Red Dragon ~ New beginnings

pic by Jackie Morris 

Red Magnetic Dragon

30 March 2020

Planet Neptune



Narcissist key thread ~ the silent treatment 

How the emotionally unaware human being likes to relate

Here is a great article about this by

Oppression ~ Thoth

Great article by Eli


Day 3 White Lunar Wind

31 March 2020

New learning coming in

Planet Uranus



Day 3 Conscious Dreamer

01 April 2020

Planet Saturn



Day 4 Self Existing Seed

02 April 2020

Planet Jupiter



A flock of penguins on an icy beach.
Inward purpose draws to itself an invisible community of those who are dedicated to the far places together. Your subtle support system recognizes acutely that you are bearing gifts of a high and free kind and attempting to bring these through in just the right way. A guiding stream accompanies your very life-pulse and steers you toward staying faithful and not pushing too hard, too fast. A timeless, future-infused sphere, vast and expansive and truly unlimited. Become the personification of this otherness by being inwardly there within it and outwardly silent and poised and cool. There shall be chances, opportunities, ritual occasions for bringing the greater worlds to bear upon the basic, shared lifestream. And at all other times, preparation and ripening are in order, to be perfectly ready when called upon, clear, steady, and supertrue.


Day 5 The Mastery 

Red Overtone Serpent

03 April 2020

How are we mastering our relationships ?

Planet ~ Asteroid belt


The Prince of Disks 


What is coming to light about our values right now ?

Great article by Eli


A young woman sits at a piano and improvises beautiful music.
Aristocracy and fine breeding open a space for the inner heart to sing. Being aware that you are given manifest advantages which make it likely that your talents and abilities can flourish. Past life attainment pulls in present lifetime congenial context. But a shadow creeps over this beautiful scene. You take on how others see you and reflect you. Which leads to, in one direction, becoming the performer who plays to the audience, losing your center. And in the other direction, to becoming the one who suppresses and feels guilty about outstanding individual attributes and colludes in going against yourself. Many possible directions. It all depends upon ripening to be simultaneously proud and humble, magnificent and sober. A path of character evolvement with many places to get lost and a very strong will to work through it all, becoming fully who you are in a way that gives life to everybody and takes nothing away from anybody anywhere.

Venus Transit with Pleiades and Alcyone

universal lifetools article

Day 6 White Rhythmic Worldbridger

04 April 2020

Planetary Moon Day 1

What are you seeing manifest around authenticity


being the beacon of light ?

Planet Mars



Day 7 Blue Resonant Hand 

05 April 2020 

Jupiter Pluto conjunction ~ mastering the shadow

Shaping our personal destiny on planet earth

Great article by


Day 8 Yellow Galactic Star 

06 April 2020

Being the star you really are ?

Planet Venus

Day 9 Red Solar Moon

07 April 2020

Buddha Gateway point



Day 10 White Planetary Dog

08 April 2020

Supermoon in Libra

10th house  ~ natural zodiac it is Capricorn

What is yours ?

The heart’s desire

What does your heart desire ?

To be healed and loved

Planet Mercury

Day 11

Blue Spectral Monkey

Planet Venus

09 April 2020

Day 12

Yellow Crystal Human

10 April 2020


Article by Astrodream advisor



Day 13 

The day of the shift 

Red Cosmic Skywalker

11 April 2020

Planet Mars


Over the past 13 days

how have you

Created Heaven on Earth ?

What needs to change for you to experience that ?

Write it down

Write down when you have experienced it over the last 13 days


when you have not 

The have nots are what is seeking healing


change of behaviours within


then the outside will change 


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