White World~Bridger Wavespell ~ magic human day

Flower Prayers

Picture Indian Girl praying

White World~Bridger


Yellow Resonant Human 



Today is day 7 of the Wavespell

Day 7 is the Mystic Day

It is a portal day 

It is a powerful day of being able to access all that is because of that

It is the day when we are at the top of the pyramid and can connect to our cosmic code angel

The part of us that is connected to us 

and is outside of our human experience

and therefore can see our bigger picture

the bigger picture

free of any earthly constraints

If you are a Yellow Human this is connected to your code

or Yellow Human is your Yellow Castle 

your thirteen year expansion cycle

like mine ….

and this year on my birthday I began a year of yellow human code

a year 6 bringing me into balance….

expanding on the other 5 years in this cycle in particular 


if you have Yellow Human as your Wavespell

This is the 13 day code that you were born into 

and what you are here to create as part of a band of code

Today’s blog is all about that

How as human beings we each hold a unique code 

that is revealed in our Astrology and Mayan Sign

and this is our life purpose

Once we start to know ourself by working with this information

We see how everything in our dna code

Our ancestral line

has led us to where we are today 

We are the human being that has arrived as a sum total

of everything that came before us

Our spirit self has chosen this human being spaceship 

to work with in this lifetime

to create something now

and as the cosmic code of universal consciousness

is ready to work en masse with awareness of how this works….

How we are conscious dreamers

How we are God and Goddess energy 

How our personal code process creates our day to day life

How our day to day life shapes the world

In tandem with everything else 

everybody else

doing their day to day process

and how we are ready to work with this process now

Pro actively 

which is a whole different ball game 

for the recent past in human evolution

We now have the tools

the time is right

everything is coming together now

to allow this to happen

It is a very magical time 

Time to remove the veil of our forgetfulness

The Process is the key

The process awareness is the difference that makes the difference

this is what I know through my personal process

The reason why we are a spiritual being having a human experience

is :

This process of evolution is experiential

The code needs a carrier like any virus

It needs a host 

This is revealed in part the film The Host 

The human body is The Host 





In times in the past of the Guru Age 


The Host was seen as something outside of ourself 

when in reality 

which is being revealed now

the human being is the sacred carrier of the spirit 

the human being is the chalice 

so we can stop looking for an ancient relic if we choose 


because the most valuable focus for our life 

is to rever ourselves

When we do not hold ourself sacred

the beliefs that match that code of being

create sickness for the human part of us 

This is always revealed by the heart

The heart brings us our match in this world 



our soul mates 

who I guess signed up in the same way as us for this synchronised trip 

Often these soul mates that I am speaking of

 do not match any “positive” archetype or love of the life experience

because they are matching what our heart is seeking to heal

and that is hurtful stuff

Our nemesis is our ante dote 

Our shadow is our salvation

Once the individual starts to understand this 

and that the process on one level is everything

everything changes for that individual

Everything in the world starts to have a different meaning

free of distorted code 

and the more the individual works with anything that hurts

is hurtful


Go straight to the source of the distortion

do not pass go

do not collect £200 

Do it for it’s own sake 

without any reward 


or manipulated dangling carrot that is simply

a poisoned apple 

luring us further into the 

mind mess 

the gingerbread house 

that is such a different place when we get inside

Which is why we have to let go of money leading us

because when we have it in excess

we do not do what needs to be done 

to be free and crave winning the lottery ~ remember just like any Casino ~

the game is rigged for the house to win overall


Learning to say no is key

no to the sociopath system

here is a guide that has some practical tips on awareness of this anti social code

and how to handle people who are using it with you

For the adept these archetypes assist in mastery of transforming our boundaries 

and bringing ourself into balance

so in future 

we know where we stand and are strong from within 

Talk to the hand 🙂

On your journey you will encounter run ins with these people 

first and foremost in your own extended family 

One of the first steps is to realise when we are low on self belief 

it is truly impossible to trust and believe in oneself 

apart from bullish”it our ego spins as an excuse 

to do the dirty deed 

and prostitute ourself 

Hard words

Hard times 

Tough love 

to wake us up

It is essential to work with all our cult conditioning in our society

that demands we give up our sense of self 

and knowingness 

This of course starts in our schools and is systemic 

I use EFT because this process works

It is important that  the individual understands

that the process of being pro active 

is the most important code 

Our individual code leads our life

Actually creates it 

and always has been

It is of primary importance because of this

So if something in your life appears to be hurting you right now 

this is in fact your route to freedom

It is the cure for all that ails you 

and you have to experience it’s teachings

in order to transcend it 

Usually this nemesis pattern is around boundaries

self~ belief


being our true self free from fear

and to achieve those qualities ….

The diamond revealed



means unlearning

healing feelings around times when we moved away from our true self 

when we were very young

As our society does not favour the spiritually free individual 

on any level

this code is something we all have to work with now 

If you teach people academia alone 

it creates head led being code

If you do everything for everyone 

it creates dependency code

If  you believe only celebrities are teachers 

it creates elitism code

If you have never experienced respect and understanding 

that code is not there

and has to be experienced now to be encoded and part of your creation code

All addictive behaviours are coping mechanisms in themselves

and are on a cycle of expansion

Each person has the energetic code of their ancestors 

and the spiritual code of their soul having many human experiences 


What a combination 


So once we start to go into seeing code under a microscope

and work with a format that has an intention

and a pro active personal framework 

then we are activating the co creation code 

which is also known as


This is how I work with myself using an energy coaching framework 

in essence it is ancient wisdom with a modern twist 

Creating an Alpha and Omega parameter in micro 

So a goal we wish to achieve in a time frame for example 

The Mayan Wavespell is truly magical for this as it uses a 260 day human being code 

the same length of time that a human foetus takes to gestate 


A beginning and an end 

which gets our whole self to focus 

something which can be challenging in today’s world 

as there are so many distractions and distorted ego biased code 

for an instant “fix”

which is of course what our human being experience is

we are mortal 

our spirit is eternal 

If we haven’t consciously experientially and emotionally 

worked with our code 

then this is a challenge in itself 

the raw ego code is resilient and seeks to remain the same 

it is by default in denial of it’s mortality 

and this creates 

denial of what is 

and all it’s many splendoured morphs

If it is still operating

I am not enough code 

the whole consumer code designed to lure us into a belief system that supports our consumer industries 

which launched mainstream into our human society in the 50’s 


that personality part of us will struggle to believe that we

have the answers for ourselves 

which of course we do when we clear our conditioned beliefs 

quiet our mind for real 

by hearing what is disturbing us 

those bed time stories that our ego wakes us up with in the early hours 

the darkest before dawn space 

when our insistent self breaks through

hold the keys to our freedom


Most doctrines up to now have taught to suppress these

to try and manipulate them

move them

do positive affirmations

meditate for hours to bypass them

and guess what….

they are still there 

aren’t they ?

Because the process of ignorance is ignoring 

that that is seeking healing 

and is perfectly matched for the person who is not yet ready to go pro active 

If we do not know how to deal with these uncomfortable feelings 

and transform them

our emotional mind simply offers tried and tested methods 

that worked in the past 

which allow us to drown them out for a while


The  code of this process means there are side effects

which create more discomfort

because we are ignoring the message 

the message that our emotional mind is unhappy

something in our life is out of alignment with well being

for the human part of us 

something requires a reroute 

a re alignment 

because the way we are living


is a distorted code 


and any distorted codes

create imbalance 

Which is reflected back on the world stage right now en masse 

If we have pain that is a sign that we are doing something that is not good for us 

If we are pushing our body 

if there is a culmination of years of doing something that creates unhappiness 

then our body will reveal it 

If we use drugs to drown this out 

instead of making a course correction 

If we get wasted on cannabis and alcohol with the intention of  creating a false sense of reality

avoidance of pain 

then we will get what goes with that abuse of our body 

It isn’t a judgement 

It is what it is 

Code is Code 

Code creates according to it’s remit 

It doesn’t judge or blame 


When we work with our pain using EFT and an energy framework 

with the intention of accepting our life and all that we have experienced 

We follow our cosmic cookie trail

All our threads can be revealed

Working with me can assist people with their process 

and the most important thing is….

People have to learn to do this themselves 

That is the most important part of the process 

If we do not do this process 


We do not get to see our personal ancestry and what we are here to transform in the same way

If someone does something for someone 

It is a different perspective to doing something with someone 

Starting with the end in mind is in NLP terms 

An outcome 

Again in NLP terms we can model the pattern, code, way of being 

that someone else has already done 

with the intention of creating the same result 


what I know now is this 

as each human being is a highly complex individual that is totally unique 

this is impossible to duplicate exactly

because of that reason

and that if a person is doing this at a different time in history 

the code is different 

and so the outcome will be different 

because of that

The missing link that is coming in now

is the mix of cosmic code 

that is the return to balance of 

the sacred feminine 

new ways of being in balance with our feminine code 

each one of us 


We have free will 


we cannot override our code or the cosmic code 

because the whole cosmic structure would not have any integrity if that were the case 

and when each one of us transforms our personal code structure 

by integrating 

that which has been cast out 

seemingly away from us 

because our emotional mind couldn’t cope with it at that time 


which is perfectly aligned with our soul mission

because that cast away part keeps coming back like a boomerang

when the time is aligned for us to co create with it on all levels 🙂 

When we are ready and able 

and the universe is ready and able for that next chapter to unfold 

If we use certain methods for bringing us into our body or out of our mind

we can become aware of refined ways of doing that

and that connects to the White Castle of the Mayan Wavespell

and the White Bridger Code that we are now 

synchronistically in

Sex for example 

Having an orgasm is the ultimate let go 

It allows us release 

and is the code for healing Migraines 🙂 

Too much in the head space and hyper focus

of the mind 

(often happens pre~menstrually as our Yang changes to Yin to let the blood flow begin but our mind wants to stay in Yang to do our job)

Incoming energy too high wired, bright, masculine 

as a women 

going into our feminine energy is the polar opposite

To vaginally orgasm as a woman on one level

generally takes trust to let in the masculine

in whatever shape or form that takes

If we do not have any loving contact 

or allow this part of ourself expression 

then this creates imbalance 


denial of the sexual self

which is a huge driving force of humanity 

and the creation code itself in one aspect


We can honour that as part of a loving relationship

As an addiction using porn to get high

As an ego trip to feel powerful

As a pro creation process to create people 

As a magical process to energise our kundalini process without a big finale orgasm 

and …

It reveals where we are on our personal energetic process status


What shape is your circuitry process ?

Is it yet a key of life ?

This is what Libra code brings 

the dove coming down into the human being 

when the human being is ready to receive

and heal



Libra Code 

This is resonating for me as this is my year of balance 

Yellow Rhythmic Human 

In Glastonbury the veil is thin and it reveals the reality of where our ego is 

as it is 

The Heart Chakra of planet earth

I didn’t know this before I moved here

I didn’t know anything about Glastonbury whatsoever apart from the festival

which turns out is a misnomer because the festival is at Pilton which is quite a distance from the town itself 

Coming to Glastonbury wasn’t on my ego’s sat nav 

Dog star

I had a five year plan and that ended in 2012

My heart’s desire was to live in Kephalonia in a retreat where I offered energy therapy workshops

a seed that had been planted around 2000 and 2001 

when I read

The Celestine Prophecy

During my

White Refining Castle of

White Wind 

This was synchronistically  in year 6 

Blue Rhythmic Hand 

which is expanding now in my 6th year of my

Blue Castle of Transformation 13 year Castle

which led me to Glastonbury

Another synchronised pattern

is the the planetary 9th year at this time

which has it’s own 13 year Castle cycles 

The planet’s yearly pattern change happens on July 26

Our individual pattern changes on our birthday

On July 26 2001

The planetary code was

Yellow Solar Seed

which was the 9th year of a 13 year cycle that started in 1993

The planet’s 13 year Yellow Castle of Yellow Seed

revealing our authentic cosmic star seed underneath all the ego distortion masks

that our ego mind has created to cope with the messy human existence

we have been in for a while in this Age of Pisces we are currently transiting out of

Remember what happened in the 9th month of that year ?

on the 11th day ?

What can happen because of it when people realise the truth

of how the majority are manipulated and abused through fear tactics

and if we look further back we see that the starting point of this bigger picture began with Red Moon on July 26 in 1954 

The start of many things 

The beginning of many patterns 

Check out the history here

and ponder the roots and what they have grown into today 

Most young people today have no awareness of this history

only a manipulated



focusing on fear and fighting and how it is necessary 

when in truth it is a money machine that thrives on sacrifice of the many for the few




The Libra dove from above is now returning

as we transform the Roman Libra Weighing scales of Justice

the tarot card of  Adjustment in the Thoth deck

replacing the Justice card of regular tarot


What I desired in making that 5 year plan

was a lifestyle that revisited my life in Greece in 1986 in certain ways 

Living with the land

and growing our own vegetables 

Loving life and the amazing landscape in Greece 

which has such beauty and vibrancy

vitality code

Being in balance with working and playing

The people of Greece who value family and people and have a love of integrity ways of being

The Greek history of amazing knowledge of god and goddess code and human relationship 

The cradle of civilisation of the Aquarius Age Codes that we are coming into.

I did not know that I would be making a fairly big detour stop off at Glastonbury ~

although we did go to Kephalonia for a holiday in 2012 it wasn’t our destination to live there at that time

I didn’t know anything about The Mayan Prophecy 

and that’s ok 

my spirit did

had it covered 

and I was ready and able to hear it’s guidance at that point 

by listening to my gut intuition and overriding my ego fear 

To get my full attention and focus meant I had to go into my underworld 

my Persephone Path 


to get clear of my fear on all levels as much as possible 

and follow my cookie trail 

which meant leaving my old world behind 




and be open to new learning 

trust that part of me that knew what to do 

to birth new ways

just like my body when it birthed my babes 

Different code 

and doing these blogs and writing about this really assists in this process 

primarily for me 

and that is the most important starting place 

for me 

because I am here to be me 

Just like you are here to be you 🙂 

In this White World ~ Bridger Wavespell I felt the urge to explore

some more of the

Glastonbury Zodiac 

This is a zodiac on the landscape that was re~discovered by Katherine Maltwood in 1935 

I have a book about it by Mary Caine called The Glastonbury Zodiac

When we first moved here in 2011 we started to learn about it and visited certain parts of it and I have made some videos

We ended up living in the Taurus part 

Isis energy

my moon 

Is       Is 

is another way to look at Isis 🙂 

Taurus Moon symbolises in one sense the bullish*t of material over indulgent human hedonist shadow

and when we transcend that 

the ability to use ancient feminine wisdom to create wonder from the heart ways of living

practical earthy goodness 

for all 

We are now revisiting earlier Taurean times

check out this blog to remember earlier this year

Darkstar Astrology 


Something we are heading for now

as we change our direction and balance our heart wisdom ways

I knew that I was starting to learn a different process very consciously 

which I had seeded all my life and now was coming to light to be worked with

because the time was aligned for the planet 

and so for me

and although my ego conditioning often tries to override this shift 

I am very aware of that now 

most of the time 

even though I may not know the reason

I trust the process 

totally due to the process of clearing my conscious code with EFT 

so that I can receive more feminine code

Yellow Electric Star Day

was the day of the Autumn Equinox 

23 September 2014

In this code of bridging worlds it is the day of Alchemy 

All day 3’s are tantra days of potentiality 

Co creation code

The trinity

The day of seeing the star that we are

We three Lord’s of the Flame set off into the landscape 

Aries Leo and Sagi 

in the next few days I learned of astrology that connected directly to this 

The Grand Trine 

involving these three signs

Elsa’s article here

Bill Attride’s article here

which is also working in alignment with Neptune moving into Pisces until 2024

Article here from Astrostyle

and video here from Tom Lesche

and Saturn going into Sagittarius on December 24 in the Red Earth Wavespell


This photograph is taken from the website of a Glastonbury stargazer 

John Wadsworth and this is his website with Anthony Thorley 

thealchemical journey.co.uk 

We were under a time restraint 

which does tend to limit the experience in some way 

as intuitive and synchronicity are codes that come as and when they are in alignment

rather than on command to fit our personal schedule 🙂

We have all been through the areas before but are not very familiar with them on one level

We spent some of the time going round in circles to grid in 

We got out at Baltonsborough first and visited the Church 

This was built to honour it’s famous son St Dunstan in the 15th century and if you follow the links you can follow the trail

Connections to America and Rome


All the windows hold clues and symbology

Codes of process of consciousness available direct to source

My photos do not reveal sufficient detail on some of the windows

there was a dove descending 




As we walked in the grounds we could smell the Roses and remembered to smell them ~ key to balance in life 🙂



An unusual and beautiful iron grave marker and I was reminded of my time in Cumbria

where I felt stressed that my dream country life 

had turned into a nightmare 

and found peace in the local graveyard

reminding myself that life would end one day

and did the things I was worried about really matter ?

That was before I had any awareness of therapies 🙂


I am sharing some info from Mary Caine’s book 

I have it as a reference and only read it when it is resonating ~ 

in alignment with the connection

I started to read the info and was blown away

We didn’t find some key areas and plan to revisit later in this time of Libra

see whether we can locate some other parts 

just like the mysteries the paths we seek open at different times 

The dove is connected to Mercy and The Merchant of Venice with it’s symbolic passage about

The Quality of Mercy 

I studied this at school and am frequently reminded of it 

especially in my recent trips to court

where I found little of it

there were simply egos at play

The Libra dove is on the head of the Sagittarius figure which we also visited 

 The Sagi Man is seen as Arthur of King Arthur Myth 


This is the area of Barton St David 

Our Sagi member is David 🙂

The name David shares aWelsh root with Dove meaning

“God’s messenger” 

which in some interpretations is simply stated as “king” 

The dove appears in several stories of rebirth and renewal such as Noah’s Ark 

and we passed a house with the name of Noah

There are also lots of houses with bird’s names 

seen as soul messengers

David was also an abbot of Glastonbury in the 6th century

The first telephones were daffodil shaped which is Daffydd’s flower

and David itself with a D at each end signifies a tower or speaking tube

one of the windows has a flower resembling a daffodil

Merlin’s name means “from the sea”

and Arthur himself was said to have been swallowed by a fish and regurgitated after 3 days in it’s belly 

Many myths echo these stories with different characters and there is a coded message of the cycles of life

and the soul evolution 

the masculine and feminine and the four elements 

The name “Colne” means rushing river 

We have lived in a town called Colne and The Colne Valley.

This village has a link to American Presidents 

Barton St David’s


There is also a mention in the book of The Ionian Schools of philosophy which is another area I have travelled to 

In the church there is reference to a Narcissus Ryall being the vicar in the 1700’s 


There wasn’t a very soulful experience for any of us in these churches

They seemed very empty on all levels

Again in the book there is mention of Ceridwen also known as Ariadne  and Arianrhod of the Turning Castle 

which connects to the Mayan Castles 

The Labyrinth 

and the way out of it to be free of the Minotaur 


The constellation of The Plough is above this land with it’s seven stars

also known as David’s chariot

also known as The Great Bear

also known as Arthur’s chariot

and in welsh Arthur means ploughman and bear

and there is so much more to explore…..

What happened next was key

seeing how this was revealing our next steps

and indeed led David to his next place of work with in a couple of days 

and his connection was directly linked to our Aries friend too

This is what is being revealed now 

The Matrix 

The process 

and the magical time we can choose to experience 

as we follow the cosmic cookie trail 

that we are here for 🙂

Are you ready to go through the Gateway ?



White Worldbridger Wave ~ presence potential


White World~bridger Wavespell

The Mayan Name is Cimi

Please click on the links to take you to other websites to expand your information


We are in the white wave within the white Castle 

We are refining what came in the Red Castle that started on July 18 2014

4 Wavespells in that Awakening time 

Each lasting 13 days 

Each having their own evolutionary code 

52 days of Awakening to our next step

We move into the next cycle now

of potential clearing of our conditioning

White Castle is all about


truth emerging 

as a result of that transformational process

which is what Cimi is all about

It is about the death and rebirth process

A supernova remnant believed to be the remains of a massive star that exploded over 300 years ago.

If this is your sign then this all about your energetic signature 

These 13 days reveal your very essence 

If you are a:

Red Dragon White Worldbridger Blue Monkey Yellow Warrior 

This code is what will be in your


White Castle of a 13 year Cycle in your life

at some point

and so this is the essence of your refining code

and what is key for you to integrate to transcend living in the past

This amazing tool is here to use

right here and now

alongside some other amazing frameworks

of practical and experiential transformational tools

We are ready to do the alchemical journey for real

If we choose 🙂


The thing is with this framework is it is a new way of being a human being 

being doing having 

Walking the talk 

and I can explain it 

and do so over and over 

and for the individual you have to be it to fully understand it

Live the learning


It is a daily way of being and letting go of old ways that are in their essence

creating ill health and imbalance

In this White Castle we have just had the opening code of

Red Skywalker

Bringing Heaven to Earth 13 Days of process

taking us through an awareness

of what we do to

Create Heaven or Hell on Earth for ourselves

If you have been awake and aware you will have the info you need to know what is pushing your buttons 

aka ~ what is seeking release in you 

clearance potential

that has been making it’s presence known in the last 13 days



There are 13 Moons in the Mayan calendar

Magnetic Moon started on July 26


as well as your Mayan Sign you have a Mayan Moon Sign

The Mayan Sign is the masculine

The Mayan Moon Sign is the feminine

My Mayan Moon is Magnetic 

check your Mayan Sign and your Moon Sign here by putting in your date of birth in this decoder:


During this 28 day period we attract what we need for our next steps  for our personal evolution…

which in turn is in synch with the universal evolution bigger picture

What showed up for you that in one sense may have been new on the surface 

and paradoxically may also be old news and old patterns ?

This is what we will be working with for the whole year and our initiation

Lunar Moon started on August 23rd


This is our area of new learning

coming to light space

being revealed

veil lifting

This is often the sticky patch

or as Stephen King says

The itty bitty shitty committee 🙂 

This is also the route to freedom

when we are ready to do what it takes and unplug from the ego matrix and live in the real world

be sober

be free of all our addictions and ego entanglements 

and that is a long winding road 

that takes courage 

to be free of crutches 

and be able to be with ourself without running away from our life that we create every moment 

Take the rose tinted glasses off 


let go of avoidance techniques and mood lifters 






in all our self’s various forms

sun and moon


Electric Moon

We are ready to get that wand out now

the cauldron

the spell casting books

the weighing scales

This is Moon numero 3

The Magic one started on September 20th 

We have 28 days to focus on what is coming in 

The stuff of Moon 1 and 2

hkuyutrjpg copy

what is seeking release

what we wish to keep 

what we seek to power ourselves up with by transforming it within

so we can shine

Remember that the essence of this Planetary Year is

Red Solar Moon 

bringing completion of 9 years of planetary patterns

so we can move off our karma wheel if we are ready to

by working with our shadow 

Inner Work

The cauldron within

The sacral is the space of relationship 

so to use the words of a couple of my childhood puppet friends ….

Sooty and Sweep 

(Sooty is holding the wand)

Izzy Wizzy let’s get busy 


We are coming up to the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere 

Libra will  be here very soon

It is that time of year to bring those scales in and weigh our heart 

Does it feel heavy?

Is it full of joy ?

Maybe some of both ?

Let’s expand the joy by letting go of the heaviness


change the world 

Today we have initiated this 13 day spiral 

What happened today ?

Mainly the tail end of Leo Waning Moon

The biggest ego in the zodiac and the biggest heart and solar energy too

blends of all

light and dark 

Moving into Waning Virgo before New Moon in Libra on Wednesday 

The challenge day tomorrow

Blue Lunar Hand 

and as it is also a Monday perfect for EFT

and tapping on any stuff coming up that feels icky

and holding us back which may be feelings

and /or pain in the body

remembering that pain is a signal

to show us something is seeking a change of behaviour/way of

relating with us as the universal dancer


Are you ready to go through those Doors ?


Day 3

The Day of the Equinox in the UK 

Alchemy day 

and a powerful one being the Alchemy Day of the Alchemy Moon 

Yellow Electric Star 

Being the star that we really are 

Our true star energy 

that is totally a different world to 

the egoic star


Remember that we are always in balance in a way

as the universe will balance us 

If we are living inauthentically 

this means what comes to balance us

or is already there 

often creates ill health or unhappiness as a side effect of that way of being 

and we have to choose to change that


Choose Life ?

New Ways for New Worlds 

Love to you and yours 


If you are ready to work consciously with all of yourself these coming workshops

may be a start to the path of the heart

Persephone Path Workshops



Cosmic Gateways

White Cosmic Mirror Day ~ May Day ~ Love to you on Beltane ❤

Day 13 in the White Worldbridger Wavespell . Day 13’s and Mayan sign 13’s are all about movement ~ shifting into new ways of understanding and new ways of being if we choose.

Have you had a shift in the last thirteen days ?

Have you encountered resistance and had an emotional response to it?

The gateway of Scorpio full moon and the lunar eclipse that accompanied it brought that potential ~ our choice to avail ourselves and co create with it to jettison a heavy load of past out moded and out dated code, beliefs, emotion from our childhood and earlier adult life…….or not 🙂

Letting go of the notion of “right” and “wrong” , applying the same perspectives to a new way of being and surrendering to what is dying first and foremost within us……and therefore creating a shift without 🙂

To co create is to surrender to the universal mamma within all of us ❤
If we have issues around mamma energy then …..we will struggle with this so if we choose to allow it ~ this has to be released 🙂

Our sacred feminine seeking to expand within.

This becomes possible as we transform our masculine ego and linear self and create light space. Change our inner slides and our exterior world is manifest ……..through the heart and emotion. An all embracing, inclusive, compassion for ourselves ~ true forgiveness at the perfect time for our next step.

Everything happens at the most fecund time ❤

The flowers flower at their perfect moment ~ without mind intervention ~ the conditions for flowering are met 🙂
When we feel everything we allow vulnerability ~ although we may be afraid we allow this.
feel the fear ~ and …….

Feel the fear 🙂

and look at what is giving rise to the fear ?

If we can ~ let the fear go 🙂

Then take action ❤

When we are coming from a place of fear ~ fear is the motivator ~ this influences the outcome.

Fear is a positive part of our humanity ……and provides great information if we choose to let this information be heard and acted upon and …..

If this fear is primarily a child issue we haven’t let go of ~ there is no “time” framework in our mind ~ (most people’s memory doesn’t have a time encoded in digital format like a photo on a digital camera ~ some people do 🙂 Learning how you store your information in your unique way can give lots of awareness and understanding ~ and how other people do it differently and understanding theirs can give easier communication and understanding ~ a form of empathy. Some people naturally “know: this too without intellectual learning :-)) and we are not in that framework today ~ we are an adult ~ and if our circumstances have changed ~ we aren’t dependent on someone for something ~ it may be the perfect time to let that fear go as it is no longer needed and we can work with our emotional mind to allow that belief and event …….and the emotion……..to be released and liberate ourselves now.
Each person knows that ~ in some cases it may be unconscious ~ if we are ready to let it go ~ we can ❤

This is the two worlds of higher self aiding our ego and our soul journey 🙂

When we allow this and love and accept ourselves in this process,
when we love and accept everything that has happened to us as a gift for our understanding and evolution ~

we can walk into a new world free of the old ❤

This takes time and isn’t linear 🙂 Nothing in our universe is linear except that which is created by mankind’s masculine energy .

At each moment we encounter a repetition of the past ~ May the first.
If we choose we can be open to enquiry from our past ~ What has happened on May the first in your life?

Beltane ~ the time of fecundity, of fertility, of celebrating the time of

the sap rising and our beautiful co creativity.

Balancing masculine and feminine within and creating harmony ~

birthing ~

something new to our planet 🙂

We are influenced by all that is as a human flower on our planet ~ the sun, the moon, the planets.

Our body responds with physiological changes and our thoughts are involved in the creation process.

We have free will. Our will comes through the filter of our ego 🙂

The Mayan calendar has been around a while 🙂 Had a few laps on the global circuit 🙂

Today it speaks of a potential to see our selves reflected at this time of Beltane ❤

When we love and accept ourselves that is enough 🙂

We do not “need” another person to validate us, or to use as an indicator that we are worthy,

We do not “need” to put anything in our body to change our mood and enhance the beautiful being that we are

We do not “need” to have someone to be responsible for our wellbeing

We do not “need” to avoid anything or anyone

We do not “need” to be part of a group, have a label, wear a set of clothes to identify who we are ……..because we know who we are

We do not “need” to fill a void in us

We do not “need” to control, reject, enforce, make, should, role play, manipulate, please, ………..

In our recent historical past in the UK, the majority of people didn’t do emotion.

It wasn’t the time for emotion to be expressed as if you did the outcome wasn’t often favourable and there weren’t systems there to support it and those systems have come about because of that 🙂
Shell shock, post traumatic stress, counselling, being able to say that we aren’t happy

Terrible things our humanity has passed through to birth this understanding and create these systems and discoveries. This is the nature of our evolution ~ the pattern of overcoming through adversity…..:/

and so we have a different perspective we can come from now 🙂

To live in the world and be sensitive and authentic meant you couldn’t survive in the earlier half of the 20th century , in a big way ~ and many people who allowed that true state of being left the planet after making their mark

Making a choice of authenticity meant a polar opposite to the mass place of being.

As people who are led by the emotional mind we often make choices that are highly illogical ~ yet keep us safe on an emotional level

Our parents and grandparents growing up in the 19 10’s, 20’s, 30’s and 40’s ~ developed coping mechanisms and gave love in the way they knew how. Often that meant putting a brave face on things, soldiering on, living in scarcity and limited means ~ the famous stiff upper lip and carry on with a cup of tea.

It worked on a survival level and …….we are all here now as part of that way of being.
It is still working for many people 🙂

These earlier formative generational patterns that are within us ~ the middle life people who are transiting 40’s and 50’s and 60’s ~ have created ways of being and belief systems that can be upgraded now ~ to use a computer term 🙂

Time to integrate and assimilate and create anew keeping heart wisdom that serves.

Time for our emotional evolution process. ❤ ❤ ❤

The ego mind ~ emotional mind ~ can only offer what it knows and what it’s survival has depended upon , so earlier generations wounding sources became their way of showing love ~ food was often one way to show you valued your family and as it had been scarce when it became more abundant this was a way of showing love.

Utility furniture and possessions were extremely limited ~ consumerism in the 50’s . My Nan loved food, clothes and furniture and that was her feel good factor ~ something she could now control when as a child she could not. She had to accept what the circumstances were as did most of the population ~ some did not and some thrived at this time for many reasons.

Whatever we learned as children as ways of showing love , feeling loved, feeling love being conditional, dependent on……..

all of this is within us unless we transform it and let go of the feelings of wounding through acceptance……
that we cannot change the circumstance because it is past
we can change how we feel about it……..
and create new ways of feeling love

See how these past patterns have manifested in our world ?

This awareness ~ particularly when seen from a personal perspective can give rise to huge awakening .

There is nothing wrong with us ~ we simply are what we are and we are learning

What do we choose ~ now 🙂 ?
Whatever and whoever is showing up at this time …..
that reflects old ways of relating
reminds us of times and people in the past…..

Is a gateway to change if we choose it.

Aquarius time allows us to step into our co creative power now if we choose

To birth new ways of co creating and raising our consciousness

Through us and our change.

This White Mirror energy is also what our January Gregorian calendar shows this year is about.

The Mayan year started on July 26th 2012 and in this framework it is about Blue Storm energy ~ letting go of using addictions, letting go of hiding our authentic selves

Tomorrow is the start of the Blue Storm wavespell and we are in the waning moon of Aquarius ~ this is a powerful 13 days of potentiality for letting go initiated with Aquarius energy.


If you are ready to let in more light and let go of old ways it is a very

good time to do it and co create with your higher self.

If I can assist you in the process please let me know 🙂 It is my


We have all the answers for ourselves and know what we want to change 🙂

We may not know how to do that and seek some inspiration ❤

I can assist with raising awareness and consciousness with your Mayan Sign and Starcode ~ this is a totally free service and I offer this with gratitude as part of my learning process.

Each time I do a chart for someone I learn something new ❤

This will help you see a bigger picture understanding for yourself ~ also where you are on your 13 year cycle so you can work with more awareness and empower yourself ~ often makes sense of events that may seem baffling 🙂 Calms down the inner critic 🙂

If you want to know this information please message me your time, date and place of birth.

I offer a free consultation and can do this anywhere in the world ~ phone/skype and in person in Glastonbury.

I specialise in EFT ( tapping ) which I use in an energy coaching format ~ like conventional coaching in terms of creating an outcome you wish to create. Using EFT to let go of past issues, events, anything that is holding you back in an ecological holistic framework. Looking at all areas of life rather than a quick fix to get out of a sticky spot. If you are looking for a quick fix I am not your woman 🙂

If you are at a crossroads you may need to clear past issues so you can find a way forward that works with all the circumstances you are in ~ in a gentle, respectful way that is also practical.

If , like me, you are working on a sugar addiction and have some resistance to new ways of eating because part of you really loves xyz and so how can you let that go 🙂 ? Push me pull me energy that often goes round in circles ~ reveals old worlds holding us in their planetary orbit 🙂

Finding small steps to do that voyage to the new world ~ that are sustainable and move to a new place gradually integrating new learning a long the way, I believe is the key and is what I offer.

I choose to learn experientially 🙂 As I work with my clients I am working with myself and we all get a shift ~

I shift as I am tapping and I always attract the people into my life that reflect where I am

My client shifts ~ working with their answers and unique place of being and my input and experience with my life and holistic therapies and coaching

The universe ~ as we change the universe changes through us ~ our outcome is heart based intention and emotional evolution of letting go of the past ❤

We are always a work in process and we are pure love now ❤
Our choices are all part of the web of life ❤
What we choose echoes in eternity :0

Love to you today Cosmic Gateways


❤ ❤ ❤