Catalytic Converter Solstice


Catalytic Converter Solstice

I am back and blogging

Wishing you love and joy on Solstice Day

Is it a coincidence that this day is my personal Wavespell this year?

Of course not 😉 

It is a synchronicity and so key for my understanding particularly as the Moon is in Leo and it is waxing.

My Leo Sun degree is 25 and when this is in my moon every moon cycle I can see exactly where I am in relation to the Matrix 

This is my unveiling . It is happening anyway and to all of us ~ the difference for me is I am starting to see it and understand it and work consciously with it ~ maybe you are too. It is a wonderful exciting process and often scary too.

Everything that has been happening to me over the past couple of days has been so key to my personal power and evolution and because I understand the Astrology to exact degrees I can see the Matrix playing out in all it’s majesty .

If my ego has an issue with that then there is something to be released and learned because the truth is that the Universal Mother is bringing in evolutionary code as always….

We can ride the wave or be swept out to sea in order to see where we are in the chain of creation. Once the individual can see the codes in action there can be no doubt as to destiny written in the stars and resonating within the human being. The choice we have is the level we play the game at and this is not hierarchical this is humble humanity level first.

Clearing that inner space to do divine will or feel the drag of resistance slowing us to a halt.

It has been an intense ride and still is ~ no time to blog or catch a breath it seemed and sometimes still does

and I am sharing a glimpse of my experience so far in a different way on the day of the longest light and the move back into the feminine .

This has been my learning from it and I am trusting this process.

I am always sharing my journey and what I see, what I believe and my experiential life journey is all.

I am a simple woman approaching my 50th Solar return in August.

I am in a healing transit of Chiron in Pisces until 2018

and seeing and feeling everything that hurts and all my coping mechanisms for avoiding dealing with these hurts over the years.

My challenge is to be with them, see them, feel them most importantly and release any emotions that I have held onto so that I can accept myself and my life so far exactly as my personality believes it to be.

This is the enlightenment process and key to changing the planet through each person doing this process.

Only when I do this can I be at peace with myself

and from this place everything else can begin anew.

I am still living in Glastonbury although much of my current way of living is changing rapidly daily.

What I believed about my past has been brought to light as mostly a myth and this has felt unsettling to say the least.

I have been in a relationship for longer than out of one and although some of the time I have been single and briefly some of the time in other relationships, this is core to my code.

It defies rational logic. 

It is so key to the majority of relationships human beings are having with themselves primarily

Logically there is a sense of what on earth is my life about and why am I living this way and yet…

I am…

often because there seems no alternative

Maybe this is key for you

Maybe this is affecting you in a big way right now and….

believe me you are not alone 

It is key to our human evolution

What I understand through learning more about my Astrology and my Mayan patterning and structure is assisting me on this catalytic conversion and I am initiating my communication again today as it is the first day of what is known in the Mayan calendar as a Wavespell.

It is the dna energetic spiral that I was born into in this amazing ancient framework, that is a synchroniser .

It assists with the conscious evolution of each person, releasing the old conditioned mindset and understanding in order for the human being, who is ready, to embrace this new human evolution code coming in, wholeheartedly.

This is my fourth year of working with it and everyday I am learning more and more.

Blue Magnetic Storm


That said I know that this is a very hard time on planet earth for most people, not least myself. Knowing about patterns and codes does not ease the emotional pain or help the individual feel comfortable with these transitions.

In addition to these intellectual frameworks , I have other tools to use that are helping me make my transition.

They aren’t new tools ~ ancient ones with a modern twist

They are the tools of the alchemist and this is not a quick fix it is life long

I use energy healing holistically in many forms

the key though is the emotional aspect

allowing our emotional selves to emerge 

is the key to living authentically from the heart

and this is tough in a world that feels that has to be hidden and protected

For this I use Emotional Freedom Technique 

It assists me in letting me be the sensitive deep feeling person I am


stop hiding those parts of myself that feel threatening to others and have therefore been repressed

My anger and grief



guilt and anxiety ~ so key in this Lilith in Virgo transit ~ the pressure to people please and be perfect to keep people at bay on the shadow side 

and necessary to the conscious creator who wants to understand the process of 

right relationship

and bring it to light 

often to huge denial disapproval because hey…

that means doing the right thing which is not what the egotist wants to hear at all

Everything of the known is starting to unravel now faster and faster.

The conditioned personality rug is being whipped out from under our very feet and this often results in a fall.

This may feel like a fall from grace but is actually the reverse.

Our human being society has moved into such a shadow place, so far from the language of light, that it is truly a sight to behold. We are now seeing all the constructs of our collective ego trappings, falling around our ears like the stage set of Shakespeare’s play :

Midsummer Night’s Dream.

There is so much denial going on at this time on the planet.

I am currently experiencing it on all levels in all societal systems I am interacting with.

I am able to be in this position because I am in a place of being stripped to the bare bones.

If this has started to happen to you then I offer you this belief:

In order to do the spiritual path takes courage and being in a place where the individual cannot buy their way out

Cannot avoid standing up for their values and speaking their truth

which is often avoided when money is involved.

If there is cash, the individual can pay the bill even when the individual does not want to

Uncomfortable truth can be avoided

The individual can move

The individual can buy a new stage

new costumes

new props

and carry on with the illusion.

The spiral is coming to the point of coping mechanism failure and breakdown.

Some people may stop reading at this point as this can feel overwhelming and that there is nothing to be gained in facing uncomfortable truth’s…

I was once of that very same opinion and some parts of me are still flailing madly at going down that plughole into the black hole.

The water is getting stronger and the chaos pulling a rip tide of destruction that is the dark Goddess undertow.


My offering ~ the sooner we go on the Persephone Path and the sooner we get laid

bare to truth that is 


The sooner the individual starts to know their own weaknesses

to avoid pain

and the sooner those same threads alchemically become

their new web

that is super strong 


free of old story 

and it starts a cosmic reversal that is stratospheric 

and of course already scripted

all that is required is that each and everyone 

goes with this flow

The Butterfly process


If , as a human being, you are still inclined to believe that the heart path is found in books 

In a workshop

In a guru’s gaze

I am here to remind you that this path is that of the mystic

That of the intellect

and that does not create alchemy within

The School of Source access is where enlightenment is found

All the answers are there and can be found in books and places and people and….

the key is in our own personal history.

Our own personal mystery school.

We access this when we free up the space internally and most of all healing heart space

Each of us is the chalice 

Each of us holds unique dna

Ancestral lines

with ancestral code

of everything that has happened before since the beginning of time 

only now

It is the time to convert that code consciously en masse

for the next chapter

This happens within

each person

healing their hurt

In the last thirteen days ~ especially yesterday ~ you may have been experiencing repeating patterns

Since April 04 you may have been overwhelmed like me with the practicals.

At the start of the Zodiac Wheel is lift off.


All that is coded within us and where we really are as human beings

Is given centre stage

to play a performance

This is not the same as where that person thinks they are

and this is so key to everything

In the bigger picture our planetary society pretends to be something

Holds up ideals

Has systems in place

that bear no realty to the human beings that inhabit that community

Most people are not happy with life or how their life has manifested

and are putting a brave face on most of the time

aka a mask

Most people are not coping

Most people are struggling to keep up with whatever construct they have made in life

that is so far from their childhood dream and wonder how on earth this happened.

How on earth did the human collective arrive here?

At this destination?

Mostly sleepwalking, head down with very few conscious thoughts

even less conscious actions

because of fear 

This whole energetic pattern is perpetuating the planetary mess

and until each one of us takes responsibility for their part in it 

it will remain so

In the garden I have growing my beans and learning a lot.


It is the same as anything in life we can learn through our relationship with something.

I believe we live in a causality universe and this is the nature of patterns and what karma means.

These are the basic building blocks of our universe.

Numbers and code.

We are all Rubik Cube’s personified.


So human beings come in with a code and then interact with the environment.

Understanding this is important as it allows the individual to see what creates what.

This is key to understanding and creation and key to being conscious and responsible.

It is also key to our next conscious evolution code and exactly why we get triggered and why we have an emotional reaction so that we know that ~ what is perceived by the ego as the problem, as the issue, as in the way

Is actually the solution on all levels

key to the Red Moon Year we are in

All answers lie within

So when I get up in a morning and I go out to my garden and something has decimated my bean plant, I want to know what that is.

So I can do something about it and create a solution.

If I have a huge emotional reaction to that situation then chances are this is not just about bean decimation by an unknown cause .

This is a link to a pattern that has happened before and created a similar result for me as an individual.

In other words there is history.

Personal history code is what is creating our personal lives every day because, I believe, that is how our universe is created, personally and in a group sense and most importantly, that each person does this and perceives the universe in their history perspective.

One an individual becomes aware that this is the case then they are initiated

and therefore able to start to work proactively with it.

Then and only then there is a whole new approach.

Until the individual decides that everything in their personal world, is their personal code

and open up to learning how to work with that code

and change it

the individual is in reactive mode

and often feels disempowered and angry, hurt and despair 

At the moment 

the majority of humanity is engaged in avoiding these feelings and so disengaging from reality 

Neptunian escapism ~ highlighted yesterday.


Shifting the focus

Mood altering activities

often ones that have been embedded early on

Do nothing to change a person’s feelings or situation

but take them out or away or deeper into unconsciousness

In truth though 

the morning after…

the reality is still there and the harsh realism is too much to bear and so a bigger dose is required

All the pain and the roots of the personal discomfort with what is


and so any medication and mood altering that is being used does not change or alter the root code


This requires work and discipline and most people do not care for that 

Do not yet know how to do that 

Lack the courage to do it and break free

and the new world that each soul seeks has not yet been created

because it is being built from these lego blocks of pain

it comes from a clear space 

a source space 

of the shadow worker

ready to heal and ready to do what it takes 

Walk the talk.

The bean may be eaten by a rabbit

may be chewed by a rat 

it may be sublime to the slug

There may be a human saboteur 

The human gardener is creating with the universal seed

So has to become an expert on causality and what condition each unique species of seed 

thrives in and then set about creating that structure

The universe has universal frameworks and codes

Sacred Geometry

As do we 

The only control each person has is around their own code 

and the choices that are made with it

Every four days there is a code formation

Every four years there is a bigger wheel

and once our foundation structure is created around 29 years of age this simply repeats in different ways and…

the core structure is there 

I am not a rocket scientist

and I am learning it 

I am learning the secrets of creation in every day things

and if I can 

Why not you ?

The majority of people are missing the point

You are the point for you

I am the point for me

Know what you are and the gift you bring

Everything that your ego believes is bad about you is your saving grace

Is your solution

Today’s Solstice Code


Here is a fab article by Darkstar Astrology and lots of article links to be found if you hover your mouse over the text

Cancer Decan 1

Remember what we are working with now is what we will be connecting with at Capricorn time.

This is the fourth house is the natural zodiac.

It is the structure of everything that creates the human being on earth. It is the place of home, where we are born, our carers, our birth family and what the disciple chose to be born into to know the experience of this family, to energetically be the structure of it in terms of the human ancestral lines therein. 

Critically to experience the causality of that place and what wounds are created as a result of the behaviour that come from the beliefs within the family and the environment created by the family.

Also the wider circle of the community and culture.

The individual will then be working unconsciously with all that conditioned code until initiated and ready to work consciously with their personal wound.

This is key to the planetary Saturn in Sagittarius structure that we are out of for a few months until September. Currently we are having a Saturn in Scorpio revisit to see what is still there to be felt, integrated and burned off so the phoenix can rise from the ashes and be reborn.


The Mayan Calendar has five bands of colour

There is a 260 day cycle

That integrates the human being on whatever level of conscious awareness they are at 

It begins with 52 days in Red

Awakening to what the Cosmic Mother is bringing us

4 Wavespells of 13 days of process code that each follow 4 colours 

This code is initiated with Red Dragon Wavespell

This current cycle began on 04 April 2015

It then goes into 52 days in White and we are currently in that time period working with refining what began in the first 52 days

This is initiated by Red Skywalker 13 day Wavespell ~ creating heaven on earth and is the key to the human who is ready to consciously evolve 

Pakal color

It then goes into Blue in 13 days time ~ transforming what was in the first two time periods and that is the most intense time as we are in the heart of the matter.

This is initiated with Red Serpent ~ our relationship with the universe and 10 portal days of human evolution

After that we have Yellow ~ the resulting manifestation

Initiated with Red Earth and how grounded we are and on our path 

and Green which is unique for the wavespell process and not present for the individual 

seeing where we are free of conditioning and in our natural state of unconditional love 

This is initiated with Red Moon

where we are being our authentic selves and

key to this Red Solar Moon year we are reaching the end of on July 25th which is Year 9 0f a 13 year cycle which began in 2006

Each day has a unique code

Each day has a planetary code

It is complex and it becomes simple too over time like any new learning

This current 13 day process is connected to the planet Pluto ~ the underworld, personal hell planet and as it is my code ~ I appear in 9 days ~ it is key to my life experience and journey and what I bring to the feast table

I have been working with awareness of my personal patterns since 2007 when I started to really connect to my true path.

Using the Mayan calendar has helped me see very specifically what I am working with both for myself and people I work with.

It is mind blowing.

It has really given me a totally different vision of my life and of the universe I live in.

At the moment I am looking at ways of sharing my vision and experience

in different ways

to break down the steps even more

into practical easy ways for people to use every day and so will be sharing them.

As the new year is starting on July 26 and it is such a key one this is important:

White Planetary Wizard 

This year will reveal our empowerment position

How we are letting magic flow through us

How we are still running old ego code believing that we are needing to create things from our mind

Our mind being out of balance and leading from old patterns 

Upcoming Events

I have a 3 day workshop taking place in Glastonbury ~ please see my events pages and you can come in person or via ebook and Skype 

I also have a workshop in Southampton 

and if you are ready to let go of the old story you are perfectly aligned

Here is the energy of today’s Solstice in Glastonbury 

Leo at 29 degrees:

LEO 29
A broken sword.
Consecration to a higher power. The giving-over of the personal will–the marvel of root change. Coming to the end of your own path, and it is just the beginning of the greater way. The heart must open. The infinite must be born inside. The destiny-necessity is there–so much karmic backlog. So many ways to be right and to be wrong. The realization in the very midst that there is nobody listening to the old tale and everybody is awaiting somebody else to come through. A profound and utter doorway into a great unknown. What has been is finished. What shall be is so very different. And what is now is a question and a prayer and a destiny that must find its redemption.

If you are now personally ready to turn the tide for yourself and empower yourself by really being yourself

being the catalyst 

please get in touch

Here is a link to a decoder where you can check out your Mayan Sign

and anyone else’s 

start to see your code

and work with the universe on all levels 

It is what we are here for 

I will be doing a mini blog every day over this 13 day period so if you feel to ~ subscribe and join my on my adventures 

Jo in Glastonbury

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