Retreats 2017 ~ Kephalonia


Finding the Pearl Within

01 and 08 September 2017 

One or two weeks in a beautiful healing space

The energy of this island is amazing

Looking onto the tiny island of Ithaca

The place of Homer’s Odyssey and The Iliad 

Are you ready to align with your heart path and start to work wisely with your source energy ?

This beautiful place is energetically connected to the hero and heroine’s journey 

and as we are now at a place of creating new myth’s and code 

this is a key doorway 

to unlock within each of us


There will be lots of time to relax

and enjoy this Goddess place of Sacred Feminine

Wonderful natural foods

We will be including healing therapies for 




Time to be together under the stars


connect to like minded people

Creating community

and wonderful links that are synchronistically aligned 


Mayan info too

Learning new ways to work with our Universal Spirit 


Register your place if you feel to come ~ more info coming soon

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