Living the Tzol Kin Workshops


New Spin Cycle starting

on 06 September 2016 


I am initiating workshops and webinars to support people

who are learning and living the Tzol Kin 


More about the first workshop here:

Here is a direct link to the Facebook event

The 260 day cycle begins anew today.

This is a very powerful time on planet earth
It is a time of re~volution
New ways of being coming in

The Tzol Kin is an amazing tool gifted to human beings
That is ready to be used in a whole new way

everything is aligning for that to happen

I have been working with this methodology for 5 years now
In November I will be entering my 6th year of experiential learning with it

Living it

Learning intuitively
Aligning with these new codes
Also learning Western astrology

Becoming a different human being because of doing this process

It is a whole new way of relating to oneself
and to the Universe because of that shift in perception and focus

It reveals an unfolding
An enlightenment process

That is happening to all

This is also aligning with the inception of this 260 day cycle as we are in the 6th month
Virgo energy
Jupiter in Virgo and Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

If you personally choose to go deeper now
Feel ready to join in this universal dance

In a whole new way
As an active conscious participant

Then you are feeling the calling
The pull

and you can access this on a different level

Over the next 260 days I will be sharing my journey with you

My understanding of this process as it is unfolding for me

Workshop info:

Each month I will be holding a webinar which will be recorded.
You can join it if you choose
Be a part of it if you wish
or simply access the recording

You will receive an ebook with practical info and suggestions to enhance your experience and guide you if you wish and feel to as and when is the perfect time for you ~ again this is really key to this whole process of tuning in and aligning to the natural time of synchronisation rather than head led frameworks and times ~ going with the flow is the key to living in harmony

There will be key documents and information to discuss about the energy codes and processes
There will be key info about astrological events

I will start with the basics of the Tzol Kin and how it is key to focus on oneself
with guidelines for that unique and personal approach

Resources I have used
How to follow your own cosmic cookie trail

How this way is different to current academia frameworks

How to do the 13 Clear Sign transformation process
What it means for you and for the human evolution
Tools to add to your toolbox

How this is the most amazing lifecoaching tool for personal evolution and to allow more peace,love and balance to be in your personal experience

You can also add things on to personalise your experience as and when you wish to:

Mayan Charts in depth for you to see your bigger picture
Astrological charts for the same purpose

13 Moon charts for you ~ key for the sacred feminine

Your 13 evolutionary processes

What your Mayan Year holds for you

How to map your cycles to create self awareness and see all “problems” actually hold all the solutions

How you can actively leave your mind labyrinth behind by using the process ~ one to one skype energy coaching for you to become clear on all levels

How you can become more self~empowered and aware of time and it’s significance

and going beyond these frameworks
with personal freedom as a direct result of these frameworks

This is alchemy
It is magic

It is shamanic art in it’s pure essence