Star People



Today is the letting go day in the Star wave spell and if it’s your birthday today then this is the bigger picture wave for you this year.

White Spectral Mirror

It’s a new moon in Aquarius and this weekend is a powerful one showing us our Aquarius selves.

Blue Moon astrology ~ fabulous insights every time

How we are shining our starlight from true potent possibility

and where we have shadows

that are seeking some information to transform

and some loving to be healed.

Light is information remember…….

all those particles of sunshine

have gifts to bestow

Shimmering skin like the creatures of the night in Twilight

When we learn about astrology we can see how the planetary dances are caressing us

shaping us and evolving us

by resonating and plucking at our heart strings.

Whenever we have a huge hit at the box office or a runaway bestseller it is going deep into our subterranean fears and desires.

All the metaphors of the intoxicating heady shadow selves are there.

This weekend is a Scorpio and Taurus North Node and South Node Tango

 this culminates an amazing wave of exciting new galaxies to explore for me

and it soooo makes sense of the dynamic happening in my household just now.

If you have read my earlier posts on this on my facebook page you will know how this wave has brought massive new learning for me.

I don’t do daily posts about this on a regular basis for a full wavespell

I felt called to do it this time with this particular spiral.

All the coloured words in this blog lead to great resources that have appeared on my cosmic cookie trail and I am sharing them with you….

they may be perfect for you and you may choose to google and find your own

as we all have our sacred thread to follow that is individually patterned for us

We have a wealth of limitless resources and thanks to the wonderful web we can access them

in a magical way….

following our sacred cosmic cookie trail…

when we remember our heart wisdom we remember that competition is an ego invention

there is no need to compete as there is the perfect match for us in every moment

the perfect therapist

the perfect business partner

the perfect lover

and so on…..

who is here right now showing up right on time

to take us over the page and into the next dance marking our card….

if we allow it and that is the most powerful magical place to be….

to allow it

In tarot the princess of cups position

Most people aren’t allowing


energetically believe…… and so dance with lack

competition = lack in the bigger picture

and a belief in scarcity and limited resources

which in some respects is a material truth…..

there are a finite supply of sources on our planet

and an infinite supply of creative alchemical soul….utions

through transformation

Millions have trod the earth before us and all that ever was is still with us in our earth bubble

A combination of masculine and feminine touch and system is the key.

If we push and force we get an outcome that can sometimes be brutal and damaging

ripping a strip off……

another way is to soften and render tender

so the husk opens up and falls away with the new growth revealed.

In the Mayan calendar this is where we are heading for in July.

July 26 is Yellow Galactic Seed and a time for new growth.

The Heart Path 🙂

We are currently in Blue Resonant Storm and this is a whirlpool year of death and transformation

stirring up our ego suit of armour that often has become our somnambulist performance

playing a role instead of our soul.

This weekend North Node is Scorpio which is death and rebirth.

This is a wonderful resource if you know what yours is.

This is a wonderful site of information from  Elizabeth Spring

If you don’t know and would like to know more please message me with your time,date and place of birth and I will set you off on a cookie trail of discovery about a bigger picture if you are ready.

All my info has links so you can do this for yourself and if you want to go deeper then….

like me you could book for a reading

this week I had an indepth astrology reading with Mary English that was a total wow 🙂

This year for me I am revisiting my Jupiter expansion that happens every 12 years and as it’s my 48 birthday in August

in my Mayan thirteen year cycle I am moving into year number five which is blue overtone hand 

Radiating my mayan sign which is a gateway for healing, shaping and death and transformation

on the heels of white self-existing wind

a year four of speaking truth from the heart and creating a structure in the process

In this year I have been revisiting lots of old patterns and cycles….

which I offer you is what we all do

and then we get a chance to experience from a different perspective….

back to the Scorpio North Node which is evident in parenting

It is only when we become parents that we truly understand where our parents were coming from…..

and we are at a choice point…..

often we find ourselves hearing our parent’s words coming out of our mouths….

never would those words leave our lips we thought…..

and yet 🙂

ooops there they are.

Conditioning is so strong

we hold all our experience in our energetic blueprint

our cup holder of the gods

it is there to be transformed

One of the key issues we are all faced with at this time is understanding our child selves so we can transform into mature beings

on all levels not simply what uniform we wear or what face we put on to our peer group

while we have an alter ego ….the child who is the rebel

Watch a group of young children and their attention span to something they really don’t want to do 🙂

That is really all of us isn’t it?

Only we have a parental control mask that we employ

and now and again it slips off and the bushy wolf tail pops out from under grannie’s nightie.

When we were a teenager how did we get our rebellious kicks?

As we were morphing and our bodies maturing…

our hormones racing

and our search for love and belonging

how did we learn to achieve this……

this is the key now to our transformation.

Do you remember the first valentine card you received or gave?

Do remember your first kiss?

The sound of your heart beat

feeling the pulse of desire

and the warmth spreading


the first cut is the deepest….

sorry no to Rod Stewart here I do draw the line….

love the lyrics tho….

Scorpio is sex on one level

I watched the Full Monty last night and it brought back memories of living in a South Yorks town after I lived in Crete in 1987

both had lots of similarities around masculine and feminine role playing

In the wake of the miner’s strike there was huge fear about the ending of that cycle

Pits were closing fast

there were working men’s club’s and women dressed to the nines …

the trophy wife

women stayed at home to make the Sunday lunch while the men got drunk and watched strippers

and I found this to be sooooo frustrating and controlling

and I wouldn’t do it 🙂

Many people of my generation learned to role play

me totally included full throttle


Cover their emotion with alcohol

allow themselves to be liberated to excess through getting drunk

and some are still doing it because it works on some level

gets them into another place but there is collateral damage

and it’s often at a very high price

Feeling connected to base chakras through sex

feeling empty because that isn’t love

and all the feelings return that we are trying to suppress in triplicate along with the hangover.

I notice the difference with my children and children I have worked with

in a holistic therapist approach

Generally they are not doing that dance and are refusing to wear the mask which is why we have so many


around attention and presence

and my offering is these truth tellers

heart wisdom

out of the mouths of babes

are moving us towards authentic relationship

because they demand more

they expect more

and they are showing us the next steps towards our future

being real

Deep down none of us want to do the boring stuff

and resent mundane aspects of our lives

and we have created them because we believe that is how it must be

and that is true as long as we believe it…..

Time to change our beliefs?

I left the UK in 1986 because I didn’t want to be a hamster on a wheel

I felt so strongly that there was more to life than a 9 to 5 and soap operas and I was really scared to take the plunge

some of my friends did it and so I had a stepping stone into the unknown and I took it

This was my first major awakening on a Greek beach gazing at the mountains and feeling oneness

I was alone that day and part of me plugged in

This place is Paleochora…..

Old town 🙂

During my time there I indulged in a hedonistic life

I turned a major milestone here

my 21st

I ran away from intimacy too on one level and kept looking for it in others

I had a Scorpio addiction time of building my shadow

Watching Ulrike Jonsson and her sex addiction confessions gave me a major consciousness raising on this.

My moon is in Taurus and I can indulge deeply in hedonistic pursuit

When I became a parent this changed in my physical process

and yet part of me grieved at the loss of freedom of other aspects of myself.

Now I am seeking to integrate these adolescent parts of me that learned to feel loved in a certain way

outside of myself

because my ego defence that I learned was to people please and to feel valued through others

work in progress 🙂

One of the shadow aspects of this time is that we seek to distance ourselves from our feelings and emotions

and use intellectual control and solutions instead

when ideally…

when in balance…..

we do all of it

and wherever we have emotional black hole responses or addictive urges

we notice that

and for me I use EFT (tapping) to transform through letting go of all my fear ( anything other than joy and love)

so I can be free of my past

and live differently

so I am not  living my past today.

If you know your North Node and want to know who you share this with here is a great site

for this and many other things


I find we can see so many things about ourselves through others with the same patterns and I discovered a

lot about my children and me and my partner.

I have had an affinity with Jim Morrison since my first boyfriend introduced me to him

He sang in a band

I thought the music very bizarre at the time and now I am really getting the lyrics in a whole new way

Jim and I have had an on off relationship over the years that has embraced many places and people

and I love how I can time travel to them simply by playing the tunes.

My partner has the same north node as him and is a Saggi and I have the same as his girlfriend Pamela Courson which I found very interesting 🙂

Energetically the wave we are in process with

that the Mayan wavespell reveals to us…..

takes nine steps

one each day

It takes thirteen days to complete a wave and each is unique

each is continuous like creation

we have an opportunity to see ourselves through working with it

it reveals our pattern and beliefs

The first nine steps lead to the tenth …

the manifestation and that was yesterday

we created a wave

an energetic signature

a resonance

a potent dreamweaver

that is how our world really works

thoughts become things

it is so simple

and so complex 🙂

We are part of it

when we raise our consciousness we can create consciously with it in ever more powerful ways

if we are willing to do what it takes

or we stay at Go point and keep coming round to the same place

This is the pattern of the ego dweller who isn’t willing to let go of the old to welcome the new

and so will struggle because digging in heels

create resistance

and resistance is futile…..:-)

We all have ego and it is our friend

our shadow dance partner

Today we are at the letting go day of seeing this wave that we have created so we can release it

and therefore create anew with new ideas

awareness of what our star potential is

what our shadow is

If something outside of us creates pain

something inside of us matches it


that is why it is showing up outside so we can see it

hello 🙂

It is an opportunity to let go and the next wavespell is coming up on tuesday

hot on the heels ready for us to dance with this new learning

Red Dragon wavespell

perfect for the Chinese New Year which is Serpent energy

see how magical it is this framework

Day two is Valentine’s day which is always the challenge that helps us create and evolve.

The Dragon is the great mother energy of the serpent


Our mind worries about this and that

and all the while the universe is about it’s business weaving in amazing beautiful patterns

that are way beyond our human mind comprehension and our heart wisdom knows.

Learning to let go and let love show the way is key

and it’s easy to do in an abstract Facebook fluffy rabbitty way

posting spiritual pics is all well and good

and …..

doing it is the key

doing the shadow dance

jumping off the edge

building the letting go of the safety net muscle 🙂

Today is all about seeing what has happened over the last nine days to mirror what seeks release




What has pushed our buttons

What is challenging us

What feels really uncomfortable

Where are we facing walls, barriers and ego protection

Where are we avoiding intimacy

Where are we holding back on speaking out for fear of…..

This wavespell is now moving into new moon energy

the energy is expanding

and as we cannot see her face yet

the moon is in darkness

still shielded

our feminine is still shielded too

first couple of days are in darkness

Here is George Michael and star people which has been buzzing around in my mind today

The amazingly talented beautiful man who is George Michael.

I was never a huge fan until I went to see him perform live and heard him.

Heard his heartfelt communication and felt the resonance of his music and words

the caged bird singing…..

I sobbed my heart out to his

Jesus to a child

telling of his love for soul mate who died from aids

and once I started I couldn’t stop

he touched my resonating inner child

How can this amazingly talented man believe he is unworthy when his gifts have manifested so much?

yet part of him feels so unworthy he was very close to death recently

Isn’t it true for all of us?

A key lesson

that we are required to heal within as well as without

and that is the most important place of focus.

The same is true of Stephen Fry who is such a passionate man about so many things

and a genius

Who wouldn’t want this man as your friend and in your circle ?

He is a Scorpio North Node and South Node in Taurus.

He has had a challenging life that he has shared and in the process raised awareness of many taboos

around sexuality and mental health.

I love him and his beautiful vulnerability

I only hope sincerely that he feels loved by so many.

Shines his starlight for us.

This year is a catalyst and if we want to ride the storm

and transform with it

place our focus on ourself is the starter for ten remember…..

My Sun is in Leo, my Moon is in Taurus and my Ascendant is Aquarius

so no wonder that I am feeling a huge urge to purge right now with

Saturn in Scorpio

Initiate your awareness now and connect to a huge resource of people who have knowledge to help you

create a pow wow team 🙂

a reframe of a power team.

Connect to people who are open and willing to thrive

willing to receive

willing to let  in

people who are still in the land of limitation through ego

cannot do this and so seek to narc  with their narc patterns

rather than face  fears

and we all have them

until we energetically release them

and reveal our vulnerability

ready to move where the wind blows us

where the energy matches us

where we can share our sacred places

and feel real

purely magical.

Leaving you with Madonna

and if you haven’t seen it yet


is the perfect get real movie for Valentine’s Day

and believe it or not it is written by a wonderful  South Yorkshire lass 🙂

Joanne Harris

Wow what amazing synchronicities have woven together in this blog .

I make it up as I go along…..

so I think….

ha ha avatar.

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