Day five of red serpent wave ~ red overtone moon


Blake said that the body was the soul’s prison unless the five senses are fully developed and open. He considered the senses the ‘windows of the soul.’ Jim Morrison

Man has no Body distinct from his Soul; for that called Body is a portion of Soul discerned by the five Senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age. William Blake.

The energy is building and I am getting a wake-up call today in my physicality  🙂

As a  leading Leo fire sign I want everything right here and now and we are in these hugely powerful energetic waves of change…

Other flavours I have are earthy and my moon in Taurus loves the heady pleasures…

so today’s blog is going to have a sexy essence.

If you are easily offended be warned and go no further…. 🙂

We are in Red Overtone Moon day and the goddess of loving is really highlighted in this Red Serpent wavespell.

As I remember more and more about who I really am….

and let go of my western “education”

I am following the beacons, the signs and the sacred feminine and sharing this cosmic cookie trail with others….

with you today 🙂

As we are going with this cosmic transition we can often trip over our cognitive process and our legs become entangled like a new born deer

it can be a very confusing space….

and we will make mistakes on our journey…

this is how we learn.

Do you remember when you first joined Facebook?

Started using a computer?

Sent your first email?

Created your first document?

Maybe you are navigating that right now 🙂

I got very frustrated and often lost big parts of my documents as I tried to run before I could walk.

I am being reminded of this now with my reconnection to Tai Chi and my new journey into kundalini yoga 🙂

When we are unaware and in a place of energetic and conscious ignorance we create different relationships and that space isn’t good or bad…

it simply is what it is.

What we make of it is our choice.

When I was young I wore my heart on my sleeve and loved intensely

much to many of my friends disbelief….

around my seemingly naive and blatant lack of self respect

I had , what seemed on the surface, to be the most damaging relationships

and they wondered why I chose to pursue them and maintain them.

I had such an intense yearning to be needed and loved and….

Leo’s love sex.

Guess most people do…

We often feel connected and grounded through our base chakra and if we don’t heal that “need”

and connect through our own direct energy source instead….

without any need to go through another…..

then we get great learning in our relationships.

This Virgo time is great for noticing how we are grounding ourselves.

My very first lover sang in a rock band and introduced me to The Doors.

At first I really didn’t “get” the music because it was sooooooo different to anything I had every heard before….

I instantly liked Jim Morrison though….

and recently I found out he has the same Aquarius Rising and Taurus Moon as me….and is a Sagittarius

Sagittarius men are a huge influence in my life and my partner and daughter are Sagi’s

This band and their music had a profound affect on me and my life and although I didn’t understand it at the time I now understand why…..

all the lyrics and the passion are  heart wisdom based.

All about the sacred feminine energy and the heart path.

The Doors have formed a wavelength of connection from my early teens to my journey as a tomato picker in Greece….

Where I went on my Mayan sign day blue solar hand

without any conscious awareness.

Some one knew though…..

All my relationships have helped create my energetic beingness and understanding today and although from a thinking mind perspectiveness they may have seemed “crazy” they happened for a very good reason.

My Solar opposite in the zodiac is Virgo and I have followed a pattern of swinging the pendulum of learning in these spaces …

If you look at your past relationships carefully and know their star signs I am guessing you will see the same pattern 🙂

Repeating over and over…..

as we keep having that learning in a different way

and the only way we truly get that is to dive in and experience it…

of course we can live vicariously through a book…

Fifty shades of grey seems popular

and I went into a bookstore the other day to see the pattern of many similar books on sale….

bit of a message there about our societies focus….

I have heard a rumour that Ryan Gosling is going to get the lead and he is…..

wow a saggi 🙂

and wow…..his films are so amazing and heartfelt.

And there are other aspects of him that I find irresistible…..

If you haven’t been exposed to Ryan yet be warned it may have a serious imbalancing affect on your lust levels so be aware….

Just watched a great film with him in and not as a casanova persona, which is rather strange and not what you think at first sight

Lars and the real girl

So in this waning moon I “should” be focusing on going within and letting go…..

and I have

and I also have been doing yang raising energy work such as kundalini yoga

and my cycle is out of kilter with the moon….

because of the learning required to bring me in balance at this time.

I used to ovulate with the new moon and now I ovulate before it so my co creating energy is off synch with that pattern

and what I have learned is that I needed that extra booster in a different way.

What I forgot was to listen to my knowingness which is..

that if I have high yang already ….

maybe doing fire-breath and bringing my kundalini yang in even more is a bit over the top

so I have been over indulging and as a result have a slight imbalance in my body ph

without going into too much information…

be warned if you do kundalini yoga it has a strong effect 🙂

live and learn

I have been on a trail today learning about how that affects me so it’s all good even though it feels uncomfortable

Yesterday during Tai Chi my teacher Yuri was sharing deeper learning of  the exercise we were doing and how the kidneys distribute the chi energy

we were doing a cloud hands movement  which is great for balancing masculine and feminine and works with the heart meridian by turning it through a full cycle of yin and yang energy also phrased as going through the seasons.

I had jelly legs from the previous evenings two hours of yoga which forms I had previously never visited

and felt like Uma Thurman and the water carrier training exercises in Kill Bill.

The Kidneys are also physically responsible for balancing our body ph and letting go of any excess liquid through our ureter and energetically our base chakra

The  vagina is an acidic environment and semen is alkaline

amazing what you can learn from that information about balance.

When I am working with client’s I do not do any energy balancing with any women who may be pregnant in the first three month’s because the body has to go out of balance to support the pregnancy to begin with.

It’s the same with our relationships….

with romantic partners we often feel we have fallen in love…

sometimes when the honeymoon period is over… estimated to be 18 months

the love is blind feeling wears off and we have had whatever soul learning we needed and it’s time to move on

we see the true egoic nature of our partner without rose tinted glasses

and sometimes we do not love their behaviour…

however if we have got deeper work to do, we stay and consciously evolve together.

We have a belief that we fall out of love and “break our hearts”

is that really true?

Or is it simply that our ego is wounded ?

Love has no bounds….

When we are feeling in love anything is possible

and the secret to abundant living is to create that feeling inside

because we love who we are

and how we are living


live in balance

of course sometimes we have to swing out to swing back in…

if we are prepared to keep being vulnerable and our heart stays open no matter what

then we have truly let go and are in the flow

When we are experiencing sexual pleasure and all of our senses are fully engaged we are out of this world

the longer we allow that to happen without reaching orgasm and the the more intense the orgasm when it comes.

The key to succesful relationship is to allow different energy flavours to come through in different situations

and even though we may love to have equality of sharing and balancing our energy ,

in most rooms in our house……

in the bedroom most women I have spoken to love their male lover to be deeply masculine

David Deida writes some great books on this aspect

So if you are not in the lurve zone right now….

how about diving in….

and experiencing the heady delights of seeing how full your love tank is

and how this other person can show you where it is and isn’t

and then as always we can tap and let go of anything that isn’t loving

so it’s always a Brucie bonus to our sacred life journey

Love to you today and your moon activities of rememberance.

Everything that ever happened has created our wonderful beingness today

and when we choose we can create more of the same or something else.

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