Day four of the energy wave ~ being the star that you truly are

Day 4 of Red Serpent wavespell. One of the most powerful energetic times of the year of Blue Resonant Storm.

This is a challenging year full of potentiality to blaze a trail and be the star that we truly are.

Are we ready to shine our light, be bright and reflect our soul out to light the path and our way

and in doing so share that experience with others?

Today is Yellow Self-Existing Star day.

Each day has a number and each day builds on the energy of the day before.

What does it mean to be self-existing in a planet of billions of living beings?

This is the Age of Aquarius and the time of evolving into being independent beings


This is all about letting go of our needs in terms of co-dependent relationships

and co creating instead.

We are happy in the skin that we are in

We do not rely on anything or anyone else to create that space within us

We are looking after ourselves

When a life event happens that may be viewed generally as “negative” we recover quickly from it and bounce back

We are centred, grounded, healthy

What does that look like energetically?

All our chakras are flowing

We have created a diamond structure – number four.

This is ancient symbology and an energetic building block of our universe for abundance

We start our creation process as one, co create to two and become three  ~ a triangle and the holy trinity

this triangle moves through a dance in a circular motion until when all the energetic steps have been accomplished it joins with it’s opposite ~

masculine and feminine is balanced…..

and becomes a diamond.

As above, so below

As within, without

and we revisit this creating a diamond process many times in different aspects of our relationships and learning

as we evolve we go deeper and create stronger energetic structures

The Star energy, in the Mayan sense, is all about creating harmony by being it.

People who have this sign will have experienced disharmony in their early lives so they understand what disharmony actually is experientially

and the soul journey is to turn that process around using the diamond dance .

In a soul and energetic journey that is an inner process.

When we change the inside the outside changes.

This is a message I repeat often in my blogs because most people don’t understand it and focus on creating change on the outside.

It is a paradigm shift

This is our modern western view of focus and it isn’t “wrong”

It works perfectly fine up to a point because we live physically in the outside.

This is what the planet Saturn is all about.

We experience our Saturn Return at around the age of 30

This is one of our major energy gateways and so often at this age we will have a spiritual awakening or crisis

If we want to create harmony then we create balance

This is what the Aquarian Age is all about.

And to create balance in our world we create equal focus and therefore equality.

Most of us do not live in this place because we are simply unaware of it.

We have an imbalanced focus

Maybe we are too much in our head and intellect

We may be a talking book or simply invested in telling our story …

and believing it is who we are…..

Maybe we are too much in the spirit world because we are not liking our earthly incarnation too much…

off with the fairies all day every day and therefore unable to support ourselves physically and financially…

forgetting that we chose to be here to walk our journey and we have all the tools we need to assist us…

Maybe we are focused heavily on body and it’s hedonistic pleasures…

party time and everything else feels like a chore….

Letting go of judging these places of being and being discerning instead….

Universal energetic law is very simple…..

If we create an energetic structure then we take what goes with that space and the universe will always balance us energetically

so if we choose to be dependent instead of self-existing then we will face people who seek to parent us

we will learn the lessons of  how it feels to lose that structure…..

the financial crash…

so that we can be free

and sometimes those learnings around disharmony seem tough

and the price we pay is high

and if we choose to integrate them and let go of our fear in the process then our integral structure becomes stronger

and we become more courageous

as we move from zero to hero over and over to coin a WordPress term 🙂

It is our personal legend challenge

Many people believe that we need to be angry to do this and this is the place of the emotional evolution

anger is a destructive force

it is the inner child rant

and an ego protection

We can be assertive from love and let go of aggression

They are two very different places to come from

one is achievable by anyone

the other to those who have done their inner energetic alchemical process of evolution

by letting go of past emotional wounding

Being a shiny star that beckons people to become the same vibe

like the old fairytale of the Sun competing with the wind for who could get the man to take his coat off quicker…

the sun shines and the man grows warm and takes off his coat

when the wind blows the man pulls his coat tighter

When it is the perfect time for us to be aware …..

the teacher/event/experience happens and as it is designed by the universal architect

that we are all intrinsically a part of…

we are always doing the perfect thing….

which to our rational mind and ego mind doesn’t make sense.

This is because we are playing a different game here that cannot be measured using the traditional reason methodology measuring tools….

to try and explain to a skeptic is difficult because there is a different language involved beyond rationality

and that is faith.

This is what the paradox of the sun energy we are living in just now brings …..

Virgo represents the sacred feminine….

untouched by man in the sense that it is divine and not a manmade mind construct

The shadow aspect of Virgo is not having faith and over identifying with the mind, getting stuck in the perfection, list ticking and going round and round in circles.

Even though I am a Leo I have more Virgo energy in my chart and so I can totally understand now, having become aware of the bigger picture of my Starcode (natal chart) how that has influenced my life in so many ways.

If you don’t know yours message me and I will show you how to do that.

I know many Virgo’s who are Yellow Stars and this is the great thing about working in this way…..

Seeing patterns .

We are all a soul who beamed in at a certain time to create an experiential mission.

We are all aspects of the great tapestry of universal creativity.

Are we getting our show on the road with stellar waves beaming out….

maybe hiding our light under a bushel and feeling frustrated, defeated, worn out…..?

We are the only ones who can change our wattage on the world.

When we create balance for ourselves, we are lighter and have a totally different energy and impact on others

Being the change is the key.

I use EFT – tapping to do that

as well as other energy therapies of  Reflexology and Aromatherapy for myself and for others

last night I experienced Kundalini Yoga for the first time and that was very challenging physically….

it is very important now to strengthen our physical vessel to focus on maximising our paradigm shifts.

I am off today for my second Tai Chi class this season.

When we do these body activities that focus on energy flow then we are working on lots of different levels for

Mind , Body and Spirit

Wishing you joy and love today with the Star Show of you.

Be the gift of starlight you came here to be and light up the world with your love and laughter

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