Blue Night Wavespell


Blue Night Wavespell

How has your journey into the new Mayan year of Yellow Seed been?

I have been busy outside with the garden and preparing for my solar return this week. The weather has been good again and the vegetables are growing well. This also means lots of work to do and being physical ~ essential for moving the energy and well being. I love the way the weather has shaped our summer time experience in such a feel good way this year. Hope it continues for my party .

I have had lots of insights and new learning recently and one of the key things that is different about this Mayan New Year , compared to the traditional New Year on 01 January, is to be still and see what is happening around you and in you ~ see the signs ๐Ÿ™‚

As always this blog is offered to you from the heart as “a” way rather than “the” way and there are links to other sites if you click ~ lots of info to explore.

One of the key areas of the Mayan Wavespell that isn’t given as much internet space, is the ย detail of 13 moon calendar. These moons take place at the same time every year whereas the wavespells change as to their dates, as they spiral.

The moon signatures are a wonderful way of working with conscious awareness and to follow the numerical signature which also appears in other frameworks such as the tarot.

The intention that can always be present ~ and is my personal choice ~ is to open the heart and follow the love path.

I don’t read a lot about these subjects en masse. I have always been a three book at a time gal and now I know why ๐Ÿ™‚ I have aligned myself with the experiential , synchronistic pattern of working ~ read what you are being guided to at that time through your intuition and hone your knowingness. When it is done, it has done ~ at that time ~ until it comes around again ~ as it will repeatedly .

Open up your third eye and clear your channel ~ be still, go to ground and receive.

If you want to truly go with the flow and get your ego out of the way ~ this is the way ๐Ÿ™‚

Remember to refill your cup anew ~ empty your chalice of conditioned learning.

The sacred feminine pattern is a different flavour and like the toddler who clings on to one toy but wants the new one as well, yet cannot hold both ~ let go ๐Ÿ™‚

Embrace the new way.

Trust that you know and it is time.

If you try and cram too much in once you are on this path you will feel top heavy ~ become spacey and ungrounded and feel unwell. This is showing you an out of balance pattern and is happening to many people at the moment. The direction we are heading as a human race is changing direction is all and the more you allow that to happen, see the signs and hear that siren call and the more you will unfold into true ness.

It needs to be happening on all levels ~ what goes into your body, where you take your body and who you are around.

If people are leaving your life in droves do not be afraid of this ~ it is part of the process ~ the dissolution. All people come in for the spin when it is their perfect time and are perfectly capable of doing that. Just like a flower opening it’s petals ~ it doesn’t “need” assistance. When all conditions are met for flowering ~ it happens naturally and so it is with us as we are also here to flower and send out our sacred seed to the sun and the wind to ripen and grow ~ and it may not be in way we thought ๐Ÿ™‚

Only the ego labels it as “negative”

The dark night of the soul is the purification process of shedding outmoded ways of being , the caterpillar liquefies to transform to the butterfly.

It is butterfly season ~ betweenย  Lammas, the harvest and Leo time of strength, courage and heart and Autumn Equinox and Virgo ย ~ sacred feminine , earthy, cycles of gut intuition. This website reveals great wisdom of yin and yang cycles and this chart shows the cycle that can bring great awareness to everything at certain times of the day, the month, the year using the same four quarters pattern ~ also the moon cycle.


We are swinging in towards the dark half of the year and able to see what we have manifested as to our personal bounty love yield.


In the Tzolkin of 260 days there is an energetic signature , that if we follow it, tunes us in and aligns our mind and heart to the universal rhythmn.

It is perfectly taking us into the sacred feminine.

The first energetic signature that starts the wave is Red Magnetic Dragon ~ Imix. This is the energy of the East and of Neptune ~ awakening. This is the bigger picture intention ~ the initiator. To be open to the pachamama mother bringing us our evolution. All the patriachal tales of knights killing the dragon ~ the slaying of the sacred feminine. Now the tides are turning at the perfect time.

This energy was present on August 12 ~ in the form of a number 12 ~ the 12th day of the White Dogย Wave spell. Red Crystal Dragon.

On this day, if you were working consciously , you could see what new structures were being formed for you with crystal clear awareness free from any conditions that you had learned over the years through life on planet earth ๐Ÿ™‚ This is how you can co create with this calendar which reveals the divinity code.

At the start of the 260 day signature this energy ushers in the next step on our enlightenment ~ that our mind is not aware of ~ we don’t know what we don’t know ๐Ÿ™‚

Not a comfortable place for the ego mind who likes to feel it is in charge of life as it knows it.

We often speak collectively of the void, the unconscious, the primordial and many addictions languish in the realms of avoiding or taking us to this space.

In reality there is no such thing on planet earth in nature as a void. Everything is full of something ๐Ÿ™‚ If a vacuum is created it is manmade and an artifice.

  • Sometimes our ego may feel empty and our stomach gurgles for food that we don’t need and has no nutritional value ~ yet has been educated over time to be emotionally nourished by.
  • Life may seem too difficult and jagged so to soften the edges we take alcohol and drown our sorrows and our dream factory ~ the liver. This is also the place of anger processing.
  • As the planets pass and the moon phase changes our heart may sing along with the cosmos and yearn for times past . How did you feel in Cancer Sun and Moon ?

If you keep a diary you will start to see an energetic and emotional pattern and become aware of your high and low tides. This time of outer and inner energetics will become more evident and stronger feeling . The more we go with it , the easier the streaming ๐Ÿ™‚

Men have often been excluded from this moon time as it has been believed, in the literal, duality framework of men being the masculine and women being the feminine archetypes and energy. In the holistic, inclusive, co creative pattern of wholeness within each of us , this is changing.

There is no good and bad, no empty and full ~ only the mind seeks to label. There is simply difference and when we become more familiar with the unfamiliar this changes and enlightenment happens.

By being the change ~ by behaving in the way we want to experience our world, we create a difference.

The second energetic signature in the 260 day calendar is White Lunar Wind ~ Ik ~ and it breathes from the North and Uranus ~ the power planet of light

The second day of each wavespell is the challenge ~ what we do not yet know and often a shadow aspect seeking transformation.

White wind represents our spirit speaking to us to bring this consciousness.

This is the essence of the 260 days ~ to allow this clear speaking guidance to be heard, witnessed and shown through our day to day life. If we are still overrun with ego past drama and fears because we haven’t cleared this then we will distort these messages which often come through other challenging people or events.

Anything that challenges us also strengthens us ~ if we allow ourselves to go through the process with courage. We may be afraid ~ simply because many times in the past this has been painful in some way ~ now we can transform that experience.

All experiences are pain free and without good/bad /right/wrong labels in one sense. If we have an emotional charge or belief about something in this way then there is always a personal experience that can be transformed. This is where I use emotional freedom technique to go back to my past or the past of the person I am working with and let it go and re pattern the belief.

This I believe is our personal process every day and why we are here ๐Ÿ™‚

The third energetic signature is Blue Electric Night.

The third energy in every wavespell is the blend of one and two coming together ~

the initiating unknown sent from our universal mother self ~ yang going out

the incoming challenge and growth area ~ yin coming in

blending the two to co create and synergise .

Blue Night is the third eye, the dreamer realising that they are the dreamer and the dreams. We are the creators of our reality and the more we hone this skill, ย the more we allow this to strengthen and the more we go within the less we are affected without. We start to recognise our path more readily and lose the jitters when we seem to veer off the straight and narrow ๐Ÿ™‚

To be a clear seer requires softening the focus and blending the left and right eyes ~ masculine, feminine, past and present, giving and receiving.

When we try and force seeing and working out ~ headaches arise particularly aural migraines. If you are constantly looking at harsh lighting or strong lighting this affects the eyes so be gentle with yourself and relax ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is another metaphysical view.

When it is the right time it will happen, if it ain’t happening it isn’t the right time ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Tune in as to what new learning is coming through.

When we are in an excited, creative and relaxed space ~ relax , don’t do it, when you want to succumb to it ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots of new language and ways of being coming through ~ here is a great glossary

A Late Quartet is a great film illustrating this ~ we are in a process of letting go in the second part of our life as ultimately we have to let go of everything earthly when we leave the planet and if we can accept this then we have less suffering. The biggest ego fear is fear of death ~ it is the nature of all things though ~ death and rebirth.

This is the flavour of this year ~ number eight to integrate and realise that each moment is a bonus ๐Ÿ™‚

In this wave spell the challenge tomorrow is Yellow Lunar Seed.

Blue energy is all about death and transformation. Blue night ~ Akbal ~ ย is Saturn and the heart. It is the form and the mystery ~ here lies the paradox.

In terms of Saturn ~ this is the lord of karma, we have come here with an energetic signature of our natal astrological chart ~ the time we stepped into our earthly self bringing our star awareness ~ our spirit.

We have been educated to look outside for answers as that is our patriarchal structure in the West, however that focus can prevent us seeing our true nature and answers.

The dream world of nightmares and fears reveals where we have a heart issue from our past. This may be in this life or a past life as energy continues in spirals and patterns ~ as it is with the universal code of creation so it is with the soul journey. We all have the same overall pattern with unique codes. This is how we weave together.

Once you start to understand your own pattern then you see the cosmos pattern in a different way ๐Ÿ™‚

Most people do not want to look at their past because it is painful and their ego is a harsh critic. ย This is the path we must walk though as all the answers are here.

It is what has been termed the valley of death ~ looking at all that seeks to die in us ๐Ÿ™‚

The ย third eye chakra is linked to the sacral chakra. ย As above so below.

When we are relating in ways that are out of alignment with our sacred self ~

respectful and loving are in alignment, then we often have issues in our third eye area such as headaches, migraines and dizziness.

If we are still trying to relate in ways we learned as a child and teenager when we are at midlife then our higher self will nudge us through this area.

One of the key changes with aligning the heart and head is to let go of leading with the mind. We cannot enter a heavenly state with our head and thinking alone.

To feel :good: from a true state of being, without using artificial state changing in our environment, we do not have an imbalance of feeling ย :bad:

We have let go of times of feeling :bad: and repatterned our beliefs around how we relate to the world

We live in a way that is true for us and we are in a world of our own making where we are free of dishonest relationships

We are empowered within and love and accept ourselves and therefore love and accept others

Our inner slides are free of past life debris

This takes time and effort of course ๐Ÿ™‚

It is worth it.

We are worth it.

It is the perfect time on our planet to engage in this activity.

Stop, look, listen

All around is a world of amazing potential, beauty and joy…….

To truly see it and feel it we change our reality, we allow ourselves to dream and we take action at the perfect time to go into our unknown more and more.

By allowing our child within to be seen, heard and loved.

If you would like some assistance with getting clarity on what is coming up for you at this Magnetic Moon time please contact me.

You may wish to know , for example, what year in your thirteen year cycle you are in so you can work with more awareness.

You may be experiencing challenges and feeling the energy of the full moon .

Maybe you are looking for a regular connection each month to raise your consciousness and clear any resistance coming your way.

This time is the foundation point for the whole year ย ~

remember that this is all about you and your process ~

not what “project” you are doing ~

it is realising that you are the project

and all that matters is that you feel good ~

when we really work with this realisation miracles happen and the “project” blossoms naturally without resistance because it is heart aligned ~ because we are heart aligned ๐Ÿ™‚

The Magnetic Moon changes on August 23rd to Lunar Moon so this time will reveal what is seeking light within us. Here is a link to my 13 moon calendar.

This is also Yellow Planetary Human Day and a galactic portal ๐Ÿ™‚ It is a great time to use EFT to clear those past emotional issues that attract their archetypes into our circle for our emotional evolution.

Time to call our spirit in and empower ourselves ~ when we remember we have created everything in our world today we can see the recipes and rerwite our cookery book where we choose ๐Ÿ™‚

The first three moons in the year are very powerful for connecting and tuning in to our spiritual selves.

Love to you today cosmic dreamers.

Art work today from Third Eye Fine Art America


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