The New Cycle begins



Love to you all on Samhain ~ All Hallow’s Eve ~ Red Magnetic Dragon Day


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We start the 260 day cycle anew and the message today that I am choosing to share with you all is very simple

and of course

very profound 🙂

The way to the Goddess is through

The Valley of Death.

This is the ancient pathway of circles, cycles and the all saints road to inner transformation.

This is the shadow path, the tough love path,

the Scorpion sting that brings the phoenix rising from the ashes

this is the way through the gates of styx where we pull off that blindfold, open our eyes and remember the truth

of who we really are

and free ourselves from a living death,

zombie zone,

disconnected from our earth mother Gaia



walking an insane path that starves us of love

and is the road to nowhere.

Very simply put:

All we are required to do is let go of whatever is holding us back from loving ourselves

if we don’t do this by letting our ego crusade end

and be transformed

let go of what other people think

let go of this nonesense ,

bullpoo existence


stand up for what is 

“right relations”

for all of our planet

and be the loving, respectful co creators on planet earth

rather than competitive, egotistical tyrants

who seek to power trip in every arena of life

pull the blinkers off

and do the honest heart action

be our truth

then the universe will bring bigger and bigger energetic transformation for us

so that we cannot ignore the situation any more

It is time for change

It is happening now

Go with the flow

or be taken with it resisting

The river is rising


Today in the Mayan we are in the Red Castle of Awakening ~ facing the




This Wavespell takes us through thirteen days of initiatory energy

Lots of people love positive initiation and ignore shadow initiation

This is simply fear and ignorance

This is where the gateway to freedom lies 

on every level

if you are willing to face your fears and purge yourself of them 

on every level

not just dramatising, acting out, naming them

but actually opening your Pandora’s Box

facing your ghouls

your beastly behaviour

the shame

the pain

the true you that you are scared to death that others will see and be reviled by

if you are ready to plunge in to rescue

your inner child

that has been locked away


without light

for years and years

Running from safety by Richard Bach is a wonderful book about this.

you have the keys to the kingdom

you are the one who will be transformed

and become free from all fear

I just watched the film The Purge last night and on many levels it was quite shocking …..

one of the key ways was because we are not far off this scenario 


It is only a few steps away from this literal place

In a snapshot the plot :

It is set in America in the near future and there is no crime or unemployment

There is now a period of 12 hours  in a year where anything goes



Each citizen can go out and do what they choose to others and there will be no criminal charges

there is also no support

no police

no medical

All the shadow urges are allowed to run loose…..

and they do

big time

It is very thought provoking as you see certain pockets of society “scapegoated” 

in this scenario they are removed 


and thanked for their sacrifice

to allow others to let out these demonic urges is their sacrificial role

so that the rest of the time the purgers can feel ok about suppressing them

This is happening in our society now and if you imagine

you are viewing this from another planet 

that you are not entrenched in this “system”

remember how many times in our history on planet earth

this has been justified ?

in the name of a holy creator being

or a supreme race…..

It happens over and over

and we 


not learn

and millions die

clearly the majority of strategies employed before


not work


so if you were an “alien” watching from afar

could you see the madness?

could you see the repeat?

Could you see….

The end of times ?



New Learning alert

It is time to




and go out of the comfort zone

Be Batman and go in our cave

Do it for ourselves

Take a good look at……

The Writing on our wall

and see what it speaks of to us.

Understand that it is

game over for lush living off the land and leeching off others

by over consummation

Mother Gaia has suckled her over grown infants long enough and is tired of their whining

wanting more and more to fill the void

We have raised a planet of dependents

who crave oblivion from the mess we have made

We didn’t know any better then it seems….

now we are starting to

now is the time to learn and evolve

and that doesn’t happen when we repeat ourselves and do

more of the same.

Hallow means holy

It is holy day.

It is the time to initiate a new sacred way of being for all.

Time to birth something new.

Create peace and harmony from

learning to be peaceful and harmonious

inside out.

Get in touch with our feelings.

I work with many therapists and we are experiencing so much resistance with our clients

over years

they come for answers

they come for guidance ~ reassurance and support

they love the positive

when we mention that to leave their past behind

they have to revisit it

and learn from it

learn what ways of behaving didn’t create peace and harmony

let go of their emotion

hear their inner child in the dark

and only when they do that

can they move forward and create anew

they do not want that

no pain

please 🙂

Releasing pain is what is required to heal

and to do that

we feel it

until it has gone

until we have cleared enough of our past hurt to create a tipping point

that creates a landslide within us

and suddenly

everything becomes easier

as we change our point of view and shine inside

Many would rather have a psychic reading than face their pain

and this is a key ego pattern

to for tell their future…..

(which it cannot do , it can only reveal possibilities not fixed outcomes and certainly in itself does not create a change of being for that person)

seeking comfort and security

and soothe their inner child temporarilly

a distraction……

but  not for long

this is a co dependency pattern

and there is no such thing in real life

as a safe , secure , future

only in story books does that exist

to change this for good means……

learning how to listen to our inner child every day and what seeks transformation in us ~

our unique life experience

and learning how to transform it ourselves

learning how to relate to others gently and lovingly

because we have learned how to do that to ourself

There is no shortcut

No one else can do that for us

No matter how many meditations we do

no matter how many tarot readings we have

no matter how many things we learn about spirituality

our greatest teacher is our inner child

going there

transforms our life


We may be able to recite the Bhagavad Gita  in four languages

whilst wearing a traditional Mayan priest outfit

and Om with majesty 🙂

but if we haven’t changed our inner world ….

all of this 

outside stuff

is irrelevant


and when we get off the stage

when we are alone with out thoughts and feelings 

and our inner child stuff comes up

the true nature of our inner peace is unveiled.

Healing our shadow is the key to world peace.

It is time for that to begin.

If we are being bullied ~ there is past stuff there to heal. It is time to make a stand by healing this and speaking out.

Remember the world can only reveal our beliefs as that is how it works.

If  the majority of the world hasn’t healed it’s childhood trauma, 

learned how to let go of dependency ~ either through drugs, food, being parented, policed etc

The world has to contain those learning places until

each person learns

lets go

and does something else 🙂


The majority of our planet has become out of balance and masculine….

cannot see the beauty of the simple life all around

We have had generations of tough living


over production

work being the god

we have lost sight of our feminine gifts

and now it is time to let them be revealed

Tomorrow is our challenge

to let our spirit speak to us

If we are stuck in out of alignment patterns

too much rigidity


abrasive environments

this is not conducive to hear our gentle spirit speak

The more we move towards natural, cyclical, ancient , indigenous, sustainable

and self supportive frameworks

that allow us to be free 

and the more we create a new world

we are the midwives of the new age

let’s birth our radiant goddess selves

and everything else will simply come into being.

Every one of us is our saviour

Salvation from within.

Love to you and what you choose to consciously create in this 260 days.

It is a waning dark moon time

I began this in Virgo moon and am finishing it in Libra this evening after a mad day interacting with institutions 

which took all my strength of will 

and drain me 


because they are so in opposite polarity to “right relations”

I didn’t feel rage today but I still had anger at the focus of  their priority ~ money

an absence of compassion 

no allowing of a person knowing themselves and being empowered

that is how it seemed

Still more clearing for me so that I simply accept this is how it is at the moment 🙂

I felt sad and weary of it all at the time


speaking up is important

although my message  may fall on deaf ears 

it is important that I say it

for my integrity

and to create a new cosmic groove

silence can be interpreted as acceptance by those who seek to keep the unfair advantage 🙂

This is the PMT time of the moon 

This is our ego wound roaring time.

This is the time women who menstruate in synch with the moon, ideally choose to be alone and go within to commune with their moon consciousness that resonates within all women.

One of the main reasons women experience PMT is because they do not know or allow (or both) themselves to honour this time.

They try and keep the same linear style of being going all of their cycle and this is totally out of synch with their natural rhythm which is why they get tired, angry and growly.

We all need to heed our universal mammas cycles and go with their flow

and then we flow

feel good


go within

speak to our guides and ancestors

and allow our  formless dreams to be recognised

the next steps on our path to be revealed

from this clear space

we can all do this

if we are prepared to 



inner space 🙂

On this day the Mayan calendar speaks to us of Neptune 

In esoteric astrology this is a profound space.

Follow the link to learn more here 🙂

My Neptune is in Scorpio and so this is impacting strongly for me.

There are lots of ways to read your natal chart ~ I call it The Starcode.

It reveals our conception light body that was plotted before we fell to earth and were born 

through the gateway of our mothers

This is the nature of all birth to form and this is what this wavespell is about.

In the Lord’s Prayer when we look at these words in a different way we hear that

“Thy Kingdom come

thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”

Look to the starry skies and the planets for information about influencing energies now

and most importantly learn about yours 

Start one planet at a time when your intuition calls you to it.

It’s amazing how many people say they don’t have time

and yet have time to do a phd in knitting

knitting is more important than knowing themselves it seems 🙂

if you start to do this

much will be revealed to you

what affects you

what expands you

rattles your cage

lights up your heart

know yourself

and  in this knowing you can prepare yourself at times of change

strap down the battens by securing your self~confidence

being aware of your predilictions and persuasion

and  flexing in the breeze

flying your inner cross  bravely in stormy skies

with resolution and resolve

your roots going down deep

to mother earth

this is the wheel we are all here to weave on

this is

The Matrix

and we are now swimming in stormy seas.

This week there have been two significant car crashes in virtually the same place in my locality one within days of the last, the other in a similar spot to  last year and there is more than “statistics” to explain that scenario and if you are prepared to look deeper you will find this becoming a scientifically approved pattern recognition, in many areas of society now.

Patterns affect everything and are destined to repeat until what is seeking evolution 

creates all the individual elements to allow this to bear fruit

It could be diversions are created to allow a meeting to take place or avoid a meeting

everything happens for a reason

and the more aware we become the more we see this in action

Human Beings are the creators 

If something isn’t working out in the way you wish it to

the only way to change it

is to look at what gave birth to it

in your thoughts, beliefs and your behaviour

Lots happening in the skies tomorrow to influence our challenge and growth area

New Moon coming on Monday in UK 

Deep gratitude to everyone who creates this amazing information and helps me to see the bigger picture I am part of.

Please do feedback about my blog and what is happening to you at the moment as I really value our connection.

Often people tell me later how something I shared really impacted or inspired them and I had no idea that had happened 🙂

Please create an expanded share space here 🙂

This is an amazing time now people

we chose to be a part of this evolution

if you feel afraid right now


it is simply a feeling

hear it, feel it and know that this is so 

and then it can go because it has achieved it’s mission and communicated  🙂

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