The New Cycle

It’s been a while since my last post ~ I have been through the energetic

mill and flung out the other side and I feel very different .

Please click on the links for further info on other websites. This blog is all about Flow ~ the Mayan Calendar and energy therapies. My sharing of various alternative views and perspectives of our holographic universe and….

our soul journey 🙂

Today I seem unable to add pics to my blog so I am picture less 😦 

Red Resonant Dragon today

Hugs to all of you that are feeling that you are going through a wringer at the moment ~ it’s a challenging time of growth through baring our bones 🙂


Fall time ~ stripping back to our structure


I am writing this in the Blue Eagle Wavespell and this is the penultimate wavespell of the 260

day bigger cycle.

 Eagle ~ the nebula where new stars are formed in the energies of Scorpio ~ the Eagle is part of the holy trinity of this transformation energy.

There is only one Wavespell to go ~

Yellow Star Wavespell

We are in the last few days of the Green Castle of Enchantment of the heart ~ the fifth and final element of the wave before the whole spin cycle starts once more.

The Green Castle is the fifth element and combines 4 wave spells:

Red Moon ~ awakening to our cosmic seed energy ~ the East

White Wind ~ refining our connection to spirit and the breath ~ the North

Blue Eagle ~ transforming our bigger picture awareness with death of old ways ~ the West

Yellow Star ~ being the star that we really are ~ the South



I still haven’t got a lot of energy so I have been taking it easy and keeping off the web in terms of direct communication ~ doing StarCodes and Mayan Signs.

I apologise for the delay if you are waiting . When I do this work I connect to the energetics to read them and I am learning new ways to do this so I can do it without overreaching my circuitry …… I can stay balanced.

Lots of people I know are ill and finding it tough just now and my take on this ~ we are going through another energetic gateway of purification and to show us where our next steps are is all. If we pay attention to what is pulling us down to earth , slowing us, feeling sluggish ~ here is a space for some clearing and letting go as we go down in to cave time in the Northern Hemisphere.

One of my key patterns is to overreach, overstretch and do too much and in Glastonbury that is the Road to Perdition because in this powerful place whatever ego patterns we are still holding on to ~ amplify  so that, if we are aware, we can see them oh so clearly.

I am seeing them oh so clearly and at this Libra time I have had lots of deep insights as to what I have woven.

I am focusing on building up my mojo 🙂

I am heeding my gut which is telling me there is a big change coming.

I am committing to new learning which is really challenging my mind’s eye.…..

new ways do….

that is what makes them new.

To evolve it is necessary to white water raft, jump the gap and forge new territory….

often that means burning bridges

no going back

and it is a message that more may have to learn in our brave new world…..

because there are no easy passages at this transition time and yet…..

people are still wanting to hold on to the past despite the recent lessons that have been forthcoming.

People generally are still looking to continue co dependent relationships because that is all they know and as one  that has…..

gone through the mire so to speak…..

I know it is the only way to ….


down into the pit of our ego mine.

Face our  “shame” and expose ourselves to every dirty little secret that still has power over us.…. because that is the sole reason that most people are holding on to the edge…….

and the soul reason is …..go into the void 🙂

Go through the gateway and be reborn.

It’s Hecate time and we are in for one hell of a ride.

The trick is…….don’t go for the treat…..lose the ego by finding ways to transform the angry inner brat/need for revenge/road rage/instant fix/

this is the hidden gift in the cracker should you choose to unwrap it 🙂

Don’t push me cos I’m close to …..the edge…..I’m trying not to lose my head…..remember that lyric ? Grandmaster Flash

Sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from goin’ under…….

I have had many experiences with bullies in all sorts of arenas and especially the corporate world

seen the spin

watched the smoke being blown 

for diversions and….

the players play their pipes

so the blind ones follow blindly

and the lovers with their bleeding needy hearts…….. swoon to the false truths of the fool’s gold

It is such a tempting picture that is painted and is such an ancient craft and I have believed it  😉

It’s song has been sung in every historical event of our world ~ is it only me that feels like I have lived through it all over and over and please let this be the end now ~ let’s sing a different tune please because we are so much more than this tawdry existence ?

This involves seeing the truth about our society though and how at the top end of the spectrum ~ that we are all a part of ~ there are some narcissistic nasty parties going on that we have watched ~  maybe believing them merely a product of a vivid imagination  ~ in every James Bond film. There are some people on this planet that do not want to play fair or nice ~ do not even know what it means to do that. Some people refuse to admit that to themselves because it is far scarier than any horror movie……… and sometimes that involves turning a blind eye on what their company or boss does on a daily basis.

That has a price to pay in the karma wheel and many people misunderstand this ~ the judgement angle comes into play , which comes from the ego place of being judged and criticised. If we haven’t cleared our personal events around these two areas then this will keep coming up .

The karma wheel is simple ~

If you do this ~ this is what comes with it as part of that action ~ you do this and you get that. No judgement .

This is the true meaning of an eye for an eye. In every “mafia” movie we see the true innocent who believes that they can get away with hanging around with people who kill people and not have that dynamic affect them….and they always come out learning something painful with that approach.

Just watched The Iceman and this really illustrates this well. Michael Clayton is another powerful film that I have just re watched and immediately Montsanto came to mind ~ they weren’t in the news the first time I watched it. Love George Clooney films.

If we live by the sword…….If we manipulate people……if we think we can “get away with…..” taking something that isn’t ours, being sneaky, being passive~ aggressive ~ then we forget the golden rule ~ what goes around comes around. If we don’t like it ~ don’t do it because at this time  on earth we are seeing time accelerated where we get to see virtual immediate effects of our actions ~ simply so we can learn what it feels like to have the experience ~ because that is how we learn ~ experientially. We are seeing how we have acted with others from their perspective .

There are some people who love to turn people’s good nature back on them  ~ just watched Our Idiot Brother which really highlights this ~ and undermine their confidence because to call the protagonist’s bluff means stepping into their shoes in some way and voicing our concerns and what if……..we’ve got it wrong/made a mistake …….then we are in really deep and how does that make us look? Better to say nothing just in case so we avoid feeling humiliated/ashamed/foolish and several months further on ~ it was just as we thought…..

The truth is out and we find we have been played and that we were used and thrown away ~ worthless to the people who really don’t care about how they survive and thrive. Look what is happening to nearly a million people in the US  left with literally nothing in terms of finances overnight. Part of a bargaining leverage game ~ collateral damage without any informed consent given ~ were they asked/informed in advance/given a poll ? ~ no 😦 Goal posts were changed and no one considered their thoughts or needs. This will allow them to make different choices now though and although it may not seem good now ~ if people choose to let go of co dependency , which is part of the Aquarian Age plan, then in future they will thrive.

This is part of one big business plan that was seeded many moons ago ~ the same as the film War of the Worlds ~ but there is no other race from outer space ~ it’s our own people ~ I use that term loosely 🙂

Blood on the fields from our beautiful people and animals, as a sacrifice that only mankind can call for and yet this is disguised as a mission of the gods.

How many times do we have to see this until we awaken to the reality of our world and it’s imbalances ?

Look at the evidence of our glorious government’s past who are the representative of the collective ego ~ we have all allowed this to happen.

 It takes as long as it takes……..

of course…..

and yet I feel this is long overdue …..don’t you?

Yet when I witness how people live their lives on a daily basis…..

nothing much has changed….

if anything really

Business as usual…..until the next time

If you choose you could take a reality check and ask yourself……

If the plug on power was pulled……

how would you survive ?

If the banks collapsed again… long would your cash last ~ not in a bank  ~the stuff under your mattress 🙂

My intention is to raise awareness ~ not doom and gloom ~ I did this myself and it took me on an interesting journey of how little I know about where my essentials come from and what I would do to survive independently if all my dependencies ceased to be.

Do you know where your water is sourced in your mains, where your electric cables come from and your gas for example ? What would you do for an alternative supply?

I was an avid reader of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and lots of other “disaster” writers who wrote about big times of transition……………………. where let’s say mankind got a big squeeze 🙂

I do wonder why I was motivated to read such things……knowing what I know now about patterns 🙂

How long would your food last and what is in your garden that you can eat ?

Radically different questions to what is on TV tonight 🙂

If we really want to get out of the rat race then we have to let go of our all of our cagey games and participating strategies and create something new by doing it, living it and letting go of conformity

In the bigger picture there is still a huge divide between how we portray our western society

and the truth of how our society really is and

no one

no party

no celebrity

no religion

has an answer it seems.

What will it take to bounce the masses out of their reverie ?

What it took me ?

~ a wake up call of

No more down this road sister.

This road is closed and it isn’t ever going to reopen so it is time……

to head West

and try a little transformation

through your beliefs about how you think you are

and what really matters

in this rosy life of yours

take a chance on getting clean of these ego structures that seem to offer pleasure and yet ….

suck you in just like heroin

getting free

of the crutches that support you

and the cross that you carry

that is all of your own design

I haven’t had any sort of credit since 2009 and at that time I had about 20 credit cards.

I didn’t think I could live without one ~ so ingrained and habituated it had been to borrow and pay later in my self- employed business and oh how I bent over backwards to do whatever it took to keep my credit rating as pure as the driven snow.

When that all crashed and burned with the financial crash ~ I had no way out ~ I was aflame with shame and wrote in depth to each of my creditors like a good girl. This fell on deaf ears. They loved me when I was playing their game and now I was of no longer use  ~I was cast aside and blamed.

At the time my ego screamed with indignation ~ my previous twenty years of good girl service with the bank counted for….


My crash didn’t stop where I was at ~ it went into negative equity ~ below ground

and soon I saw the salvation

I was no longer bound to my guilded cage of illusion.

As I was tarnished there was no golden carrot dangling and I was free…….

to be totally honest.

If you haven’t got to this place yet ……..maybe you will go there and maybe you won’t……it’s your choice 🙂 There are many roads and through the myriad of routes there is still a common path shared by all that seek to be truly open hearted and free  and this requires we let go of dishonesty.

this is today’s golden journey and the gates of paradise are open wide if only we choose to enter

I did an exercise today based on my old mortgages for properties I had bought and renovated then remortgaged and let or sold and checked them out on the internet……

surprise ~ the old companies are still there and offering very similar products to the ones that they were never going to do again because they “caused” the crash ~ these unsafe , risky, people, maxed out to the hilt.

It is all a deceit and no one is seemingly taking any notice so apparently all the reasons for not doing this crazy road have just……

evaporated into thin air.

So I guess we are going around again for another go……..

This year it is the opportunity of liberation 

grace through feeling and allowing supposed


the paradox.

When a corporation treats you disrespectfully , if you withhold further payment, they will hold you to ransom with your credit rating

When you don’t have a credit rating and you aren’t wanting to emesh yourself in the game plan it offers……

you are free of it

all rules are off

you remove the unfair game playing

and you are clear

just like the CI5 agent who can never leave, the spy who has a secret life and is turned into a double agent for blackmail 

anyone who is living with secrets and debt

is ripe for ruin

a concept for coercion 

If we look at the metaphor of all of this

our shadow is our keeper

inside and outside

How many of you reading this are yearning for a new life and yet do not

know where to start to create it?

How to get off this ever turning wheel that never seems to stop long enough so we can get off it onto a different rhythm ?

Maybe you seek a new page because you are in debt for everything and you cannot see a way out ?

You have to keep your job, your partner, your friends because…..

it’s safe

it’s what you know

it’s ……

killing your creativity and numbing your natural self ?

What would the neighbour’s think if you left your miserable marriage ?

What would your parent’s think if you told them the truth about how you have got yourself into debt ?

What would your friend’s think if they knew about your alcohol/cocaine/sex addiction?

Do you know how many people in your street are just about keeping their head above water

emotionally/financially/ physically ?


and every day it is getting harder for those who are ……

living a lie

and covering up the cracks with whatever they can 

to reinforce the dissolving edifice that is bleeding out like mud in a tropical storm.

Are you the one who brings this up at a dinner party?

The one who is the loose cannon that other people try and strap down so they can hold their anxieties at bay?

Are you the one that is labelled the mad one ?

The darkness ……….when in truth it is the light that is shining in your words.

Brit’s are renowned for putting on a brave face…..

the mask of the hypocritical race who fiddle while Rome burns because….

they don’t have the sense to speak it as it is

so that 

it can be faced


met with honesty.

When we face our demons and let it all hang out and totally own who we are we find ourselves in a whole different space free from anyone and anything because we are totally accepting of ourselves.

Yes we have made mistakes/acted immaturely/unfairly/been disrespectful and dishonest and…..

all the rest .

We are human and in our life sh*t happens. It is part of the human condition.

We can learn from it and learn not to do it anymore  and then……

Everything changes

But until we own it ……

Nothing does ~ a confession is simply a free ticket to ride the same trip

The next  260 day wavespell starts on All Hallows Eve 31 October

This will influence the whole 260 day cycle and so……

The Day of Death

The Day of the Ancestors

The Day where the veil is at it’s thinnest

The Day where we send out the Yang energy to the Universe of what our universal primordial pattern brings us to birth through us.

Red Magnetic Dragon.

All of our trust issues coming to be seen

All of our ancestral wounding issues around mothering/nurturing and beliefs of abundance.

All the strategies we have created to cope with the natural disasters since the beginning of time……

All the rituals to avoid fear

Here is a great link on this ~ Apotropaic

and an amazing film which goes into depth about the Mayan culture ~ Apocalypto

All the safety mechanisms to cope with the raw uncertainty of life and our ultimate exit ~ our human personalities’ death which is what we fear the most and that which we seek to control and in truth have zero control of……

when it is our time to leave this earth

we leave 🙂

Facebook is an amazing space to see our circle of variety

What do you see in your circle?

I see so many ego led things ~

reaching out for attention,

reaching out for validation,

reaching out for recognition,

so many childish things that are not coming from ~ innocence and creativity

they are rooted in pain and neediness

I feel so tired of it all

where is the freshness

the vitality

the purity of loving relationships

without all this mind control and clever remarks in likes and the passive aggressive comments with hidden agenda’s between the lines

the bitterness and bile

vile 🙂

Our world is full of children in adult’s bodies who are full to the brim

world is full of children in adult’s bodies who are full to the brim

with fairytales Grimm

and believe they have found the recipe for success in public

whilst behind the net curtains they weep the tears

of the lost and damned…….

It isn’t all bleak house of course ~ it is simply a recognition of what we feel now and seeing the holograph we are all part of.

Our society generally suppresses the “negative” and tries to paint the positive but the unhappy is the space that is seeking balance at this time of year.

So many people are unaware of how the energetic universe we live in really functions ~ evidentially ~ as if we did know we would be doing things differently 🙂

From the moment we are born into this world and we open our eyes, we start to create our reality with our divinity code.

We arrive with an energetic signature and through this filter we start to perceive.

When I meet you, I see you, with my life so far filters. I do not see the you that you perceive yourself to be 🙂

Everyone who sees me , sees me in a million different ways. I am their mother, daughter, first love, sister, the wound, the light …….whatever I am gifted to be in their life event tapestry.

The more I carry my Persephone wounding Path and the more my life filter will be darkened by the door of victimhood.

The more I clear my Persephone Path and the more transparent I become in yours.

Instead of suppressing our shadow ~ and living a lie ~ we can honour this brooding alter ego and make peace with our selves.

If we do not, we simply see it become a larger than life character on the world stage like The Incredible Hulk.

Lead us not into temptation ~ Heaven 17

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