Mayan Workshops ~ The Enlightenment Process


The Enlightenment Process

Next Workshop is at

The Southampton Positive Living Group

on Tuesday 14 July 2015

Richard Taunton College
Hill Lane, Southampton, SO15 5RL

Door’s open at 7pm Talk starts 7.30 – 9.30
Refreshments and discussion time.

£5 Entrance 50p Refreshments

contact on
or Jackie White on 07900476633
07900 347 663

We are in an amazing time of transition.

It is often very challenging as the veil is getting thinner and the human evolution has stepped up.

There are ancient frameworks that can assist us with this transition

this also involves new learning

and understanding about our relationship with ourselves as human beings


our relationship with our divine selves.

Astrology and the Mayan Calendar share many synchronicities because they are the language of consciousness

they are the divinity matrix revealed

Now is the time to understand our unique patterns and codes

and the real secret of the enlightenment process…

to live the process personally

by working with our personal patterns 

and unlocking a transformation process



all that we need is within us.

If you would like to know your Mayan code

please put your birthdate in this decoder

If you would like an in-depth ebook of where you are on your cycle

please contact me 

What this workshop will consist of:

I will share some info about the Mayan Calendar

and my personal relationship with it which began 4 years ago

How it is an experiential process

The energy of the day in the Mayan calendar is day 11

White Spectral Wind

This is a day of letting go of our conditioned mind set

so we can hear our spiritual guidance

It is day 11 of the

Yellow Human Wavespell

all about our human limitations

and the key to transformation

all of our freedom lies in facing our fears

releasing them

and being clear and free

empowered through taking our power back that we gave away

or believed to be lost on our journey so far

this allows us to be

 a courageous adventurer on our journey

This process

is the enlightenment process

The wounded healer personal process


becoming an expert on ourselves is the key

Sun in Cancer

Moon in Cancer this evening

perfect synchroncity

Home is where the heart is 

Cancer is all about our personal home

where we incarnate

to learn all the codes we are here to personally transform

This is the moon degree:

The medusa’s head with writhing snakes for hair.
Karma is frequently anticipated and anxiously dreaded. We know we must confront whatever we have given power to haunt us. Ancestors, collective undertows, personal mistakes of the past, everything comes due. And so there must be the utmost honesty and integrity, dedication and perseverance, to cut right through the gathering storm clouds and rescue or redeem what is essential, what is vital. When karma is this palpable and heavy duty, the only skillful means is to cultivate a life-giving perspective and to inject all of the negativity with this elixir, until there is nothing further to worry about. Because you have become forward looking enough to turn any past around and to make any darkness luminous from within, and to be able to walk on.

We are at a time of bringing balance to the sacred feminine

through each one of us doing this process

Are you ready to let the magic flow through you instead of keeping the old mindset that we have to create it?

The heart path is often misunderstood as being something needing to be created when it is always there being unveiled

as we personally unveil

and learn who we really are

and what we are here to create

with the universal wisdom creation codes


The next Mayan Year beginning on July 26 is

White Planetary Wizard

Seeing how each one of us is manifesting our reality

from within

What do we wish to keep that serves us and our planet?

What is our heart’s desire to transform?

The secret lies in the heart

and using our emotions

to lead us through

to our soul destiny

All the solutions are within


I am an energy coach

and my gift is to see patterns

and create intuitively with them with myself

and the people who choose to create with me

I am a Blue Solar Hand

The essence of working with our destiny to shape it from the heart

and live our true authentic soul journey

The next workshop that links to this is


Magical Mayan Retreat in Glastonbury


The Heart Chakra

and currently

The Third Eye chakra


Friday 24 July

Saturday 25 July

Sunday 26 July

11 ~ 2

Each stands alone 

and combines 

You can come in person or online using an ebook and Skype at times to suit

The ebook has time sensitive information.

Are you ready to be your fully activated shaman self?

More info here:

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