Red Earth Wavespell ~ Are we on our heart path or being led astray by our ego ?



Day one of a new wavespell: Red Earth

and feeling the pull of the earth and in Somerset

where I live

I see

(and smell……. and that is a different aroma related to recycled grass 🙂 yikes it’s pungent )

is a rich and loamy red.

Red Magnetic Earth is all about feeling our earth connection and belonging through our base chakra.

This Red Wavespell brings us an opportunity to go within and see how we are grounded and in alignment – we are in the yellow cycle of flowering what has come before in the past few weeks. If we have done our inner work we are in a space of solar plexus sharing from our heart – this is the veil. If we have not we are still power tripping and feeling angry and getting our power from outside of ourselves. Notice the metaphors in the storms we have experienced and remembering it is Blue Resonant Storm Year.

Most places lose their electrical power when a storm hits because the power lines are outside and unprotected instead of deep in the earth – here they can also be hit by earthquakes and this is an interesting metaphor. If we all have our own power centres for our homes that have several power generators such as Fire ( recycling and solar) Water (rain, steams, wells powering generators) Earth – (pipes heated by the earth’s natural temperature where possible, insulation) Wind ( wind turbines) .

We also relinquish reliance on power companies and this is the letting go of co-dependency.

We also let go of nuclear power that at the moment we pay a very high price for on our planet.

It could be that a breakthrough will come for this too as eventually usually happens.

This wavespell follows on from the Yellow Seed Wavespell which has been about letting go of our old egoic ways of protecting our heart so we can open our heart instead.

Had a wonderful couple of days really seeing this vibe in action with the synchronicities in Glastonbury.

Glastonbury is the heart chakra of the world and as such the fourth dimension.

It is an amazing supernova of energy and wow does it mess with the mind with different outcomes

this depends where you are in the Glastonbury Zodiac

there are different energies on the landscape and I work as a therapist mainly in the Aquarius

I live in Taurus

this is also affected by the solar energy – currently Scorpio

and the moon which as I am writing this is in Gemini.

We have just been through Taurus full moon and in that energy for a couple of days which is my moon so lots for me to notice

this is a great way to raise our awareness and notice how we are puppets in many senses energetically

The cosmos pulls on our energetic strings and we dance to the rhythmn

The more ego shadow energy we are still carrying and the more we are pushed and pulled at the Universal God and Goddess whim

The more we let go of old stuff and the more we become the shaman who has recapitulated and become a clear channel

When we do this we free ourself from limitations and we can move outside the box of our own egoic minds making.

We become free from the Devil card in tarot.

Back to the synchronicities…..

I don’t normally do gore fest and so I found myself being surprised that I chose to watch the new film Cabin in the woods….

It was our Halloween viewing last night

My partner and son wanted James Bond at the pics and the universe said no…..going later when universe said yes

Getting used to that position and learning to go with it and trusting that there is a message in there

and it may not be what my mind and ego thinks it is…..

usually it is way outside of my mind’s experience

because I am being guided by my higher self/God and Goddess and whatever that heart wisdom other me really is 🙂

Prior to the film we were channel flicking and saw Star Trek the original which is what I grew up with as a child

It was a bizarre episode where the crew had been captured by aliens and forced to act out as puppets

If you want to watch the film Cabin in the Woods I won’t go into any more detail except to say that most of it I watched behind a cushion

the horror is horrific and the blood is plentiful

it is a very visceral film

the theme is the same as many current films on offer…. which is no surprise as this is synchronicity at work and why we often have virtual identical films being released

Wrath of the Titans is another which has a slightly different angle

It is all about our shadow self being seen

and allowed to let rip

and released

our inner demons transformed

as we become spiritual adults and let go of fearing the gods

because we are them…..

Neo in The Matrix reveals the basic metaphor for where we all are on the planet right now.

We are all players in a game.

The question is:

Do you want to be a player or do you want to be played?

I suggest we are all in the process of both as we move beyond duality.

We are all teachers and students….

there is no right and wrong

It simply is what it is

Are we ready to look at who we are and what our destiny is ?

Do we stand for creating our destiny and are prepared to do what that demands from us

and that is going to mean going into the void……

Or are we going to simply push our childish will all the time and keep repeating old old patterns

and in doing so keep our world in old old patterns.

The universe can only bring us what we have ordered by way of our beliefs remember

When we are grounded, in our body and balanced in our masculine and feminine we give and receive

We learn to be the Chariot in Tarot

we see the terrain and the landscape and we are discerning with our choices

we let go of charging around like a bull in a china shop and we realise that

it’s all about us

all we are actually here to do is our own Sacred Journey

and in the doing of it we transform ourselves

and in the doing of it our ripple goes out in the cosmic pool

our Sacred Journey isn’t an ego trip that needs measuring or highlighting in neon lights

often it will take us to places of great fear and humilty

desperation and humbleness

loneliness and sadness

and to transform these shadows we feel the feelings and we let go of them

this isn’t a head trip……although the mind is involved….

it isn’t leading the way

the soul navigates and to do this we have to be able to receive and be open to that process

It can be very tricky to know when to act and when to let go

We have our spirit as a satnav

and it uses our body as a philosopher’s stone

on track we are feeling good and our chi is flowing

off track we don’t feel good and something is out of alignment

the more we ignore the body and the more our chi stops flowing

Sometimes we go into the cabin in the woods for a few weeks



sometimes we don’t come out

The key to being a player is working with awareness of ourselves and what our patterns are

this is where the mastery path lies…..

See who we are and where we have been

where we are now……

where are we headed given the evidence of our patterns?

If we do the same  banana cake recipe we get the same banana sponge

we do not get a sticky toffee pudding 🙂

With the Mayan wavespell we get a wonderful opportunity to check out our law of attraction and see what shows up

We each have a Mayan Sign and we have four building blocks of energy that come in  yearly cycles.

Just connected to this at my last workshop of the Scorpio Transformation.

My building blocks are Red Earth, White Wind, Blue Hand and Yellow Human.

When we look back at when they were together with the numbers they were we see a pattern and that can help explain all that has happened in our lifetime.

When we look at our family pattern we can see how that has all been interconnected.

This was a huge wow moment for me.

If you want to know yours message me.

I have a wait list at the moment so please be patient….

it will arrive for you at exactly the right cosmic time…..

I need your date, time, place of birth and I will send you this info.

It’s all free and thank you in advance because simply by connecting to me you are helping me so very much on my path

and that is priceless for me

and for our universal emotional evolution.

There is so much to share…


being in balance.

Today in my Tai Chi class – or taiji or wuji

Yuri explained how the term of Tai Chi is often lost in translation into English.

A summary of this is that essentially this is all about many energies coming together and the combination of masculine and feminine energy as shown in the yin and yang symbols.

We all have different places on our path and we are all here to create a different outcome so each of us sees the energy and experiences it differently.

We are all teachers and students and the more we are open to sharing ourselves and our experiences and the more we can all learn

this is the nature of circles.

Rob led the warm up today and it was perfectly in alignment with the Red Magnetic Earth Mayan energy of today.

In synch without conscious awareness.

We are always held.

Moving the energy felt great.

I noticed that when I used to do Tai Chi I was warming up in a circle holding hands and I could stand on one leg easier

Today I did it on my own and struggled to stay balanced

and so that was my information for today

I noticed where my energy flowed and where it didn’t….

and now I have the mind awareness of that.

I have the body well-being of being in my body and gently moving it

and I have the magical wonder of my spirit guiding me in this wonderful planet we live in.

I know when I am in the flow as I experience so much joy and wonder.

I am sharing this video today as I got a huge aha from it so thank you to it’s maker

Ahmed Hassan

He has been sharing some wonderful insights on facebook.

I do reflexology and energy work with my hands and when I watched this is took me to a new level of awareness around the solar plexus point in the hand.

It is very simple and I love that.


We are now in a Mayan expansion cycle whilst in a waning moon and waning time of the year

so my offering on this is

expand on our letting go of our will to be in alignment with divine will

as we let go of our needs we open our heart to new learning

and we create deep earthly connection so that our new seed intentions will get an energetic boost from a place of authenticity in Spring

Genuine energetic new beginnings

If you want to let go of your ego I use Emotional Freedom Technique.

It’s an amazing way to let go of old emotional goo and beliefs that restricts our navigation and allowing ourselves to receive.

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