Heaven on Earth ~ 6



Red Skywalker Wavespell

Day 6

White Rhythmic Mirror Day

Galactic Portal too


Supercharge cosmic wormhole 🙂

Access all when you plug in to the noosphere

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We are in the land of the Lovers today in

Tarot Terms


When we are working on the basis of an individual being in balance

balancing the masculine and feminine within

is the key

Lots of ways to work with this too

Lots of frameworks to use

Yin and Yang energy times are useful in relating

to the universal framework we live in


Most of the consumer world has manipulated information

to sell a lifestyle

to sell a product

to our ego

To truly go with the flow

we unhook ourselves from this spin doctor scheme

and allow ourselves to align with the cosmic groove

Each part of our body has a cosmic time

Break fast is ideal when we are in receiving mode rather than elimination mode

So the model of getting up and putting some sugary cereal into our body

at the crack of dawn….

when the box it comes in has more nutritional value…..

Is simply to serve our role as a battery hen work force member

mustn’t disrupt the output 🙂

We have been sold a smoke and mirrors routine

Most of the planet’s population that are geared to consumerism

focus on yang and going out

sending out

believing that as we give

we receive

and that can be a deception

designed by the ego to feel powerful and….

in control

What is motivating our Yang style giving programme?

When we balance Sun and Moon ways of being

we learn that we go out  to greet and create with the world during waxing moon

and rest on waning to receive


what we have sent out


a macro version of this 13 day methodology

first 14 days co create

second 14 days be within

and this also goes into more detail….

which we can learn in incremental stages….

as we are ripened

by our

sixth sense

the more in balance with the masculine and feminine we are

through our own shadow transformation…..

the more we can use our psychic abilities

in a focused way

and hone our skill

each way of being has it’s own language and code

Rhythmic is today’s tone

Etznab is today’s Mayan name for White Mirror

More about White Mirror Tribe here

Today we see our beliefs and energetics mirrored back to us

Our alter ego fellow game players reveal our imbalance as we attract ourselves 

in the form of polar opposites

If our encounters are uncomfortable today

we have a portal opportunity to step through

What is this encounter revealing?

Are we being too passive?

Too aggressive?

Requiring an energy boost to raise our profile ?

Attracting energy vampires looking to feed on us?

Maybe we are the vamps?

Are we seeking to stay in a serene place all the time and avoiding our cosmic wheel ?

To constantly create harmony is…..

out of balance for the spiritual warrior

We are here to integrate and evolve

and so we swing out of balance to shadow space

to come back in

Today we can reflect on our rhythm this past six days and see 

where we can expand our masculine and feminine

in lots of different ways

By noticing how we live each day

and the style of our living

Are we very much head led?

Out of synch with the cycles

Wearing ego masks?

The fabulous thing of our creations

As we have created so we can create anew 🙂

My Thoth today is

Queen of Disks


If you wish to share your Heaven on Earth experience with others please do so on this blog

or on my Facebook Private Group

Flow With Jo

Thank you for those co creating with this group

Love your sharings

and thank you for people sending donations

Much appreciated 🙂

If you wish to participate all the info is there on the Heaven to Earth Blogs 🙂

Love to your Lovers Day

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