White Wind Wavespell


The second of the wavespells in the green castle of enchantment and

seeing our year in harvest , manifest on our earthly table.

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This White Wind Wavespell is the challenge of the whole wavespell and our next step on our planetary and personal evolution and this happens through the personal ย evolution ๐Ÿ™‚

Many people are still putting the cart before the horse and trying to change the world by fixing or focusing on the other.

Adding things to ourselves to improve our lot…….

This is the classic ego pattern that this year brings.

To let go of the old ways and the ego strategies that are so familiar and simply bring more of the same.

Whatever we learned in childhood to deal with challenges ~ย 

this is our next step.

Often I connect to things in my household that I move around and they block my next step on a practical level ~ do you find yourself doing that ?

My ego wants to tidy it away or tick a list and my spirit has other ideas that I am not aware of yet ๐Ÿ™‚

I am learning to see this in a different way now.

When others do this , I know that this is my next step on opening the channels to new intimacy and honest communication about how I choose to relate and whether they are willing to do this with me.

This has been my big learning this year ๐Ÿ™‚ I now choose to know this more about myself and to find people willing to be open to this.

The paradox is the double edged sword ~ whatever really pushed our buttons as a child is what we are here to personally deal with…..

and then share with others…..

Our strengths are our achilles heel because herein also lies what is seeking evolution….

Whenever we are on a mission to save the planet it is always an ego campaign.

Everything is perfect as it is ๐Ÿ™‚ย 


we can choose to create more harmonious ways of living…..

and that is already on the cosmic cards ๐Ÿ™‚

The only responsibility we have in that arena is to heal our shadow and to the ego that ain’t a

particularly sexy task at first glimpse…..

thing is though that is the biggest gateway to the goddess….

and only reveals it’s true nature in steps and doorways to go through….

for the brave souls who are ready to go there.

If you are getting tired/ ill /old ways aren’t working…..

the shadow is working it’s magic to let you know….

that the time is ripe for your secret garden to be visited and see the dark fruits it offers up for alchemy to occur.

If we do not have the code for acceptance…..

as we haven’t accepted our worthiness yet

then any healing sent our way cannot be fully received

It is all about the code

and the season

and everything has a reason ๐Ÿ™‚

My family have got the new Grand Theft Auto game ~ and there is a lot about that game that my ego doesn’t like for lots of past reasons…..

and it brings great information about how our material world is revealing more about the nature and structure of our spiritual journey and the energetic universe we live in ๐Ÿ™‚

It is all a coded game

It is what it is

and we all have a different version of what “it” means

so we can play it ๐Ÿ™‚

When we let go of pre ~ conceived ideas and allow ourselves to be The Fool in every situation, then we see the magic of everything without any bias distorting our view of this amazing playground we are in and are actively co creating

Can you hear the siren call ?

Are you allowing your intuitive goddess self to speak to you…..

or are you drowning out her messages believing them to be some sort of wrong doing on your part ?

This is the key time for transiting worlds now and moving more into balance in alignment with our planetary wisdom ๐Ÿ™‚

To create more flow in our lives we simply…….. go with the flow.

Instead of blocking it with our ego mind’s ideas about how we “should” be

Whenever we are experiencing what we are told is an “illness” in our western society, we can let a little air into our system and circuitry by allowing ourselves to loosen our corsetry and…..


let go of the mind constraints that have arisen to be seen in Virgo energy that are drifting into Libra tomorrow

The perfection, the routine, the jumping through a hoop to meet the ego world demands…

it’s time to remove the broomstick out of that orifice where the sun don’t shine and learn to dance

to our own natural rhythms …….

Instead of focusing on peace for the other we can create peace within us and let go of the other as the other is just fine ๐Ÿ™‚ They are doing their thing that allows this whole cosmic production to unfold effortlessly ~ it is taken care ofย 

Of course that isn’t an energetic match for our ego society so if you want to conform then your resistance to the free spirit pattern will feel like an encounter with a hair shirt ~

like a prickly encounter with the burdock bush ย ~ the natural origin and inspiration of velcroย 

Thing is……

it is what we are here on this planet to do….


there is so much magic in our native back yard if only we will dis entangle ourselves from the dull and “safe ” hutch and become a free range rabbit ๐Ÿ™‚

Watership Down says it all ๐Ÿ™‚

One of my core wounds as a child was being bullied so I bristle at this pattern…..

We are all bullied as children and we learn that to be asked questions is often a form of manipulation

Often we are grilled simply so we can be outwitted by “smart” adults and teachers who believe they know better

twist our words

use our words against us in some way……

If you haven’t healed this then this will really get in the way of co creation ways of relating .

Children are new to the earthly game of life in ego terms and very close to spirit so a gap starts to be created within.

Children “know” things innately and are fresh as daisies as to feelings and the vibration world of truth.

When they are in that space they read people, they read the energetic landscape and they know that what they see is something that most adults do not want to see or hear on a conscious level.

People who are very psychic and empathic retain this ability although often hide it from the mainstream, as people who deny this in themselves often ridicule it in others as a way of protecting themselves.

The people who ridicule it and become very rational and “scientific” often have a personal agenda ~ otherwise why be so defensive by being offensive ?

There is usually a specific event or series of events where they had something happen that they cannot explain rationally and so it is buried deep in their Pandora’s box .

As there is a part within them that will not allow access from fear they will also not allow it in others. This is their veil.

The planetary veil is being lifted through each personal veil being made transparent now.

Most of the adults are indoctrinated into the ego game play that is dishonest and manipulative because they have learned how to survive by playing it.

So for every child the duality begins ~ what they “know” and feel and what the adults in their world tell them is “the truth” and so the confusion begins.

As a child is a true dependent at this time, in most western countries, they will develop a coping mechanism at this point so they can also thrive or simply survive in this gladiator arena ๐Ÿ™‚

When we reach certain stages of our life the universe brings us to initiation gateways to evolve us such as 18, 21, 33, 42 and so on……

This is our personal path.

The planet Earth itself also has a path and this current 26000 year cycle we have just embarked on is steering us into more of the feminine…..

To allow this we each have transformation of our “confusion gateways” to merge them. To reconcile heart and head and let ourselves feel to heal.

Our emotions are our feminine steering mechanism that is our heart path alignment.

If your ego is determined to know what’s best then it will be having a tug of war with your feminine wild side because they are polar opposites ๐Ÿ™‚

Your ego will tell you that “better the devil you know” and your wild woodiness will be saying leave that grey place and dance under the stars

Your ego will be planning a Christmas list and buying something each week to put under the fake tree for an ego boost at the dark time of the year….

Your wild witchyself will be sending you big messages to disturb your routine and burst your bubble ~ dark dreams, Medusa relationships, crocodiles in your garden to initiate you into facing your fear and celebrate the dark ……..

to face your fears of what would happen if you didn’t act out Demeter at the dinner party and allow the illusion to continue ?

What if you let yourself speakย the truth of the not “nice” thoughts in you……


If you choose you can fly back over your life ……. as the crow wisdom

  • Do you jump into new learning or do you wait to be pushed?
  • Do you soften yourself into new ways of being, proactively learning ways to work inwardly with your emotions….
  • or do you require a crushing pattern to open you up reactively ?
  • Do you choose willingly to face your fear and hear it’s wisdom ~ the diamond enclosed in the velvet glove ?
  • Or do you let fear dominate you and justify all the steel bars on your cage ?

It is time to notice how you have been living this year ~

more of the same ?

New learning ?

We aren’t here for this short time on earth to stagnate in our own juices. That is a choice we make.

If you are experiencing this pattern then all it takes is the intention to

breathe in some fresh air…….

Transforming our ego helps us to clear a space within

to be free of our past

and if we are night schooling this autumn

to illuminate ourselves ย questions may be :

maybe learn about ourselves instead of continuing that old school pattern?

  • What will a “master’s degree ” give us if we don’t know who we are ? Will it evolve me ย knowing myself ?
  • What will a phd in knitting give us if we still feel bitter about grannie and her controlling , unloving relationship learning that we were on the receiving end of ?
  • What will a qualification in woodwork give us if our garden is full of other people’s wood…..that we may need one day…….and we aren’t looking at what that is symbolic of ~ wood, fall, too much ~ is an imbalance and when we burn wood we get the wonder of heat and ash for the land ~ and we can alchemically change it into so many things……

What is the driving force here? What is the intention underneath this learning ? Is it simply a short lived ego boost?

The most important person to know is ourselves.

To bring balance into our own life and honour our feminine .

When each of us do this more…..

our world changes.

As we listen to our higher self we change our world view.

We intuitively align with our next step and to begin with our ego will feel afraid of this ~ not knowing, no timetable and when is the next class , it may ask ๐Ÿ™‚

We have to go through this gateway and it does all become clear in the way of the spiral.

Only the ego worries ๐Ÿ™‚

The Spirit has nothing to fear because it is outside the world of ego.

The more we allow our feminine the stronger it becomes.

Today I knew the moon had gone into Taurus ~ my moon.

I felt it and I found myself experiencing it with my actions

I awoke with thoughts of what I would do today and found myself peeling vegetables and thoughts of my potatoes dying off and the lovely treasure under the earth.

I though about how I ask questions of my children and often they don’t know how to answer and hold back on what they say ~ and my partner too ~ often for fear of what I will do with that information ~ will I try to manipulate them? Will I “belittle them in their belief” Will I try to get them to do something they really do not want to do and not want to upset me by saying that?

The only way I can truly know that is to ask from a clear space of truly intending to know and understand them without any attachment to that information ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

The feminine brings the complexity of a myriad of answers, a plethora of ways to communicate ~ all of which is the antithesis of the ego.

The ego way of communicating is linear, direct and wants instant so it can get on and do it ๐Ÿ™‚

Often that means we don’t ask for fear of the other saying no….

and this clearly is where to go…..

To have the courage to ask and be strong enough to explore ourselves and each other

and that way we truly relate, communicate and move out of co dependency

into co creativity

with our inner worldย 

with other systems and with our universal self.

Love to you today and your balance coming in ๐Ÿ™‚

Go for the dark ~ it holds everything we seek to know

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