Blue Hand Wavespell


Blue Hand Wavespell

The initiatory wave spell for the way shower. Are you ready to go through the doors of perception to see through a glass darkly?

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The West is the best …….sings James Morrison of The Doors who took their name from The Doors of Perception , a phrase in WilliamBlake’s book of poems The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, written shortly after The french Revolution.

This is also a famous book title by Aldous Huxley who pursued different perceptions by using powerful hallucinogenic’s such as Mescaline, to bypass the ego and transcend limitations.

In some ways this frees the person from their personality and allows a soul view 🙂

There can be trace elements of that person’s persona included 

such as rose tinted glasses or paranoia as anyone knows who has had a “bad trip”

Many are having a “bad trip” at the moment as their ego can only see what it sees about a current perceived situation

and often takes the fear pill rather than the excited pill

Have you ever experienced a total free fall

bring it on 


That is my intention every time…..

To feel less fear and be up for the next step

that I do not know


Feeling more comfortable with not knowing


for the next lily pad to float close enough to board

and travel downstream to my next destination

and just like the playstation game

save my progress so far, get a life pack, new tools 

new information

a new map




Some of that time may be spent in a cave recapitulating what my ego is offering up

for renewal

sadness, anger, stark terror

running at full rhetoric of 


and tapping using EFT so I can let go of my emotion and be free in my choices

It is my Mayan Sign

Blue Hand

It is gateway time



The seventh sign 


Perfect name that often reflects how my life seems to involve my attempt to spin lots of plates  🙂


We are now at the peak of the pyramid in the Mayan energies

of the seven

so this seventh sign brings us the energy of :

the mystic

the high priestess

the third eye

our own hallucinagenic that we create in our third eye

the pituitary/pineal and/or both:-)

This gland is the intuitive power plant and gateway that is the deck of our personal Starship Enterprise

the navigator

the throne

the high altar

and the death goddess

It’s the place that beams in when we are ready to do the deed

that needs to be done

in order to face our demons and go forward through the valley of death

where our ego says

no no no

like in the horror movies where they split up and we are squirming on the settee

knowing that in real life our ego would never allow that

We would be clinging together with big wide eyes and shaking thighs

This is the end is a film that has lots of parts that do nothing for me

but the part that resonates is that when the shinola hits the fan as Stephen King would say 🙂

we don’t suddenly become superheroes……

we simply amplify our egos and that often isn’t a pretty sight

I have met few people in my life who are willing to model the ethos our western world seems to hold dear

fairness and honesty with impeccability in action

but I live in hope.

We watched The Rainmaker yesterday and it fired me up again

This is a wonderful film about humanity and compassion and doing what is “right” because it is 🙂 It is also an expose of the pathology of the ego 

Here is another awareness expanding film by Michael Moore Capitalism.

There were some big gut wrenches for me in there that defy belief ~ these “business” ideas would not emerge in the mind of a healthy balanced person which is why they are often really shocking when revealed.

They are purely pathological and a product of the psychopathic persona.

Remembering though, that all that is required in this lifetime is that we see that we are the gateway and the portal 

that we are brought different polarity perspectives that match our beliefs…..

so that we can integrate and create transformation in ourselves

and purely in that personal transition we create a new energetic perspective on our planet…..

and everything changes as a result.

Self acceptance is the key that unlocks the magic.

Yesterday was the end of the empowerment wave spell and movement day.

I connected to lots of new learning that opened up my doors of perception 

Removing a spell as in Siouxsie and the Banshees Spellbound which was one of my favourite bands in the 80’s and I modelled her around how I looked and danced. When I listen to the music now I feel a tension in my chest ~ the music feels very “tight”. I like an eclectic selection of music 🙂

See what you think:

We are in waning Virgo moon ~ edging towards the dark moon with a new moon beckoning in Sagittarius


it is time to decide what to clear and transform ready for the new beginnings coming on December 02nd.

Here is a snapshot of lots of planetary happenings in a great blog


In the next thirteen days we are in the third wave spell of the bigger cycle of 260 days

The Co Creative wave spell of electricity

remember this started with Halloween

What can we peel off as another layer now to co create with our universal mother?

Where are we so blind that we cannot see and it is causing us grief?

What is our gateway point

our crossroads and our Hecate.

There are so many entangled webs we have woven over time on our planet

these thorns have grown thick and strong in our sleeping beauty kingdom and hide the treasure within our walls.

If we are ready to bust free and start to look for the truth using lady liberties’ torch

the beacon

Blend the gift of our great mother from the Red Dragon Wavespell ~ the cosmic nudge of doors closing so new ones can open

and what is seeking unravelling and allowing for the magic to flow and our self empowerment to expand from our heart with the White Wizard Wavespell revelations 

both in Scorpio 🙂

What is ready to end and transcend for you and me and everybody ?

If you need any assistance with insights and tools to see your bigger picture

and ways to beam your light

even more

Open my door

If you want a thirteen card Thoth reading ~ let me know  🙂

I love seeing our divinity code clearly revealed 

the potentiality based on our current energetic pattern

the tarot template

that can change when we do

and of course when others do too

My initiating card today is

seven of wands ~ valour

and I dreamt about snails enveloping other snails 

snail totems


Hello I love you won’t you tell me your name?

Let’s go for Love Street…..

Loving our beloved brother and Sagi light shower Jim

thank you for shaping my life

with your songs of the serpent 

Blessings to you for bringing your gifts and so much soul searching 🙂

2 thoughts on “Blue Hand Wavespell

  1. ‘Nother good blog, Jo. I’m still reading Iron John, which talks a lot about initiation. That’s what this time feels like to me, a casting adrift from what I know and am comfortable with and lots of mirrors showing me myself (or what I think is me). I liked Siouxsi and the Banshees as well, Spellbound seems a bit hectic now!


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