Our 13 Year Cycles


Our thirteen year Cycles

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It is the fifth day of the Yellow Star Wavespell ~ Yellow Overtone Human

On the fifth day we have a chance to be in a place of mastery and centre.

Being the star we really are which means accepting our humanity.

It is by working with our human personality and our human body that we are shown the path to the stars

that is within us.

We each have four castles of time in our personal Mayan Wavespell life journey, that take us through a spiral journey of the four directions .

Each castle lasts for thirteen years.

In the Tzolk’in itself that we use for our planetary journey, we have five castles.

We are in the green castle of transcendence now 

After working with “another me” yesterday I had lots of insights around my cycles 🙂

This is one of the joys of being a human being ~ seeing ourselves reflected in others and recognising our common ground.

We are all unique and we have a lot of the same shared patterns.

As a magnetic universe we draw like energetic beings to us so we can dance together and evolve.

Intuitively I have been remembering lots of events around this time in years gone by and as I am very familiar with this way of being ~ tuning in to raise my consciousness from the deep pool of my existence and energetic pattern , I follow my cosmic cookie trail and engage my mind and brain to refine my search and connection.

Working holistically with Mind, Body and Spirit we allow all parts of ourselves to create a circle of synergy.


The universe is a cyclical being and so it makes sense to go with the flow of our great universal mother.

I am in the fifth year of my thirteenth year and so if I look back at other fifth years in the past ,

I can see a pattern emerging and I can see how I am weaving my current energetic pattern with the same golden skeins of thread today.

What tapestry am I weaving with these threads. Do I choose another design?

If you wish to do this , first of all you need to know your Mayan Sign.

Here is a decoder:

Foundation for the law of time


When you put in this year’s birthday it will give you a different reading so if today is your birthday you will be experiencing your fifth year and this year for you is Yellow Overtone Human.

If you would like any assistance in understanding this please contact me for a free consultation

So my time of 5 years.

We go through 13 year cycles and our planet goes through 13 Year Cycles.

When we look deeper at our patterns we see how the universe keeps bringing us our beliefs and …..

wherever we have sticky, turbulent times that feel intense ….

is a doorway and an opportunity to shed a skin .


The more specific we are with our intention and the more detail will be revealed ~ like Google Maps moving in for a street view.

We can time travel down memory lane and see where we were then

where we are now

and how we can work with our needlework 

to weave a web of



To give you a peek into my world here are some snapshots of my journey in this blog.

If I want to be super specific then I would intend to tune in to this day 

It may seem impossible but if you keep memorabilia or your emails you can often find a way to see what is looking to be revealed

and shed some light on some dark corners

and in the process 

get to the root of whatever is haunting you at this Scorpionic time

Mercury Retrograde is a wonderful time to go into heart space 

let our feelings lead us to where our Eden lies within.


On my birthday this year I entered Blue Overtone Hand Year 

Year 5 of a 13 Year Cycle that began on my birthday in 2009

This 13 year cycle is Blue Magnetic Hand

this is my Mayan Glyph ~ Blue Hand ~ Manik

I am in a powerful cycle of gateway transformation through death of the old ways and training my ego.

When it began in 2009 I experienced lots of loss around being a property developer and loss of my credit rating.

This was my soul journey stepping up a gear and aligning me with my heart calling

Developing my self

So to go back further I travel to the previous cycle and revisit my birthday in the year 2000

This was White Overtone Wind

and this was the fifth year of a 13 year cycle that began in 1996 

White Magnetic Wind

This energetic is all about allowing my spiritual, higher truth self to come in.

At the start of this cycle, I had become a Mother for the first time, then had my second child and was facing a split in my relationship and a question mark over many things that I was living with at that time.

I had just had my Saturn return in 1995 .

This often involves a crossroads of choosing a different path which can be challenging especially when children are involved.

Often they are the catalysts.

 In 1997 there was a major event that deeply affected me as a mother ~ the death of Diana. She was a Blue Solar Storm ~ a number 9 like me ~ although I didn’t know that then. Diana in myth is the huntress ~ Artemis. The deer energy. 

On the world stage we were moving towards the major  9/11  event that would radically change many world views.

Here is a link to other world events that happened today in history.

Here is a Daily Mail link for the UK~ one headline predicting a crash which I don’t remember happening ~ we sold our house in 2002 and began our property developing and made more money doing that than we ever had before.

We had also just bought 6 vans with finance for our courier business, so it’s strange to look back on this “news” because we had no problem raising cash to expand our business ~ bit of a paradox.

What was the real financial situation then ?

During this cycle I had my ego transformation through all sorts of relationship issues and this showed me what my beliefs actually were and my core strength of self ~ belief.

At this time I was given a book ~ Louise Hay, You can Heal your Life and introduced to energy therapies by an energy therapist. I also ~ through this friend ~ looked deeper at the world of astrology and looked at what next steps I felt drawn to taking on my journey.

I read the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield and wanted to be in a space of living that this novel offered.

A heart space.

It seemed a massive gap between where I was and where I wanted to be.

Living in alignment with the earth and other people and beings.

The life I was living was comfortable in terms of material “stuff”

I didn’t feel loved though. I wasn’t happy in my relationships and I had reached many “goals” only to feel empty , sad and a “failure”.

I blamed myself . I was studying to be a psychologist and felt adrift because all of that “knowledge” I had about how my mind worked still didn’t create well-being for me and my family.

Letting go of certain manipulative business relationships was my next step and although this worked to some degree ,through refining and limiting my co dependent relationships, we were still hooked in to a financial co dependency .

We had tweaked some things and gained more freedom and autonomy around time frames , so we could have a quality time with our children in a new location……

but all the emotional patterns were still there , ready to erupt like mount vesuvius when the planetary signatures came in to alignment to open up our book of shadows for further inspection.


The previous fifth year was in 1987.

Red Overtone Earth

This was the fifth year in a 13 year cycle that started in 1983 with  Red Magnetic Earth .

This is all about being centred, earthed and stable in our core.

I had come back from living away in Greece and back to my roots in a very abusive relationship with a man.

He was a Blue Cosmic Night and as this is my higher self signature this was a big awakening for me .

This journey was a big wounding of learning about allowing the loss of my self to please another……

to fulfil one of my ego masks 

I got really sick and I learned experientially about what happens when you try and be something for someone else’s ego satisfaction

which was simply an expansion of my people pleasing persona

my ego mask and coping mechanism which allowed me to be the person with the one sided identity and all the shadow hidden away

until it emerged.

I became his alter ego and he mine.

He had chosen to express his anger from childhood, aggressively when drunk and passive ~ aggressively when sober.

This is  also a metaphor for the pattern of our co ~ dependent relationship with the “authorities” in our society.

When we are compliant we get ego strokes and when we aren’t we get the bailiffs on our doorstep 🙂

It’s a hard landscape still in our society with very little feminine nurturing happening

It is a very one sided power relationship and very conditional  and it is expanding into bigger and bigger exclusion and control zones the more it goes unchallenged and the more our collective ignores it’s shadow.

I am revisiting aspects of this cycle now in my body and with different relationships in different ways.

I am very aware of this now

and I still have lots of stuff to clear 🙂

It is getting easier to see and goes quicker and so the eek goes to ahh in the space of a day rather than days.

That is all the challenge is on one level.

Acceptance of our humanity and other people’s humanity that 

although speaking a different language

are generally speaking of the same thing

being loved and respected for who we are

live and let live


My first fifth year cycle was in1974 

This matches today’s energy ~ Yellow Overtone human

hence me being drawn intuitively to post today.

The Yellow Star Wavespell that year started on August 14 in 1974.

I was 9 and I lived in a gift shop called Haigh’s. I found it exciting and magical and challenging.

It is when I first recall seeing spirit and there was a lot of activity in that house. 

It was an old property and my parent’s renovated it with the help of their extended family. 

There were lots of treasure troves in that place ~ amazing beautiful things from a time in the past, covered in dust, long forgotten.

An age gone by.

It was my parent’s Saturn Return.

It was also a time of struggle for the UK

When I look at the news stories back then, there was so much strife compared to today in the UK ,so things have really moved on in terms of far fewer dramatic terror events or riots.

This 13 year cycle started in 1970 when I was 5 and was Yellow Magnetic Human.

I was crafting my beliefs about the world and my chalice pattern.

So I could create my star seeded mission.

Leo is my sun sign and is the fifth sign in the zodiac. We have had lots of Lion chat today .

One of the key things that I loved was that often we ( human’s) believe ourselves “above” other animals and forget that we share so much.

Our ego does not allow unconditional love like other ego free animals.

As my friend said today ~ in the wild few animals get sick and die of old age 

they are often eaten

that is their demise

and the thought of that exit stage left route isn’t very comforting 🙂

What happens with any great trauma or pain is that our body and mind can only take so much of it and at that point 

we shift into another state of consciousness as do animals when they are becoming part of another animal.

Often we fail to see the Lion in our midst as we shut down rather than see it….

we ignore the predator at our door praying it will go away.

Most of our citizens employ this coping mechanism  just now.

If we are choosing to live from courage and heart we welcome the cat

and we heed the call of the wild

the sacred feminine coming in…….

we look at what is within us to bring this liberator to our life

we see the friend who agreed to perform this wake up call, long before we arrived on the earthly plane.

If you would like to reveal your cogs in your cycles and see what is illuminating at this Scorpio time of death and rebirth

please get in touch.

I find it very helpful to understand the bigger picture of where I have been and how I am revisiting a particular pattern.

It helps make sense of this often

mad world

that we inhabit today.

Love to you and your humanity today.



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