Shining Star people ~ Day 4


Yellow Self~Existing Star Day ~

Day 4 of the Red Serpent Wavespell and things are hotting up now ~ aided and abetted in my world with a gorgeous picture of Ryan Gosling.

Beautiful physique aside the eyes have it for me ~ this is his star attraction as that soul light shines out here and you can see the magic within.

A seeker of intimacy and connection on a very deep level and it magnetises his films.

That is how it seems to me ~ his reality as a person may be very different and he may simply be a very good actor πŸ™‚ I see what I wish to see and so often this has created a journey of learning…..that wasn’t what I thought πŸ™‚

Just watched a film with him in last night ~ Gangster Squad ~and again too much violence for me ~ loved the romance role though. Drive is the same.
Scorpio intensity ❀

Here on this link is an in depth look at his astrology and how this reveals his Starcode. If you don’t know this information about yourself it can be very illuminating.

If you wish to know please send me your time, date and place of birth.

I hadn’t done Ryan’s Mayan sign before ~ did it today ~ and guess what ?
He is a star in the Mayan ~ lovely synchronicity ❀ He is a Yellow Rhythmic Star and if you understand astrology you can see how this relates so much to the Mayan.

So today ~

We are back to the beginning in a sense with the number 4.

Number 4 is the next level of structure and energy creating based on top of the foundation that we create in stage 1, 2 and 3.

Yesterday we raised awareness of the electric vibe we create when we blend our masculine and feminine together to birth something.

This is the co creative pattern. 1 and 1 = 3.

Co ~ dependent pattern 1 and 1 = 2 ~ 2 halves making a whole which is based upon 1 providing the masculine and 1 providing the feminine ~ how that shows up in human relationships in a myriad of ways is the passive aggressive tango ~ one person is the masculine behaviour and yang energy and the other is the feminine receiver ~ yin energy. Alter egos arrive in our world to show us how we can strengthen or surrender certain traits within us to balance ourselves within. The universe always balances us.

This is the pattern we are transiting out of on our planet so we can evolve into healthy independency ( Aquarius Age ) rather than addictive co dependency (Pisces Age) and meet our own emotional needs from within and therefore love and relate to others without a “need” .
Pisces moon today in the UK.

Number 4 is self~existing.

It is the base of the pyramid.

The more we create a self~existing pattern , the stronger we become.
The more self~reliant we are because we aren’t reliant on anything outside of ourselves to feel good ~ our core is strong.

That doesn’t mean we don’t relate to others ~

It means we choose to have healthy relationships that are serving our soul rather than ego tripping and being a vampire ~ getting our energy through another.

We go direct to source for our energy supply ~ we don’t need to be validated or approved of and we aren’t dancing to the tune of our childhood people pleasing or rebellious patterns any more ~ recognising that all that creates is a bigger hole inside of us that seeks to be filled with:

merit badges of rank ~ employee of the month, business of the year, top linked in networker,
Reward activity ~ we deserve it ( even if we can’t afford it and our body/planet cannot tolerate it.
‘Holic activities to hide in ~ workaholic, alcoholic, sportaholic, gym junkie, extreme activity junkie , workshop junkie, sexaholic, emotional eating, shopaholic, intellectual intaker and of course face booker…….

Consuming pattern ~ unconscious behaviour that is voracious and out of control ❀
Nothing “wrong” with any activity…..

It is whether it is being done out of “need” and out of balance and what happens when ….

we aren’t getting our fix ?

How do we feel?

It is a powerful time for addictions and if we choose ~ to bring them to awareness so we can liberate ourselves from them…..

by getting to the heart of what is behind them and creating our behaviour

If we aren’t aware of what is underpinning that structure of need…..

we can fumble about in the dark doing the same pattern ~

Looking for something outside of ourselves to fix it ~ when the answer is inside.

The secret of being the shining star and the essence of the star energy is to create harmony within ourselves ❀

Reveal the true structure underneath all that ego mask activity

Batman can let go of being the Dark Knight because Gotham’s inhabitants are ready to do their own shadow work

Let go of Robin’s hood

and Superman ~ really that outfit is so not you πŸ™‚

People are starting to take responsibility for their own behaviour and emotions instead of relying on someone else to parent them

Instead of lashing out and fighting with our fear in a big way ~ we can work with our shadow and then everything changes and there isn’t a need to be a caped crusader ❀

It will take a while πŸ™‚

I know quite a few Yellow Stars and most of them are focusing on putting on a show outside of themselves whilst being out of balance on the inside show.

They often live in huge disharmony and do not see what is in plain sight.

The Yellow Star energy has Venus connections ~ love and I believe , the highest vibration of our solar system that is Venus.

Yellow Stars often seek surface living and repress shadow emotions and have a great fear of intimacy because this is what they have experienced in early life from caregivers that were unable ~ because of their own shadow learning ~ to love them.

When they heal that it is possible for this to change.

To do that they have to go to their past and love and accept it.

Let go of the wound created at that time and in that process let go of disharmonious patterns and begin learning new ways of being that create harmony.

If we have experienced being criticised and controlled then we can become that behaviour and we attract that with others and we also attract the polar opposites too.
When we have not cleared emotion about criticism we will often not allow ourselves to see our pattern or allow others to reveal it in any way ~ because there is a pattern match going on and our ego defences come crashing down.

Often we have to come to a pattern of death to allow it ~ extreme circumstances of pattern interrupt such as debilitating ill health or financial deprivation can create a new opening in through the crumbling ruins of our old structure ~ the tower card in tarot ❀

It takes a brave person to go beyond this and start to remove barriers to love and start unravelling this spiral.
Creating an ability to stay open and trust ourselves that the only person that can ever truly cause us emotional pain ~ is ourselves.

Many people live alone for fear of getting hurt again and put their energy in outside controlling activities ~

Instead of really being courageous and doing the thing they fear the most……

Choosing to put love first.

Starting with ourselves in our own intimate circle and our own five pointed star of our human form.

If we focus each day on intending to open our heart……

If we focus each day on letting the universe bring us our next step to even more love and allowing it…….

If we focus each day on letting go of trying to control our lives by using what we have learned in the past…..and be open to new learning…..

If we focus each day on letting go of 3 events that have hurt us from our past…..

Imagine in one month how different we will be……

Or we can carry on with our ego show and next time our relationship ends, we lose our job, we run out of credit, we get really ill……

and we are right back to square one because nothing has really changed about how much we love and accept ourselves…..

Building a pleasure palace from within creates a whole new world of limitless
love ❀
Because we are that star ~ it is only our ego mind that clouds our light.

The more we learn about our Starcode and Mayan sign, the more we can be aware of our challenges and working with our energy template.


Lots of reminders today for me of past patterns and feelings before events happen during this powerful time.Β 

I have awareness now of this wavespell and of course it has always been happening ~ I just didn’t know it. Lots of insights and pennies dropping.

As I have been doing practical things this afternoon I have been remembering how these tasks have happened so many times …..

what my thought process is as I do them in this different time and space and see things differently

what I am feeling

I find myself more relaxed about many things and notice that the mind chatter has greatly diminished about some things and less about others πŸ™‚

Last night we had a visit from quite a large moth….

He was very noisy at the window ~ outside it is pitch black as I live out in the country without any street lighting.

The beings that show up for us are very significant in revealing our other ~ worldliness.

I love to google the animal totems.

This weekend is hotting up again energetically as well as with sunshine in the UK. Lilith is unleashed πŸ™‚

I am learning to work more with the energy cycles each day too ~ these can give great insights when we are feeling something, awakening, dreaming or feeling compelled to do things or total zap out . Here are a couple of great resources for seeing the circle of light:

TCMΒ  and Yin Yang Cycle

Love to you shiny stars and your illumination today.



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