Day three of the serpent energy ~ Blue Electric Hand Day

Day three of this wave and we are in the space of holy trinity .

Blue Electric Hand

My Mayan sign is blue solar hand and I will be spending this afternoon tapping in Glastonbury with another me

so we can both create something new in our relationship with the world we live in 🙂

What will come up today for me to let go of that I may have been unaware of….?

This is the energy of co creativity by balancing our masculine, feminine and the result of that is our divine child being in a clear space.

How was yesterday for you?

If you are working consciously and with intent of clearing old ways of relating then you may have had a couple of challenges yesterday.

The outside world showing the inside and where we can let go.

This is the magic that this interchange brings… I really would like to focus on having less of that sort of  relationship exchange…..

What would we choose instead?

It’s worth remembering that we are in the waning moon time of letting go.

It’s all good even when it feels the opposite because we are aware of the process…

and getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable….

which is what most people on the planet avoid….

and are scared to death of their own shadow

and that is the essence of  everything

avoidance of looking within

by the ego doing a little theatrical redirection to the outside

clever little  monkey….

it gets to hold onto it’s fear for another day

and that is the battle we see played out in our world every day

We are in the second moon of the Mayan Year ~ Lunar Moon.

The first three moons of this new year are very connected to hearing our soul speaking of our journey of creativity this year.

In this second moon time we are facing our challenge.

We do this through relationships which is what our time on the planet is all about ~ relating.

It’s so much easier to see ourselves through the actions of another.

If we are an awakened seeker.

This Mayan Year bigger picture is Blue Resonant Storm and essentially this is a stormy year.

Wherever we have anger stored we will see it illuminated by the lightening that comes from the meeting of energy polarities

If we are in denial of our anger we will meet lots of angry people.

Alter Ego great films ( wish there was less violence tho):


Fight Club


Often we are in denial of anger because we have experienced being on the receiving end of anger and know how that feels as a very small young child

all the fairytales carry the message of the soul journey

Women who run with the Wolves is a great book

and it is this darkness and challenge that is the enlightenment process

we may have a snow queen in our family circle

maybe our teacher at school is a Jekell and Hyde

the wolf posing as grand mama

We felt like a cuckoo in the nest or an ugly duckling that still hasn’t found the swan connection….

as our ego defences at that time were very small and our heart was open and we could feel what was really happening

and maybe were deeply confused…

and learned to doubt our feelings because other people insisted that we did….

or else….

all of this is the store of the alchemical change we are here to create on the inside

so we transform the world outside

each and everyone of us has a role to play in this

we need the alter ego’s until we have all reconciled our alter ego

If we are passive and hiding our anger then lots of people will show up to help us find our feet and see what we stand for

and whether we are ready to stand up for our beliefs

without becoming the behaviour we abhor…

the abusive , disrespectful red mist that wants to annhilate the other

road rage……

turned within the next stage of it’s manifestation is:

blistering cold sores

chronic indigestion

heart burn



rheumatoid arthritis



and sometimes that feels so intense that leads to self-harm still not wanting to hurt another

or blocking out the pain with drugs and alcohol.

Energy blocks in our body that are actually the healing process.

The resulting dis-ease is a message for us that is tangible….

I get cold sores on my nose  so I can see clearly where my anger lies….

around my knowingness and the frustrations of being able to communicate that 🙂

The energy created by our emotion is an energetic wave that has a vibration

anyone who has taken the vent of someone’s anger full on can relate to how that feels

and as a very small young person the adult is like a towering inferno

pouring their vitriol out onto us and we had no choice but to receive it

because at that time we were a dependent

who relied on adult’s to survive

The energy force of anger is like molten lava on our system and it can feel compelling and addictive

we can feel galvanised into action when we are having a good old rant.

Ranting creates ranting and it doesn’t create any change in itself  except to bring awareness to light

There is another way that I love to share and how I work as an energy coach on myself and with others.

Each challenge that shows up for us and creates an emotional resonance around any emotion that isn’t joy and love

the soul factory setting 🙂

We are pure love on arrival at base camp…..

Is an opportunity to clear our emotional mind of a historical event

and when we clear our historical event on a personal level….

it goes global…

how fabulous is that 🙂

We clear a vibration and everyone benefits

which is why I love to share it.

Most people aren’t doing inner enquiry because they don’t want to feel the past hurts


they don’t know how to move into their heart space because when they do there is no putting a toe in the water….

when you start to go into your own shadow to open your heart it may feel overwhelming

we are taking the journey that goes deep into us

the scariest place of all

is our dark side of the moon

and most people would rather take a voyage to the actual moon than visit their own bottomless pit.

You can take small steps into the void if you work proactively rather than waiting for the universal wave to push you in…

and it will…..

be assured because it is what we are here for…

the sacred journey

I still find that sad and a tad frustrating as it is the place we have come here to visit and it is what our life is all about…..

however I know that I too was in this place not that long ago.

Watching fight club was a real aha moment for me being an Ikea fan at that time

Ikea trips were a salve for my ego to feel worthy and living the life

until it wore off and I needed another room makeover to feel…..

mmmmm what?

When I had a very big wake up call in my relationship with my partner, my own health, young children and a mid life crisis I did the best I could with what I had and that is when I was gifted Louise Hay by a friend…who gave me the book and also left my life….

Everyone left the stage so I could see myself spotlighted….

stripped bare….

My salvation at that time was to try to put a brave face on to the world, keep spinning the plates and watch Mrs Doubtfire ….

and cry alot

without any hope of stemming the flow…

My eyes were on full flow niagra falls and I had no choice but to allow it in public…. or not go out anywhere.

I went through several months of emotional hell  ( that I had previously stuffed into Pandora’s Box of not going there life’s in the way)

and feeling totally in annhilation zone

and one day I woke up and I felt better.

Now this is what I call cold turkey emotional processing.

It works connecting with the grief  .

It is what it is designed for.

Instead of feeling depressed we feel sad or angry or both and eventually when we have done enough of that we feel happy again as long as we have let go of living whatever lie we were living to create that feeling.

In 2007 I found another method of needing to be in annhilation zone for long periods to allow a true emotional response …

Emotional Freedom Technique.

Just in time for my next big life event of 2008 which I guess a few of you will share….

the financial crash.

This time when I was going through my dark night of the soul and my ego was liquifying to become something else….

letting go of pure positivity, people pleasing and being a chameleon to enable narcissistic relationships

like I did when I was a child….

I tapped for as many hours as I could on one of my worst  ego nightmares incarnate so far…..

the destruction of my society persona

I became a persona non grata

and it felt so painful for my ego….

how would I survive without my credit rating?

my property business?

my good financial name?

What would everyone think?

It was one of the best things ever to happen to me and tapping really gave me the edge of going through the process quickly and easily without so much pain and beating myself up.

Each day I would tune in to how I felt and how the event today would lead back to an earlier one in my life.

I would focus on how this event was pushing buttons for me and then tap to let that go so I could have a conversation with people I needed to speak to without projecting blame and anger onto them.

It meant I was in a clear space and I didn’t become the system…..

which is a part of me globally because I have bought into it….

and I was learning about how I was a co-dependent in that myth and illusion

of getting my ego fix through what I believed I needed to be to be accepted by society

If I had an email that provoked an angry response

you know that “what are they saying?” moment

“I cannot believe they are saying that to me…..”

“who the hell do they think they are?”

Sound familiar?

Then immediately write a tirade of emotionally wrapped pain parcel back.

Instead I connect, feel the feeling, tap on it and let it go.

When I am neutral I write back clear of emotion.

We are in a society of making other people pay because we haven’t cleared our past where we believe we are owed something.

When we clear our past emotional outstanding balances then we have no debt.

We live in today.

We are here and now.

We are creative and feeling good so we attract that energy in and pay it forward.

We are responsible for who we are and what we are manifesting and we create great resonsible strategies for living and relating.

We don’t need to parent other adults or them to parent us.

There is no pension plan for the future as we have everything we need here and now and that is what is creating our future.

Tapping gives personal freedom and a clear sheet.

We can let go and we can tap in new empowering beliefs.

Feeling good about the relationships we are creating as independent beings who have let go of being used as a lightening rod for other people

and of being an energy vampire feeling other people have to parent us because we weren’t parented in the way we “should have been.

This years cycle is all about stripping away the false ego self we have constructed so we can liberate ourselves

from the hamster wheel of our own making.

Love to you today and how you use your hands to create new ways of being.

Being the change by being the love space.

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