White Wind Wavespell ~ divinity thru body wisdom

baby magic

White Wind Wavespell

Day 10 ~ manifestation ~ code day

Blue Planetary Monkey


Are human beings ready to live consciously

Walk the talk

Let go of doing the blame game?

Today we have Sun in Pisces and as I am writing this in the UK

Virgo waxing Moon coming up to

Full Moon in Virgo this evening 

at 14 degrees and Virgo Decan 2

Another take on Virgo ~ by a Virgo 

A long steel screw.
Set in place, the die is cast–the past determines the future. Held within patterns and syndromes of the habitual and the pragmatic–literalistically identified within strictly severe frameworks. You are at the mercy of conditionings and programmings, and chronically mentally obstructive, up against the grind of the outer mind droning onward. Radically non-creative, noninnovative, you follow the party line. Waiting until the loss of real direction has played itself out endlessly, and hoping that a different phase altogether will knock you over the head and pull you onward from this dead end.

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Positive Wellness

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At this heart time 0f 11 to 1

We are at Virgo at 11 degrees

A four-year-old girl dressed as a nurse.
Innocence has its ways to persist. You can grow up, yet retain the stance of the novice, the beginner, the wonder-worker. You foster a knack of renewing your original, basic values and way of being at every critical juncture–a quality unique and unmistakable. At any age and within all situations, coming at things as though we all just got here and we are simply trying things on for size. The best of this quality is a sticking to prenatal resolves of a lofty integrity that refuses steadfastly to fall under the weight of the critical mind. The worst of this quality is that in its zeal, its dedication, and its self- insistency, it invariably puts others to shame and generates in others the self-consciousness and self-judgement you are yourself bypassing. Therefore, what is good for yourself proves to be bad for others, and results in a quandary, a confusing and puzzling situation, eventually impelling you to add one borrowed ingredient: the ability to take yourself lightly.

a perfectly synchronised time to write and share from the heart


having more planets in Virgo

than any other

this is coming from my heart to you

and I have been experiencing 

a lot of heart ache

in this Persephone Underworld time

there are no short cuts or ways around suffering on the heart path because that is what is involved

here and now

on planet earth and the sooner we face this and not try and positive spin it the sooner we can create something anew




Blue Monkey’s pure code

is the 11th step in the Mayan Wavespell

It’s 13 day process aka Wavespell

is the central spinal column that runs right down the centre of the Matrix

in the Blue Castle

and it is the core of the process

and the heart of the matter

of our human transformation that is essential to creating new balanced ways of being

in each person and that in turn creates the world change

in that order




The Mayan Matrix of 260 codes takes us through a process of human evolution

and initiates with the Astrology of that first day 

The 11th step of Blue Monkey is about letting go

Letting go to be free


this is something that the human being often believes

they can do

purely by thinking alone

doing positive affirmations

sending healing to a situation

off with the fairies

to avoid the mundane and pain


which is running the old code paradigm 

of being intellectually head led and running the old programmes that go with that 

that are ego based

as in 

created by the ego as a way to feel safe and solid in a flowing chaotic world

and when the individual actually ponders these frameworks

there can be revealed

the process that they are…

a mask of fear based behaviour 

This is perfectly understandable

given the painful way of living that most people are living on earth right now 

because these relationship systems are created from pain in childhood 

and although many things have evolved over this period in the material

the inner child healing process has not 

Avoidance of the pain can never heal it

and the pain gets louder 

It does take a while to bust through this first layer of protection

created by our ego that loves what it knows as it is so familiar to the psyche

so coded into society

and this is the illusionary world that the majority of human beings inhabit 


Thing is…

that’s the thing we are moving away from now 😉

As the known

is pure cosmic code

that is accessed when our mind frees up from distortions

and balances

to allow our spirit to speak through us 

from a place where the mind has been transformed from within

so does not need to monkey mind chatter 

to get our attention


The Pro active individual

has decided to give that part of the individual the attention it is seeking

and this is a magical turning point


It takes more than intellectual lip service

and this is so important to learn and access now

and we are all entering into the dance at the perfect time

the body ~ the philosopher’s stone 

reveals where we are blocking our connection to source with our mind 

and in the Mayan Framework this is the Mayan Sign of

Yellow Human

Code 12

Try this on for size if you choose 🙂

You may intellectually know and believe you are “awake” 

On a logical level you know what is happening having watched lots of films

read lots of books etc

and yet…

part of you is feeling a push me pull me energy

part of you is still feeling down about life because …

You didn’t match up to expectations by parents, family, society

and that is ok

because that is where there is old programming waiting to be transformed and healed

That part cannot be affirmed, hushed up, bullied out of it or placated …

because if that were true that would have happened already and that part wouldn’t exist 

would it ?

Notice a child having a hissy fit and how people try and placate instead of honestly attempting to relate



and meet the genuine need of the child and see this process in action 

because how our society is designed does not and cannot meet the human being’s emotional needs

Does a child want to be going around the shops?

In a Supermarket?

Doing the majority of things an adult believes it “should” ?

Did you love watching the” news” as a child ?


After all

the transitory coping mechanisms

that the human being does

and has done to others is this not self~evident yet

that quick fixes last for a short time and then fade and a bigger fix is required?

Clearly not because most people are still heavily invested in doing them ~ often to fit in 

These events and ways of relating

Create beliefs about

the individual not fitting this ego paradigm 


The American Dream

 This is all  part of the process

of people who are here to transform the paradigm….


feeling different to the status quo from the word go

This is an essential part of the bringing things to consciousness


in the individual’s personal world

whatever happened personally to the individual around that code and process so far


If the individual is not aware ~ not ready to take responsibility for it

Is still believing someone else can change code unconsciously for them

without the individual’s conscious participation

and free of  content that is uncomfortable


How can that be conscious process?

That is what the consciousness process is 

Being consciously aware of everything that creates the human being 

including the shadow 


How can the individual radiate conscious code in their day to day life

and share themselves in that way…

If only their therapist is aware of  what has caused pain for them that has created their reality and experience now?

If only the therapist /workshop provider/coach ~ has all the answers and fixes?

If the participant is tranced out ?

It all “happened cosmically” in a meditation/on a guided journey/through an activation ?????

Is that the way for the individual to be self~empowered and aware of their own journey?

All of these things and ways can help a person on their journey

to conscious awareness of themselves of course

and every one is where they are 

as the saying goes…

It is all perfect 

Heart tree

If you choose to live the life

as a conscious co creator then there is another way

time to be pro active 


to be 

DIY Expert 

on oneself 

and how the pro active process works

that is a whole different perspective 

and involves

The Great Work and The Inner Work

which is key to the Astrology right now

Accessing limitless consciousness is easy in Glastonbury

because there are 52 ley lines here

It is 

The Heart Chakra of the planet  and it can be mind blowing literally 

Space Cadetism to those who allow full access as a channel


What goes with that place of core connection

is the light and the dark

and it is a mecca for ego darkness and people who are energy vampires

preying on the vulnerable and needy

Like any world pilgrim place it attracts ill people looking for a miracle 

It always has 

nothing new under the sun only how it is portrayed 

So many myths here woven by people wanting to attract money 

going right back to medieval times

sep12 019

What is a tourist spin doctor story?

What is spiritual truth?

That is the journey we all have to take 

and find out for ourselves

The Fool’s Journey


My offering is this

Glastonbury reveals where we are not grounded

where we do not feel loved ~ an event/person shows up to reveal

rather than doing the drama

there is another way

everything is here to help us heal 


that can be an avoidance ego reframe at times so be aware 😉

The Sacred is everywhere and so everything can be seen in plain sight

Today if you choose have a look at where you are and what is illuminated for you 


Yesterday I had a powerful session with a friend

and love my circle of influence right now

as this synergy is so powerful and reveals so much to us all when a circuit is created in this way because everyone benefits from this relationship  process

 whenever I am working with other people

they represent an aspect of me and I them


the fabulous thing using EFT

for energy coaching is

It works on whatever level each person is at in the perfect way for them

It is a tantric relationship

Yoga for the heart 


Try it for yourself and see

At one time I couldn’t go back into mundane straight away after working energetically

because I had a lot to process and re~align after my sessions 

sometimes I still do and need time to be quiet and do nothing

but yesterday I was ok

so I went shopping in a local supermarket

What struck me was the amount of time and energy

and earth resources

go into dishonest relationship

Feel that manipulation and Hansel and Gretel entrapment

grooming code

Next time you go check out all the stuff directing you here and there 

and selling this and that 

and all simply a created artifice that has no truth

When instead it could be a genuine family store

fair prices

low profits

people shop there because there is fairness and honesty

and get what they actually came for free of the brain wash 

people caring about fellow members of community

because they live in the community

Now the framework is

trying to get customer loyalty with ridiculously complicated tie in bonuses 

little plastic cards 


points win prizes


always trying to get the individual to pay more

swapping prices to confuse


Often I feel sick just going into one 

This whole way of doing “business” is sick in my view

and there is no need for it

on a spiritual level of balance 


On an energetic level though there is 😉

because it is here clearly

 and so of course it is

and this is exactly what is a match for our current crossroads

and the expansion of our childhood relationships

How often do we go around the houses

be a hypocrite

avoid saying what we really feel 

so of course it is going to be present…

So we can what it feels like to be creating this

people on that proactive end of the supermarket employees at management and ownership

the board

the share holders

and those on the receiving end ~ the day to day employees and the consumers 

Are supermarket employees happy ?

Not in my vicinity in one particular store

It’s simply a theatre playing out cosmic codes and where people are at 

often feeling the victim 

The only way this changes is when each individual changes

and decides to become empowered from a heart space not an ego space and the more people that do this the more the world changes.

It is a key Gateway point now to allow our dream to be manifest 

are you ready to do what it takes to be free of the ego “reality”

and access something infinity wiser ?

Time to commit to The Heart Path and that means being with the events and emotions that feel uncomfortable and painful to see what created them on all levels


I am creating  E books for those ready to take the next step 

Here is the link:

I have designed workshops to assist with this:

Next One 

Persephone Path 6

which is in Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire ~ or by ebook and Skype wherever you are 


Seeing our bigger picture with divinity codes

in Glastonbury ~ or by ebook and Skype wherever you are

I have Retreats to explore the process and allow a stay away from the usual code to allow new code to come in :

Retreat in Kephalonia 2015


I hope you will join me 🙂 

More coming soon….

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