Red Moon Wavespell

red moon1

Red Moon Wavespell

It is the initiating day of the thirteen day spiral and for me a whole new

level of awakening

All Red Wavespells are connected to the Red Castle of awakening, the East and the new dawn ~ where the sun rises and gives us an opportunity of new beginnings.

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We are still in the wake of the new moon in Virgo which is the last sun archetype above ground in the northern hemisphere.

She marks the last of the six energetic patterns that shape us before we go down into the underworld with Libra

Moon in Scorpio today ~ powerful initiating death and rebirth time for the start of this transmitting time.

The Scorpio ~ Taurus challenge is here for all of us to move into our heart groove πŸ™‚

Two great links here with different angles ~ if you simply start to notice the archetype and how it appears for you that is the key.

Spiritual Warrior PathΒ 

North Node in Taurus ~ thank you Rhys for this love~ly link πŸ™‚

Here is a wonderful video that shows this wave:

The Mayan Wavespell Calendar shows us this wave pattern. It shows us how the universal energetic wave works at this time.

This Wavespell is very significant for helping us align our heart and our mind because it speaks the language of both.

It helps our mind and ego self understand what is going on in the bigger picture ~Β 

that we are a part of.

We are part of the cosmic wheel that is rolling along and evolving into the sacred feminine more and more with each passing day.

The more and more we go along with that Mexican wave and surrender and join it ……

and the more fun we have and the more our feminine talents open up…..

The key is:

To know thyself……..

This is the secret of all secrets πŸ™‚

The way of the heart path is to know who we are and what we are here for in order to work consciously now

We are on this wave on many levels.

If you choose to work powerfully with yourself and behold the secrets of the universe

then the key is to remove any filters that are shading your view that have accumulated over your lifetime here πŸ™‚

Change your view internally.

Let go of letting others be your focus and simply……

go within

to see what in your inner cog ~ nition

is seeking disintegration

so you can


with the one heart of the universe πŸ™‚

That is it in a nutshell πŸ™‚


Each of us are here on a star coded mission ~ this is your Mayan Sign and your Starcode.

No one landed on earth by “accident”

we all came to this planet by design and with an intention

and now we are remembering and waking up to knowing ourselves.

The conditioning so far for many is to focus on the other and learning information

commenting on the experience

watching through a lens

being the observer

and often yearning for the wisdom that some guru has

when in truth….

we are all capable of being wise if only

we stop looking without and instead we go within.

What sort of seed are you ?Β 

  • How have you awakened yourself so far?
  • What has been your initiation ceremony ?
  • Do you require warmth ~ setting on fire?
  • Maybe cold as ice frostiness?
  • How about being crushed by stone?
  • Ground down by the feeding of crows pecking at your bones?
  • There will be a very evident pattern and the clues are all there written in our past karma wheel .
  • It is very simple and yet our ego loves to search for the complex to feel clever.

Who needs the pursuit of pleasure and pearls when we are the



and have the power to shape worlds?

Do you know that of yourself?

Do you know that you are the one who brings evolution to our planet?

It is the common people who are the birthers of this new age.

Yes you πŸ™‚

and me

and great Auntie Edith πŸ™‚ Everyone in fact πŸ™‚ We all have our place in evolving the human race πŸ™‚

All we have ever known is about to be overthrown by the people who are here now…..

as and when we face the biggest fear of all

looking at the parts of us that we are afraid of, don’t like, dread, make us feel very uncomfortable.

It is time to take the gloves off, step out of the costume, tear down the stage set and find that lost child who is unheard, feels unloved and is burning with indignation and rage.



This is Lilith in Virgo archetype at the moment

The part of us that is the perfectionist, the critic, the deeply grooved record retelling our sob story of victimhood

and if we don’t feel we have the ability to articulate this it often comes forth in violence 😦

This is the little girl and boy that felt alone, misunderstood and is lost in a wilderness.

Instead of focusing on how to gain more knowledge ~ an ego misdemeanour illusion trip and diversion

part of accumulation process…..

Are you ready to connect to what you need now to nurture and parent yourself rather than the universe bringing another to do that for you ?

This is what is important and what is missing in our ego world where the emphasis is on “stuff” rather than people πŸ™‚

This crazy world we are living in when we throw food away rather than give it to the starving

once we really understand this energetic world we live in though it becomes clear why this is happening:

The universe brings us……..


our beliefs

so we can see very clearly what our inner world believes to be true based on where we are on our shadow path

remember the outside is an illusion ~

we may have aged on the outside

on the inside we are still at our point of development of Β self love

we are wherever our inner child is and as our inner child is uniquely created from our unique life journey

we are all unique and in a myriad of different spaces

and part of us knows all of this πŸ™‚

the wise soul who is always present if we are still enough and quiet enough to hear and feel and allow

To nurture ourselves and be independent is the Aquarius quest we are all on



To let go of co dependency

Nurturing ourselves through nature and our intake ~ what our body requires to be vibrant and regeneration:

  • from food that is high vibe and grown with love
  • from relationships that are gentle, respectful, honest and loving,
  • from living sustainably and having what we truly need rather than what our ego wants
  • from being a grown up πŸ™‚ rather than a stroppy, emotional , ranting brat who gets it’s way aggressively or passively or a mixture of the two methods and no longer needs an ego stroke

Do you know how to do that for yourself? This is where the emphasis on what is important for our heart way of living has to be πŸ™‚Β 

Lifelong learning of how to relate πŸ™‚

Here are some further enquiry questions around this if you choose to explore:

Are you able to cook ? Aware of what your body needs nutritionally? Are you getting physical exercise every day in natural surroundings so you can connect to the earth? Are you nurturing your body with natural light? Is your relationship environment toxic ? Do you have contact with lots of people who you love to be around? Are you able to keep your body cool/warm with natural resources that do not hurt you ? Do you rely on someone else to do nurturing things for you instead of doing it for yourself ?

Is your week in balance with work and play? Do you use mood altering strategies a lot such as food, alcohol, drugs, to create a feeling of wellbeing? Do you use intellectual mood altering strategies to avoid feeling your feelings ~ learn a new bla bla ? Are you able to be honest with yourself ? Are you in a relationship or do you prefer your own company? Have you ever learned how to “do” relationships or would you rather play the blame game ?

How often do you let your soul soar? Indulge yourself in receiving bodywork? Buy essential oils for yourself? Allow yourself to do what you really love without guilt? Plan an adventure into the wilderness without a map? Downsize your life and not give a hoot about what others think of you ? Buy something that isn’t in a sale and feel ok about paying full price for something purely for you?

These are the places we all need to travel to for ourselves and own up to the reality of our lives πŸ™‚

When we bring this beacon of light within then a magical process happens

and this starts a new trend πŸ™‚

It becomes a la mode ~ the new way πŸ™‚ That is very ancient ……..

It is more than lip service when we actually start to feel this and walk our talk

When we choose to honour ourselves by becoming


doing whatever it takes

to be free

of our ego

by hearing it, healing it and transforming it

and the more people who join this movement and the more our world will become lighter

because we are lighter.

It is all written in our individual patterns for that individual. Each individual interacts with others and as each of us becomes lighter our light touches each other and so on…..

It is an inner process and this is the key




Go within…… yes that is er……inner work πŸ™‚

Get it?

The Mayan Wavespell is a 260 day calendar that is here to assist us spiral.

To try and explain this massive structure is pointless because just like this new age we are entering in to…..

it is experiential and is not led by the head…….

Many people who have introduced it to the world at the time before December 2012 where doing so intellectually……

because that is where the planet was largely at that time

Learning through the mind

Now , since that time we have begun a new cycle of 26000 years and this energetic structure and dynamic is going to increase.

As the Sacred Feminine returns we are all going to expand in this way ~

intuition ~ third eye

emotional ~ the heart wisdom guiding us to our path through how we feel

new understanding of our universe ~ science will learn new ways of seeing at the perfect time

time ~ understanding there is only now and being free of our karma wheel as we heal it and learn new ways of relating

All that each of us need to is focus on our selves

until we know ourselves we cannot know anyone else πŸ™‚

until we know what we need to feel good how can we tell another?

When we learn to empower ourselves by feeling truly safe and confident ~ stable within by working with our core.

Then we feel calm and relaxed and trust more and as we develop these skills too for nurturing ourselves…..

our fears and insecurities naturally and easily lessen πŸ™‚

That has certainly been true for me.

To align yourself with this way of being you need to match this evolution pattern of heart

opening and that basically means on an emotional level :

  • Being ready to face your fears and feel them and ride the wave each time it comes around ~ I use EFT to do this and it works πŸ™‚
  • Being ready to get out of your comfort zone and ride the wave of change ~ become comfortable with the new and the uncomfortable ~ each time you do this you create new energetic pathways inside and outside as you play your game of life
  • Be able to align with people sharing info about how you can learn about yourself and energetically help yourself ~ open the channels of communication so you can connect with the cosmos ~ the cosmos will reach you wherever you are but it does open pathways faster if you have computer access and skype and are able to travel to places ~ staying in your cave means this isn’t as easy πŸ™‚ There is no “right” way ~ the more ways you have to connect the easier it is πŸ™‚
  • Be open to everything initially no matter how strange it may feel ~ and keep yourself safe ~ remember we don’t know what we don’t know ~ the ego likes to do the same old and the universal self is constantly passing things in front of us that are new ~ we make the choice and the more we learn to ask and intend without any attachment the more we go into new learning ~ developing curiosity is key


Today as we enter the Green Castle of enchantment we connect with all the events of this year since February 13th.

Are we in our heart and loving life?

Are we feeling dis ~ enchanted with our lot and wishing for something new ?

It is the place of heart wisdom and working with our shadow allows us to access this space .

If you are ready to weave magic on a deeper energetic level you may wish to take part in some crafted frameworks that are purposefully designed for you if you feel it is your next step πŸ™‚


Please join me in Glastonbury or online for the first of six workshops to connect with our universal mamma and clear our channels so we tune in and go with the flowΒ 

Persephone Path

woo hoo ~the magic is expandingΒ 

Love to your Red Moon Moments now ~ all we have ever looked for is right here in our hearts.



2 thoughts on “Red Moon Wavespell

  1. thank u so much for sharing this thru Love and Light… g. πŸ™‚

    solid ground perspective…

    here is the new moment in which I’m living… as I’m coming out of a period of chaos and recovering my sense of being… just being is a great gift…

    as I struggle thru this life I’m grateful for all that I experience along this path, I journey to places where I need to be… learning along the way…

    it’s ok not knowing about tomorrow as things will work out fine… better than I could ever hope and wish for… my spirit renewed thru faith…

    geo, 9β€’9β€’13β€’


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