost or wasted on our journey, We all add fuel to the fire of transformation.

Here is my froggie in my garden yin space :


and here is Basil basking on the hammock in his new playground:

IMAG0261Love to you and your liberation from the mask seekers of the heart wisdom





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