Blue Overtone Monkey

2085676693_0d58d0a987Blue Overtone Monkey in the Blue Hand Wavespell

Today is the mastery day achieved often through a struggle.

Where the square shrugs off the “shoulds” and decides to morph into a circle 🙂

This is the day of the divine child

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Today we are revisiting our childhood and seeing how we can be free to be unfettered from our mind and return to the true zen master child of the universe that we really are.

If today is your birthday then this is what the year brings for you. This is your Mayan mission.

Today we have been in the waning Libra moon in the early hours and as I write this we have slipped into dark moon Scorpio.

Today’s Thoth card reading for me is the Adjustment card which is Venus in Libra ~ love in balance by being balanced within in our masculine and feminine.


We are always balanced by the universe and if we are experiencing an uncomfortable imbalance by people or events that are aggressive 

We require an internal course adjustment with our masculine so we can have healthy boundaries 

If we are experiencing an uncomfortable imbalance around passivity and maybe passive ~ aggressive behaviour ,

where someone is pretending to aquiese to our wishes but stabbing us in the back in some way or using subversive, manipulation and taking without asking ~ huge energy power drainers that are very common childish strategies for

“getting our own back ” and in my experience in the hospitality and service industries I have seen a great deal of this

Thing is people always get what they feel is their due.

If a company treats it’s employees is a disrespectful manner and creates a slavery system ….

which is often heavily disguised to lure people in with all sorts of perks………

yet it becomes very self evident very quickly that this is unfair relationship the buyer beware 

payback time.

The employee may feel unable to quit but will extract their revenge.

They will take back what they feel they are owed ~ free drinks, food, gifts to friends over the bar, free telephone calls, free printing and sabotage the food.

In one case when we left a pub and restaurant as managers , our previously sweet natured chef left soon after ~

with the contents of the safe 🙂


Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we all stopped this imbalanced charade and created a new way of living instead ?

How many people do you know who love doing what they do ?

How many people are a slave to the system ~ believing it a necessary “evil” .

When I work with people as a life coach I use the system I used for myself.

Where I am now and where I wish to be .

This is the nature of the life journey.

Evolution……through new learning.

Often we focus on the now place with too much emphasis simply from lack of awareness.

This creates a focused intention and can be overwhelming as we tell our story of woe to everyone and of course ourselves.

A key shift can be:

I am focusing on this place of how it is for me now ~

with the intention of letting it go.

It is important to give equal attention to where we would like to be and where we are charting our map, creating our charts and setting our compass to.


This is the new world of our making and paradoxically get into a time machine to step into our past and the world past in order to head for a different future potentiality 🙂


The Adjustment card is our planetary struggle just now and as we often visit this pre ~ menstrual dark moon tug of war within and without ~ going out of balance to come back in and…..

Scorpio death and rebirth.

We are now heading in the opposite direction on the planet and so we are re~ calibrating our paths en masse.

This can feel very disorientating for us all as old ways are crumbling and it’s death of the empire time 🙂

We are going towards the feminine.

The sun’s magnetic field is currently reversing and the poles are shifting on earth……

and there are lots of consumer spin stories that are attempting to sell our guilt trip ego parts a blame story that we can only redress by buying a green lifestyle and people are falling for it

because the collective ego has been conditioned to feel bad and responsible in order to be a perfect obedient consumer

I am not saying I do not believe we need to make changes about how we use resources on planet earth

I am saying everything is happening for a reason and…..we cannot consume our way out of it no matter what green label is on the product.

Once we actually take those distorted lenses off our eyes we can see that most of these green products are still being made from oil based products and hail from the same profit companies who are seeking to make a huge profit to carry on with their out of balance lifestyles.

The only way we can create a true balance is for each of us as individuals to learn about co creative relationships and let go of dependency and this is what the Age of Aquarius is about.

Emptying our collective cup is the first step and recapitulation of capitalism.

A truly free state comes from our inner free state.

As we de~ cult ourselves from this way of living we may find ourselves reeling at times and so it is wise to create a sanctuary space for ourselves and if at all possible go easy and gently and take small steps.

Limit our exposure to things that tip us over the edge and find support with like minded souls who are on the same adventure quest.

Finding our tribe is essential now so be disciplined about cutting the ties with people and ways of being that push your buttons. To move into new space means letting go of the old…..

which is very different to doing more of the same with a different T shirt

In psychological terms you may be feeling under stress about this adjustment ~ check out this information on symptoms of anxiety disorder and adjustment disorder ~ with the intention of raising awareness and finding ways to let go of them 

often the ego will start “headless chickening” at these and labelling you ~ if this happens stop exposing yourself to the information and if you know how to tap ( emotional freedom technique) on whatever it brings up and who helped create this labelling inner critic in your early life ~ this is learned behaviour

One of the key issues I see in Glastonbury and people who are opening up to spiritual awakening is overload of anxiety and is often par for the course for re patterning.

Often people overload themselves with fear information and become ill because of it.

Small steps and being balanced in what we give and receive is key at this reboot time.

If you don’t know how to tap ~ learn. It is free and easy and children can and do do it. If you want help look for people in your area who are trained in EFT and if you are trained in EFT and you haven’t got community support groups 

Why not create one ? A tapping circle is potentially superb healthy support framework.

It is also sacred geometry and truly magical.

Squaring the circle

It also works 🙂

Take control of your destiny in an empowered way ~ choose the heart path and ask for support and your universal self will bring it.

To go into new learning takes skill as an adult. 

Creating beliefs to support that journey is essential.

The Mayan Wavespell

can assist in providing a divinity code and framework to help us do that. 

The planet has thirteen year cycles which reveal the shape of the evolutionary pattern we are on and this information is available to everyone. If you decide to align yourself with it you will be amazed at what you can do.

At the moment we are on year eight of a 13 year cycle of Red Moon.

Yellow Galactic Seed is this year and it started last July 26. It is all about this Adjustment card.

Letting go of ego strategies we learned as children that were useful for that time and are ready for release now if we want to live authentically in relationships of honesty and intimacy.

This year is bringing integration and the calling in of our separated parts that went adrift at emotional crisis times.

On July 26 2014 we enter the energy of Red Solar Moon and with that the completion of this Red Moon Cycle that started in 2006 .

If you think back to what was happening for you in that year I am guessing it will be significant to your awakening.

So we are working towards this energy now and the more we can integrate past events the stronger our core becomes.

Each person requires their own integration and that means working with transforming their shadow.

That doesn’t mean having a degree in shadow work or working purely as a “healer”  or therapist with other people .

There are many people who do not walk their talk and focus on other people.

This way of being is not integration and is an ego mask. 

If you are looking for someone to assist you on your journey, look for someone who lives what they believe not someone who tells others how to live and does the opposite ~ like most politicians 🙂 

By their fruit ye shall know them says the Bible….. and this collective book of wisdom comes from many learned experiential souls who have learned through living it …..

Due to the times and requirements of evolution their stories were spin doctored and used for manipulating and controlling the masses…..

so we could experience what it means to be out of balance in patriarchy and the extreme right of masculine

Now we can see their teaching differently if we are ready for it

minus the religion 🙂

In the Mayan Moon calendar

there are 13 moons and these stay the same every year unlike the wave spell which spirals .

We are in Overtone Moon as well today ~ number 5.

This moon is where we are starting to rise and let go of the struggle. A great blog about this here.

On July 18th 2014 we start a new 260 day Wavespell

and it is in a waning Aries Moon.

It is the Sun sign of Cancer

What do we need to let go of around being led by our youthful masculine head that will create new beginnings where we can nurture our feminine selves and our mother earth ?

It follows the full moon on the 12th of July in Capricorn. It is another dark moon energy.

At this dark moon time it is possible to see what your future holds by connecting to your patterns. 

Generally as a populace we have become like domesticated pets and lost most of our connection with our wild side.

We have turned down the volume of our sacred selves in order to become subservient to this sick societal out of balance way of living and in doing so…..

overridden our emotional compass.

One of the attractions of using EFT is it is an amazing, often instant stabilising tool of inner peace and yet there is a temptation to also use it as an avoidance of painful emotions and to steer clear of sticky situations which becomes…..

ego avoidance 🙂

The motivation that is sponsoring our action is the difference that makes the difference

We are in an emotional evolution and that doesn’t mean freedom from our emotions ~

quite the opposite

acceptance of them and releasing any that haven’t been accepted in our past so we can live from today.

We are ready to come back to being in balance with them as people who are living a life that allows health expression and harmonious ways of living, both with our planet and everything on it.

Pain exists as a message to tell us when we are not in alignment with our true state of being.

It is there for us as children so we can learn how to navigate our terrain and where we end and another begins.

This other may be different to us and this difference may result in our demise ~

a harder surface, a softer one, 






the emotions that result from these interactions may have to be stored until later in life

when we are ready to deal with them and when planet earth is ready to deal with them

All of this beauty path has been fully created to allow this

this is the fifth element 


When we have learned the reason for pain and learned the frameworks that allow us to live 

and live them

with healthy behaviours that support the absence of pain as an outcome….

then so it is.

If we behave immaturely then we receive a mature behaviour from outside to show us this.

When we are creating a life of healing and new learning it is important to understand how to achieve holistic change and move away from co dependency.

Each person heals themselves and only if they allow it so that is a very important mastery understanding.

If it isn’t the time for that individual, it will not happen and if they have beliefs about needing others to do that then it will not work for any length of time.

Remember that when we are experiencing a lack of flow of health,happiness and wealth ~ and they are all the same thing 🙂

a pattern has created that 

Just like a knitting pattern for  making Joseph in the nativity play will not create the three Kings

 a pattern that has lack in it has to create lack

Most people do not want to look at their lack patterns and like to be given a soothing treatment instead or go off on a fantasy quest  ~ an ego response to avoid anything labelled as painful

Unless we look and accept our lack patterns we are unaware about ourselves and are ignoring the true treasure trove.

If we are suffering from anxiety, there are thoughts and beliefs that create that within us based on how we place meaning on what is happening outside of us.

At this point some people may use something to drown out those feelings such as a relaxant ~ a chemical and vibrational match for that feeling and something that is very familiar such as a depressant like diazepam or alcohol.

They may get that fix for something physical that has manifested.

Once that fix is stopped the symptoms return.

The illusion of reliance on the medical model is fading fast…..

If a person is in a toxic environment that is causing them physical and emotional trauma the symptoms will get worse and if they are being cloaked by chemicals then the volcano builds inside.

Another solution is to work holistically:

  • look at the environment and day to day life and see what is causing the stress and look for ways to modify it or move to a more supportive one.
  • look at what the stress is triggered by/who/what behaviours/language and see what could change so that wouldn’t happen
  • look at what this matches from childhood

Create a plan to create a new space of living that brings balance

Create a plan to let go of the stressors from within using EFT and NLP and other cognitive behaviour techniques ~ change the thoughts, beliefs and the behaviour that are unsupportive of peaceful, harmonious living

  • Start the process on a daily basis by getting in touch with the authentic person within by learning about our energetic signature ~ astrology and Mayan Sign and what our challenges have been ~ our mind can start to make sense of what has happened so far 🙂
  • Start to align with the universal pattern ~ go with the flow
  • and rest in waning moon, receive from the universe, create space to go within
  • work with and embrace our inner shadow at the dark time of the year
  • learn about our masculine and feminine within
  • listen to our bodies
  • Go outward in the light time of the year and the waxing moon
  • Follow the Cosmic Cookie Trail

Shine our light from the heart

Know thyself and the universe that we the divine child of 

There is only love

We are always held and always loved and it is only our beliefs that tell us otherwise

and that is meant to be so because that is how we journey and create the alchemy.

In this rebirth, this time of new beginnings 

we first have to go through death

It is really simple ~ we cannot birth a new mindset with the old one 

an upgrade is required that comes from the cosmic collective cauldron

inspired collaboration free from the ego.

Are you ready to bring the wild child back ?

The one who was free from wounding having gone through the underworld and baptism of fire ? 



and purely for love

It takes action and training 🙂

It isn’t a passive process.

The Adjustment Bureau is a love ~ ly film for illustrating the Power of Love

Have faith in yourself now and …….

Build self esteem and self confidence through transforming all the stuff that is within you that speaks the opposite.

That’s The Secret at this time of dissonance

Workshops to assist your process

My next Persephone Path Workshop is all about this. Click on the link to find out more. If you need assistance with learning about Skype and how to access my online workshops, please let me know, I will be delighted to explain.

If you wish to join in person or online please contact me.

When we love ourselves we are free from any need

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