Red Serpent Day 5 ~ Red Moon

red moon1


Day 5 Red Overtone Moon Day


Day five and we are coming alive radiating sacred feminine 

Lots of insights from yesterday after a spell in dream world  ~ it’s feeling really trippy in Glastonbury in this Pisces Moon and portal day ~ the veil is very thin.

Today we lay another energetic layer of the sacred feminine on top of the first four steps.

Red Moon is the 13 year cycle we are in on our planet . It is the awakening of the sacred feminine within us. This started in July 26 2006 ~ what was taking place at that time in your life ?

I find my emails are a great resource of dates ~ just put it in my search and I can ponder what I was doing. At that time I was just completing one property project and  looking to buy the next one ~ which was the first in a series of several that never got off the ground. We paid for surveys, plans and costings and something about them just didn’t feel right which led to our cash flow being overstretched and as a result when the crash happened in 2009, we didn’t have the foundations in place to weather it. All our house of cards came crashing down. This took us on a journey and it wasn’t one we consciously chose which may also be true for you “-)
Seeing it in a different light now 🙂 We have to make way for the path we are meant to be on rather than the one our ego has chosen 🙂
We are in Year seven of this cycle now ~ Blue Resonant Storm

This Red Serpent Wavespell is deeply connected to my longest intimate romantic relationship with my partner and so I will be sharing my insights about that in my blog over the next few days to give some daily life content ~ first and foremost for myself ~ as I am writing these blogs I get great connections to that vibe and so can awaken even more by bringing the past to consciousness for myself.

If you are reading these blogs we will have common ground so I guess…..there will be something that resonates for you.

I have been inspired by my personal events yesterday to create a document with the intention of creating more intimate relationships ~

will share that when I have completed it.

One of the key sticky points for me has been around giving and receiving and something I choose to focus on this year ~

how do I share myself from the heart in a new way that allows me to be true to myself without becoming the behaviour that has hurt me ?

Lots of love to your moon energy today. 

I have been to the garden centre to get some compost for my seeds ~ it’s Pisces Moon and the perfect feminine time to be sowing some. My compost bin is full of potato plants that are growing out of every crevice so clearly not ready to rot down. Potatoes are yin energy and this is clearly expanding 🙂
Loved it in the garden centre ~ I always find it so inspiring and find new beauties that I want to home.
It was the perfect temperature in the poly ~ tunnel ~ total bliss for me . Relaxing in a sun filled warm space surrounded by beautiful plants.
I have been pottering around today ~ truth be told with all this dreamy Pisces energy I just wanted to chill out and soak up the rays ~ so I did.
Being a Northern lass I have learned to make hay when the sun shines as it can often be an infrequent visitor.


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