Blue Crystal Storm


Blue Crystal Storm

Are you ready to work powerfully with this year’s transformational energy ?

Today reveals the codes and the structures for you 

for the whole year 

How clear are you today ?

Are there some crystallisation codes seeking to shatter and free you up ?

I am starting monthly workshops to share the journey and create supportive frameworks for people at this time of amazing transformation 

If you are ready to start to work experientially



with the Tzol Kin 

More info here on my dedicated page 

Living the Tzol Kin 

If you are ready to book straight away

Here is the link

Today we are in a very powerful energy 

In the Mayan this is a mastery process sign 

It is code 19 

It is the code of transformation revealed through our emotions

The planet is Pluto 

The underworld 

Each year at the Autumn Equinox ~ this year in the UK , on September 22

The dark half of the year begins 

The Persephone Path into the underworld begins 

In the sign of Libra 

In the natural zodiac this is the 7th sign 

The 7th House 

The house of the mystic


The sacred marriage process within 

We also have Jupiter going into Libra

This is the expansion and mastery process of balance 

We are also experiences powerful eclipses to assist this spiritual journey 

as we go into the feminine cycle 


What we have been creating in the Sun part of the year ~ the Yang 

We will now be receiving 

This may be painful

It may feel challenging 

This is also the gift and reveals where we are personally

living out of alignment with health and balance 

and so 

the potentiality is revealed 

to transform our ways of relating

The problem is also the solution

everything that hurts

also holds the key to healing


is revealing our personal soul journey through transformation of the ego 

Time to do the inner work ~ tis the season 

The next Spiral is initiated in

Scorpio Waxing Moon

at the time of the webinar

this is the Cancer Meridian


then going into the 

Leo meridian at 11am

this is 

10 degrees:

On a human nose a wart that turns into a diamond.
Destructive patterns come around to regenerative places when they are persisted in tenaciously, yet with an eye toward the destructive patterns destroying themselves. Immense wells of misery have accompanied you through the miasmas of being viciously against yourself. And when the misery and the hatred have spent their wastage and their fury, the inner-core self arises unscathed, and incorporates the darkness and the anguish into the ability to raise the dead, to generate miracles, to face everybody with the unfaceable. The veteran of severe internal battles turns around and acknowledges that there is something burning at the center of your being, an essence spark which is immortal and can survive and flourish in the thick of the worst, your own veiled yet potent inner light guiding the journey and never flickering.


Remember that the only person who can transform

your patterns and beliefs is you

Others may help you and will do in many ways that do not seem helpful 

Once you understand this experientially

you will have achieved a significant understanding of personal alchemy 

3 thoughts on “Blue Crystal Storm

  1. Blue Storm energy is heyoka energy. Truth telling and awakening. It’s planet is Pluto. The shadow transformer.
    It is an awakener energy ~ a planetary energy ~ emotional evolution energy.
    Dark shadow patterning healing and understanding is key in human evolution.
    What gives rise to genocide?

    Every race has committed genocide.
    It is a deeply dark pathological process that is continuing and will continue until all human beings have evolved beyond it.
    Thank you for your question.
    Would you like to expand your comment as to your personal experience?


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