Blue Rhythmic Hand


Blue Rhythmic Hand

This is my Blue Hand Balance code ~

Code 6 of

White Wind Wavespell


Here is a blog I wrote in the last spiral in August 2016 

This is a key process because it contains a Burner Day 

Red Self Existing Serpent 

on Day 4 

It is the structure code

All about our relationship with ourselves and how our kundalini is flowing

Survive stage ?

Thrive stage?

Are we working through our ego stuff to go beyond base level ?

serpent mother burning man

I am writing this article in

Taurus Sun

Aquarius Waning Moon

A heated argument turns into laughter.
Tension and release. Contraction and expansion. The breath of the mind resolving its dualities. In order to make it possible for radical truths and significant realizations to come through, you must first karmically dramatize, inside the ego-mind and outside as well, the unbearable tension between opposing points of view. You enter upon disputes, advocate positions, set up heroes and villains. And then when your whole inner and outer world is packed with dilemmas, problems, arguments and battles, you become ready to seek out synthesis, to enter upon a cycle of restoring wholeness. During your experimental years, spice means everything. But during your maturity, there is no further mileage to be had in turning anything against anything else. Getting it that you made it all up in the first place, and that the rational mind delights in controversy but has its limits. When resolution comes, everything looks different. All of life turns around, and most particularly your relation to yourself changes from the critic into the friend and respectful ally of your own inward intentions.

More Astrology here from

Sabrina Monarch

To be consciously aware takes courage 

It is not a head game 

It is not a mind game 


It is the heart path


Gentle Deer energy


Becoming the potentiality

of our

Avatar ability is the essence of

Blue Hand ~ Code 7

through surrender to the will of the divine 


Spirit Self ~ White Wind

Found in Arcturus and the Pleiades star constellations?


Pic from this website

Who knows ?

More about that here 

with all these articles :


crystal links

souled out glossary 

souled out avatars

thoughts and stuff

galactic diplomacy


It corresponds to the Libra Full Moon we have just experienced 

Arcturus at 24 degrees Libra ~ where is that in your chart ?

A chameleon with moving pictures appearing on its back.
Blown by the wind. Shifted by every current. Absolutely adaptable. You can become anything on demand–compelled to cover up, to externalize, to be what others wish. Instantaneously given over before you can stop it. An immense gift and a special curse. The gift is to open up every situation simply by being there and participating. The curse is to have your own self discarnate and oblivious. It is a very sharp edge of doing world work and losing self in the process. Agreed to beforehand, quite strange. Yet perfectly beautiful in becoming the world out of love, compassion and a kind of selflessness which just has to be so very transparent and empathic.


Been on an amazing cookie trail

over the last few days

with my

Aquarius in Lilith friend ~


Aries Heart path traveller 


Lilith in Aquarius Article by

Understanding how we have created our sense of self is essential to be conscious 

To then be able to understand the construct process





most importantly heal those hurts 

in the starry skies and the matrix of this Mayan 260 day continual spiral process

one can map one’s one personal evolutionary journey 

Here is mine in this codex:

White Magnetic Wind 

I became a mother at my Saturn Return 

Blue Rhythmic Hand 

huge wounding year for me with massive emotional outcome

2001 ~ huge planetary wound year with 911 

Yellow Spectral Human 2006

My Uranus Opposition deconstruct started

so I could get into alignment with my soul journey 

also the start of the

Red Moon 13 Year cycle we are currently in

All the tools are here

to do this process now

because it is the time to be

the lover that you want


pic Nat Lee

to be the embrace that you need

to be the fire rekindled

to be ready to go into the deep darkness to find your inner light 


I am sharing them in workshops and retreats and my one to one work so join me

This process is also

the new learning of the

Conscious Dreamer Code 


Pic Maria Palova

Seeing our Saturnian Cycles

Revealed so we can learn


recraft them

in a space of


Shed your skins and fly

beautiful butterflies 

Do the work 

Be free 

Understanding this process to emotional evolution is the key 

To birth the new world the old has to die 

within us 


White Wind Wavespell ~ shaping our destiny


White Wind Wavespell


Are you ready to become the Ankh process ?


This is the key to shaping our destiny

I found this picture of embodying the Ankh 

My first time of seeing it 


Ask for what is key for you to see 😉 




White Wind High Priestess

Archetype video


On Wednesday 03 August 2016 it was

Blue Rhythmic Hand

Planet is Earth

Day 6 of the White Wind Wavespell in the Mayan Calendar
My personal coming into balance code ~ amazing ways to work with these 
Coming into balance with our heart and mind
With our human being self and our soul self
With our masculine and feminine within
Transformation of our egoic self
Surrender to our soul path
Being the servant of the light through transforming the darkness within us …
so we have the potential to fulfil our destiny through being able to embody our soul
As a result of doing the inner alchemical transformation work
Here on earth now
As A Blue Hand this is a very powerful day for me
and will link in to my 51st year on planet earth
I will be entering my White Galactic Wind process on the 18th of August
This is my White Castle which was initiated when I became a mother 21 years ago
On the 18th of August we have a powerful
Full Moon in Aquarius at 25 degrees ~ the exact degree of my Leo Sun
Aquarius Moon degree

A moustache.
Disciplined, constrained, and consistent. Keeping things within the boundaries set by rational cognition, doing what is strictly appropriate. Objectively, impersonally, dispassionately deciding and choosing and following this up with a way of life. Circumspect, intensely aware of reputation and community standing. You live up to the highest standards impeccably and are self-suppressive routinely. Everything has been decided ahead of time. Obedience to the greater instructions. Subordinated to what shall serve and what shall reach far and wide. Able to tailor and custom-fit your behavior and expression so that the greater good is served absolutely, you manifest pure adherence to the law, with no qualms, no quibbles, no questions.


The key to being in balance lies within

It is all about reconciliation with our inner child so we can return to full love and acceptance of our child self

This is the key to personal enlightenment

It is nothing glamourous in that sense
It is not about building an empire
Being an iconic leader
Being a brand
It is all about understanding and acceptance of oneself
Enjoying the simple “things” in life
The free “things”
The wonderful planet earth and all that is in it
Being with friends and family and enjoying life
Being present
Free from the past ~ truly
Liberation from wounding and fear beliefs as a continuing process
Acceptance of what is
Seeing everything that feels resistant in life as the next step to evolve
The co creation process
Setting the heart on fire
Releasing the burn of anger
Being able to receive as well as give
In flow
Coming in and going out

In the zodiac wheel we have

Aries the initiator


Uranus in Aries on planet earth at this time
to initiate The Red Moon 13 year cycle
2006 to 2018
Uranus will then go into Taurus to manifest what was initiated
New beginnings have been initiated
Learning about personal and universal codes and frameworks is a powerful way to be the change
In the Mayan framework ~ this is the essence of Red Dragon ~ what the universal codes are bringing for human evolution ~ through each human
We are going through a planetary process of what is seeking to come to light
Pluto in Capricorn
What began for you in mid March and early April ?
Spring Equinox ~ sap is rising

Next we have Taurus time

mid April and May


Anger issues ~ Bullsh*t issues ~ where we are manifesting drama to allow us to see what is seeking to be reworked to align with truth ~ Isis
It is what it is 😉
What was coming around for you at this time to see yourself manifest and reveal resistance ?
This is the time of seeing the other ~ the new learning coming in for a reworking to align with our soul destiny ~ what we have come to create

This is the essence of this Wavespell we are in ~ the second Mayan Sign of White Wind

Planet ~ Uranus ~ what is coming to light ?


Truth from our spirit self freeing itself of wounded heart
conditioned mind distortions
Which is how human beings evolve on a personal level and therefore transform through this journey on a planetary level
A clear space with access to source

Then we move into the sign of co creation ~ mid May to mid June





Understanding of this process allows us to co create on all levels with people and source
Blue Night is the Conscious Dreamer process and the 3rd Mayan Sign
Planet ~ Saturn ~ know your Saturnian patterns
Saturn in Sagi fire on the planet ~ know your wound and if you are speaking truth free of wounding
This is the Gateway to infinity

This code was initiated fully at the time of the Summer Solstice



as we move into Cancer at 21 June



This is the structure of our child self

the Universe that we knew as children

creates all our patterns


The axis ~ Cancer ~ Capricorn
The Mother and Father codes we are here to transform
Being born into the perfect tribe to allow this
Our personal wounding being planetary wounding
Mayan Sign 4 ~ Yellow Seed
Planet Jupiter ~ mastery of our expansion
Do we expand our child wound ego framework ?
Do we transform our child wound ego to allow wisdom
heart healing
For us and then the world
For all ancestry code
Past life code
All that has been coming up since the Solstice until the 22nd of July

Reveals this framework


Now we have entered a new Mayan year on the 26th of July

Now we are in Leo time

Magnetic Moon time 


This is the heart of the matter
In the Mayan this is the 5th sign
Red Serpent
The Asteroid belt ~ new consciousness coming in from an old planet scattered between Mars and Jupiter

Relationship with the self

How we love and accept ourself is the key
Where we are not is revealed in our day to day reality
Instead of resisting what our ego does not like
Finds difficult
Is triggering a heart wound
We can embrace this now

If we choose

Learn how to work with this to create personal liberation
Learn to embrace our polar opposite
So we can personally come into peace
Not lip service
Not a mask
Not an alter ego creation
Instead of holding things at arms length
We can accept what is
Only when we do this can we surrender
Get clear
As a natural part of this process

Comes the solutions from a clear place

Instead of trying to make everyone the same as us
To quell our ego fears of difference
Triggered into defence
by pattern matches for painful relationships in the past
We can embrace uniqueness
Celebrate difference
learn how to co operate
Let go of assumptions and judgements
By dissolving all the times in our personal and ancestral past
that create resistance
Being a lover
Letting go of fighting
Is the way forward
Learning how to relate and co create free from co dependency
Are you ready to work within in this way ?
It is the Universal time to align with ways that create balance
I offer you :

This is the process

Know Thyself
We are the Universe
We are the love we seek
To Fly High
First Dig Deep
Go within for the treasure you seek
We are writing new code now
The clues are all around us

Follow your Cosmic Cookie Trail

Ask and it is given
What is perceived as the “negative” is the alchemical Gold

Love yourself more every day


set yourself free

 Leo time is an amazing time of creativity 
One of my 
latest creative projects is creating a circle of support 
for transformation work 
The next one is on Monday 15 August at 7pm :
Fancy meeting up with people worldwide from your own house?
With a group?
Creating a healing synergy ?
Healthy transformational support 

Check out my Webinar Page

for the latest one 

Shaping from Spirit



Blue Rhythmic Hand

White Wind Wavespell


Had a busy day in many ways 🙂

How is your spirit wavespell shaping up ?

Today shows us the energy of being in balance and in rhythm with our spirit ~ are we in balance with

Masculine and Feminine

Giving and Receiving

Practical earth tasks and Etherical Spiritual ones


Have we got the blend merged well like a magical Martini ?

Shaken and not stirred in the words of Mr Bond 🙂


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Any amount counts 🙂


I started the day at my dentist and spent an hour in the chair revisiting lots of other times there in different spaces and places

As I was lying there I was consciously revisiting all my “trauma” around having someone in my face

in my space

hurting me ~ although not intending that many times …….and at others very much so

all about relating 🙂

and how I communicate my experience of my receiving of their care in honesty

Which can be very difficult as ideally a person who is giving us medical intervention will not be feeling emotionally charged

either by our behaviour and commentary and/or their day and centre space in general

all of which we cannot control 🙂


Each time I go I have a new insight, often several.

Today I focused on letting go of what my care worker “should” have done to me  in the past and instead on accepting it, learning from it and letting it go so I could heal that past event……

and then……

in a clear space…..

What do I want to create now ?

I have certainly learned a lot from my time in the chair in various receiving positions and what I would like to communicate is this

Some people don’t require any information about what a “medical professional” does to them….

and some people do 🙂

I would love to see more co creative frameworks coming in so people are aware of what is happening ~ so they can make an informed choice.

We don’t know what we don’t know 🙂

Of course back when my treatment started 30 years ago that was unheard of in most aspects of health care services but I remember my Grandfather stating plainly to his heart surgeon back then, that as it was his body, he wanted to be fully knowing about what was being done to it and in consent of that.

I noticed today, how in that chair , my feet didn’t touch the ground. I felt like a child and I couldn’t ground myself because of that so although I could do visualisation , I went to the loo half way through so I could bring myself back in to earth and body as I felt part of me pulling away from the here and now .

In the past I have focused on feeling peaceful and relaxed. Today I focused on feeling whatever I was feeling, it was ok to feel anxious and at any time I could stop the process if I chose. I was still very relaxed most of the time 🙂 A different perspective today.

Something that my dentist really does well is putting me in the picture of what they are doing and what is coming up next and that I can stop the process too if it becomes too much ~ which is great co creative relating.

I have had lots of incoming information this week and some of it has been a big trigger for fear  ~

Great for seeing what my ego can let go of  if ready …..

and for being very aware of what may or may not be happening in the world agenda.

In Glastonbury there is a great awareness of  what is often labelled “conspiracy” and I love that about the place. It can tip people over into a big fear space though if too much focus is placed on allowing this info into our inner space.

It is helpful to be very aware of this and create balance if possible ~ sometimes that isn’t happening for good reasons ~ to show us where we can shape our lives more and be true to our heart wisdom and hear our spirit.

Being out of balance is the creation space 🙂

Remembering that everything on our soul journey is guiding us into new learning and evolving us and therefore evolving planet earth ~ in this order 🙂

So first of all I am going to share some awareness links with you and if you aren’t aware of this information it may assist you in several ways should you choose to view it 🙂

There are lots of levels to do this on:

You can be aware that the simple message is some people on our planet are only interested in profit and don’t care about how they get it ~ and this is expanding…..


and I see this as a necessary step in our learning of :

Taking personal responsibility for knowing where all our “services” come from and how they are created….

where they come from

and how we let go of co dependency patterns to empower ourselves so we can mature and open our eyes to what is happening in our world and make informed choices

and most importantly how these very new technologies affect our human body  🙂

When our personal spaceship gets damaged we always get learning because of that and to key in our optimum well being destination can be a great factory setting to intend 🙂




In terms of the Mayan Wavespell we have four  energies that surround the Mayan signature ~ the shape of the cross 🙂 

Today we are in Blue Rhythmic Hand so this is the leading centre energetic 

Manik is the name for Blue Hand

This is then seen in different ways through the number of the day and each Sign goes through the spectrum of thirteen days.

Today is the number six

Todays higher self energy is Blue Rhythmic Hand ~ it at the top of the cross ~ the North and the place of refinement and truth

Today’s challenge is Red Rhythmic Earth ~ are we in our centre space or are we all over the place feeling pushed, pulled, triggered and ……………….

letting ourself see this is key instead of pretending it isn’t happening and using avoidance/suppressing techniques 🙂

This is in the West position of death and transformation.

The more we become aware of our own patterns and cycles and how this “thing” happens to us at the same time of the month/year and the more we feel ok with the cycle and start to go deeper with it and our consciousness raises at the same time. What we “know” experientially as well as intellectually, helps our mind, body and spirit to align and synchronise with the universe and energetic framework we live in.

Today’s compliment is Yellow Rhythmic Human

The more we know ourselves, have awareness of what is life enhancing for us and live in a world of our own organic loving design of authenticity

the more acute our bullpoo radar signals. This is in the East position on the cross ~ the awakening to our own nature

The South is White Rhythmic Wizard which is what is expanding for us ~ self empowerment comes from within and letting the magic flow through us. This sign is all about integrity and when we integrate our heart by healing our personal past, then the river runs freely through our clear channel.


This is the true cross energetic of our soul journey




Today is Friday and the day of Venus.

I have been connecting to this energy today and revisiting the last couple of days cosmic cookie trail.

We cannot be an expert on everything….

and we can share the resources of some amazing people as we learn . 

The new way of learning comes in spirals I believe ~ as and when we are ready to beam up another essential step it appears and sometimes that means being very selective and specific about this rather than getting a Master’s in it 🙂

If you can let your higher self guide you to people who share pertinent information for you and astrology is essential 🙂

It gives a bigger picture view of what is happening in our heavenly places that is vibrating our stardust for our evolution

So here are some resources about the constellations and alignments that are revealing our

love patterns at the moment:

We are heading into the dark moon time when we are really psychic ~ that moon face energy is not getting in the way of our seer abilities so if we choose we can connect to the life long patterns seeking healing and transition:

We have Venus in Scorpio heading our way

and this brings an ability to let go of old ways of love

It goes above and beyond male and female “romantic” love ~ these old stereotypes can help us see beliefs we have energetically taken on ~ even if our intellect believes we have “risen above them”

We can simply use the love pattern for ourself as a first point of call and how it reflects out to affect everything ~ this is “the secret” to all our manifesting in life 🙂

One of my favourite Leo Astrologers is Tom Lescher Here is his video about this:






Here is a talk about adjusting to the new reality with Jim Self and Barbara Hand Clow

Here is more information about the esoteric world of Venus in Scorpio

This is what is coming up with New Moon in Libra so if you choose you can get ahead by looking at where you are out of balance:


More info about Venus happenings here

More info about Venus in Scorpio personal relationships ~ my partner has his Venus and moon in Scorpio 🙂

In my journey I have gone out of my ego stratosphere several times and I am used to going beyond my mind’s reasoning .

Sometimes our new levels of awareness that are coming in really shake our foundations because they are frowned upon in general society…..

and let us see how that conditioning is within us 🙂

I have got used to being the “mad woman” and I no longer fear ridicule when I talk about some topics that often trigger nervous twitches and “time to go” tales 🙂

I had to go there inside first though and experientially for years I have revealed my “mad” moments in public such as speaking about my panic attacks and  seemingly breakdown gateways that allowed me to breakthrough. I thank my parents for this as my mum always talked about her life saving treatment of hypnosis when she was a child. When I talked about my experiences other people opened up about theirs ~ this is the Brucie bonus of being brave about our  seemingly “bad” moments. This creates intimate relationship.

As a therapist I have heard thousands of family “mad” stories and noticed how it is an urban myth that there is such a family that is “sane” 🙂

The more I shared my mad journey and the more it has reassured my clients and friends that we all have these experiences…..

only so far it is hidden like The Emperors New Clothes which is simply a reflection of our earthly stage of development.

There’s nowt so queer as folk ~ a Northern saying and so true

we are all wonderfully weird and our day to day is about to get even weirder as our world changes 🙂

So I will be sharing my further learning about The Pleidians as that is my latest message from my You ~ inverse coming in.

Truth is no one knows the truth 🙂 I am open to whatever new stuff is coming my way as I trust my higher self and the more inner work I do the more I trust because…..

I may not know what the future holds …..

I know I have no control over it 🙂

Just like everything happened to me in my past was for a reason ~ a Grand Design.

All truth is subjective in how it is perceived as we live in a perceiving universe 🙂 

The only choice I have is how to live with my challenge of expansion and how the inner me shapes my reality

As a blue solar hand it is my destiny to go through these gateways, complete cycles and share that with others.

Did I come on purpose for that planetary mission? Am I a StarSeed? Are you? 

Does it really matter?

What I have learned is that each bubble of awareness I have travelled through has a format ~ 

We create a wound and in so we create a belief about it.

This creates our magnetic attraction ~ our karma wheel. 

Until we have felt this again and released it we cannot go into the next bubble because the next bubble has a different code.

When we have accessed this old “file” and downloaded it again and cleared it emotionally and repatterned our belief to address this new space ~ we get access to a different part of the holograph 🙂

It is actually really simple in principle and amazingly complex in reality 

and so are we

that is the paradox 🙂



What matters to me is that I live from love, be authentic and have impeccability and no matter where the resource comes from ~ the wisdom is encoded there using whatever framework  ~ seeing the message within it is the key….

and here is a great poem about that:

The Impeccable Lover; Amorah Quan Yin from her book:

Pleidian Perspectives on Human Evolution

Oh, Gentle man, what do you see
when you look out at me with eyes
of desire and longing?
Eyes that reach out and surround me
with your heat and passion:
passion of wanting.
Eyes that say, “I must have you.”
Eyes that plead, or eyes that lust.
Eyes that say, “I’ve been lonely so long.”

Oh Gentle Man, do not look to me
with these eyes.
Go to the looking glass with these eyes.
Relief awaits you there.
And when you see the conqueror,
the knight, the hungry man,
tell that one to lay down his sword,
surrender his armor and shield:
Tell him the war is done.
Then put your arm around his shoulder
and look him in the eyes.
And when his sword, his armor, his shield
are locked and put away,
and he has cried and called you, “Brother,”
then, Gentle Man, may you come to me
with your soul’s light shining through
from behind your eyes,
able to see the Light and Essence that I am.
Then I will look back when I see
the love and respect in your eyes.
But when I see desperation and lust,
or the need to conquer and own,
I promise you this:
I shall look away.

Oh, Gentle Man, how would you give your gifts to me?
Excitedly, like a child
who picks a flower for his Mother
then runs inside to receive the praise?
Would you give to me to show
how thoughtful and kind you are?
How generous you can be?
To impress me with your charm?
To win my love and reward?
Would you give what you think I want
with the hope for pardon and mercy,
that you be deemed worthy
of all my attention and love?

Oh, Gentle Man, please take your gifts
to your magical child,
who awaits, so lonely and afraid,
in your garden.
For he is in need
of your caring and presence.
Take this child to your breast.
Cradle him.
Stroke him.
Shower him.
And be sincere.
Alas, when he sleeps in your arms,
lay him down softly
and climb the stairs to my room.
and if you see the Light of my soul
and the Beauty that I Am
and wish to honor me with a flower,
a poem, a sweet word, or a kiss,
then give to me with sincerity,
without the need for flourish,
without expectation
or the hope of reward,
but with the quiet dignity
with which you sniff the aroma
of a sweet-scented flower,
or watch in peaceful awe
the setting of the Sun.

Oh, Gentle Man. please burden me not
with the weight of your esteem,
or with the power to give or destroy
your joy, your heart, your image, and worth.
For this responsibility
is far too great for me.
Go find your peace and happiness,
your self-esteem and love.
Find them with God and Goddess;
Find them in flowers, and trees,
in the wind and the setting sun.
Then bring them with you for sharing.
Do not make me your reason
for living or dying-
my approval, the source of your power;
my touch, your salvation;
my eyes, your self-knowing-
for I would grow to despise you,
and you recent and loathe me.
This power that you would give me
I truly do not want.
At best, it could only serve
to soothe the doubts I hold,
and make me feel important to you,
and needed and worthy-
filled with a false sense of purpose-
but fleetingly.
And you would imprison me
away from my own sense of Essence,
and from the truth of my soul,
and from the Goddess that I Am,
and from my true power and Light.
You would cripple me, surely-
admiring me with your eyes that hide
your loneliness and need;
your gifts that beg for approval;
your words of praise that hide
your desperation.

Oh, Gentle Man, until the child sleeps
and is peaceful in your garden,
and the knight has lain down
his sword, his armor, his shield,
then, only then, approach my stairs.
and only then will I meet you
When your soul is present and shining
brightly through eyes of love,
then you will see my eyes shining
and looking back at you.
When you give from your heart
and your words are not boasting,
when you know who you are without me,
then I will be free to receive you,
and to give to you fully my love.
For then, we will know that neither
of us can be destroyed.
The surrender that only can come
to two who have first
surrendered to self-
to their own inner Beauty,
and wisdom, and Essence Divine-
will be ours.
Then side by side, in blended Light,
our twin stars will shine
once again.

Lots of love to you today and your Blue Hand Shaping ~ it’s a time of letting go and letting ourselves really love and accept ourselves and when we do that we move into a whole new space of possibilities 🙂

Going through the birth canal ~ breathe and Tap