Red Serpent ~ Day 3 Electric







Day 3 Blue Electric HandΒ  of Red Serpent Wavespell

Trying to keep it simple and struggling with Moon in Aquarius πŸ™‚ I want to include everything……so exciting.
Bear with me I am doing my best lovelies ❀
Big shifts happening ❀

This is my Mayan sign ~ Blue Hand ~ not my number though so a different vibe ❀

Ok so ~

Day 3 on a wavespell is Day 1 and 2 coming together to activate a shift through their merging.

To remember that energy in more detail for this wave spell please check out my past two blogs on Red Serpent πŸ™‚ This makes repetition here unnecessary ❀

Essentially in every wavespell we have the opportunity to work consciously with the energetic wave of the universe.

When we do this we get to see the divine matrix at work in a practical way ~ more synchronisities, more intuition and more in the flow.

This is time sensitive and essential to synchronisation ~ this is why it really gets us in the flow when we connect to it ~ reading this the day after does not have the same resonance πŸ™‚

When we start to synchronise with the flow and go with it……

We experientially get it ~ no other way I can say it ~ the only way you can know it ~ is to do it.
I can wax lyrical about it chapter and verse ~ maybe my electricity will get your attention ❀ The ride to deeper understanding is only a trip you can make πŸ™‚

What I can share in my blogs is an essence of this sublime heart show that we are all here to share…….

So this hugely powerful time is manifested today with yet another portal day ~ to take our mind blinkers off and allow a bigger picture view of the spiritual show of us

More things are coming to light as we realise our fear is manifesting outside and this is simply a projection of beliefs we created in childhood …..


It is a universal production.

We all do it πŸ™‚
We are not alone ❀

If your body is showing signs of energy sluggishness and you aren’t able to get yourself to full health ~ look at your bigger picture

What relationships are you having?
What is showing up for you to make some changes?

Food is very important ~ so is what you are allowing in your space
What is going on inside is equally important as it determines our choices and how we dance with the world.
You may be allergic to things ~ that is your allergy ~ you can change that if you choose and are open to seeing it in a new way

I am prepared to do what it takes to create well being no matter how many roads I have to go down. It is worth it ~ I am worth it ❀

If too much negativity and fear vibe is showing up for you

It is your magnetic attraction because it is a match for your beliefs

Change those ~ everything changes.

To put it very simply

When we love and accept everything that has happened to us in this lifetime ~

everything that happens now changes ❀

That doesn’t mean lying down and accepting everything and having no say and no personality and no sense of self

It means accepting that everything has happened for a reason and…..

has created lots of learning for us ~ often about what we do not want πŸ™‚

So we can now create something that we do want


It takes longer than 5 minutes to do this as it took a while to create it ~ you may be surprised at how quick that can be
When you decide to get your whole self in on the act πŸ™‚
If we didn’t have any challenges in life and everything was easy ~ where would be the adventure ? Where would be the force of opposition that we push against to expand our consciousness?
Moving beyond our boundaries to explore ~ and the key

inner space as much as outer space πŸ™‚

If we had stayed the same and never ever had an uncomfortable relationship, a need to say boo to a goose, a really unpleasant encounter ~ how on earth would we change ?

Our universe is dynamic and this dynamism comes from creating a desire and then going on a journey to create it.

Day 1 in the spiral is setting out

~ initiating ~ daring to dream ~ daring to open pandora’s box and look at the content therein ❀

We send out our wish to our universe consciously ~ we set an intention…..

Another way to look at this is this is the yang energy going out ~ the sun, masculine

The more conscious we become the more power to our flower πŸ™‚

On Day 2 our glorious universal self sends us the challenge we can overcome if we choose to create this intention<3

The intention we sent out comes back bringing it’s match ~ this is the yin coming in ~ the moon feminine

So as we are in intimacy and loving the skin we are in time Β in this wavespell ….

Let’s say you sent out an intention to have loving relationships πŸ™‚

Day 2 ~ yesterday ~

What arrived in your world to show you the next step as to creating that ?

Today Day 3 is electric fusion day ~ blending the two to create a divine child born of that creative pairing

Bring the two lots of information together and see the contrast
It could be that you asked for loving relationships

Enquiry Exercise to raise an exploration and illumination party

How have you learned to have loving relationships so far in your life ?
Further enquiry could be starting in your childhood….

How did you experience your parent’s loving relationship as a couple?
How did each parent relate to you?

Expand the circle…..

How did your wider family relate to you as a child ?


When you started having relationships romantically ~
who showed up ?
Look deeper……

How is that way of relating showing up now?


How is that different to what your heart wants now?
Remember the universe brings us ~ us

All of us ~ we have had lots and lots of relationships with our world.

Whatever isn’t feeling good simply requires a little change ~ in us

We are the interface
the universe doesn’t decide who, what, where, why ~ in a “right” or “wrong” mode ~ our ego mind does that job

It simply brings what we choose ~ unconsciously from our beliefs

the conscious choice is the one we make on day 1
has to be….
this is what is known to us ~ hence conscious

this is what our heart desires that isn’t in our world now in the way we would like it to be

so in the unconscious realms that the universe knows ~ it brings us the real deal

and another relationship opportunity arrives
so all parties in the universal dance can evolve

This is the creation process.

We don’t create purely with our head ~

the more our head aligns with our heart

by letting our emotion be our guide

What feels loving, joyful, blissful ?

It can be simple ~ when we get our ego out of the way…..

by listening to what it has to say about our relationship story.

Inner child being loved and heard and letting go ❀
Which is a different way of relating to it than trying to drown it out with alcohol, people pleasing or talking over it with affirmations that are a million miles away from any reality currently inhabited by the real person
that is living a life today πŸ™‚

It is simply a different way of relating to our whole self that is our butterfly and our caterpillar πŸ™‚


Today is a very significant day in the planets too and in the Mayan 13 Moon calendar .


Today we go into the Crystal Moon which is the penultimate moon of crystal vision and clarity. It is a time of co~operation ~ Gemini Sun energy supporting this.

We have been travelling this years’ Mayan Moon path since July 26 2012 and again it has 13 different energies that have the same spiral pattern as the wavespell.

If you time travel back to the start of this year ~ recognise how much things have changed for you. Now is a very potent time to become even clearer about how we are relating.


Here is a great video from Tom Lescher to keep you in the loop of the heavenly influences.

Tom is also a Leo ~ same sun sign as me. He came to Glastonbury last year and I went to his astrology workshop. I love his heart centred space of sharing. I find watching his videos helps me to keep abreast of the planetary influences and as we feel them so strongly in Glastonbury ~ 50 plus ley lines ~ it helps me understand and make sense of strong feelings and emotions that come up ~ again this is the co creation pattern. As the planets do their thing the vibe in us that is particularly attuned to them lights up and cogs start to turn πŸ™‚

Where I live I am close to the lines that connect to Camino Santiago ley line and the Fatima ley line.

The more we synchronise and go with the universe consciously the more we see the future and know what is coming ~ and when it comes we understand it too ~ we start to trust that impulse to go to our phone , check our email ~ go to a certain point in the high street ~ our internal crystal radio set picks up whatever is meant specifically for us and the more we trust that and do it ~ the stronger it becomes. We know who is around the corner that we are meant to share some meaningful inspiration with…….:-)

Everything we have ever dreamt of ~ magical ways of being ~ is becoming more of a reality every day as we let go of old ways of being ~ that is essential because many sacred feminine vibes simply aren’t compatible with ego masculine ones and….it is a choice to let go of one to allow more of the other…..taking the small steps.

Lilith Dark Moon time too ~ can you feel it? Remember Lilith is the wild sacred feminine within us all ~ she who will not be domesticated and closes doors that hold us in that man made reality ~ that fictional world that suffocates our beautiful spirit.

As we are in Gemini I have selected a link for Lilith in Gemini that can illuminate the shadow energy unfolding now in our collective experience.


Love to you today and your healing hand energy shaping your world with love


If you have sent me info and I haven’t got back to you yet I will soon ❀

Just for clarity about what comes from me and what I share from other people on my links as maybe it isn’t clear πŸ™‚

I have links to amazing resources from other people so when you connect you will see their information on their websites. Gratitude for having these wonderful people sharing their gifts and wisdom.

My website is :Β 

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If you feel you wish to please comment on my blog and share your journey with me ~ love to hear what is happening to you out there in the cosmic web.

More tomorrow πŸ™‚ Sweet dreams from Somerset.


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