Red Serpent Wavespell begins. Are we ready to love the skin we are in?

This is one of the most powerful energetic waves we can ride with conscious intent and peel back our layers that no longer serve us.

Red Serpent Wavespell

more info here:

Red Serpent

If we haven’t released and let go we will be facing many challenges now and lots of stuff will be lining up attracted by our heart magnet so we can heal it.

Are we ready to love the skin we are in ?

Wherever we aren’t doing that is what will be showing up for us in this Lunar Moon time which is all about the challenge.

We are here to spiritually grow through our emotions guidance.

We are not here simply to survive ….

we are here to thrive

the opposite to many of the sentiments in bitter sweet symphony of the life

We struggle to shed our skin sometimes…….. and many people fear this process and avoid it

It doesn’t have to be this way as there are lots of resources out there to assist our process…..

 often people do not see the jewels that are brought to light when we go into that dark space

If you are this Mayan sign it’s a powerful way to look within now

If it is your wavespell then time to work wonderously with it

If you are the sort of person who avoids their shadow…

only focusing on the positive…..


doesn’t want reverse tarot cards….

if they don’t like the soul card they pick, put it back and get a “better” one …

you will find this year very tough indeed because

what you resist persists

and this is blue resonant storm year

and you cannot get to heaven on a one track perspective of positivity

all your shadow self will arrive for you to see on the outside

All that imbalanced road leads to is going round in circles so that bigger and bigger messages get louder and louder…

to create so much resistance that you have no choice

but to heed the message.

If we have no resistance within we have no resistance without so if we are proactive instead of reactive

it is a smoother ride with less intense loop de loops and screams

Many people have forgotten their true nature and how to see where their life path isn’t flowing by very simply having a check in with their cosmic vehicle

their own personal philosopher’s stone

which is our body.

Each part of the body has a very simple energy circuit we can access to see where our resistance lies.

As flowing rivers of energy we can see where they may be a rock or two blocking our flow

and then we are alerted to where we can let go of some past learning and create some new beliefs that support our well-being

If we are of the belief that other people are the only ones that can create well-being for us then that is true

and we give our power to them

If on the other hand we believe we have created the block….

then we also have the power to uncreate it

In my life I became aware of the energy belief system in the year 2000 when a friend gave me Louise Hay’s You can Heal Your Life

I found it very strange and hard to handle because everything in it was contradictory to what I had learned so far.

This is known as a paradigm shift.

I am the perverse sort of person who will do something even more when it feels very strange and uncomfortable because I know this is where the juicy growth comes

and I can create a quantum leap for myself and in doing so share that with others.

This is what my blog is all about

Sharing my life journey with anyone who is interested in the pursuit of well-being

and cutting edge evolution.

I love to share emotional freedom technique with as many people as I can

because if everyone took responsibility for how they are feeling every day

instead of blaming other people

and did their inner work and peace procedure every day

instead of creating more resistance, blame and passing the pain parcel on…

instead of off loading and story-telling and recreating everything all the previous generations have already done in a big way

for thousands of years……

have we not done it enough????

I choose to live in a magical world of love and living the heart path

Where I can be simple

I can be honest

I can be intimate and share my soul with other like-minded souls

I am a lover not a fighter

I want to create beautiful models for living

where we can take the time to be in the moment

present and free

bare to our bones

and if people are different to us we honour that and respect that and this is reciprocated

I am not professing to be a guru or an enlightened being

I am like everyone else

on the path

I do have some gifts to share

and specialities in the intuitive energetic field

Finding the Mayan calendar and EFT has changed my life

and it can change yours

All it takes is a choice to do whatever it takes to create our own peace from within

and being the change we want to see.

When we realise that the universe works in cycles we can see how we are swinging into September again

Where there have been some major events causing ripples in our planetary pond

It’s the start of term too

What does that mean for you?

How are you seeing a repeating pattern now?

It is all about healing our shadow side through feeling the feelings and letting them lead us to where we can let go of old emotional wounds

and we cannot do that through any intellectual mind process

In this energy of Red Magnetc Serpent today we can see the signs in our body and our feelings

We can see where we are seeking to feel love outside of ourselves through a “need”

We can see where we are blocking our universal connection to the earth and the cosmos by blocking our energetic flow

by seeing where we have di-ease in our body

lack showing up in our finances

our relationships

This is our signpost as to where we can allow ourselves

to let go and let the flow

be once more

The universe can only bring us what we believe to be true

and if we have beliefs around lack, needing to be punished, limited resources, guilt and shame

because of what we experienced in childhood

then sure enough they will be showing up now in our day to day reality

When we let go of those emotional experiences inside and believe in our own worthiness instead….

guess what?

The universe matches our belief.

We are a projector and when we change our slides our world changes.

Let’s create some amazing, loving, kaleidoscopic

eye to eye

wow moments

Let’s be the lotus eaters in respect of living peacefully

letting go of needing to fight

with a lust for life

Joyful Juicy limitless living

and we don’t need any drugs …….

We have everything we need


Wishing you a joyful journey on this being in our body and feeling wave of transformation

If I can assist you please message me.

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