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Yellow Cosmic Sun

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It is the last day of the 260 day Tzolk’in Cycle. The Yellow Star Wavespell.

It is also a Galactic Portal Day so we can be wide open with all that is to what is seeking a shift in our vibe today

a cosmic upgrade for even more open hearted va va voom

Tomorrow on Samhain or All Hallows Eve , we go into a new cycle…. and this energy of the thinnest of veils between the world’s of the earth plane and other planes, is the energetic flavour of the whole cycle.

Tomorrow the circle begins anew and if we choose we can speak to our personal ancestors and sincerely ask for their view about what could die now ~

  • what is really timely for release and renewal ?

  • what can they see now they are free of the earthly realm roadshow from a different perspective?

  • what can we learn about their past life experience…..

that is within us…..

our double helix divinity code?

Where has a belief and behaviour outlived it’s usefulness ?

Hereditary means so much more than blood and bone ~ what have we inherited from the past generations that is no longer true now and maybe was never ours?

What are we holding energetically that is causing us to live painfully in the dark shadows ?

Waning moon in Virgo today so a perfect time to see the Saturnian rings of earth bound grooves we may be stuck in.

This is the dark moon energy coming in so we can be in that psychic place.

No need to worry about release ~ we have a New Moon in Scorpio coming on Sunday 03 November

Language of love and heart or ego ?


A common question I hear ~

How do I know if I am coming from my heart and soul space or my ego ?

The ego has a framework like everything else ~ it has a pattern. It is often very misunderstood and maligned our ego assistant.

An immature ego creates distortion of the language of light. It creates refractions like a prism. There is nothing “wrong” with this framework. It allows the duality game of life to take place on earth at this time. It is a very simple, child like framework of opposites and this is what we all transit through as children in our own unique way.

As we journey we ~ hopefully ~ learn through our engagement with the planet and everything on it.

If we don’t learn we repeat until we do.

We are part of our universe and we share some things with other aspects and somethings are unique to humans and there is a common belief that ego is one of our unique programmes.

Our human journey has often involved us borrowing ways of being from our animal world to create an ego belief system such as “survival of the fittest” ~ to justify ethnic cleansing, bullying and genocide.  

To introduce a superior system of religion to “lesser knowing mortals”  ~ a bullpoo manipulation framework in full scale and still expanding all over the globe.

There is no such ego framework amongst animals. Animals are depicted as lesser beings by ego dwellers as they fail to understand how limited their own perspective is.

It is, some of , mankind’s arrogance to place itself as an elite being above all others with a consciousness. Everything in our universe has consciousness.

This is going to become more and more evident now to all. Just reading Anastasia , watching Earthing film and loving the Barefoot connections that I have been experiencing more of this year on my beautiful land . I am so excited by this. I feel like a child again when my connection with the world of imagination was so vivid ~ anything was possible 🙂 

Here are two amazing films that really touched my heart . Hope they will for you too ~ please share them far and wide.

This healing is available for all ~ get those bare feet  on the earth and ground yourself lovelies ~ simples.





When we see our immature ego aspects and patterns , we raise them to our conscious awareness so we can transform them to maturity over our lifetime.

The ego is self serving and a survival mechanism  and as such , places it’s human being body and mind first and that is true for every living thing in one sense so ……

we could say everything that is living and breathing has this ego aspect.

It keeps the living being alive so …..

it can live.

Without life there is no life here 🙂 Simple.

This ego aspect for the animal world involves hazards that are general patterns and over millennia create a programme of harmful patterns to avoid and to enable that protection programme of millenia of experiential learning ….

the physical being of the animal is overridden by consciousness that is at the same level of awareness as breathing. It isn’t something constantly accessed unless needed because if it was… creates too much overload and distraction.

We can see living examples of this in human beings when they develop OCD, phobias and are on the very sensitive spectrum of autism for example.

Life becomes very challenging just to complete simple details. If you feel like you are barely keeping moving forward then this is a good time to shed a load 🙂

There are lots of reasons why this happens too and all of this way of being…..

that the immature ego sees as “wrong”

are simply to create learning so that we can evolve and explore through understanding.

That is why we are here.

The more we take heed of our immature ego and the more we can transform that space .

Our ego is our best friend and here for that very purpose. Without it we would die and our evolution on all levels wouldn’t be possible.

When we let go of events in our past that have caused us physical and emotional wounding , our ego matures. It has had the experiential experience and has survived it ~ grown stronger as a result.

It moves us to a space of thrive ability and moving towards rather than moving away from pattern.

As we move towards what we love and open our hearts part of that process involves clearing our inner space of fear patterns and…..

this opens up our inner world and allows more room for courage and flexibility ~ patterns that our spirit self loves to enhage with.

We let go of trying to run away from our pain and we are ready to stand still and

bring it on 🙂

We are ready to speak our truth.

In this universe of ours we have cycles for this.

We have sun signs, moon signs and lots of other planetary times. We have seasons and we have a time specially prepared to be in a space of new learning.

Only the immature ego that has forgotten it is part of the universe and struts it’s stuff and tries to force it’s will over the universe ~ like Icarus flying too close to the sun ~ insists on a different framework with it’s own timeline that is out of synch with the language of light.

The more we ignore this pushy little diva and trust that our universal mamma knows the way for us

because we are she 🙂

and the more we learn to re educate our relationship with our god and goddess self and trust our instinctual intuition.

When we are ready to receive then our sacred feminine will usher in

If there is too much ego noise getting in the way and no time and space for this to happen

Then it does not happen.

It is our free will and our choice to play the soul game.

Most people on our planet are not aware of this and totally immersed in ego living. A few are intellectually aware of awakening and still living an ego framework ~ part time intellectual players at weekends. Some are going deeper and energetically and emotionally transforming.

There is a long way to go …..

and if you are feeling jaded about this….

accept that. It is tough love time on our planet.

Until we love and accept our feelings and our ego as individuals, the language of light cannot be fully received ~ it can be intellectually known of course.

To fully receive it ~ we have to be it 🙂

Are you longing  for intimacy and to be the true love you seek ? There is only you that is in the way of that happening 🙂 Beliefs around being intimate that you have learned about yourself ~ that are totally ~ illusional 🙂

I am seeking a couple more people on my current coaching circle to synchronise with. This is an exciting time of  digging deep to pave our way for Spring. If you think that may be you and you are ready to remove some layers and are open to working with your shadow please get in touch. It’s an amazing time to be alive and I know we are going to be in for a rebirthing year in ways we hadn’t imagined.

Love to you all and your love light shining 

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