Red Moon Wavespell ~ molten and muddy cycles


Red Moon Wavespell

Day 9 

Red Solar Earth

How are you feeling today in

all this dark new moon energy ?

If you click on the Red Solar Earth link it will show you the cross process

essential to evolve and embody this energy 

Here is an article about this from my friend and my teacher at my local Astrology Group 

Carolina Lamus 


Blue Moon Astrology 

I awoke to feel my hands and arms infused with….


uwsp3 (12)

Felt powerful

Lots of dreams and one stuck

a man coming from behind me and enclosing me in a bell jar

as it came down to my waist I remembered what it was

and felt like a captured specimen 


Here is a very interesting article about this

Also reminded me of Tinkerbell being captured 

This man was a monster but he had a strange allure….

This is key to the workshop I have been creating for 

Persephone 5 




the legend of Andromeda 

who is chained to a rock to be offered as a sacrifice to the Kraken 


Poseidon‘s Cetus

depending on which version you read or watch 

Clash of the Titans 1981 is an interesting movie 

and looking back on this created so much subliminal code about the world and relationships for me

none of it accidental 😉 

I can see how I project this still onto real life and people and events and most of it

pure fantasy 


I was guided intuitively this time

 to the Andromeda Constellation and some exciting new areas

in Astrology

I create an ebook to use with a life coaching exercise

and a personal astrological chart for the individual

I absolutely love this learning 

It is key to my Midheaven in Sagittarius


the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius

Today I am in my Castle


Red Earth

this is a 13 year cycle that began my awakening 

that is what Red Signs and Red Castles are all about




The planet of this Mayan Sign

whose Mayan name is




The liquid light of sex


Creation Code 

Catalytic energy that creates huge change


Intuitively today I felt to go deeper 

As we are in Pisces Decan 1 now

We are in the dream world 

In the realms of all knowingness 

and the collective consciousness 

Here is a great article by Darkstar Astrology

So for this period we have a chance to see our dream

our nightmare

our past lives

what is seeking light in this life

This Decan is governed by Saturn


If we wish to leave the labyrinth

then we have to know it

become friends with it 

See and feel it

and learn it’s secrets 

to let go of being




for too long a time 

we pass through these phases to reshape

and create a new form or become statues


We can dive into our sensitivity

and see where our boundaries may need a little tweaking 

and how we have shored up our limitless 

in the past 

maybe through unhealthy means of addictions and fantasies 


now it is time to integrate these within us if we are ready

so we can play all parts 

Be Pegasus Andromeda Perseus

Be the bridge to the New Age 


Uranus the planet of Initiating new code

currently in Aries 

Initiation by fire

We have had lots of Uranus Squares to jolt us out of our comfort zones

Rattle our cage 

call in the wild side 

Unchain us from the rock that binds us


or that our ego world and foreign installation code of conditioning believes at any rate

My Chiron is in Pisces and it is transiting now until 2019 

so a process that takes a while

and huge emotional stuff coming up for me

Beliefs about who I am

When I look at what has happened for me 

and when I look at My Red Solar Earth Year 

I get a deeper level understanding

This is how I get to see my bigger picture code using The Mayan Matrix

I can see very specific times and events in my personal evolution

My Red Solar Earth Year began on my birthday in 1991

I left the North

I travelled South

I began working for Wetherspoon’s as a Manager in London

I felt very ungrounded to begin with

It was a very big learning curve

around corporate

around relationship

around how I chose to interpret my role 

Key themes for respectful relationship learning

How so much of my life that year was within four walls ~ albeit it different ones

What mattered to me 

What pushed my buttons

and how long I was prepared to do it for after the dream that initiated it

had died

the reality being very different 

How it was packaged 

How it was marketed

How it was sold

and when it was unwrapped did it match the description?

Like most corporate dreams it fell way short of my expectations 


I learned so much 

and left

all the wiser in some respects

The skills I learned there I use in different ways now


What I loved was the adventure

I loved the new people coming in to work with us

like a family

and  the hugely varied energy coming in because of that 

the melting pot of London 

Key to my North Node in Gemini and my Jupiter in Gemini

Which is what I am repeating in Glastonbury

in a different way


Lots of people seeking their fortune 

many here 

in a spiritual sense 

rather than just the material

and there are some that combine both

When I work with people as a coach I often find that people believe

they have somehow been on the wrong track

got lost

done “bad” stuff

been a Jack of all Trades and Master of none

Fallen short of the system

opted out 

didn’t match their parental plan

“Failed” in some way

having not met someone else’s definition of success and expectations that has been conditioned in 

This is the hallmark of the alchemist and soul seeker 


and key to healing is being honest about how this makes us feel truly 

without going straight to the intellectual reframe

and avoid feeling the anger and grief underneath

Now this is key to the secret of conscious evolution

This is the Holy Grail

We have to do this part of the process

or we cannot  empty our cup 



I see so many people using EFT ~ Tapping ~ Emotional Freedom Technique

without going there

without feeling 

the words are coming out of the mouth 


no connection

afraid to feel because that dam

that stiff upper lip is like a wall of concrete and part of them is so afraid

if it starts to crack

they will be overcome 

and swamped

and yes that may be true 

but all that reservoir if unreleased

becomes a frozen lake

a stagnant pool


full of feelings that then go to the next level and manifest in the body

and events

The Universe has an amazing matrix of balance 

Balance is always there

Abundance is always there 

The elements are always expressed equally 



They may have metamorphosed into a different expression

and as an individual that may not feel great to be on the receiving end of 


So if there is inflammation

if there are fire’s appearing

If there are lots of angry people showing up….

What does that reveal in the individual’s

part of the equation ?


If there are floods

dripping taps


mossy places

stagnant ponds

rising damp

What does that reveal in the individual’s

part of the equation?


What is creating that manifestation in the individual?

What can be activated to create a more balanced space and environment ?

Let go of the chains and be free code 


All the clues are there

All the codes are there

All the Signs are there

We learn what ungrounded us in the first part of life

so that later we can create the opposite

~ if ~

we are willing to do what it takes that is

and the majority of people aren’t

but that gives the tension required to create new worlds

as everything we need is here right now



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