White Worldbridger Wave ~ presence potential


White World~bridger Wavespell

The Mayan Name is Cimi

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We are in the white wave within the white Castle 

We are refining what came in the Red Castle that started on July 18 2014

4 Wavespells in that Awakening time 

Each lasting 13 days 

Each having their own evolutionary code 

52 days of Awakening to our next step

We move into the next cycle now

of potential clearing of our conditioning

White Castle is all about


truth emerging 

as a result of that transformational process

which is what Cimi is all about

It is about the death and rebirth process

A supernova remnant believed to be the remains of a massive star that exploded over 300 years ago.

If this is your sign then this all about your energetic signature 

These 13 days reveal your very essence 

If you are a:

Red Dragon White Worldbridger Blue Monkey Yellow Warrior 

This code is what will be in your


White Castle of a 13 year Cycle in your life

at some point

and so this is the essence of your refining code

and what is key for you to integrate to transcend living in the past

This amazing tool is here to use

right here and now

alongside some other amazing frameworks

of practical and experiential transformational tools

We are ready to do the alchemical journey for real

If we choose 🙂


The thing is with this framework is it is a new way of being a human being 

being doing having 

Walking the talk 

and I can explain it 

and do so over and over 

and for the individual you have to be it to fully understand it

Live the learning


It is a daily way of being and letting go of old ways that are in their essence

creating ill health and imbalance

In this White Castle we have just had the opening code of

Red Skywalker

Bringing Heaven to Earth 13 Days of process

taking us through an awareness

of what we do to

Create Heaven or Hell on Earth for ourselves

If you have been awake and aware you will have the info you need to know what is pushing your buttons 

aka ~ what is seeking release in you 

clearance potential

that has been making it’s presence known in the last 13 days



There are 13 Moons in the Mayan calendar

Magnetic Moon started on July 26


as well as your Mayan Sign you have a Mayan Moon Sign

The Mayan Sign is the masculine

The Mayan Moon Sign is the feminine

My Mayan Moon is Magnetic 

check your Mayan Sign and your Moon Sign here by putting in your date of birth in this decoder:


During this 28 day period we attract what we need for our next steps  for our personal evolution…

which in turn is in synch with the universal evolution bigger picture

What showed up for you that in one sense may have been new on the surface 

and paradoxically may also be old news and old patterns ?

This is what we will be working with for the whole year and our initiation

Lunar Moon started on August 23rd


This is our area of new learning

coming to light space

being revealed

veil lifting

This is often the sticky patch

or as Stephen King says

The itty bitty shitty committee 🙂 

This is also the route to freedom

when we are ready to do what it takes and unplug from the ego matrix and live in the real world

be sober

be free of all our addictions and ego entanglements 

and that is a long winding road 

that takes courage 

to be free of crutches 

and be able to be with ourself without running away from our life that we create every moment 

Take the rose tinted glasses off 


let go of avoidance techniques and mood lifters 






in all our self’s various forms

sun and moon


Electric Moon

We are ready to get that wand out now

the cauldron

the spell casting books

the weighing scales

This is Moon numero 3

The Magic one started on September 20th 

We have 28 days to focus on what is coming in 

The stuff of Moon 1 and 2

hkuyutrjpg copy

what is seeking release

what we wish to keep 

what we seek to power ourselves up with by transforming it within

so we can shine

Remember that the essence of this Planetary Year is

Red Solar Moon 

bringing completion of 9 years of planetary patterns

so we can move off our karma wheel if we are ready to

by working with our shadow 

Inner Work

The cauldron within

The sacral is the space of relationship 

so to use the words of a couple of my childhood puppet friends ….

Sooty and Sweep 

(Sooty is holding the wand)

Izzy Wizzy let’s get busy 


We are coming up to the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere 

Libra will  be here very soon

It is that time of year to bring those scales in and weigh our heart 

Does it feel heavy?

Is it full of joy ?

Maybe some of both ?

Let’s expand the joy by letting go of the heaviness


change the world 

Today we have initiated this 13 day spiral 

What happened today ?

Mainly the tail end of Leo Waning Moon

The biggest ego in the zodiac and the biggest heart and solar energy too

blends of all

light and dark 

Moving into Waning Virgo before New Moon in Libra on Wednesday 

The challenge day tomorrow

Blue Lunar Hand 

and as it is also a Monday perfect for EFT

and tapping on any stuff coming up that feels icky

and holding us back which may be feelings

and /or pain in the body

remembering that pain is a signal

to show us something is seeking a change of behaviour/way of

relating with us as the universal dancer


Are you ready to go through those Doors ?


Day 3

The Day of the Equinox in the UK 

Alchemy day 

and a powerful one being the Alchemy Day of the Alchemy Moon 

Yellow Electric Star 

Being the star that we really are 

Our true star energy 

that is totally a different world to 

the egoic star


Remember that we are always in balance in a way

as the universe will balance us 

If we are living inauthentically 

this means what comes to balance us

or is already there 

often creates ill health or unhappiness as a side effect of that way of being 

and we have to choose to change that


Choose Life ?

New Ways for New Worlds 

Love to you and yours 


If you are ready to work consciously with all of yourself these coming workshops

may be a start to the path of the heart

Persephone Path Workshops



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