Heaven on Earth ~ 7


Red Skwalker Wavespell 

Day 7

Blue Resonant Storm


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Day seven is the top of the pyramid of our earthly existence …..

where we are so close to “heaven”

we can hear the angels whispering 🙂

This was the energy of the planetary year from July 26 2012 to July 25 2013

More about that here


If we are dedicated


heart path followers

We take responsibility for absolutely everything 🙂

We create our reality

with our thoughts

our beliefs

and the emotions that we create within

We recognise that if…..

we are feeling blue

there is transformation waiting

The storm clouds gathering within us

also gather outside

We are one on planet earth

We are all creating our reality together

The secret to heaven

is only ever lasting


We are the alchemists


I have had a day of alchemy ~

baking 🙂

Turning raw materials into cooked materials

Blending them

Lead into Gold

Had an amazing evening last night

I went into Glastonbury yesterday to spend a birthday present

following a gut instinct

I went to The Speaking Tree Bookshop

and pottered around

noticing where I was drawn

I went to the Witchy section and touched some books

Felt a Yes and No response in my gut

Bought two

Absolutely Fabulous

I started the first one late last night which stirred a fire in me

So many things being echoed around what I write about


also incorporating a lot of interesting information that I didn’t 🙂

and so lots of inspiration and jigsaw filling in

I will expand a lot more on this in later blogs.

The book I am speaking of is:

On Becoming an Alchemist ~ A guide for the Modern Magician by Catherine MacCoun

I have just this minute looked at her website and…


she’s also a writing coach.

Funnily enough….

last night I wrote the first opening pages of my forthcoming book ~

Glastonbury Tales

which will be previewed in ebook form 

in an introductory feature


The Spirit of Glastonbury

It is written as a fictional work ….

and based on my own Glastonbury Experience

Excited about finally taking this step.

I have been writing all my life but not felt ready to go for a book


now 🙂


Feeling very tired today as we enter into dark moon times

My Thoth card is 


7 of Wands to match the number 7

I am finally understanding what this really means

A Gateway into



Ways of being

It is futile so speak to others about ways of relating that they are not resonating with yet

When we do not match a n understanding on a light body level

We cannot connect to it

Doesn’t mean we cannot speak of it either…..

Speaking of loving relationships and the contrast 

of living a victim pattern

is important

this is how we all learn through our interaction with each other 🙂

To be surprised when someone accepts what we speak of….

maybe wants to know more…..

is always refreshing

One of our challenges can be speaking of our beliefs….

no matter what

Being the change we want to see

Is the key


Love to you and your Storm today

Moon in Scorpio today

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