Blue Night Wavespell ~ Conscious Dreamer Code



Blue Night Wavespell 

Conscious Dreamer Code

Day 2 ~ the challenge day

Yellow Lunar Seed

the growth day

that matches the whole year of feeling the fear

being with the fear

hearing it speak to us

feeling it’s squeeze on us

listening to it’s message

all about stories from the past

our past specifically

and then seeing the absolute treasure in all of this

Yellow Galactic Seed Year of Integration

Removal of the ego mask that is keeping us living small

from the confines of our mind

and the collective mind too

that is heavily invested in all the little worker bees knowing their place in the human race


Taurus Isis time of course so no chance of that

manipulation misdemeanour missus


not on my shift bellows the cantankerous cow

Me that is

and from what I am hearing many of you too 😉

who are sick and tired of being sick and tired

played for a fool

Which is very different…

from being the open hearted kind fool 

I am withdrawing my support from any out of balance 



speaking up

I am supporting ways of being that are fair and honest

and that starts with ….

taking responsibility for my part in

The cult of cash

The cult of co dependent living

The cult of feeling

I need something in an unhealthy way

I feel embarrassed at so many of my past behaviours….

yikes ;-(

and no doubt there will be a lot more to surface as I wise up 

and that’s ok

because I am here for exactly that reason

to let myself be vulnerable now

instead of pretending that

I am fearless

I am choosing to let the masks fall

and admit my mistakes

so I can be open to new learning

and learn how to relate in the code of 

my dream world

of respect and honesty for all

a world without need greed and bullying

letting go of predatory behaviours 

because there is enough for us all

when we let go of lack codes

of competition

and cruelty

to hide our wounds

and pretend we are

strong and powerful from ego


It is a new moon in the Mayan today

Spectral Moon

The moon of letting go 

Lots of aha moments coming together now with new learning

in this New Moon in Taurus

Taurus is my Moon and so when Taurus code is in play for a month in the masculine energy

and the feminine comes in too

Solar eclipse in Taurus and in my exact degree of 8 degrees on the 29th


Oh yes getting to see my star code chart in a whole new way

and understand exactly what has been all part of my code creating

and now being a code breaker

both in understanding and repatterning

and this is what I am creating today for tomorrows first ever workshop

Creating the Dream withIsis heart alchemy

Took me on a long trail of discovery and as I have been creating this ebook

I have been looking at lots of my previous ebooks and creativity

It’s been amazing

Seeing where I was when I created them
Seeing myself and my place of evolution in every word

every picture


seeing it all in glorious technicolour 

the wow factor

penny drop

Lots of stuff I have known intellectually for a long time

Feeling I have integrated it 

and that creates a whole different way of being

It feels good

It’s the tipping point where the paradox happens and everything is turned on it’s head

because we have shifted our focus from being led by the head


Our higher self comes through in the same way

we relate to everything and everybody

through our personal cookie code

and mine has been on full blast for a while

go here

go there

 do this

do that

and I am tired

I know I am tired….

I know I am a human being


I go do it


I am needing to get more focused on my boundaries with this world and 

the other worlds

and my relationships

how I relate 🙂

Changing my code


It’s funny isn’t it how our mind has one belief about who we are

and yet we find ourself saying things that seem out of character

We try and play roles

and say the PC thing

(Politically Correct)

but the world we live in is not PC really

and neither are we

Whatever our Freudian slip 

it is our inner world

because in truth we can only be us

because we are us

and when we try and be anything else….

we are spinning a yarn

that inevitably trips us up

at some point

It is so much easier when we spill the beans

and frees us up to be …..

well free  😉

Free Spirit on our Spirit path

There is no escaping that energy now ~ this year


is that energy

Take the mask off

or feel it’s power 

drain you

Ego living demands high prices

and is a high maintenance mistress

the stuff of nightmares

rather than dreams





This was me last night

My body gave in at last

I got 15 hours sleep 🙂

Needed it 🙂

Thanks for all your support on my current tango

It is the making of me 

Anything that we do to cut through bull poo

is 🙂

Yea I get it

I actually get it 

my code gets it

as well as my head


Here is a document you can use for your

Taurus Challenge

if you choose

To check out the code for transformation from dream to nightmare living

simply follow the thirteen day spiral of Blue Night

Each day gives you the exact information to create with our universal self

and get clear

so we can create a new world

The only way we create new world’s is inside out

Here is a document that can get some focus on this

Dream Journey

Here is an audio that can give you info on this ~ be in a place it’s safe to relax to listen

Dream Journey meditation

It is really simple and even if people do not understand anything about New Age speak




the Mayan Calendar

What each one of us does every day gives rise to something

it is really simple

and we all know deep down when we are wearing a mask

It’s child’s play

and a child knows when an adult isn’t being honest

yet a child learns to be silent and do what the adult says is the truth

because if it doesn’t it is in a whole world of pain…

This is the distorted code we are living with just now 

and it is time for a change don’t you think?


So to stop this bullying pattern

We let go of doing that anymore


That’s the simple version ….

It is a lot more complex than that

and yet that is the simple truth

It takes two to tango

Do you want to tango …

or learn a new dance that beats to the drum of the heart ?

All that it takes to get off the mad manipulation merry go round

is the intention

and the rest follows in small steps

as and when we are ready to get it on

Be real

Do the deal


live it

We are worth it and

The Secret is….

The Shadow is the key to it all

when we let go of fearing ourself

everything else falls into place

Love to you and your  Dreams

If you want to know more

the ebook is ready and you can access it now

on my shop to work with as and when you choose

online shop

or align with a workshop near you

or create one and I will come 🙂

Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy 

Great films to explore the ego:

Fight Club ~ I was doing the Ikea module 😉

I resisted this film for a long time despite being Brad Pitt being in it

and I had totally pre~judged it 

this is a very clever film

Revolver ~

Jason Statham is always Jason and no different in this ~ this is a multi layered amazing film 

Both these films are very violent which is a sign of the times and equally the strength of the untrained and repressed ego

they do make the point of the ego fracture very succinctly though

This is how our ego works to “protect us” from all those feelings of rage and fear that we are really feeling

Now we have new ways to let those go instead of disintegrating 




Blue Monkey Wavespell ~ bigger picture




Blue Monkey Wavespell

Day 5

Blue Overtone Eagle

Please click on the links to explore websites that expand this information

Hover your mouse and find them hidden in the text 🙂


Today I am writing this blog with the intention of sharing awareness of the bigger picture of

The Mayan Wavespell

and what it offers

I am sharing my journey with it

my recent adventures and what they reveal to me

as “a” way that I am travelling on my path

as an alchemist

and my bigger picture

If this speaks to you then my relationship with my universal circle of co creators 

is creating it’s core purpose

I didn’t know about any of this until I moved to Glastonbury

then the time was ripe in my cycle to start to weave with it and learn about it

and share it


(Picture : Glastonbury Tor ~ The Heart Chakra of the planet)

and I do that first and foremost for myself

This is the key to alchemy


following the Heart Path


It is the great turnaround in The Age Of Aquarius

we are transiting into

New Age

New Ways

Bringing the feminine in

within us

For us

and learning new ways to do that

which means letting go of the old and understanding that 

the key part of this process…

is to accept

There is no going back to old ways 🙂

Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the zodiac

Meeting lots of Aquarius people now

My Ascendent is in Aquarius 🙂 

Aquarius is all about emptying our cup

We are the cup holders of the Gods

We are the human avatar of our higher self

and we are here

at this time to dissolve 

into tears 


in the emotional evolution

empty our heart of our sorrow through feeling all our repressed emotions 

so we can be open to the christ consciousness


We receive this through the Sun

which literally has the language of light codes

in it


We connect and activate 

We co create with this language of light

at whatever level our inner grail is capable of

in each moment

This is the meaning of enlightenment

letting more light into us as a result of transforming what we perceive to be

our darkness 🙂

The stuff of our shadow and our self created beliefs that we have about ourselves which was coded primarily when we were children

and has expanded every since

attracting our heart’s desire

to be free of feeling these heavy vibes

and emotions

This was created on purpose ~ we chose our birth tribe

to come and create new ways of relating in our world

at this 

end of times and beginning of new ones

Being balanced within

our masculine and feminine

and knowing how the creation process works

so we can create from a very powerful love space

that is free of emotional need

Part of my process has been….

and still is…

going through the black hole


and letting go of the old me

as in ~ my personality

my ego

I know that on the planet earth now

we cannot sustain old ways and so if you are still believing

that there is a magical “success” formula

a get rich scheme

a money way 

I am here to say that this is the old paradigm

It is the illusion

and the ego still holding on to 

how to define itself through the material.

Today the leading picture is all about the Triple Goddess

You can access the creator of it here ~ it is a free wallpaper

We are in waxing Leo Moon today in the UK.

This afternoon around 215 we go into

waxing Moon Virgo

We are on the cusp

Leo ~ the heart and the ego ~ trained/untrained

The child free and transparent

The child stuck in the wound, immature, having a rant

seeking to get it’s emotional needs met by others in the way it did as a child

trying to get unmet needs met now

with different intellectual awareness


the same emotional and energy body of the wounded child

This is a very crucial difference

Once we understand that

we realise that the intellectual knowing alone is not enough to create alchemical change

The key is the heart and through feeling

and letting go of all our mind’s conditions

all of them

letting our spirit bring what we need

and the painful shadow parts are the key

this is the butterfly process


Photo ~ India Alger in our back garden 🙂

Only when we have felt all the

repressed child within us

do we truly let go on all levels

being the change

free to be us without any need to prove we are worthy

to have the old ways we lost 

back in our life

to prove we are worthy

to need to prove ourselves in ego land

is the code of ego land

nothing “wrong” with that

it is what it is

See the stories of how the celebrities have gone to “the top” to realise that this is 

an illusion

They had all the accolades, the wealth, the adoration

only to find that they still felt the same on the inside….


because the outside doesn’t change the inside

It is the other way around

When we go deeper 

When we understand what feeling we have learned to create through the pursuit of happiness

with an activity

a person

a role that we play

then we have the core essence our ego is seeking

the prima materia of the alchemist


when we look at the source of that seeking

we find

the seed of our transformation steps

garden first summer 030

Photo : India Alger our garden

I use EFT to assist me in transforming my ego 

I work as an energy coach assisting people who wish to do the same

To create the life of their dreams

and let go of their nightmares

and to understand their process 🙂

I am of course a

Great Work in Process

like everyone

and as I transform I attract people who have shared experiences 

common ground

and together we weave new potentiality

In the Mayan this means….

In Lak’esh

I am another you 🙂

Having the courage to be us is essential now

Virgo Full Moon brings the Sacred Feminine in

with the feminine aspect of the moon


Our Moon Sign is our feminine

the hidden part of us that is being revealed 


as we reveal our feminine 

bring it in

we allow ourselves to access our emotional layers

The Virgo through the Patriarchal archetype is repression of the feminine

being out of balance by leading purely by the head

stuck in the labyrinth of our intellect

stuck in old cycles

the inner critic

being perfect


being defined by structures that the ego mind

can surface scan ~

the lazy lizard who wants surface signs

to recognise and feel safe

without having to expose itself and go deeper

bare it’s belly

risk being uncomfortable

wearing it’s heart on it’s sleeve

being honest about it’s true nature

ready to risk rejection

knowing itself 

knowing what ego rejection really means

by having experienced it…

transformed it

and therefore letting go of 

taking it personally in one sense

the ego world does not “do” personal


true love

This is the reptilian brain that is a part of us

and allows us to survive

and not thrive

be reactive

be reliant 

be co dependent

which is the structure of  the aspects of our extreme patriarchal, corporate, consumer

sick ego based society

that we have learned very well 

taken to heart and are moving away from

paradoxically by going to the heart of the matter….

our heart

Heart tree

So how does The Mayan Wavespell

ancient tools such as astrology

work for us today as 

the modern Alchemist ?


First of all we learn how to relate to it and learn it in a different way

by learning the heart’s way

and learning to synchronise with the cycles

learn how to weave with the spirals

that when we are “working” ~ an ego artifice

we are simply connecting at the perfect time


We are conditioned to believe in the patriarch

the father

the male god

men have the answers

we learn through intellect

we get qualified

we get a job

we are successful by acquiring money and status symbols

Notice how you are still relating with this conditioning 

awareness and acceptance is the first step

Becoming aware of our pattern

our Starcode

our Mayan Sign

reveals our star seeded mission

Simply start by getting to know your energy pattern and see your wounding

as your mission


You transform this for yourself and others

To become a master alchemist is paradoxical to the patriarchy

school of success

We do it

for the love of it

for the love of life

for the love of our planet

doesn’t mean we have to starve….

and it certainly does not mean we are going to create monetary wealth because 


the cosmic code is bringing us into balance

and letting go of monetary wealth and unsustainable ego acquirement of stuff

that is ravaging planet earth

and bringing poverty

lack beliefs come from lack of self worth

Once you start to leave the labyrinth of your ego mind

you follow the cosmic cookie trail of your soul direction

and you enter the heart labyrinth

the rose


You connect to the Mayan Wavespell at the perfect time ~ many people have connected to me on their exact day ~ the Mayan Day only happens once every 260 days 🙂

The may connect when it is their thirteen day energy spiral ~

our life mission wavespell which holds thirteen codes

for our personal evolution

Often it is a major time of planetary shift ~ two major Wavespells that have portal days

Red Serpent Wavespell

Yellow Seed Wavespell

They may be embarking on a new thirteen year cycle.

Each person has continual thirteen year cycles in different energies

in the same way that the planet does.

These take the form of four different energy codes that create

an evolutionary structure

of energy

To give an example

I now work intuitively to search for patterns for my cycles and my client’s, friend, family.

So that I can see a bigger picture emerging

I intuitively felt to connect to the

Shine Community Group in Hampshire

It is a 90 minute car journey from Glastonbury

When I went I  felt to create a workshop which just happened to be on the

Red Serpent Wavespell Day one of initiation

A coincidence 🙂

This is one of the most powerful wavespells and all about relationship

letting the kundalini rise and clear any blocks as to how we relate

As an alchemist on my journey

I am initiating and creating my journey

in co creation with the universe

and my higher self

all of which are aspects of me

The key focus is me choosing to live my dream and becoming aware of how I do that

Why I do that

What I choose to keep

What I choose to change that is no longer serving me

My intent is always to open my heart


When we get the spiritual shove we know we have to go…..

no matter what our mind says

we are compelled into action 🙂

When I looked up the address on Google Maps I saw the wow factor

The Burley Manor Hotel very closely resembled Langroyd Hall in Colne

Somewhere I lived in 1993


It was the last pub I ever ran and I moved into a whole new era ~ just before I became a mother

just after I went to India and bought a Tree of Life rug 🙂

In 1993 The planet had started a cycle of thirteen years

Yellow Magnetic Seed

We are now in Red Moon 13 year cycle

and on year 8

which is

Yellow Galactic Seed

So we are integrating what began back then in whatever way we learned to relate and create an ego mask for example

covered ourselves

played a role

had an imbalanced way of relating

Here is a picture of Burley Manor Hotel in Burley


Do you see the similarities?

This is the magical structure being revealed

Once we are ready to see ourselves then we are in a place of 

weaving with the web…..

and only then

On Wednesday we went to the beach and relaxed 

welcoming the sun back

It is a challenging time now for us all

When we can feel good and simply be

is the key


that the best things in life are free

If we really want to get off this ego artifice….

we have to totally get off it

Living in the way of the Sacred Feminine involves being it 🙂

Going with the flow

Being real and free

Reconnecting to our centre

Love to our bigger picture essence and creating it by

Living magical lives




Yellow Galactic Seed Year 2013



Wishing you joy and love on this New Year’s Day Lovelies


Yellow Galactic Seed Year 

This is an amazing time to be alive on our planet and evolve in this emotional evolution

All of the magic we have known through our imagination since we were children is starting to be revealed as truth as the veil is starting to be lifted and we learn who we really are ~ powerful co creators of our reality. 

This is happening faster and faster as we are at an optimum time for this process ~ we have all the connections in place for this cosmic communication now .

As each one of us integrates and works with solar plexus issues ~ our personal veil ~ our heart opens more and releases it’s wounding and we step through the valley of death into rebirth. We enter the gates of the goddess and usher our sacred feminine within. Our circles complete and expand and we let go of old ways of being on all levels.

When we allow ourselves to truly live from love then our world reflects this around us and this energy changes everything we touch.

All we need do is go within 🙂

Please click on the links for more information on other sites and resources

The number 8 is the infinity symbol and represents the as above , so below and the first image I chose today is the Tree of Life. To create balance our roots below the ground ~ and our lower chakras ~ match what is above.

It is the first place we go to create a strong foundation so our upper growth has the necessary structure to support it.

Caroline Myss The Anatomy of the Spirit is an in depth book on this and great videos here

Number 8 is also the number of Scorpio ~ the death and rebirth time.

We are in Saturn in Scorpio times of tough love and keeping it real 🙂

When we allow ourselves to look at, feel and heal our shadow we remember the wheel of our personal, internal alchemy and transform what we perceive as our darkness into light.

All is love , all is essential to our journey and all is valued in our wholeness.

It is the nature of our journey of transformation and the reason we are here in our human spaceship at this time 🙂


This is the secret ~ go within and change within energetically . Bring heaven to earth in you by letting go emotionally and energetically of your past and be the peace you seek. Until you do this nothing can change because …….

we create our perception of the world.

It is really really really simple 🙂 Like all great truths.

It isn’t difficult ~ it can be painful to look within ~ it has to be done to create new circles for ourselves ~ consciously 🙂

It isn’t a passive experience if you wish to change how you relate to the world 🙂 It involves creating new ways internally and this shapes the external behaviour and energetic interaction with our universe.

You cannot do that by meditation, reading about it or wishing it alone 🙂

When we look at sacred geometry with practical insights and bring the intellectual essence of it into plain language and understanding ~

we can see that these patterns are everywhere and it is all the same simple stuff albeit incredibly complex on another level.

Everything in our universe goes through the same cycles of death and rebirth and Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

In this patriarchal time the bigger picture pattern has put all the emphasis on outer, egoic, yang energy and suppressed the feminine, shadow yin energy simply for evolutionary learning 🙂

This is what the Zodiac reveals and as this is in the heavens so it is on Earth.


The moon cycles ~ waxing and waning and the four quarters….

The ley lines on the planet and the chakra points and the same lines in our body.

This is what the Mayan Wavespell reveals to us ~ how our universal energy is always taking us to different places and experiences at significant times…..

All this information is always here under the sun ~ there is nothing new 🙂

There may be new ways to weave with it because of the nature of new times and new learning

There is nothing to fear ~ we are here for an adventure and the more of our personal fear we release the more we can see that to be true on a personal level

and the more we get clear in our own personal energetic bubble ~

the more we see with clarity ~ our own personal pattern and our energetic signature that is the gift we bring to our planet at this lifetime

When we place our focus on ourselves this is when life really takes off with a Quantum Leap and we truly start to master our ego and see it as a friend.


As we integrate, our energy grows stronger and we strengthen our core, we step off the karma deal, get out of the hamster wheel and truly engage with our destiny.

We become transparent through our ego transformation and we let go of our personality needing validating or ego stroking as we remember who we really are and what we came here for 🙂



So much to share with you today about what I have learned and especially what has been brought to my awareness over the last few days of the old year.

Where to begin ?


My intention for this year


Yesterday in my day out of time workshop I focused on what I want to integrate for myself this year and I chose :




This has been a very clear theme for me since arriving in Glastonbury in 2011 and where I have been seeing my own ego masks and dishonesty with heightened awareness ~ big trip in The Heart Chakra of Glastonbury 🙂 Here expanded evolution is potent ~ on the flip side it is also a place of lost souls.

As one of my key ego masks is people pleasing , it has always been difficult to be honest with what I see and believe because I do not like to upset people and through my own self~ development process I have learned to let go of taking responsibility for how other people feel.

Bringing this back to myself ~ I feel shadow emotions when I trigger them in others and I blame myself because I have been blamed.

This is teaching me how to create good boundaries and speak up about blaming when other people seek to blame me, be dishonest about their feelings by turning that onto me ~ becoming a scapegoat ~ and also when I do that with others.


In both perspectives there is a history waiting in the wings to enter centre stage ~ whether a drama will unfold as a result is my choice 🙂

This, I believe, is simply an age old ego mechanism that allows individuals to avoid feeling uncomfortable feelings from an early age ~ which is what the ego’s primary directive is 🙂


A mastery space of ego evolution is allowing all our emotions ~ holistic ~ and letting them guide us on our heart path free from addictive pleasure seeking 🙂

This energy expands as we grow older and this energy that is being held in a shadow limbo bag gets bigger and heavier and attracts the same experiences so the shadow can be brought into conscious awareness at exactly the perfect time for the individual’s evolution and the planetary evolution.

I have learned to speak up and honour my heart wisdom and as much as possible to be speaking my truth from this clear place ~ and I don’t always manage that. Sometimes it comes from ego and fear and is simply a past event seeking release. I am learning new ways to work with this and this is what I share in my blogs 🙂

Learning about my personal natal chart ~ where the planets were at the time of my birth ~ has really helped me and once I understood more about my North Node in Gemini ~ North Node is life purpose ~ this truth telling became clearer.

If you are like me you will often be your own worst inner critic ~ I have Venus in Virgo ~ which is a transit at the moment .

I have learned to listen to this inner critic as it shows me what is seeking transformation as to inner ego passengers I have picked up on my light journey over my lifetime.

These aspects, characters ~ call them what you will ~ performers in my life theatre ~ are often coming from a belief system that has a positive intention to keep us safe.

As parents, for example, we may criticise certain behaviours in our children as we believe this will encourage them to do well.

It is the same mistaken belief that war leads to peace 🙂 We do what we know and that is what often keeps us stuck ~ because it creates the same results that feel so frustrating and hurtful 🙂

We haven’t had an education in our society around being loving and supporting in the UK  ~for many decades it is the opposite ~ and so unless we have had enlightened individuals in our lives ~ chances are we do not have that energetic signature in our energy bubble within….

this is where we can unlearn old ways of relating and bring new energy in …..

This is how I use Emotional Freedom Technique to release old stuff that my inner critic brings for me and other fellow journeyer’s highlight by our relationships with one another

Our archetypal pattern matchers from the past ,The Fool’s journey in tarot , keep showing up in different forms so we get to experience the same situations that previously occurred and we can ~

  • let them go emotionally ~ ideally without passing the pain parcel on. When we get an emotional response we are triggered and that emotion is ours. Ideally before engaging any further we can go and clear that past emotional event and come back to that person clear of it ~ otherwise it will repeat and if it is a pattern match for an emotional biggie ~ lots of events combined into one ~ it will be high on the emotional scale.
  • This is the gift other people bring ~ this is the reason we are here ~to get clear 🙂 When we get clear we are back to being our child self before any wounding and…..with all our wisdom of experiential adulthood ~ magical combo
  • be a teacher and a student ~ we are here to share with other people and speak about behaviour too ~ modelling gentle, respectful relationships where we can each be our unique selves in full glory and the other person does not have to be less or more. In the co creation model we create a third circle in relationship where both parties contribute to this shared space and let go of living in duality and a half to another half. Instead of choosing a masculine leading person to our feminine leading person, each of us balances our masculine and feminine within 🙂

In terms of the seed of life and the sacred geometry of the diamond

we can see how the universe is creating energetically and bring that to consciousness each day ~ this is the gift of connecting to a power team of Astrologers and  Mayan bloggers that may have information that is outside of your field of understanding on a personal level ~ yet you are drawn to it 🙂

Simply connect and take in what you can 🙂 When it’s the right time for you to learn and integrate this is when the teaching appears ~ and this may take many forms ~ open up to it ~ open up to new ways of learning and new patterns 🙂 It is the Cosmic Cookie Trail connecting just for you


This is the Tantra pattern  ~ the universe is the bigger picture that we are part of ~ the big circle.

Look to your own sacred geometry and become an expert on it so you have an awareness of yourself, your path and your journey

this is the smaller unique circle that each one of us has in our own individual way

When we bring these together in co creation tantra ~ we create a powerful integrated, aligned union.

We are always held in this embrace ~

  • having awareness of it and your part in it brings a whole new way of being
  • creating with intention is a different path entirely ~ mastery path
  • working with emotion is the key ~ aligning head and heart is the internal transformation path

We are on the Red Earth Wavespell and this is all about connecting to our core and living from heart and courage.

How the Mayan Wavespell information can assist you in seeing the bigger picture of the Universal Circle:

If you look at the picture of the Mayan Signature for this New Year of Yellow Galactic Seed

July 26 2013




You will see there are four aspects

In the centre is the  yellow seed ~ this is yellow and South in itself and so this year it is an expansion and a flowering of the previous year of                             Blue Resonant Storm Year. We have reached the top of the pyramid and are now on the descent ~ this also means we are in yin energy, receiving and the higher realms of higher consciousness.

At the top  ~ the Northern position ~ we have the Star and the harmonic web we are all weaving ~ harmony from within

and the North is the place of masculine energy and truth, refinement~ the guide and the place we are heading towards.

This is the guiding light ~ being the star that we truly are free from our ego shadow 🙂

In astrological terms I believe this is the Ascendent in our natal chart ~ this is the influencing energy that we are here to work with and often the first thing that people see us as .

Mine is Aquarius with Uranus in Virgo


In West Position is the White Wizard and this is always the challenge. Another way of seeing this is ~ new learning and soul growth 🙂

West is Blue energy and death and rebirth through the shadow. Generally our shadow can be seen as our Moon ~ our emotional, feminine , dark side and all our mothering issues.

White Wizard generally is about self ~ empowerment and allowing the magic to flow through us rather than trying to force something from ego. Letting ourselves be a clear channel so that juicy kundalini light and emotion flows free like a bubbling brook.

As this is a white signature it means we are refining this space.

Mine is Taurus and significantly ~ an insight today ~ my Mum has a lot of Taurus in her astrological chart. When we look in our family circle energetic signature we can see how that has been the perfect place for us to weave our life purpose and expand our energetic code.


In East Position is Blue eagle


East is awakening and raising consciousness and Blue Eagle is seeing the bigger picture of our journey and our path.

I am guessing in astrological terms this is our North Node ~ our life purpose bigger picture and our star seeded mission .

What have we come to learn/integrate and share ?

What has been our own personal awakening ? What is the general theme running through our life that keeps coming up ?

How are we sharing ourself and how do we love doing that and how have we experienced wounding with that ?

In our wounding is our greatest transformation and our greatest gift for the worldwide harmony web weaving.

North Node in Gemini for me


In the South we have the Red Earth and this is hidden ~ below ground 🙂

This is the lower chakra ~ as above and so below. Red Earth is our core energy and how grounded and centred we are. Are we earthed ? Do we feel we belong? Have we let go of our fear so we can be flexible and bend with the winds of change. Are our roots going down deep to reach the deep water and be strong or have we yet to heal tribal issues of birth family, one to one relationships and therefore know ourselves truly from our own inner wisdom ?

This is the area we are looking to resolve and through revisiting we strengthen and as we expand our foundation what is above ground can truly shine. If we are not shining our solar self to full capacity then our masculine energy may be feeling depleted and our light dimmed.

I am feeling this is our Sun sign .

Are we allowing ourselves to be the true nature ~ without holding back ~ out of some belief that we have to turn ourselves down and limit our beautiful beingness ?

Mine is Leo.


The minute I shared that as a younger person I always got what felt like a negative response ~ unless from a fellow Leo.


What I have learned through finding out about my natal chart is that I am so much more than a Leo and …..

that I am learning to let my Leo energy roar as I let go of my conditioning and early life experience that has the ego flavour.


The essence of this year is all about letting our true nature emerge as the price is too high to suppress it.

The more we can all let ourselves be free on all levels and the more our planet is brought back into balance ~ as our soul playground it only ever reflects where the ego and soul is in it’s evolution and…..

just like the hundred monkey’s theory as we tip towards wholeness and integration of our shadow selves, release those ego masks and be free

Our very own earth eden will be restored

It starts as always in our own back yard 🙂

We have to be the change we want to see.


If you are ready to commit to your change process and new learning please get in touch.

There are lots of ways we can co create together.


Wishing you a liberating year with lots of love and the recognition that we are worth it.


It is all about our personal process and our pattern ~ the more we know about this and the

more power for our flower.


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