Manifesting Miracles ?



Yellow Planetary Human Day

What a magical ride I am experiencing here in the Glastonbury Zodiac. It is amazing and I intend to conjure up a new way of working as there is so much I want to share and receive and how to do that in the time frame of a day……and be balanced.

Aries waning moon today gives me a heads up on this ~ to let go of being led by the head as much.

This is key to aligning heart and mind which is where we are at on the planetary scale.

This Blue Night Dreamspell has been a truly gob smacking journey for me to enter new worlds and create different perspectives. Hover your mouse and follow the cookie trail links.


Today is a galactic activation portal day ~ can you feel the gateways opening up ? Time to travel into new space.

Bear with me all those people who have sent me information and are waiting to hear back ~ I will as soon as I can and it lines up πŸ™‚

The key to working with the Mayan Calendar is ~ it is timely. It is totally time sensitive and synchronises our energy with the universal pattern and raises our conscious awareness ~ when we allow it to πŸ™‚

Living in Glastonbury means we get access to cutting edge news beyond the veil and speakers come from all over to share their consciousness .

I could write several books on the talk of Wednesday evening πŸ™‚ ~ Santos Bonacci has a lot to share about Β and have note after note of the subject matter ~ it was soooooooo magical and connected to my Red Moon post ~ I even watched Jack the Giant Slayer just before it, which was mentioned in the topic of the talk.

I am very aware that is my mind doing it’s “thing” ~ consuming information and so it is there to be accessed as and when ~ all the information has gone in at one level πŸ™‚

No need to worry about any loss of resources and that is the beauty of working with the spiral.

Anything irrevelant or irreverant at this moment will be stored for later.

I am learning to see energetic signatures like swipe cards ~ when it’s time, we connect, we see and we explore ~ it’s a given….

I have literally been side swiped today with my car and nearly head on this week ~ part of the Glasto no boundaries pattern ~ taking it in my stride and noticing that ~ hurrah at last πŸ™‚ No danger to me as I saw the first one coming and the second I wasn’t in my car ~ some very strong masculine coming in to impact me and I feel unscathed. Having an old car lessens the worries ~ barefoot living πŸ™‚ As long as I get from A to B that is all that matters and I love my Leo car ~ Peugeot ~ the third in a short space of time to match past patterns and aid learning in various ways…..

the more we relax into this life experience and enjoy the journey…..

the more we love our time here and we remember

we chose it.

Heart felt thanks to you Santos for your sharing. So many refinements for me, different angles ~ especially of my own zodiac Starcode and journey into Avalon. Totally a gift for me as to your talk and the people there ~ the whole experience. Thank you to Samia Dance for inviting me. There will be learning shared from it as and when ~ if you want to view it in full it has been filmed and check out his website for loads of stuff to blow your mind wide open

Today is the number of manifestation


The key to this time is to shift, what Carlos Casteneda called the assemblage point .

It is great to be aware that what our religious frameworks have sold to us as “truth” is a spin πŸ™‚

It’s a mass marketing manipulation plan and many of our historical “facts” are simply a titivation tourism ploy to attract pilgrims and create beliefs that supported a hierarchy, patriarchy and that individuals were mere mortals who could not access their own divinity ~ the Church was a necessity for that role.

When in truth we are Gods and Goddesses and creators of our own reality on this game of life road trip πŸ™‚

I offer you that all this was meant to happen at this time on our planet for our learning and evolution because that is how our universe works ~ with a framework of beliefs and energetics that create our material reality.

Belief exists on one vibration and solids appear from that starting point ~ a twinkle in your father’s eye πŸ™‚

All of this outside learning is very important. The nature of this time is that the majority of people all have this energetic signature

Externally referenced


No matter what perspective or viewpoint, what indoctrination, religion, belief system ~ the emphasis is on the outside framework.

To create a shift within is the one that is not yet being focused on and so ……

Even though we may say that certain people haven’t awoken yet to the reality of life beyond societal conditioning…..

Even the ones that have…..

are still using intellect and information and …..

this is the same pattern if you see what I mean πŸ™‚

To create an energetic change in an energetic universe requires changing more than an intellectual awareness and most people miss this.

If you want to raise your vibration and become clear of your past then to do that does not happen purely by changing the information you hold in your brain in the logical part.

You can spend a lifetime talking about your angst and the human part of you ~ your personality ~ and this alone will simply bring awareness of what you don’t feel happy about.

To let go of what you don’t feel happy about requires letting go of the pain experienced so far using energy therapies and creating different ways of being in the world for yourself.

You cannot create change without this process .

As we age you often hear people saying they lose access to daily tasks and forget things. Their body starts to deteriorate .

I offer you that this does not have to happen and can change ~ your health and memory can be restored and indeed improved ~ if you are willing to make room in the now ~ by clearing your energetic and emotional clutter. All becomes clear when you are ready to see πŸ™‚

As I often say in these blogs ~ you are your own healer and if you set an intention to discover your silver lining in each so called “negative” event and health experience, you will see the angelic ascension possibility and your life will change.

I sincerely got asked if I was a fairy last night by a visitor in my local pub The King Arthur πŸ™‚ Only in Glastonbury. I love the alternative way of living and views offered here πŸ™‚

Today in the number 10 we have the manifestation of the last nine days incarnate ~ in form.

Showing up today is something for you to look at ~ if you choose ~ in depth.

I thought my week couldn’t get more magical in terms of synchronicities ~ last night’s belly dancing with Kash Salem ~ which creates so much vibrancy and fun and I invite you to come along and join us ~ Β had so many connections to my past group in so many ways.

Today I set off for, what I thought was, a mundane visit to my dentist in Somerton. Somerton was part of the zodiac mentioned on the talk by Santos as was Compton Dundon, where I live and Gemini across the road. Somerton is the Leo part of the zodiac and I have visited it’s symbolic landscape, village and church. Revisited the church today with different eyes and awareness πŸ™‚

I highly recommend John Wadsworth and Anthony Thorley Β  for their amazing resources and workshops around the zodiac ~ the alchemicalΒ having been on one of them and other workshops. Β  Their resources were shared at Santos’s workshop~ unbeknown to Santos that John was in the room πŸ™‚ They are both Aries ~ another great synchronicity.

For me, this reminded me that none of our resources are truly “ours”.

This is an ego framework that often pushes my buttons, when I see people using frameworks and ideas ~ literal language ~ in their work after working with me and there is no credit given back to me as a source of inspiration.

I know I have done this too ~ everyday I see something that inspires me to create a property project, a decoration, a document or a design in my garden and nothing I do is truly “mine” it is a blend of resources that alchemically mix together and form a hybrid just like a new plant . The creation that pours from me is an eclectic mix of lots of knowledge and wisdom that has flowed through others to be received by me and has my unique cosmic cake recipe . That said I do always intend to quote my sources and resources when I can ~ sometimes I do not directly name people as I haven’t had a chance to get their permission.

I know that if I feel miffed about this then that is ego in me and instead of crititicising this part of me for having ego ~ I value it.

This is the shadow that is seeking emotional evolution. This is my humanity that allows me to learn and grow.

This autumn the shadow is the new black folks so let’s love it and bring it within.

When I have an ego feeling on this ( or anything else πŸ™‚ ) I use emotional freedom technique to travel back and look at times when I may feel I haven’t been acknowledged, credited, over looked, my boss has taken my ideas, I haven’t feel heard, I felt used etc that is the area of this and as soon as I connect to this….

The past threads show up intuitively so I can hear them as they are without saying I “shouldn’t ” feel them because it isn’t “spiritual” etc

We feel what we feel and the shadow wheel is the “shouldn’t” ~ the manipulative process of not taking responsibility that is part of our co dependent blame game inherent in society.

When we take responsibility for our feelings regardless of whether we “should” have them or not ~ the truth is we do ~ then we take our power back.

When we honour ourselves by allowing all of our feelings ~ this is where we get the alchemical process within.

This allows more magical passes to happen ~ another Carlos Casteneda book and found woven into all great sacred energy frameworks of movement such as Yoga, Tai Chi and belly dancing.

Back to today….

I went for a crown replacement which I have blogged about before ~ my trials of dentistry and passively accepting “expert” opinion in the past . This has brought a great avenue of learning for me. I have had the metal taken out and resin put in and now I am having porcelain put in to see how that suits my bio chemistry.

I thought I would be there for a while and I wasn’t as this didn’t happen today. I need to pass some time before my next appointment and so I ambled into a shop that caught my eye ~ previously it had been closed because it only opened recently and only opened Thursday, Friday and Saturday ~ serendipitous.

If you are a similar age to me and live in the UK you may remember a programme called Mr Benn?

This shop is called The Vintage Linen Press atΒ Broad Street Somerton

It is so much more than a shop ~ it is a magical journey back into the past and as I entered there were too other ladies who were ooing and ahhing at their discoveries πŸ™‚ If you come prepare to spend some time here, as this little treasure is crammed full of beautiful linens, cottons, jewellery , artifacts and books ~ Enid Blyton old editions that brought back lots of memories for me. I bought a vintage heart cake tin and this beautifully bound note book ~ which is ~ as you can see below ~ sacred seed geometry fabric πŸ™‚ It reconnects you to older times, different generations and especially our own past world.


Anne and I had a magical chat and I feel it is the start of something Β meaningful ~ she shares my birthday ~ if you see the post previous to this you will see that this week I have found out ~ and bumped into ~ so many people who share my birthday. The last time I had close proximity to so many Leo’s was at school ~ never on this scale or sharing the exact date of birthday though.

Other local people popped into the shop while I was there and it is lovely to see this close knit country community chatting about the meaningful things in life ~ friendships and daily events that have an emotional impact. I didn’t feel this when I lived in the City of London , apart from with our pub community of customers and staff. Living here is a blessing as people connect and share their time and energy and to me that is what life is about ~ intimacy.

So even though my mind thought I had gone to the dentist for a while, the universe revealed something else was in store and I am learning to be amazed by how many magical synchronicities are popping up. The more we clear our inner space of Saturn rings and karma wheels repeating until we acknowledge and transform them and the more fun and magic lies in store.

My plant book arrived today and I had another insight about mushrooms ~ my children do not like them and often I have held back on pushing anything to my children as a “should” ( 5 veggies a day for example) as I feel that it is important that children have sovereignty over their own diet. I have worked with many young people with so called food disorders and have learned that this often comes as the ultimate control system for them, that opens up when their caretakers try and control everything for their children from fear. It is very difficult finding the middle path as a parent ~ mostly I find the more I push something the more it is pushed back and I do not want to manipulate either πŸ™‚

I may be my children’s mother ~ they have come through me as a gateway and I am honoured to have been there for them . I know that they often have equal and greater wisdom than me ~ as do most young people ~ simply because they have had less years of conditioning on this planet πŸ™‚ That said ~ they are also human young people and have the same distortions and immature ego’s as absolutely everyone else on this planet ~ some have more areas than others ~ we all have innate wisdom access too. We are all teachers and students ~ if we allow it πŸ™‚

If you have found your manifestation day wanting then look within.

What brought this state of being into place?

It is important to realise that in the universal perspective everything is valued, everything is part of the process and all is equal.

Only our ego says otherwise.

We do not know who sees us each day from afar, who shares our work with another and where these seeds blow ~ and thank goodness because if it was all simply done to our own orbit our world would be a very different space wouldn’t it?

Our universal framework is so infinite and has been around the block a few times. It is artful vague and deeply prosaic ~ a myriad of miracles

and so are we πŸ™‚

As part of this holographical energetic space we are part of the perfection of all that is and all that is is doing it all so effortlessly

All we have to do is focus on the learning of Scrooge ~ minding our own business ~ evolving our own ego so we emotionally and spiritually mature and making people ~ mankind ~ and life our business.

A great business model is cash flow ~ often the root of lack of stability and continuity in new start ups. If we have 1 million pounds coming in and 1 million pounds and 1 pence going out then there is an in balance and this is where the bank steps in selling us services we don’t need based on debt ~ the never never and the future space in an over geared financial lending model.

To be in flow the money comes in and goes out , in balance at the perfect time ~ it isn’t held in storage for the future. Each day we are required to be in the here and now based on the here and now ~ not on a future investment coming in, not on a parent’s inheritance. This is why often, in our history, one generation lives in indulgent fashion based on their forebears and Β lives as a child without taking responsibility or creating anything. These are the wild pendulum swings of polarity living.

We have enough models now in history to recognise patterns of behaviour and outcomes that come as a result of them.

Tomorrow is Red Spectral Skywalker Day ~

time to let go of anything not serving your dream life

Focus on what is required to bring heaven to earth for you ~ there is only you knows what that is for you ~ the devil is in the detail πŸ™‚

If you choose here are some enquiry questions:

  • What are your feelings around past events that are seeking release so you can feel good every day?
  • What is happening in your body that reveals a message for you ? Anywhere that is painful/inflamedΒ /low energy/lacking movement
  • What beliefs have you created about life in general/your life in general/ other people in your life that feel anything other than joy or love

We create our garden of eden experience based on how we receive life and just because….

this has always happened…..

beliefs such as……

I don’t know what I want…….

I can’t believe I can change this because of xyz

I have to do this/be this/go there


All of that inner talk…..

Remember that the only person who allowed those beliefs to form

was you πŸ™‚

Therefore you can change it.

We got the power πŸ™‚


Are you ready to take your power back, call yourself in and transform what your mind perceives as “bad” into neutral?

We believe we can’t change the past ~ actually we can because when we change how we feel about it ~ it has served it’s purpose and falls away.

It is essential we do this as a collective now as we can clearly see that our duality polarity brings violence and serves no one in terms of living from peace least all our planet πŸ™‚

We are renewed through recycling our own experience and seeing it in a different light

When we see and feel it in a different light then…..

our electrical circuitry is different and we are transparent.

All of the systems outside are simply a refection of the inside ~ it is all the same stuff~


Empty your human chalice ~ your heart.

It will then have no need to keep bringing you those annoying ego pokes that match your inner world.

As always the basis of this is simple.

On the 25th there is the second Star of David planetary alignment and this is key too.

It is key in as much as it will light us up where we are and highlight what is seeking integration through self empowerment ~

White Crystal Wizard is the energetic sign for this


Today’s card from Mayan Oracle by Spilsbury and Brynner:

Realm Shift ~ which is all about shifting your assemblage point πŸ™‚ It is also about the Star of David planetary alignment

Quantum Leap, expanded reality, web of possibility, assemblage points, the unknown

Loosen your moorings journeyer ~ make room for miracles and expanded realities !

In receiving this lens you are being asked to take a Quantum leap, beyond the confines of your own reality. You and this reality are entering a total shift of realms.

This is just a snapshot ~ it is an amazing book and I highly recommend it. If you choose to work with me we will be using this as a reference and as you can see it totally aligns with today’s glyph.

Wow πŸ™‚



If you keep doing the same thing and not doing any inner energetic/emotional work then you cannot create a change ~ it really is that simple.

You can read every book on the planet that was ever written, you can go to every workshops, have a kazillion pounds and build yourself a golden stairway to heaven Β ~ inside you stay the same πŸ™‚ You therefore manifest ~ the same ~ there will be variance on a theme of course as your life is a butterfly kaleidoscope.




the inner world of ego will simply be the academic with the same outlook before the attempt to buy/educate on the outside.

This is why I share EFT because

I know it works because of how it has affected me and the people I work with.

This isn’t a sales pitch ~ it’s simply shared with you from the heart because I genuinely want for you to get this and join me in feeling self empowered and free and the more people that do that the more I get to experience a different world. I am intrinsically connected to everyone and everything and anything I can do to bring more love and joy is simply beneficial for me πŸ™‚ It is an energetic, emotional and practical win win for all.

This is the way forward folks.

Yes I make my living from working with people with these methods and anyone who knows me and has experienced me in that way knows that I give my all to people ( and am honest about what I see and believe ), because I genuinely care about my fellow beings and my planet earthship and all her inhabitants.

I am passionate about this and know that there is so much more wonderment to be experienced the clearer we become within. Our inspiration expands as our spirit soars.

I love sharing this and my intention is to be there to assist people break free of co dependency related patterns in all forms by being their own therapist πŸ™‚

I offer free consultations and if you want to know more about your Mayan sign then please send me your time,date and place of birth.


Sacred Feminine

The planetary path we have been on for thousands of years has focused on the masculine polarity and as a result of this the feminine has been placed into darkness. One of the key aspects required now is that we bring that to light within each of us.

The process of minimising the feminine has often meant debasing it and removing it’s power through separating women and all of the archetypes.

Women are not allowed power positions in most religions and it isn’t because of their inferiority ~ it is because of their connection to source and knowingness.

There is a deep distortion and smoke and mirrors routine that has been in place for centuries and although we may believe that we are free of seeing the feminine as lesser or only through certain lenses, the lower consciousness still holds that vibration.

I am starting this simply for awareness without any judgement ~ it is what it is and we are what we are.

Again, we may think we have an outlook on life ~ only to notice how our programming becomes evident in certain situations πŸ™‚

If you have ever experienced a hurt event emotionally or physically from a women ~ no matter what their intent ~ this is part of the sediment of your soul stream evolution that seeks release.

Notice in what areas of your life you interact with women for example.

  • Do you allow them as teachers?
  • Do you see them as nurturing vessels?
  • Do you fear them?
  • Do you allow yourself to receive from others without limitations?
  • Are you open to new ways of relating?
  • Do you allow yourself to be admired/admire women?

Unless we clear this sediment of experience then we block our new experiences from our Goddess selves. Many women are very masculine and many men very feminine at this time. To create planetary balance we create internal balance of our feminine by healing this and allowing new beliefs and ways of being.

We can all mother and nurture ourselves from within and let go of needing the earth or other people to do that for us in an unsustainable way as all we need is within.

We may believe we hold certain views ~ when we look deeper at our actual behaviour we often see something very different actually happening πŸ™‚

Love to you today fellow explorers. Embracing our humanity in true light of it’s reality is what is required to fly high in the spirit world by aligning both aspects of our beingness.

We aren’t saints or sinners we are human beings with spiritual essence.

Heres some EFT for you from me πŸ™‚







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