White Dog Wavespell ~ from ego to spirit



White Dog Wavespell


Takes us from ego to spirit



Are we a playful puppy on the surface?


A wolf in sheep’s clothing?

wolves in sheep's clothing

Are we playing Red Riding hood skipping through the forest ?


Ripe for devouring…..

Ready for our next step on the learning ladder of love ?

Today if we choose we can hear our inner dog and set an intention

to heed it

to heal it

to honour it

and to let go of it dictating our day to day 

which is the nature of the beast in us all

after all

We may be a spiritual being having a human experience


this human being vehicle shares it’s software survival mechanisms with the mammal world

we have so much in common with man’s best friend

The Dog Mind

People say that a dog will love you unconditionally 

no matter how you treat it

or who you are

It doesn’t judge you…..

If you have ever worked with rescued animals you know that is not true at all

Animals who have been mistreated or experienced trauma

have huge behavioural issues

just like human beings do

We all have adapted our behaviour due to our life experience

we all make judgement values every day either consciously

or at deeper levels beyond our conscious awareness

and that is simply how it is

This is a survival programme

This dictates ~ literally ~ how we live every day

We make choices based on past choices

We avoid things that match situations that created discomfort in our past

We are drawn to people and experiences that have created nirvana for us in the past

even if that means it is not a good health/age appropriate/evolutionary step now

is that free will ?

freedom ?

Really ?

So much fear driven choice ~ like our conditioned and controlled society systems ….

that are heartless

which is why it is so beneficial and essential

to become great friends with our loyal White Dog now

and instead of shouting at it to stop barking at you when you are triggered and anxious….

because you have a match from a past trauma

drown it out at relax time 

with lots of alcohol

decide instead so listen to it

be with it

feel it


heal it through

understanding, compassion, 

for ourself

know ourself

what triggers us

what is seeking release

know what is giving rise to our response

and take personal responsibility for it

so we can become a clear channel

to go through the spiral

and reach the place of

Spirit at the end

If this is your Wavespell this is your life mission

and where you are in it is very significant 🙂

If you have other family members and friends in it

You will see how they are creating with you in a deep way

Each day gives you the thirteen steps to heal all issues created in your birth tribe

All people on earth at this time have these issues in this way because….

that is the nature of this time

Balsamic Moon



We all have relationship wounding

and as you heal yours

and learn new ways to relate and co create

this ripples out 

across the planet

If this is your sign then this gives you the core essence of your script 

and your archetypal energy in this life

White Dog’s are different to the rest of the pack

They are loyal and have a huge capacity for love

Big Hearts


Extremely deep feeling people

who have often had to find ways to hide that

in order to survive….

Now it is time to take off those ego masks

blue wolf

to let go of feeling despairing of these patterns coming again

so many times


Now is the time to go beyond them

Beyond the labyrinth


by having the courage to…..

Face our fears

To speak the truth

of the heart



Here is my card of initiation today

to let go of what my inner dog seeks to release so I can speak from my heart

The Tower

Time for a 13 day spiral of deconstruction

Good Friday is the day of death 

of the ego

The human mind set

ready for rebirth on Sunday

which perfectly aligns with 

the day of alchemy in this Wavespell

Magical as always

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One thought on “White Dog Wavespell ~ from ego to spirit

  1. Found some stuff in my dream state last night that I thought I had released so it felt good to get it out and transmute the energy into a positive thing! I see it go into the urn of Isis and be transformed in violet flame and then she sets the urn on the ground for Mother Earth to use this transmuted energy for her own healing.


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