Red Earth Wavespell ~ the catalyst day

A supernova remnant believed to be the remains of a massive star that exploded over 300 years ago.

Red Earth Wavespell

Day three

The day of Alchemy

Blue Electric Storm


Another way to look at this

is the spiral that birthed this year

in the 13 year cycle on planet earth

We are on Year 8 of a 13 year cycle


Red Moon

Yellow Galactic Seed

which is on Day 8 of this Wavespell 

Last year this Wavespell began on

July 19 2013

So if you choose you can remember what you were doing then….

and are revisiting now

This energy is the catalyst now that is also the catalyst for the whole year

It was a Blue Resonant Storm Year in 2012

so we are working with this energy to catalyse us this year

to enable us to take off our ego masks



I always learn a lot when I go to visit my birth tribe and where I hail from.

I haven’t been to the place of my birth but the place where I raised my family and spent the longest time in one place as an adult.

As a fire sign I have been to many place to create my central pattern.

Lots of insights today about this and how I have changed…

and therefore changed my relationships.

This is another key secret on the mastery of centring path.


Remember that although our focus is on ourself

we are interacting on many levels and influencing the whole of the universe ~ as we are a part of the whole

~ whether we believe that to be true or not 🙂

This is difficult to describe in many ways as it so much more than I can speak of as you know ~ I’ll give it a go 🙂

There is a Universal Script that affects us all ~ everything

This script is filtered by each part of the universe in the way that part believes and receives

When we are seeking to heal ourselves holistically and live free from fear and all it’s creation codes

one of the primary secrets is

that our beliefs shape our relationship with the universe

and this belief system affects everything else


So this is key to creating well being and recovery from any illness or way of living that feels lacking/painful in some way

This is the process of alchemy

This is hidden in our shadow scripts until we are ready to lift the lid

and explore our personal Pandora’s box


Let’s say we believe we have to do something at a certain time

and our will is “hell bent” on getting that to happen

If it is not meant to happen at that time ~ it won’t  

and we will get lots of learning at that time about what it means to do that will pushing

Because in order for us to hold that belief we have certain behaviours that we use

Let’s say we believe that someone else

is responsible for our being healthy

and that the only way to be well

is down to what we put into ourselves

that is our scripted story of belief

The universe can only bring us what we believe to be true in accordance with it’s own objective structure

and it’s basis for that

is to evolve through our evolution following a plan

otherwise we wouldn’t have a seasonal script or a what a day is script etc

They are all cosmic programmes to give an analogy ~ script that are running

So if that is a core belief then how can we heal ourselves?

To understand that this is not a truth

only our truth at this moment ~ 

We go through a process of experiential learning

All learning experiences themselves go through a process ~ a spiral just like the Wavespell


So for me as a child I went through lots of experiences of health and ill health


how the society of that time deemed health was achieved



re~ achieved

when lost

and I went through a spiral

I went through my conditioning and education by society

When I reached adult hood I had lots of experience of the medical model

and how it felt to be on the receiving end of that


When I became a mother I was now in a second position of learning

What had I experienced and what did I feel was something I wanted to continue with my children?

I was brand new at motherhood

and so I felt that I was not able to feel comfortable with making informed opinion about many things

because I had not” done” motherhood before

So I went for a combination of approaches which often brought me to a place of high anxiety 

Trust my head and the medical model/science etc?

Trust my family and friends opinion?

Trust my gut and instincts ?

Over time I learned to balance what I was receiving as to information and what I knew from life experience and my patterns…

and my heart wisdom 


I started to see how this instinctual knowledge ~ our tribal lineage ~

is devalued in our consumer society

and how the system of health was operating a system designed to disempower the individual

to create a dependency on the so called “expert” and the corporate that was training that “expert” to be conditioned with that belief system

This came on the back of earlier experiential learning with my education of a similar format 

At 15  my  free spirit kicked in and started questioning ~ in a big way ~ what I was being

told about who I was and what my role was in society

This also happened to coincide with my going into new worlds of exploration with certain fungus families and conscious raising herbs 🙂

Screen shot 2012-05-01 at 8.15.23 PM

So part of me ~ as a people pleaser ~ loves to conform and please and create harmony

Another part loves to rebel ~ anti establishment and busting conditioning cocoons

I love learning and had a huge appetite for it and am an open book for seeing different ways of being

and that has to be a match for me and my values

This can get me into deep water at times as I am often playing the fool

and seeing the positive whilst ignoring the darker aspects that are revealed later on

The universe brings me this as my learning path of course ~ my ego ticks me off or cheers me on in whatever way I am not meeting it’s emotional demands based on it’s old school ways of being 🙂

It wants the quick fix after all because it is how it is designed to get what it needs now to survive

I have always spoken up….eventually

This has been very challenging ~

nearly getting struck off by my doctor for example

I have chosen to keep going with this although sometimes this has brought huge uncomfortable situations in life

All I can say on this is keep going with your truth telling part from the heart

because it is essential to not only your evolution but the entire universe’s 🙂

Heart tree

Our ego ~ that creates our patterns on one level ~ our emotional mind ~ is operating an insanity code that does not create well being

Remember the universe does not judge

label or


and many paradoxes that are outside the field of what our mind knows and labels….

right or wrong

as Rumi quotes

As we work energetically and emotionally these paradoxes are revealed at the perfect time 

when we are ready and able to accommodate them through revealing our heart wisdom

by being it

Being the change we want to see

There is always a reason ~ we live in a causality framework ~ for everything~

only the ego denial denies that to avoid certain uncomfortable realities

and cause and effect that it does not like as to believe

 as that would mean ~ it hasn’t got any control over that ~ which of course is true ~ it hasn’t 🙂

Everything happens for a reason and as an individual we may not be privy to that.

All that is happening in our universe is allowing learning to happen and so this creates a new way of being. 

To get to a place of living in harmony and being healthy we go through all the stages that lead up that ….

which involve living out of harmony and getting sick

so we understand what has created that place of being

Everything starts with a positive intention ~ look for a solution to sickness for example 

At the time this happened in the West there was lots of revolution 

As our consciousness as a whole was based on very literal control mechanisms then that gave rise to lots of that manifesting

Projecting of emotion and blaming 

Making other people responsible



Outside ~ In approach

Discomfort caused by others


Now we are at a place of realising that we create our reactions

We choose how we feel

We take responsibility for that

Very young children cannot deal with their emotional state

because they do not have the mechanisms in place to do that

and have to receive as they are dependent 

They feel what they feel

and they take on whatever is in their circle of influence ~

hence lots of inflammatory childhood manifestations of anger

with childhood dis ~eases 

So the medical model creates a fix ~ immunise ~ which then becomes ~ vaccinate .

Being proactive

Aha the ego has a cure to control this “dis ~ ease ” and later it becomes big business

In reality it is simply a mask ~ just like all other ego mechanisms  ~ 

This mask has it’s benefits but it isn’t addressing the core issue ~

the anger in our society because of how our society is relating to itself

each other

and the planet and all it’s resources and beings

We are now at a time of addressing this because we have had sufficient learning about the fix outside ourselves

and it is becoming known in all circles how are beliefs shape how we live our lives 

Through lots of experience with drugs and vaccines we are aware of how they do not create healing

when the core issue is suppressed.

They only deal with the symptoms.

We know talking about things over and over gives some release ~

brings the inside outside

and in whatever way we believe we do relationship of being heard ~

it works on some level


It doesn’t create a two way relationship on it’s own

with ourself and the universe

which is the essential process

If we are so stuck in our ego and it’s will be done…

then it is so

and we are held in our past and the nature of that is….

We cannot fully access our now

If we believe someone else has to take responsibility for our health and well ~being as an adult

then we cannot heal ourselves because we are giving that power to someone else ?

If we believe we catch an illness of someone ~

then other people have the power to make us sick

and the only way to avoid that is to avoid other people and immunise ?

If we believe that men are the masculine and only men can have authority ~

then only men can authorise and give permission ?

If we believe that we create our own reality with our beliefs ….

If these beliefs are resistant because of being controlled and manipulated in the past ~ they create resistance….

Resistance creates feelings of….

anger? despair? frustration? grief? 

That creates behaviour of….

Fighting ?

Trying to get control?


Acting defeated? 


When we decide to take our power back we own our emotional responses

and decide to understand

what has created that response

and be able to create a different one that comes as a result of new learning

This new learning comes when we let go of the old on all levels

That can only happen when we let go of living in our past

because our past feels safer than today

because it is our comfort zone

the paradox is that comfort zone is here to be changed and that is the nature of the universe

Our past learning doesn’t match today’s world 


When we are having a relationship with someone

and they are behaving in a way we do not like 

and this creates an emotional response in us

Here is a different way to see that if you choose

First of all connect with your feelings

What feelings are they triggering in you that feel uncomfortable?

As soon as you can focus on these feelings

as they are the most important aspect of this event to be given full attention and process

They are always triggered as a result of a past event(s)

The older we are, the more trauma we have experienced and the bigger the emotional response 

if we have done no conscious emotional alchemy process

This is what is commonly known as post traumatic disorder 

Every human being has this experience on some level

because we all experience trauma every day in some way ~ such is life in the western world

What I mean by that is

we get other people behaving in a way we do not like ~

it’s the end of times and this is happening exactly for that reason ~

to birth something new now.


I use EFT ~ tapping

Tapping works because it allows us to connect with all levels of our being using ancient wisdom tools

It only works on an emotional level when we connect to our emotions 🙂 

Tap on this emotion and love and accept it if you can

When we are ready to heal event this the universe aligns us with the perfect vehicle for triggering it ~

at the perfect time

for us

for the other people involved ~ and there will be many ripples going out in this chain reaction

for the universal plan that we are all major players in


Remember that 🙂

Be with how you feel ~ this is an essential part of the process ~

being present with your whole emotional self without judging or labelling if you can


Keep tapping on this place of being and the emotion will go down and you will have an energetic release ~

may be yawning, feeling tired, burping 🙂

Then you will get insights as to what this is connected to ~ similar events from the past

The more you start to do this and the more your mind opens up to reveal this to you….

because you are ready to deal with it

Remember the pattern of evolution of a child continues …..

When we have the coping mechanisms to deal with things

then we are ready to deal with things

Most people don’t have these abilities or awareness

and so stick

to doing their coping mechanisms

which create a solution in some way

We all do this on some level 

It is how the integration process works

We live in a society that is led by avoidance and dishonesty processes

because they are the cornerstones underpinning it’s very existence

It is what it is because human consciousness is where it is


If we do not have people on different place of learning and evolution then we cannot have this process happening

The person who is playing the role of our trigger allows this to happen ~ this is the key relationship process is all and the more we use a personal alchemy process the more this is revealed to us

As we start to become experientially more response~ able ~ we know we are creating our response

The more we let go of  emotions from the past and so the volcano isn’t there any more

The more we do not react because there is no trigger in us

and this gives rise to the saying

When we change everything changes 

When a person does something to us that we do not like

We do not relate back in an emotionally charged way

and so there is a different interaction

This again is what many people do not realise

because they don’t yet understand

the emotional, energetic, vibrational nature of the universe

When we interact we others no matter what is coming out of our mouth ~ our script that is often dishonest

because it isn’t really the truth of what is in our heart

We are bringing all of us to the table 🙂

All of our selves are there and so we get the causality of that

The only way to change that is to change that within us

and learn different ways of relating if we do not already know this relationship skills ~ honest , respectful, communication

Being balanced in our masculine and feminine


Everything happens for us at the perfect time and we have free will to relate and be in the universe at whatever level we choose 

We choose powerfully by choosing to know ourselves 🙂

To evolve ourself

To strengthen our core and live in right relationship code and transform our ego

Light up our own catalytic convertor within

Be the lightening within

Be the thunder being of the Blue Storm

The more we release our resistance

The more we let go of our limitations

The more we take our pawn status to that of the Queen who can go anywhere as the liberated lady of the game of black and white 

Move from Queen of Ego….


                                                                                                                                           by being Alice 

and the embodiment of Elaine the Moon Goddess shown below 

painted by that illuminator painter again ….

 Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Following this cookie trail has revealed magical connections which are revealed if you look on the page link for Dante above. 

There is a photograph of him at the bottom , which was taken by …

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson


Lewis Carroll 



This can also be seen in tarot as

The Princess of Cups

Which just happens to be….

coincidentally 🙂

The card of the day

for a leading Leo in my life

and this is dedicated to her

With love

for being such an inspiration in my life

The more we become aware of how the universe really works 

through understanding the aspect of it that is….


the more we can face our challenges in life with courage

Heart open

Ready to rock

Be the fool wholeheartedly














2 thoughts on “Red Earth Wavespell ~ the catalyst day

  1. Wow! Another great post! Yesterday I worked in my garden and kept hearing that with each weed pulled or trash removed, I was also letting go of old patterns and beliefs. Last night in my dream state I felt and saw this white Light of energy open up in the middle of my garden right by the Butterfly bush. Initially Ego made me Fear what was going on…then I called on AA Michael to shine his Light so I could see it clearly and I asked that only Love and Light may be there. It was a type of energy portal. Eventually I let go of fear and stepped into the Light. It was a very healing place, clearing me of stuff. Isis even showed up to help me with the process! Then later I heard that it was a portal for the Bees to use to travel here from their dimension and that the Devas and Elementals had a part in opening it there for it was a safe and loving space to be and in order for it to appear, things had to be in alignment for it to appear.


  2. Hi Alice
    Love your feedback 🙂 Thank you for sharing. Absolutely with the process of cleaning and removing things on the outside , that is happening on all levels 🙂 ❤


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