Love Lights the way



Yellow Sun Wavespell

This is the fourth wavespell in this 260 day spin cycle on the shadow transformation programme.

Are you fully loaded and ready to create and expand with the previous three wavespells ?

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Moon in Pisces today ~ great for christ consciousness and psychic ability 🙂

We began our awakening with Red Dragon Wavespell on Halloween ~ what is our cosmic Goddess bringing us for rebirth and renewal?


We refined with White Wizard Wavespell  on November 13th ~ getting our “but” out of the way ~ our ego power trip posing as empowerment and transforming these belief systems so the magic can flow through us instead of believing we have to create it ~ it’s all there all that is required is that we let go……

and flow


We came to the Goddess doorway on November 26 , which completed yesterday ~ Blue Hand Wavespell.

This is the death portal of rebirth and renewal of what has come before that is no longer serving us.

Ego framework of planet earth society is a construct of out of balance patriarchal…..

and is the perfect vehicle for us to learn experientially 

how to live in an out of balance way

there is nothing “wrong” with it 

and it is all here at the perfect time so we can understand

what it feels like to live in this extreme masculine energy

this co dependent relationship

that creates a misalignment with the balanced way of being


in balance with our masculine and feminine within

and therefore…..

creating this without 🙂

In the Precession of the equinoxes 

we are in the dark ages

and it is here where we begin our journey back to the light

The Golden Age

This is what many ancient teachings talk about

and we can experience them using the Mayan Wavespell


The Pagan Wheel

Holistic approach to life

Whole self in Hokey Cokey 🙂

If you haven’t already :

Watching this fabulous series will explain a lot about this 

The Pyramid Code

I watched it on Netflix UK

Here is The Band of Peace on Youtube

It expanded my awareness of what is in Egypt and brought together lots of threads for me

what I really loved about it was the holistic approach of many different viewpoints coming together

different pieces of the circle creating a synergy

and a multi faceted hologram being created

that is such a different view to a linear single lens approach.

There are lots of pieces of wisdom from The Dogon Tribe , Mayan, and a wise Egyptian Elder……

and so much more…..


If you want to know more about the Great Cycle then click on this vast storehouse of knowledge

You will see we are in the Balsamic Moon time on planet earth

Many of you reading this will be shadow midwives

choosing to come at this time to assist in the rebirth 🙂

It is a challenging time no doubt

and it is…..


These great cycles are what shape the cosmos

and evolve it

only the ego worries 🙂

In Glastonbury it is a very tough experience at times

known as….

The Glastonbury Experience

This time of year in the capitalist cult is a mis direction in many ways

to cash in

It is what is propping up the Wizard of Oz smoke and mirrors

The Sagittarius Way showing energy is all about 

Way showing ourselves

Looking within at our shadow

transforming it

letting go of any distortions we believe about ourselves

so we can live true to our heart

In the Egyptian process of transformation from one world to the next ~ leaving our human body

the heart is weighed.


Those with a heavy heart may not pass into the next life 

heavy heartedness signifies going against the “truth” of living in the light

In the matriarchal times of Nefertiti 


people on earth were very conscious and aware of how to live in a balanced way free from ego

as the Golden Age moved into the next phase ~ the Silver Age and round the cycle into the ….

fall from grace

the masculine stepped in as a go between 

between a person and their divinity

and demanded a price for it

Buying the stairway to heaven with Shabti dolls

which has been replicated world wide

people live in poverty and the Church ~ the religious framework 

is very wealthy

This is the duality and the current imbalance 🙂

as the teachings of truth are manipulated to create fear beliefs

The People have the power

only when the people know this

and are on the heart path


knowing 🙂

Which is very far removed from intellectual education.

The time for enlightenment is now

we are the bringers of the new dawn….

each through our own transformation


The picture I started with today is the magical cookie trail which began last night with my daughter and I out in the freezing cold darkness of the back garden.

It is a photo taken by Paul Burwell and his story is a true heart tale ~

he takes a vow of poverty to pursue his passion 

Back to last night 

I was watching Game of Thrones 

Series 1 Episode eight ~ the pointy end

Which I find very dark and yet compelling at the moment and very in synch with these balsamic times.

I had seen a star as I went outside to switch off the heating ~ something I find very irritating when it is cold or raining and yet often see things on this trip 🙂

unlike any other star I had seen and I shouted my daughter to view it….

truth is I was scared and wanted moral support 🙂

It seemed to be moving and yet … wasn’t a plane or a helicopter ~ we get those here after dark in the military zone

The colours were changing on the star

there was no noise

she took a photo of it and it appeared on her digital camera , as a rainbow snake pattern

I looked it up on google and found it was Saiph

A shiny star on Orion’s belt.

See the synchronicity ?

It means ~ sword of the giant

In the past two years I have been here in the heart chakra

my personal learning has taken a huge change in direction towards

circles and cycles

stars and calendars

The language of consciousness

I am currently reading 

The Keys of Enoch

I borrowed it from an amazing resource on my doorstep ~

The Library of Avalon

and my awareness of code 

and pattern

is expanding

I am creating inner space through letting go of

who my ego thinks I am

so that 

who I truly am can connect more

and guide me

Yes I am a human being and I honour that part of me

and I am a spiritual being who has come here for a reason

and I am allowing that to happen

The heavy heart of my humanity

is transforming into acceptance of how things are….. and being able to see clearly as a result of that process

as I clear my suffering

Lots of that came up in the last thirteen days 🙂

Times of challenge reveal our inner workings and beliefs 

so we can create new code and sacred geometry

all that has come before us has brought us to this place

Choosing to hold our space from love takes courage

it happens whilst feeling the fear 🙂

Seeing what the fear speaks of

Honouring it

and if possible at that time 

doing the loving thing

which may be a challenge

and is often misunderstood 🙂

Being kind sometimes means tough love

instead of people pleasing 🙂

If we are in difficult co dependent relationships

it doesn’t always mean that we do not love that person

when we love ourselves equally it may mean we have to move away from that person

if they are not willing to evolve in a way that feels fair for all parties

The Warrior of the heart builds self confidence 

self esteem 

inner strength

faith in oneself

and one’s ability to 

forge ahead on the path

knowing that we are always held and loved

and that everything happens for a reason

The more we develop this side of ourselves

and let go of clinging to old ways

and crisis living

the more room for our language of love and light energy body

that is so much more than lip service

It is time to honour the dark aspects of our collective so we can create new ways of being

where all emotions are in balance and honoured

as the way showers 

of being honest and authentic in relationship

to all



Are you ready to really connect to your true self and learn more

ways to do that ?

If you are please get in touch for a chat so you can explore what

is seeking heart expansion.

I do not offer a sale

I do not offer a Christmas incentive 

as these ways of being are old ways 🙂

I offer a pay what you can afford framework and flexible ways to co create.

You may feel you wish to let go of new year resolutions and the linear calendar

and start to connect more with the universal ways of being

so you can experience magical ways of allowing

Let’s be the change we want to see.

I start each wave spell with a Thoth Tarot thirteen card spread.

We set an intention and each day you have a card to work with 

along with

The Mayan Wavespell spiral of thirteen days ~

The universal energy

Simply for seeing the synchronicity it is amazing

It allows us to see our energetic code at that time.

If you wish to book one please message me

£13 per 13 card reading

My intention:

To create a sacred love and light structure through transforming my shadow

My card today is 

Prince of Disks

This is what is seeking masculine energy through me in the next thirteen days ~ the Yang 

The expansion


We have just gone into Mars in Libra ~ bringing balance to our masculine 

New learning for me today on this.

Mars is seen by some astrologers as in detriment in this sign

My Mars is in Libra and at 28 degrees

My Venus in Virgo at 29 degrees

Just learned something about this ~ having planets in late degrees is significant as to having past lives perfecting this area.

I am a nine in the Mayan and this certainly resonates for me

Gemini north node and south node Sagittarius ~

last life I was a Sagi and in this life I am surrounded by them 🙂

More about this here:

My second card is The Fool

this is 

the challenge and growth area

to be the un carved block ~ open to new learning.

Wow 🙂 

Remember when we are doing the inner work now ~ in the Northern hemisphere we are in the underworld of Persephone

we are preparing for Aries time of next Spring and seeds to sow

Prince of Disks is a part of that

Inside creates the outside.

On April 21st we have our fifth Uranus Pluto square

this is on day four of the White Dog Wavespell of finding our tribe and unconditional love that starts on April 18.

This is also a galactic portal day and very powerful

Red Self Existing Skywalker Day.

Bringing heaven to earth through each one of us ~ we are the cosmic channels 🙂

When we do what we truly love

when we truly love who we are

we are the Sirius Star 

Love to your language of love and light spiral.



Day four of the energy wave ~ being the star that you truly are

Day 4 of Red Serpent wavespell. One of the most powerful energetic times of the year of Blue Resonant Storm.

This is a challenging year full of potentiality to blaze a trail and be the star that we truly are.

Are we ready to shine our light, be bright and reflect our soul out to light the path and our way

and in doing so share that experience with others?

Today is Yellow Self-Existing Star day.

Each day has a number and each day builds on the energy of the day before.

What does it mean to be self-existing in a planet of billions of living beings?

This is the Age of Aquarius and the time of evolving into being independent beings


This is all about letting go of our needs in terms of co-dependent relationships

and co creating instead.

We are happy in the skin that we are in

We do not rely on anything or anyone else to create that space within us

We are looking after ourselves

When a life event happens that may be viewed generally as “negative” we recover quickly from it and bounce back

We are centred, grounded, healthy

What does that look like energetically?

All our chakras are flowing

We have created a diamond structure – number four.

This is ancient symbology and an energetic building block of our universe for abundance

We start our creation process as one, co create to two and become three  ~ a triangle and the holy trinity

this triangle moves through a dance in a circular motion until when all the energetic steps have been accomplished it joins with it’s opposite ~

masculine and feminine is balanced…..

and becomes a diamond.

As above, so below

As within, without

and we revisit this creating a diamond process many times in different aspects of our relationships and learning

as we evolve we go deeper and create stronger energetic structures

The Star energy, in the Mayan sense, is all about creating harmony by being it.

People who have this sign will have experienced disharmony in their early lives so they understand what disharmony actually is experientially

and the soul journey is to turn that process around using the diamond dance .

In a soul and energetic journey that is an inner process.

When we change the inside the outside changes.

This is a message I repeat often in my blogs because most people don’t understand it and focus on creating change on the outside.

It is a paradigm shift

This is our modern western view of focus and it isn’t “wrong”

It works perfectly fine up to a point because we live physically in the outside.

This is what the planet Saturn is all about.

We experience our Saturn Return at around the age of 30

This is one of our major energy gateways and so often at this age we will have a spiritual awakening or crisis

If we want to create harmony then we create balance

This is what the Aquarian Age is all about.

And to create balance in our world we create equal focus and therefore equality.

Most of us do not live in this place because we are simply unaware of it.

We have an imbalanced focus

Maybe we are too much in our head and intellect

We may be a talking book or simply invested in telling our story …

and believing it is who we are…..

Maybe we are too much in the spirit world because we are not liking our earthly incarnation too much…

off with the fairies all day every day and therefore unable to support ourselves physically and financially…

forgetting that we chose to be here to walk our journey and we have all the tools we need to assist us…

Maybe we are focused heavily on body and it’s hedonistic pleasures…

party time and everything else feels like a chore….

Letting go of judging these places of being and being discerning instead….

Universal energetic law is very simple…..

If we create an energetic structure then we take what goes with that space and the universe will always balance us energetically

so if we choose to be dependent instead of self-existing then we will face people who seek to parent us

we will learn the lessons of  how it feels to lose that structure…..

the financial crash…

so that we can be free

and sometimes those learnings around disharmony seem tough

and the price we pay is high

and if we choose to integrate them and let go of our fear in the process then our integral structure becomes stronger

and we become more courageous

as we move from zero to hero over and over to coin a WordPress term 🙂

It is our personal legend challenge

Many people believe that we need to be angry to do this and this is the place of the emotional evolution

anger is a destructive force

it is the inner child rant

and an ego protection

We can be assertive from love and let go of aggression

They are two very different places to come from

one is achievable by anyone

the other to those who have done their inner energetic alchemical process of evolution

by letting go of past emotional wounding

Being a shiny star that beckons people to become the same vibe

like the old fairytale of the Sun competing with the wind for who could get the man to take his coat off quicker…

the sun shines and the man grows warm and takes off his coat

when the wind blows the man pulls his coat tighter

When it is the perfect time for us to be aware …..

the teacher/event/experience happens and as it is designed by the universal architect

that we are all intrinsically a part of…

we are always doing the perfect thing….

which to our rational mind and ego mind doesn’t make sense.

This is because we are playing a different game here that cannot be measured using the traditional reason methodology measuring tools….

to try and explain to a skeptic is difficult because there is a different language involved beyond rationality

and that is faith.

This is what the paradox of the sun energy we are living in just now brings …..

Virgo represents the sacred feminine….

untouched by man in the sense that it is divine and not a manmade mind construct

The shadow aspect of Virgo is not having faith and over identifying with the mind, getting stuck in the perfection, list ticking and going round and round in circles.

Even though I am a Leo I have more Virgo energy in my chart and so I can totally understand now, having become aware of the bigger picture of my Starcode (natal chart) how that has influenced my life in so many ways.

If you don’t know yours message me and I will show you how to do that.

I know many Virgo’s who are Yellow Stars and this is the great thing about working in this way…..

Seeing patterns .

We are all a soul who beamed in at a certain time to create an experiential mission.

We are all aspects of the great tapestry of universal creativity.

Are we getting our show on the road with stellar waves beaming out….

maybe hiding our light under a bushel and feeling frustrated, defeated, worn out…..?

We are the only ones who can change our wattage on the world.

When we create balance for ourselves, we are lighter and have a totally different energy and impact on others

Being the change is the key.

I use EFT – tapping to do that

as well as other energy therapies of  Reflexology and Aromatherapy for myself and for others

last night I experienced Kundalini Yoga for the first time and that was very challenging physically….

it is very important now to strengthen our physical vessel to focus on maximising our paradigm shifts.

I am off today for my second Tai Chi class this season.

When we do these body activities that focus on energy flow then we are working on lots of different levels for

Mind , Body and Spirit

Wishing you joy and love today with the Star Show of you.

Be the gift of starlight you came here to be and light up the world with your love and laughter

Day Two Red Serpent energy wave. White Lunar Worldbridger

Today is the first portal day of ten in this amazing energy wave of transformation.

It’s a very memorable day and I’m sending love out to our world community because absolutely everyone was affected by the events on this day.

Everyone’s world changed on this day and huge ripples went out on every level.

Like every event that touches us in such a deep profound way we can see that there is much learning comes from places of adversity and challenge.

So much humanity and compassion were created as an outcome of  this destruction.

So is our life challenge as we learn the most from these times.

This is where we get to see what inner strength and courage we have.

Today’s Mayan energy is White Lunar Worldbridger.

It is in simple terms number two on a wave of thirteen steps.

Red Serpent Wavespell

Yesterday we were seeing how much we love the skin we are in.

If you choose you can join me each day to explore this energy with some inner questioning…..

use it as a universal lifecoach opportunity

gifted by our ancestors the Mayan People.

Who were very wise and heart knowing and created these ways of being synchronised with the universal waves of energy

thousands of years ago.

As we see how we feel each day…..

we get an opportunity to let our feelings be our guide as to where we are feeling in the love zone and happy….

and where we are not feeling that is showing us where we can surrender and let go of some past story and belief we are holding on to.

Today we are looking outwards at what our relationships are showing us.

Depending where we are on our evolutionary consciousness and understanding we will have different views on this.

For example we may see things very simply in terms of duality.

A man is masculine and a woman is feminine.

My blog today is about looking deeper and this may challenge some people’s views.

My intention is to share my understanding as “a” way

rather than “the” way

and the reason I do this…..

It has brought so much joy and peace for me and how I relate and many people I have shared it with

I am asking the reader to be curious and ask

“what if ……    this could be true and work for me too?”

There are no strings attached….

I promise

Trust me…

You are me….

everything you do affects me…..

and I want the very best for you…..

I want the very best for our world…..

I want the best for me

I am worth it

and so beautiful souls are you

So we can let go of holding onto old hurts and seeing them showing up every day

 we can all get along

because although we are unique….

deep down we all want the same thing….

to be loved and respected for who we are.

Our world is so beautiful and there really is no need to guild the lily

and yet because each one of us has self-esteem issues…..

every single person on the planet is equal under the sun in this….

we feel we are not enough 😦

So we need a badge of worthiness to prove xyz on the outside.

What if…….

all we need to do is change how we feel on the inside and let go of any need for any “stuff” to show others that we are lovable?

and what if…..

when we create peace on the inside…..

everywhere was experienced as peaceful on the outside……

Because we had no buttons to push anymore….

This is so possible and indeed it is the heart path.

This is our whole life purpose and the emotional evolution we are now going through.

It’s time to feel everything and let go of anything that doesn’t feel good.

The universe works through cycles and when the time of year comes around where everything happened before

deep down our emotional unconscious soup is stirred.

In planetary terms we have a sun sign and a moon sign.

This is our universal barcode…..

I call it a Starcode…

and we chose it before life.

We have come here for a reason and a season to create ever expanding learning and energetic change

In the UK we are moving into Autumn and as a Leo I resist that because I love the sun….

and we haven’t had too much of that this year….

same old English summer story….

As a Taurus Moon I have a very different flavour coming in…

Each of us has masculine and feminine energy

and at this time of the Aquarian Age ….

we are cup holders of the Gods…

We are God and Goddess energy and we create our lives energetically through our beliefs

and keep repeating experiences until we get the outcome we want….

 we feel love

If you look closely with the intention of seeing clearly you will see how whatever is happening to you now is a reflection of your childhood in some way

Wherever you go you will see certain archetypes appearing that represent your birth family

and unless you have consciously worked with creating change around relationships

then you will still be relating in the same way you did when you were a young child.

How many women have believed they found a lover who was so masculine and rebellious….

only to discover that they were dating their father’s archetype?

How many men have ended a relationship because of how their female partner changed when they had children?

How many people have moved into same sex relationships because they believed that it would be different …..

only to find that it was the same after all in many ways?

It’s all about us

If we don’t change our inner structure then it doesn’t matter how many times we search for the “perfect” partner ….

we are going to create the same outcome

because it is us that have to change to change the outside result

This is what relationships are all about.

Balancing our masculine and feminine within.

The Sun is our guiding light and simplistically our masculine energy.

The moon is our emotional feminine within place that shields us from seeing the whole picture immediately

If we had instant enlightenment from say the age of 21 we couldn’t play the game of life as we would know and see everything 🙂

Our moon sign is very important as it is the mirror that reflects back each month where we are at in the love game.

All the planets and their movements influence us and align us at the perfect time to experience what we need to let go of our hurt…

our shadow

this is why when we surrender and allow ourselves to work with this rhythmn rather than make things happen

we experience synchronicity

and the perfect partner shows up…

sometimes our worst nightmare rather than our dream lover…

to move us forward through a challenge

so we get an opportunity

for them to show us


Our emotional mind and our heart is the navigator

Whenever we have an emotional resonse

that is our stuff….

If you know what your Starcode is you can work with awareness

at the perfect time

with your universal guide

your higher self

who will speak to you

in dreams

in symbols

in the world through animal totems

gut feelings

and this love language gets easier to read the more we allow it…

We have been taught in many western societies that this is isn’t science

in history it was very dangerous to be intuitive and connect to the higher self

or collective unconscious

and so we live in the land of the head now.

The secret is balance

Using our head and intellect to learn and then integrating that experience by taking action and living what we believe

If you feel you are the only one in your company who believes in woo woo

be brave and talk about it and then see how many people share your ideas

this is going global

because it is who we truly are

amazing magical beings

Using our heart is about letting our feelings show us the way

Living our dream and daring to do what it takes to create it.

Many women have swung the pendulum and become men in the feminist age

Many men became women to experience that space to match women and explore that learning

We had a shift

we often go to the opposite polarity place so we can understand through experience

we are now swinging our planet into balance

by being balanced ourselves

it’s an inside job

Instead of seeking another lover

another job

another designer outfit

another pet

another xyz to

complete us

we let go of old stories and hurts from the past

and feel whole within.

In The Zahir by Paulo Coelho

he mentions the acomodador

and this is our life challenge….

to overcome places where we have felt defeated in some way and haven’t met our personal challenge

and are then constantly hitting the glass ceiling……

this is our energetic story

and I use Emotional freedom technique to let go of it.

It’s an ancient technique based on acupuncture meridians

………and talking

and this is the secret

we cannot create change purely by talking and thinking

because the emotional mind works through patterns and feelings

I can talk to you all day about this subject and you can tell me your story and you will have all the answers as to what has happened in the past….

however this is simply talking and talking doesn’t create the energy change.

Any feelings we have around past hurts are seeking to be felt….

when we feel them and tap

we let them go

then we see the world differently

and as we release the past we are free to

create something new


Everyone can tap

it isn’t rocket science

I can help you with your process

……….and I cannot do it for you

the more we tap and the more we change

gas and air for the birthing process of our butterfly emerging

We all have to walk our path

and be it

Message me if you want to know more about how……. you can let go of where you are now and rewrite your script to take you to where you want to be

that’s is my special gift to share

how to live the heart path and be free of the past

with a practical process that creates magical living from within

Love to you today and our surrendering

so we can soar even more

Day Six of humanity energy wave. Red Rhythmic Earth

Still feeling the full moon energy of heightened sensitivity?

Lots of inspired ideas flowing in now if we are ready to receive and feel the flow.

If we are balancing our masculine and feminine within then we are grounded, clear and connected.

Our roots run deep and our base chakra is open like a flower allowing our divine gaia energy connection.

As the highway of energy flows it has unlimited capacity and sharing…..

Broadband capacity is matching that in our outer world.

Anything that is excess to our requirements, that is surplus to our energetic beliefs

runs direct into earth where it becomes inert to us

our cup floweth over

It is essential to our well-being that we filter our choices

and what is intended for us,

synchronistically at the perfect time

otherwise we become ungrounded and off with the sacred feminine

in the fairyland world

and we lose our way

that is a choice that is outside of right and wrong

it is outside of balance too and sometimes we go out of balance….

to come back in

all roads lead to Rome

If we are ready to walk the heart path and in doing so to open our heart by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable

then this is the place of emptying our cup

It is time to defrag our inner hard drive in order to integrate our love space

I use Emotional Freedom Technique to do this

Whilst working with the sacred geometry that each person arrives with

If you are feeling there are too many choices you may be procrastinating


unsure of which to pursue

in which case wait until you are clear

and your heart guides you

it is only the ego that seeks instant gratification……

fears loss, fears scarcity

when there is truly a myriad of beautiful avenues awaiting our perusal

Today is  Red Rhythmic Earth in this Yellow Human wavespell

This shows how we are balanced in our inner space and how we choose to live.

Are we the awakened dreamer listening to our divine guidance?

Do we act on it?

Are we still working mainly with our ego linear world and bound to it’s demands?

Each part of our body has an energy centre

A chakra

This is connected to the planets.

Our golden thread that connects all heavenly beings of light.

The base chakra is Saturn. This is our basic structure and how we feel we belong. Our tribal beliefs. This is found in the perineum area.

The sacral chakra is just below the belly button. This is connected to Pluto and is our one to one relationships with the sacred and the divine. Our creativity centre of birthing.

The third chakra is the solar plexus and connected to the sun and Mars

this is just below the ribs and is also known as

Heaven’s Gate

This reflects our love tank levels – are we operating from self love, self esteem and sharing……

or power tripping, energy vamping, needing to prove ourselves and competing……

Are we coming from a place we have travelled and sharing the experience

or selling an intellectual concept…

a talking book?

Are we empowering ourselves and others

or selling a dependency device ?

More info about the seven gates here:

The fourth chakra is the heart and ruled by Venus

This is the Rainbow Bridge

Great info and reading Barbara Hand Clow

The fifth Chakra is the throat and ruled by Jupiter and Mercury

Are we speaking loving truth from our heart

or venom from our fear…..

are we afraid to speak out because the status quo will go ?

The sixth chakra is the third eye and the inner, intuitive eye that comes from balancing the masculine and feminine use of our eyes and perception.

It is the all seeing soul eye in the middle of our forehead.

Are we seeing clearly from a place of wisdom?

This is ruled by Neptune

The seventh is the crown chakra at the top of our head and is ruled by Uranus

Are we allowing our divine connection to radiate and illuminate

or cutting ourselves off from our source energy

maybe looking to connect through others instead?

Great website on planets and chakras

Each chakra is twinned :

Crown and base

Third eye and sacral

Throat and solar plexus

all to open the heart

Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss explains the process so wonderfully.

When we reach midlife it is time to open our rainbow bridge and this happens with Uranus being in the opposite place to where it was when we were born.

It pulls our kundalini energy up our spine and in the process opens the chakras. This is often known as the mid life crisis 🙂

All this work happens emotionally inside to take us through the process of self-love and self forgiveness by letting go of what we believe to be

our shadow selves.

If we have low self-esteem then no matter how we try to be successful in life on the outside we will never feel it on the inside

because inside we still have a belief that we are not enough

and so seek the enough balance outside.

No matter how we seek to address this through various means

and many are very generic……..

If we do not work with our unique inside structure

we cannot open our rainbow bridge

we have a special secret code

that is known only by us

How magical is that?

Walking the path means visiting our shadow places inside.

No amount of  pure positivity will create that space.

Time to visit the dark goddess and stir the secrets of  our primal beingness.

Balance is the key.

Here is a wonderful site for opening the energy gates with Quigong.

I am looking for someone who practices Enlightenment Quigong near Glastonbury so I can learn it.

Please get in touch if you know of someone.

Love to you today beautiful earthly dreamers.

Day Five of the humanity wave of change. Yellow Overtone Warrior

Wishing you a joyful September and an abundant harvest.

Today’s picture is the Mayan calendar and anyone familiar with astrology will see it’s significance.

This is a stargate – if you have seen the film and the series you will be familiar with the concept that this is a gateway to travel through space and time.

Our ancestors were stargazers who recorded the movements of the planets in the heavens and believed them to be Gods.

The Sumerians built huge ziggurats to achieve this.

As they recorded the information as to the position of stars and planets, they noticed what affect that had on their climate , crops, water tables etc and this information allowed them to see that what was happening in the heavens affected the earth.

As above, so below.

They created charts and astronomy and astrology became a science.


In the Mayan energy wave today we have

Yellow Overtone Warrior


Yellow Human Wavespell

When we expand our awareness and consciousness we can see that the many different methodologies created by mankind , all have a similar message.

They are all interlinked with an energetic golden thread.

In the same way as what is above is replicated below…….

As it is within us so it is without…..

We see in our outside reality a reflection of the inside circuitry.

When we raise our awareness of this then the magical connection really expands.

Many of the myths of legend have been created to appeal to our ego sensibilities and have been dramatised as such.

They have reflected where our group consciousness is at

and if we are in an ego child space of needing to be parented and controlled through fear

we see how the stories

and actual daily life

reflects that

In Stargate the film, there was an evil alien who sought to harness the world’s he visited and enslave the people to do his bidding through fear.

They far outnumbered him yet were so overcome by their fear they were powerless to act…..

until his actions became to big to ignore.

So it is with our unconscious mind.

It will live through fear and control until a bigger threat comes along that it perceives even more dangerous than it’s present course of action

and so it allows change to happen.

All of this is a metaphor for our sacred journey

We can choose another route

to live from love instead and move towards things rather than away from them

remembering our true essence

commiting to the creation of our dream

that we are always guided if only we allow it

most people do not

letting their fear ego run the show

we are creating a tipping point as more people wake up to who they really are

Today’s energy is all about connecting to our core star

the pentacle

working with our humanity

and the

five elements

and creating the magic within by clearing our channel so we are a clear space to receive and connect with the magical energy grid of all that is.

Emotional Freedom Technique creates this clear channel.

The more we have done our inner work and let go of our story and the more we are in

our open heart space.

The more we have connected to the sacred cycles and use the tools our ancestors have given us

the more we time travel

the more we can see where we can journey to

who with

and what the next step on our path is

we may not know how

or why

it is enough that we are having a wonderful time on a cosmic adventure

and paving the way of our emotional evolution.

If you haven’t really connected to your divine message yet

and are stuck on a repeating groove

thinking that you have a need to do xyz before you are ready

that another qualification under your belt will give you the edge

that you haven’t got the tool yet to accomplish your mission

this is your ego talking

you have everything you need within you

the only person who is stopping you

is you

if you are ready to let that resistance go and be pro active

instead of being reactive when the bigger nudge comes along

then you are among the few seekers who are ready to do what it takes


face your own shadow

that is all it takes

change the inside and the outside changes

as above

so below

as within

so it is without

let go of banging the drum

and be the rhythm

Love to you today and your love space.