Blue Hand Wavespell 25/4/2020

Blue Hand Wavespell

Mini Vlogs 

Blue Magnetic Hand 

25 April 2020

Pluto goes Retrograde

Shaping our destiny 



Yellow Lunar Star

Day 2 Sunday 26 April 2020

New learning


Red Electric Moon

Day 3 Monday 27 April 2020


White Self Existing Dog 

Day 4 Tuesday 28 April 2020

Clear Sign

Gateway Day

Burner Day


Blue Overtone Monkey

Day 5 Wednesday 29 April 2020


Yellow Rhythmic Human

Day 6 Thursday 30 April 2020


Red Resonant Skywalker

Day 7 Friday 01 May 2020


White Galactic Wizard 

Day 8 Saturday 02 May 2020


Blue Solar Eagle

Day 9 Sunday 03 May 2020


Yellow Planetary Warrior

Day 10 Monday 04 May 2020


Red Spectral Earth 

Day 11 Tuesday 05 May 2020

My Mayan Year completing


White Crystal Mirror 

Day 12 Wednesday 06 May 2020

Sorry no vlog today 

Today was about focusing on our holograph reflected outside


how that is beamed out

by what belief systems and energy body we have inside 

Change the inside and the outside changes

A key day to see ourselves and our storyline



Blue Cosmic Storm Day

13 Thursday 07 May 2020



How have you been shaping your destiny ?


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