Red Moon Wavespell ~ the path of the heart


Red Moon Wavespell

Day 8 

Yellow Galactic Warrior

This is the day of integration that allows us

to be

Red Moon energy in fullness

to be or not to be….

that is the question ?

This time of the spiral we are seeing that picture….

where we are

how we got here

where we want to be

the difference

Transformation Ace of Cups

Blue Night 

compliment ~ being the conscious dreamer ~

Saturn is the planet twinned with Yellow Warrior ~ West

Integrate our nightmare experiences

and we call our fragments back to wholeness

and see our vision clearly

Our dreams hold the key to that which seeks manifestation

and that which allows that through healing 


Yellow Sun

doing the enlightenment process by transforming our shadow

Pluto is the planet ~ the underworld ~ South

This is the process we are always activating to let more light in

and access the code of consciousness from the sun


Red Serpent 

kundalini dance of intimate relationship and being guided by feelings ~

what gets on our nerves ~ enquiry and healing ~ speaking the truth of it with the intention of creating differently from that awareness rather than following old tribal patterns that no longer serve

what makes our energy shine  ~ expand and share that vibe

the asteroid belt that is the residue of a fragmented planet ~ East


White World~bridger 

One of the Pacal 13 clear signs 

in the 13 tone 

An essential step 

Letting go of old worlds on every level 

not just with our head

purely thinking that we have healed 

is not possible….

feeling we have healed is a different thing

If you choose think about a past emotional event 

and see if there is any emotional resonance 

if there is your ego is fooling you into believing you have let it go

That is it’s primary focus 

to keep the individual from feeling anything that hurts

it will go to great lengths to accomplish this 

none of which create harmony


If you click on the link above for Yellow Warrior you will see the cross 

this is the key code to create alchemical transformation that I have outlined above 

This is the continual heart path that we walk

and we learn which way to go

by trusting our intuition

and how we feel

Heart tree

This in itself is a mastery step

Once the individual understands this on a deep level there is a huge shift of understanding

when the individual starts this process

it can be difficult to distinguish between the objective truth of intuition

that comes from a place free of distortion

and what is simply our ego fooling us

and…this takes time…

and we do this dance many times

and…the more we clear

and of course the clearer this becomes



This Mayan Sign is number 16 = 7

Vergina Sun


“Flag of Greek Macedonia” by Mysid – Self-drawn in CorelDraw.. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

The number 8 tone of it today is 

The star of Ishtar 


To allow our God and Goddess to sit comfortably with each other


The Great Work

Inner Work

Understanding of the process is valuable

Understanding of our process is invaluable

without that understanding 

there can be no progression

other people can assist us

they cannot do it for us

dependency on others

is what it is…


and that is old code

It is very simple in essence

To work magically

Is to work energetically

with what we are

what we have become

because of ways of being

to understand what we have become

is a many splendour thing

of complexity 

To begin we start at the beginning

of course 🙂 


The beginning of this life is where we came into being

So here is where our foundry is

Our constellation

our conscious code

in purity 

full of starlight

full of potentiality


We may believe in later life

that we have fallen from grace

because we do not fit the common mold

are different

are not a chip off the old block…

do not comply with the ego “gold” standard

find competition self defeating 


pointless 😉 

Do not wish to debate or argue

Simply know something deep in our being

and yet a large part of us may want to weep with despair 

because of this



Here is where our heart comes in

Here is where a cutting edge tool that is based on ancient wisdom comes in

Emotional Freedom Technique

All that has hurt us so far on our quest

distorts our understanding of our self

We have taken on other people’s view of us

Other people’s beliefs about us 

and found ourself believing this on a deep level

This is an essential part of the path

Often referred to as a dark night of the soul

in truth the soul does not have dark nights

it is free from human misery

it is free from the wheel of human emotion

which is why we come here to planet earth to experience it

It is part of the soul understanding 

to learn what creates situations and emotional reactions

The planet of Yellow Warrior is Saturn


Saturn is where all our karma patterns are 


How we create as an individual

We have mini Saturn transits every 2 and a half years 

where we can check in with where we are 

and our star seeded mission



Saturn is Sagittarius is here

to transform our structure with fire along with it’s partner

Uranus in Aries

and the third team member is in between

Jupiter in Leo


Saturn is our lower body

chakras and structure

 Uranus our Crown and liquid light of kundalini fire bursting up through all our chakras from Saturn’s base

In the middle we have Jupiter

expanding our ego

and our heart



A Holy trinity of fire 




The key to this time is the emotional evolution 

this is the difference that makes the difference

To be a warrior of the heart means….

We know our Saturn pattern

We know our map of destiny

although we do not see all of it at once

We know our Moon shields and lifts the veil at the perfect time

We know that when we feel anything that isn’t joy and love for ourselves

and for others

there is a past pain body event to be healed

so we can be clear again

the emotional pain distorts our vision of everything 

We feel to heal ~ using EFT is a very specific way that works

As we build our skill it reveals lots of connecting cookie trails to follow 

that are related 

This is how the matrix works

All these events are like time capsules

they connect to everything and everyone

part of the world wide web


so no need to worry 

simply be with what is 

and as we feel 

we reveal 

the next step


and we see the wonder of our universe

We are the love we seek 

My first ebook is £2 

It gives specific structures to look at to begin this process

if you are ready to 

It is time sensitive to now 

so aligned with this code

The Conscious Cosmic Cookie Trailer’s Guide ~ 1

To purchase click here

It is time for the human being

to be

 the beacon of light and authenticity 


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