White Dog Wavespell May 2016


White Dog Wavespell

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If you haven’t seen Maleficent yet 

Pictured above 

It has a great rewrite on the Sleeping Beauty story of old 

As to how she became the “bad fairy” 

It also ties in with the

Sleeping Sacred Feminine 

now returning 


Eris and Lilith transits

are key 

to this unfolding 


Letting the light in ~ clearing process of the ancients

From the Fifth Sun

Letting the Light in ~

 the clearing process of the ancients


revealing and resonating

it’s magic

White Wizard Wavespell

The Ignition of the

13 Clear Signs

Here is an earlier blog I wrote about this:

in the 260 day

enlightenment process

Yellow Resonant Sun 

on Friday 08 January 2016


pic credit

Wow Wow Wow 

Isn’t it amazing when a eureka moment ignites a spark ?


suddenly illumination occurs

Aha moment 

Switch on to a whole new level of understanding and see the next piece of the puzzle


in this leading picture of the Aztec Sun Stone

it highlights the piece that looks like a jigsaw puzzle

and here is a link giving a description about an interpretation of it’s meaning 


This is a cookie trail that initiated a while ago


is now becoming clearer 

as it does

each lap around the 260 day cycle

and …

even more so when done with conscious intent to connect and learn

because that is it’s very purpose

to integrate the conscious human being

with the universal consciousness code

that is creating through each human being

on planet earth every moment of every day 

On the day I begin this blog

Friday 08 January 2016

We are on Day 20 of the new cycle

We have completed a full circuit of the 20 Mayan Signs

This day is not only a 13 Clear Sign

It is a mastery seal

and the goal

as it were

of the 260 day continual spiral process:

To transform the human conditioned mind

to create balance with the heart

the masculine and feminine 

the returning sacred feminine embodied

to be able to hold the liquid light of love

light being - universe




within the human being 

as an enlightened person living with wisdom


through transformation of personal shadow behaviours

repressed parts of the self 

through personal love and acceptance

of oneself 


as a direct part of that process

creating healing of one’s own heart

behaviours being modified in relationship then possible

Holistic Health being lived 

This day was also a galactic portal

A human evolution building block day where this transformation process is totally aligned

In the UK it was dark moon in Capricorn

building to a New Moon in Capricorn


As I began this part it was 2 degrees in Capricorn:


A wisdom tooth that has been removed from someone’s mouth. It is plated with gold.
It is useless to know certain things out of context. If you have always known something crucially important, that kind of knowing does not serve you any longer. So you must place yourself in the antithesis of what you have always known, and then when all seems lost, chaotic and super-strange, you must find deep inside you that spark of what you have always known, which holds true under impossible conditions. It always turns out that the massive superstructure, the beliefs and the concepts, fall away, crumble to dust. But what was deeply and truly learned and made your own emerges far stronger than ever and provides a basis for the future. Meanwhile, in the thick of the action, it can look pretty desperate until the need is so acute that you reawaken that special place and make it work for you, when truth is a matter of life or death.

Very simply this Mayan Calendar process reveals all the human being needs to know about unveiling their own personal mystery

It is that simple

It is that profound

and yes…

there is a catch 😉 

Of course 

For the individual

to be a consciously active part of this

enlightenment process 

the individual has to look at themselves 

Have discipline

Learn about how they tick

and decide to do whatever it takes to be :

The disciple 

The Capricorn goat

climbing the mountain


This is not new

It is ancient of course 

There are new ways to use the tools using todays technology



An initiate does not need to dive into a pool of crocodiles

or be buried alive

but of course if the initiate wants that type of adventure then so be it

The traditional image of this sign is the head and upper body of a goat and the lower body of a fish

so climbing the heights of the earth to commune with the heavens


going to the depths of the Oceans and emotions to explore Neptunian realms


Capricorn link

Surprisingly many seem to be prepared to do this extreme challenge


yet falter at the thought of facing their own ego:

life so far



the so called seven deadly sins acting out

which all human being’s do in some way

because it is simply part of the learning process 😉 

It is the core code each person is here to evolve personally

for the collective human tribe evolution



This is where the gold is 

This is where the disciple has to go …


The darkest days were just before


Winter Solstice

in the Northern Hemisphere




Lots of classic ego behaviours of distraction being experienced

in the run up to Christmas


with the first full moon in Cancer on Christmas Day

since 1977

when Chiron was also first discovered in the starry skies by the modern man

all the shadow prima material is there for the alchemical reworking

for those ready to role up their sleeves and dive in to the dirt 

In the Mayan  13 Moon Calendar we were in the penultimate day of the 6th Moon 

Rhythmic Moon 

Getting into the rhythm of the feminine

The balance 

Seeing where we are out of synch

and feeling sick as a result of imbalance

Whether that is physically


or both 


The New Moon in Capricorn

took place in the UK on the 10th of January

It was at 19 degrees of Capricorn

A half-eaten piece of bread.
Utilitarian considerations. Observing the self through objectified eyes. Conditioning and programming. Talking self and others into following the program. Astute wheeler-dealer. You’re not there in it, picturing it as though it were something brutally obvious and commonplace. Decadence, barbarian tendencies. Sympathies with the consciousness of problems and issues, difficulties and struggles all-pervasive. Never content, always aware of what is not happening. The bitter perspective and relentless repetition of the litany of gloom and doom.

here is a in depth article about this from  

Darkstar Astrology

this was another powerful day in this magical wavespell

White Solar Wind 

Another portal day 

Another building block of human evolution


Here is an article that goes with this pic 

It was also day 1 of the next Mayan Moon

Resonant Moon

This is Moon 7

The Mystic Moon


The time of seeing what is resonating for us as individuals

Literally what is feeling good naturally…

free from artificial stimulants giving a high or a low

be it food, media, people

The ability to connect to source

and power up from within

at the darkest time of the year

when the tinsel has gone

Flowing with the force

Spirit shiny bright glowing in the human being

and also where this is not happening too

key information to evolve now

This is a key day for me

one of my Castles

13 year cycles

Using the Mayan calendar I can see exactly when this year was happening for me 


Year of the Venus transit

This year I was watching

Star Wars

again linked to 1977

and taking a trip down memory lane as to where I was then and where I am now

noticing the synchronicities and 

the jigsaw puzzle pieces

intending to be free of any spoilers in my blog

so this star map pic of a hologram is from Prometheus

if you have watched the film you will know how this refers to a missing link


My belief about anything on planet earth that is “created” by human beings

is that it is channeled from source

using each person’s unique gifts and perspective to be birthed and expressed 

through them


perfectly aligned for the creative story unfolding en masse


interpreted in different ways by the individual in relationship with this information

depending on their conscious awareness

Paradoxically as of old

the ones who have an awareness 


whatever label we wish to choose


viewed by the majority still running a majority of conditioned mind code


mad 🙂 

The people who are here experiencing this difference to the masses

are …

in my belief system…

well versed at this

have had many lifetimes of it 


are here with all that past life experience

to be a key part of that transition

which is why it is so important for the individual to be true to themselves

no matter how much resistance is happening from others as to what they are feeling and expressing 

because the others are not ready to hear their truth yet

as it does not match their truth

Star Wars is viewed as purely science fiction by most of the population

it is on another level

a myth revealing many truths 

The individual sees what they are

depending where they are

on their magical journey


pic by Audrey Van Hawley

Monday 11 January was the 10th day

Blue Planetary Night

I spent an intense day in hospital with the moon now waxing in Aquarius 

big love for my man whom I was with

As he went down to theatre and I hugged him goodbye

on the wall was a work of art

a piece of jigsaw puzzle 

touch of grace 

This particular 10th day

is the conscious dreamer code

realising that the human being works as a hologram 

beaming our reality onto a game board 

a matrix

aka reality daily life engagement

from the inside out

This is key wizard mastery 🙂

It’s planet is Saturn

Once the individual maps and learns their Saturnian patterns

everything becomes so much clearer

This is essential to self awareness and enlightenment 

Seeing the pattern returning

and if the time aligns

healing and transforming 

This is second nature to me as a

Blue Solar Hand

I am here to do this work

first and foremost for myself


share my experience with like minded souls

My essence Wavespell is coming up on Friday 15 January 

Blue Hand Wavespell

Time to shape our destiny 😉 


I can see how in the past

I have been in hospital and others have been waiting for me

when I had my babies

and it was a very stressful time for them

where all they could do was wait

I revisited times when I had been the patient


when I had to be patient and felt powerless

having to be on the receiving end

and at other people’s mercy in a different way

I intended to fully connect with anything ready to release 

and I was overwhelmed by all the emotion that came

I embraced it 

I released it 

I just cried 

a lot 

and as I waited for the man I love to emerge 

I realised how it would feel if he did not 


focused on what really matters to me 



being intimate



all the times when I have not been able to do that 

and forgiving and accepting what I can 

about me and my life so far 

who on earth am I now ?


I have been low on energy for a while since my move in November

The emotional shifts and experiences of the last twelve months in particular

caught up with me over Christmas

and I have been having tests to cover all bases 

on one level it is simply being out of balance to move and create a new home base

very important for my Taurus Moon 

I do too much and now I have to rest and recuperate more

old pattern 😉

I have also made dietary shifts and these may impact too so I will be blogging about this and sharing what I learned for me and my unique perspective

some of which may be of value for you as we have common ground

It is also very reassuring for me to be aware

that I am experiencing the same cycles in a slightly different way

with new understanding and some maturity

and some old immaturity too 😉 

I still feel like a young teenager about so many things

Ripe threads for renewal and re~patterning 

Day 11 ~ Yellow Spectral Seed

on Tuesday 12 January 


was the day of letting go and recuperating 

Seeing how we have developed coping mechanisms ~ often distractions, denials and dissing of others 🙂

rather than feeling and seeing the truth under our nose 


this also allows us to play the game of the matrix step by step by things being hidden then revealed in synch with the matrix and with other people in our circle


This is the fecund time now of the light returning in the Northern Hemisphere

and the ground starting to stir

sometimes it is a cold snap too 

some seeds need to be frozen to start the creation process

some need to be warmed

and some need to be eaten and shat out so ….

it is a cosmic time of artistry


if you are



this is a very key time for 

The Great Work 




3 of disks Thoth


Art Thoth

White Wizard, like Art in Thoth tarot

is the

14th Sign

Here is an article about the 14 pointed star 


It is the first of the Seven Seals of Mastery

self empowerment from knowing the self 

loving and accepting the self

healing the self

being free of the self

knowing it is a construct

then able to reconstruct from this true place of freedom

Here is a link to a pdf that explains more about Mayan Signs:


A fantastic series of films about the Pyramid Code

and the Mayan Calendar

in particular is this one

Pyramid Code 5

Wednesday January 13 

Red Crystal Serpent


Hygeia by Klimt.jpg

Hygeia by Klimt.jpg

This is the key to crystal clear relationships

First and foremost creating that structure from within

by letting go of anything getting on our nerves

on whatever level or levels we need to

This sign is the process we are fully engaged in this Mayan Year


White Planetary Wizard is the 10th day of this process

Red Serpent Wavespell

White Planetary Wizard Year

began on July 26 2015

Here is a blog I wrote about that then

This Wavespell is one of two powerful human evolution 13 day processes

that takes us into the heart of the Tzolk’in 

10 portal days to access the Akashic Record 

our Ancestral patterns and wounding ripe for evolution

This Mayan Sign is the 5th Sign and the heart of the matter of flow

It is connected, like White Wizard , to

The Asteroid belt 

and the one emerging today is Hygeia

How to find her in your chart

General info

Learning more about the Mayan Temples has been a revelation

Chichen Itza for example 

holds the Chi Chen ~ Red Serpent 

Chi being the key 

How the temples reveal the serpent shadow on the steps at Solstice time

One of the new strategies I am exploring in a different way has been prompted by my partner

Psyllium Husks 

aid the process of elimination

I have had big changes of diet and do not eat meat

I am low on iron 

There was a lot of wild plantain growing near my poly tunnel and I have blogged about it before

Now I am ingesting it albeit from a different source


Remembering to see what is in my circle of influence is always there for a reason

Nothing is random in our amazing conscious universe 

I have just bought some from my local store ~ fortunate to have a wonderful resource on my doorstep 

and in this amazing time of the web it is possible to get most things from most places of course 

Google it 😉 

When I followed a deeper cookie trail I found this magical piece

Yesterday of course was Wednesday

Woden Day



Mercury Day 

Messenger of the God Self 

Plantain is in this 

Nine Herbs Charm

The collective is now at a stage of completion

A 26000 year cycle 

Lots of exploration and learning through going around the cycles

and now the return to balance of the Sacred Feminine

maybe this has happened many times before

Maybe each time it is slightly different ?

Truth be told no one knows for sure

My understanding through my personal experience is that

the understanding of the process of completion of patterns

is now possible 

Happening on a bigger picture scale 

Everything lined up to allow it

What was hidden and restricted to a few in times past

Is now accessible to those initiates ready to walk the talk

Be the change 


create new ways 

new patterns

end of times


My understanding of personally living my story 

all of it

is my experience now 

It has gone beyond intellectual theory 

It is really difficult to put into words though

but trying to do that in my blogs

Today is the second 13 clear Sign

in the Mayan Quetzalcoatl Process

Day 13’s in each process are the day of the shift

White Cosmic World Bridger


Today’s planet is Mars

Mars has just gone into Scorpio

It’s own planet

This is a powerful time of ending old world’s


Going in deep

Do you want to live a surface life ?

Do you want to distance yourself from people out of fear ?

Are you afraid to speak your truth because of what will happen ?

Are you uncomfortable about the real you that you hide that slips out when intoxicated or triggered ?

Are you feeling up tight , pissed off, passive aggressive , aggressive, sick of the world, the job

pretending to be something you are not ?

Fed up with the ridiculous rules and being controlled by unfair out of balance authority systems?

Are you ready to admit it even to yourself ?

Are you ready to come clean about how you actually feel about yourself and your life

Your dependencies?

If so you are in a powerful place of evolution

You are ready for the next step 

All human being’s have dependencies 

We are all inter dependent on each other

On everything on planet earth

but our ego conditioned self likes to deny that

and creates lots of distractions to avoid this fact 

Our ego has a positive intention to keep us safe of course 

because the truth is each human being has very little control over their day to day


on the surface

When these dependent relationships become out of balance

They become addictions

An Alcoholic will often trade their addiction to alcohol for Alcoholics Anonymous 

It is still a dependency

Often not addressing the real root causes of the alcohol abuse and although it may seem preferable behaviour

the way of being in a dependent relationship is not healthy

If the individual does not go deeper and heal the root

The same pattern continues and often alcoholism is labelled a disease as a way of deflecting responsibility for the behaviour by the individual because the individual chose to have that relationship with alcohol and all the ensuing outcomes

If denial of that continues then transformation

and healing stays at that level

until the individual is ready to go deeper

This is key to owning our personal behaviour and creating change in our relationship with the outer world



These patterns are systemic and have become very strong during the repression of the sacred feminine globally for thousands of years

The extreme egoic masculine does not understand or feel comfortable with the feminine

that it cannot control

first and foremost in itself ~ it’s human being self

Feelings that feel disturbing are denied and repressed

In the outside world systems put in place to control chaos

Focus on the mind


Mechanisation of the human 

Manipulation of truth to enslave

Harnessing the power of these inner demons and desires

to create addicts who need the system that they feed

Of course this has been constantly highlighted in media for the past two hundred years in terms of consumerism

and thousands of years in Spirituality doctrine and Mythology 

Western Society ~ now being modelled by the East in many ways

is insane

and most people are aware of this

and often feel there is no way off the hamster wheel

Working long hours in unnatural environments

eating unnatural food has a price to pay

Those being paid the least often giving the most and yet being reviled

Being bullied

Being pressured 

Simply a repeating pattern in History 

What I have seen in my journey 

is all my past playing out

As a mother I understand my mother through experiencing my children behaving in a way I behaved

I am in a different position

A woman who has never been a mother may not get this experience directly in the same way

but may do this is a different way

I am often present physically but not there ~ running past or future scenarios

So I may make a choice to be at home with my children but unable to be fully present because of practical demands that seek intellectual or physical response

in the same way that a child will not get full attention in a group at school or child care 

the child will receive an experience of the other care giver not being present with them

and how they feel about that and create patterns accordingly 

The core vibe is not being present

When I moved house I got two speeding tickets

I haven’t experienced this before 

I do not mean to imply I have kept to speed restrictions ~ I haven’t been caught is all

I am not meaning to imply anything about that 

just being honest

I am generally respectful about village speed

My first offence I was excused of  and I thought I had a reprieve


noticed the other time was different 

Hopes raised




I was not present on those times

I was distracted by whatever

The truth is 

I was not present and I am driving a car

At first part of me wanted to do anything to get out of it 

Points on the licence 

Part of me felt it was so unfair into victim mode

bla bla denial

Part of me was afraid of the consequences ~ hike in insurance 

I am going on a speed awareness course and  clearly I have new learning

I have not kept up to date with all the changes in the Highway Code 


how can one person do all of this ?

be an expert in all fields?

be a mother/lover/father/worker/health pro/diy pro/driver/gardener/cook/domestic goddess and so on

It is a madness that our modern life expects


exhausting 🙂 

So how to evolve at this testing time?

Learn new ways of being 

Less is more

Downsize debt and stop borrowing on the future or past to live now

When outgoings are low then large incomes are not required

Feeding the greed system can start to decrease

Being content with simple pleasures becomes the focus

The addiction aspects of life all have a high premium both financially

and on the body

and on other bodies

Taking responsibility for all our choices as an individual is key 

consciously this really assists our journey


it is always happening anyway in my view and understanding

When we consciously align with the universal codes everyday 

we can access all there is

in terms of timely


aligned awareness

the exact info that the individual needs to evolve


It is the same metaphor for driving on the road

There are rules and guidelines in place which the initiate learns intellectually

The Highway Code 

The individual can minimise “chaos” with systems and solutions 

car insurance

breakdown cover

The system tries to keep the environment “safe” with speed restrictions




manipulate the environment and life experience to a degree

in other arenas:

buy a lifestyle for a while

get plastic surgery to change the impact of life experience 

create a cosy nest 

plan a career


then it snows

Seen the effect in the UK when that happens?

then the banks crash

then the company fails

then a life crisis happens 

then a war breaks out 

This is life

Life is not fair or predictable 

and often there is no one to blame 

and no one to turn to

but oneself 

in order to find an inner change point 


The Fool

Once that happens and the individual takes full responsibility for a personal solution


feels to heal

it becomes very apparent that the universe is supporting this

and the individual all along

and people show up in a healthy way to support this 

We attract what we are

all our lifetimes 

The more the individual resists personal change

the more resistance appears 


it is resistance to change that creates pain on one level


the universe matches the individual’s belief systems

because that is how life is experienced

inside out 

This is only presented as a simple construct in this blog 

I do not intend any disrespect or irreverence for other people’s beliefs

and I do not claim to have all the answers about anything 😉 

that is each person’s individual responsibility and journey

So today as we navigate life’s path way 

What is seeking illumination

Where are we present ?

Where is the past leaking in?

Are we able to go into the future in a practical balanced way

or looking to live in it rather than the here and now?

Where can we become more empowered


be the White Wizard  

going with the flow?

Getting our ego in alignment

with our higher self ?

Surrendering our will to the



Goddess self 


At this time of year we have Aquarius

just around the corner

It is a time of seeing our bigger picture and taking matters into our own hands

if we are ready to shape our destiny

Whatever is coming into focus is key to living our destiny


living magically

from the heart 

If you would like to explore your patterns 

Transform how you feel about yourself 

Engage deeper intimacy potentiality

Maybe start a business

Find a loving soul mate

Release the real you

Unlock your secret mysteries

Let go of emotional eating 

Releasing addictive relationships from the core

You have the answers


all of these aspects

come from the same space within

I can assist you in finding them in a practical way 

Being The Seer is key 

Combining magic and intuition traits 


both the masculine

and feminine 

coming into balance


I love sharing your journey with you 


mine in my blogs 

This is an amazing time of enlightenment 

Wishing you joy on your journey 


Todays Waxing Moon in Pisces at 3pm in the UK :

Pisces at 20 degrees

Someone lurking in a dark wood. They are waiting for a passerby.
Imagining and conceiving nefarious plans and designs within the unconscious mind and blanket denial by the conscious mind. The shadows, the dark, the unknown are saturated with menace, trickery, deception, and long-built-up heavy emotions. All of this is too much for the conscious self to even begin to claim or own. You are essentially engulfed by deep shadows with outward shows of light. But truly you cannot play it any other way. And even if this syndrome perpetuates and gives great sanctuary to dark and mischievous spirits, it is deeply experienced as a fate imposed by past mistakes that this lifetime’s self did not originate. And so the protestations of innocence are accurate and sincere even while you are harboring everything you crave to break from forever.

I have a current workshop on these themes aligning to this Wavespell

Enlightenment Codes ~ Persephone 5 Workshop 



You can access it in ebook form only 

and if you are ready to go deeper

with energy coaching on Skype with me 

I am currently focusing on esoteric awareness balanced with day to day living 

for people ready to start moving into different ways of being

taking the small sustainable steps 

to creating new society structures

These changes will take time 


bring huge change


it is the people of today who are leading this 

brave and courageous pioneers all of us alive on planet earth now 



Red Serpent Wavespell 4 ~ Being the star we really are


Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 4

Yellow Self ~ Existing star


Yellow Star Tribe

Please click on the links to take you to other websites that can expand on this information

All of these Wavespells hold the secret within

them ~ a star seeded formula to allow the true

nature of who we are to shine

This awareness really expanded in me today

and so I am sharing this 

The teaching this spiral brings is 

“right relationship”

which is my North Node in Gemini

How to let our liquid light flow through us


How to release any distortions of this right relationship in our day to day reality

This is where it is revealed 🙂

Red Wavespells bring awakening

when they are in blue castles

The wheel within a wheel

A bigger picture about this in my Tzolkin blog

The star energy in it’s bigger picture essence is

all about

integration to create integrity

healing disharmony emotions from


being the beauty path


this is where we have the opportunity to 

create transformation by stepping through gateways

The Venus transit energy that we are currently working with 

getting to the heart of the matter

initiated in 2004

This was Blue electric Monkey day

and also a portal

Expanding our divine child

Day three of the

Red Moon Wavespell

this heart energy was weaving the web for the planetary thirteen year cycle of

Red Moon that arrived on July 26 2006

and that we will be completing on July 26 2014

With a new Mayan Year Nine

Red Solar Moon 


and this one ~ although it appears at different times of the year

always has the same effect and

powerful potency

as it has

ten galactic portals

 and today is one of them

what we are learning now around relationship

is going to be big in our circle this year


This Mayan Star today represents the pure love structure

It is connected to the planet of Venus


The code for love is symbolically painted into this picture ~ The Birth of Venus

as in all our great works of Art ~

they reveal the metaphor of…..

The Great Work 🙂

and if we look at the symbols shown below we see some sacred geometry clues

This is The Mayan symbol for the star


This is the symbol for Venus


and also The Ankh


a magical cosmic cookie trail 

To open up energetically even more to being the star that we really are….

as well as who the ego thinks we are 🙂

I created this video using tapping to let go of any beliefs that may 

be limiting this in some way

so todays energy leads us to the code essential for creating harmony

these magic symbols are always recognised by our heart wisdom remembering

Day four’s are always about the

foundation stone

the sacred structure that allows this

building a true heart structure

rather than a…

House of Cards

Season two is now here and if it is like season 1 beautifully illustrates the ego society at work creating imbalance 🙂

remember that as human beings in this time we are often

conditioned to manipulate the code

and as a result create manipulative relationships

what we learned to do as children to cope with our family patterns that were disharmony

serves us to survive

to thrive as independent self ~ existing adults

we become aware of this

what gave rise to it



how we transcend it

transforming our roots on our tree of life

the three foundational chakras


I work energetically with myself

and share this awareness of

being the star that we really are

with others

Today I am working on Starcodes and Mayan Signs for my last lovely workshop group

as well as other shiny stars who connect to me via Facebook

If you would like to know your info please send me your time, date and place of birth.

Due to my learning process and numbers at the moment,

it will take three weeks to get back to you.

If you would like to find your own here is:

A Mayan Decoder

A free natal chart

For all those awaiting ~ I will get that info to you as soon as I can and on the Mayan will give you info as to where you are on your thirteen year cycle

I am not an astrologer 🙂

If you want a laser light reading that will leave you in clear truth that everything happens for a reason and that astrology reveals our star seeded mission ~ it reveals the matrix of our universe and our starring role in it

may I recommend this amazing woman:

Pam Gregory

Love to you and your shiny star light


Remember to fly high by going deep

go first within for the treasure you seek 🙂

Heaven on Earth ~ 11 New Years Day 14


Red Skywalker Wavespell

Day 11

Blue Spectral Night

New Years Day 2014

Happy New Year

Please click on the links to take you to other websites to expand on the information

Today is the first day of 2014 and this day gives the flavour of that 365 cycle

The flavour is Blue ~ West, Death and Transformation

Spectral ~ Dissonance and letting go

Night ~ Nightmares and Dreams ~ letting go of the past wounds and living through ego visions so we can be the dream potential

Expanding our intuition

Blue Night in Mayan Sign terms is all about connecting to



The space between the worlds

the veil fissure

seeing through the looking glass

what lies beneath

Going down into the underworld


Here are a couple of viewpoints on today’s astrology:

Blue Moon Astrology

The storms are back in Glastonbury and last night I didn’t get much sleep

We tried doing New Year’s Eve in Glasto last year and we lasted an hour

early night for me last night 🙂

It isn’t my scene any more

As I am synching in with cycles

and raising my conscious awareness

using universal synching tools

like this Mayan Wavespell

I know that this so called New Year is actually an artifice

designed to be out of alignment with the cosmos

to fit the patriarchal plan

and as we are moving out of this blueprint on planet earth

and I am focusing on going with this flow

I am trusting that by heeding how I feel

We cannot hold on to the old

when we are creating the new

It is that simple

Choosing our direction

and committing to it

can be difficult at first

It often means swimming upstream when many others are going down

People who are transformers 

get used to this 🙂


If it is your birthday today 

This is the flavour of your year

We can use the Wavespell to chart our 13 year cycle

and to use it in this way

reveals our his ~  story

ego patterns

shows our challenge and our prima materia to work with

It is an amazing spiral that can be used in a million and one creative ways

truly a gift from the Goddess 🙂

As I have asked  ~ intended ~ to know this wavespell ~ experientially

when it is the perfect time for me

I awake with insights

I like to call them plops

The noise it makes when a penny drops 🙂

The plops I awoke with today are :

That our personal Wavespell contains our prima materia 🙂

our transformative energetic signature 🙂

This is our journey script

Our Ascendent and North Node in Astrology

The Ascendent being the masculine and the North Node the feminine


~ If you know your Mayan Sign you can look for your Wavespell here

on Tracey Gendron’s amazing site

Astrodreamadvisor Wavespell

So for example I am a Blue Solar Hand

I look for my Mayan Sign also known as Galactic Signature

and whatever column I am in is my personal Wavespell

This 13 day energetic spiral only takes place once every 260 days and is a powerful time to go deep

if you wish to create transformation.

This is the energy spiral at the time of our birth

I click on the box with Blue Solar Hand listed in and it reveals the whole spiral.

It is actually my Mayan day on the ninth day

The initiating energy is Blue Storm

Blue Storm Wavespell

This starts on January 17 2014

This Wavespell is the key transformation spiral in this White Castle set of four as it is the Blue Wavespell

We will be working with the energy of what has come to light during this  Red Skywalker Wavespell 🙂

This is the initiating wavespell

On another level our personal Wavespell is the universal energy signature we were born into

It is our Cosmic Mission Impossible

It is our earthly challenge this time around

and so it reveals our personal ego wounding 

Our prima materia 🙂

For me this Blue Storm energy is all about my personal recovery for my ego mask

being a people pleaser

hiding my shyness and sensitivity through addictions

hiding my shadow emotions that weren’t welcomed by most people

creating my shadow behaviour to counter balance my inauthentic conforming

and as my Lilith and rising are Aquarius

that was quite a polar show

If you think about todays energy for the Year

We can use a similar way of looking at the bigger picture

Using the Gregorian calendar

If today is Year 11

of a 13 Year Cycle

This thirteen year cycle started on January 01 2004

with Red Magnetic Skywalker


See the magick ?

See the Cosmic code?

What I know with my limited astrological knowledge…..

 as this is relatively new ground for me…..

Is that this was also a significant year for

The Venus Transit

as was 2012 when it completed


The link reveals the planetary transformation

what is more succinct and relevant for the transformer is our personal info

the people stuff 🙂

So if you really want to get in touch with what is seeking release

time travel back

to what was initiated in 2004

that has taken you on a deep soul searching heart trip

it may have been initiated seemingly by outside influences and in part that is true

we co create with the cosmic script

it is also our personal role

Key tip for transformers versus performers

Don’t be misled by our head ~

i.e. ego mask

If we think….

we can

throw things away


and that is an end to that past connection

think again….

that is only the outside world and a single part

 the whole
to changing our energetic role

heart wounds heal through feeling

I use EFT 


Emotional Freedom Technique



as I often share with my fellow journeyer’s

individual client’s and workshop peeps

EFT can also be used as an ego mask 🙂

Is nothing sacred we ask? 🙂 Tongue in cheek 

We are what we are and our ego is a tricky little monkey 🙂

It is highly skilled at pulling the wool over our eyes.

The key substance for transformation under all of this sub strata structure

is emotion

and so…..

Feel the feeling

When we are figuring ~ ego coming in

When we are evaluating ~ ego coming in

When we are reframing before feeling that uncomfortable feeling ~ ego coming in

One of the key strategies our ego uses ~

which is such a well used one in the UK

Which by the way is in Mundane Astrology the heart of Capricorn

hiding our feelings

stiff upper lip

drowning our sorrows in soap operas




and moaning , complaining 

wet and windy ~ pretty much like the weather


avoidance of transformative action 

victim pattern

avoiding feeling our feelings and taking responsibility for feeling them

and blaming gossiping and bitching instead

the theme of the soap opera 🙂

Be Do Have

What we focus on

is what creates our reality

So buckle up fellow seekers

We are in for a stormy ride in 2014

The only choice we have……

Is how we face the journey

Open to aligning more with our dream

and trusting in our inner vision is my intention


The deeper I go 

the more I exchange my fear frameworks

for trust

in my universal self

and the more magical the ride

Wishing you joy and love with yours

May our paths cross to create 

a brave new world



in our conscious awareness

in our lower level conscious levels too

Who we are as a being

creates what we are doing

and what we receive as a match

So today’s energy is the transformative force born in Year 3 of this 13 Year Cycle

Blue Electric Night

which started on  01 January 2006

This is the fire desire of our higher self 

the nature of our road trip

What happened that revealed something had to give

to get that show on the road?

Remember our ego is a powerful survival structure

to create powerfully with it

we transform it

create mature patterns

to co create with our spirit

Once we become very familiar with how our ego works

and let go of any resistance

we honour it

This allows more of our spirit to come in

at the holistic time when all elements are present that are perfect for that creation

Retraining our ego to face our fear

feel all our feelings

sets a new wheel in motion

we create on a different level
with the fire
of desire


and uses the water of emotion

to galvanise this pattern

instead of drowning the passion

Desire is the key to Manifesting our dream

The second plop was about an exercise

I have created which will feature in the document

that has been born through this energetic wave at the end of it

If you wish to receive this please message me

In my capacity as a life coach I suggest masculine and feminine practical strategies

that I use
that create a certain outcome

for living the life you want

Using everyday frameworks

to create magickal strategies

to raise our vibe

and open our channel of creativity

liberation from old ways