Last day of the human wavespell ~ Day 13 Yellow Cosmic Seed

Today is the last day of this wavespell and we have travelled a magical 13 bands of energy waves that have refined our energy wave,

especially if we have been paying attention and working consciously in alignment with our cosmos.

Each day brings a different flavour to our planetary evolution and like any other  earth dwelling being we are affected by the universal light.

So how are we feeling today on the yellow cosmic seed flavour day?

Have we been ripening with intention and honing our gifts, going within so we can burst without at the next full moon.

What have we been collecting, associating with, rubbing shoulders on, dancing from flower to flower and cross pollinating as with flitter and fly over the world wide web and in our earthly paradise?

If we are truly flowering from our authentic beingness

without any people pleasing,


being a talking book and avoiding walking our talk,

letting go of co -dependent relationships,

Letting go of off-loading and doing our inner work instead,

letting go of energy vamping and being a clear connection to source,

owning our shadow and being honest with all of ourselves

the the creation we bring to fruition is of the same beautiful authentic expression.

The beanstalk that will grow from our seed intention will reflect our energy expression exactly

and create a route to the Kingly realms of magical love abundance harvests

or more mirage and fantasy island living.

Whatever we birth is us…..

tis the nature of the universe.

The cake we are baking is the sum total of our ingredients and our alchemical process.

We are here to plant our God and Goddess garden which is a place outside of ourselves and co created with the universe

we do not have to be less than or more than to create

to simply be us in our purest form free from any mental construct of how our mind perceives us to be

the clearer we are in our emotional mind and the more beauty we can feel and connect to

by being present.

This is the last day of the white refining energy and tomorrow we go into the blue……

Death and transformation space is here.

Whatever we have been refining is ready for the next process of becoming through action.

As a fire sign and a blue solar hand I love this time

It’s where we get to mold our vision and at the beginning of this energy we are still in the waning moon so it is still about being inward looking and letting go.

If this is your wavespell and you are ready to work consciously then each day can be a time of inner journeying to see where you are on your path for a profound shift and alchemy change.

The New Moon in Virgo is on the 16th of September and this is when we can work with the moon to send our seeds out into the world .

If we have looked within to see our harvest

we can see what has given us the fruits we wish to increase and expand

and those we wish to decrease or remove completely.

I use EFT to help assist in this process and use my feelings to guide me….

anything that has brought any emotional reaction less than joy……

it’s time to let go….

September 20th brings the Electric Moon in the Mayan calendar and this is the time to share our wares 🙂

Thirteen Moons in Motion

Red Serpent Energy Wavespell  starting tomorrow is all about loving being in the skin we are in and connecting to how we feel about our bodies, our sensuality and how we are allowing ourselves to feel.

If you know your sign you can check out your wavespell here by finding your sign amonst these and clicking on it.


If you don’t know your sign you can find out here:

Galactic Decoder:

Love to you today and your love seeds

What beauty are we going to cultivate with our sacred feminine dream weaving?


2 thoughts on “Last day of the human wavespell ~ Day 13 Yellow Cosmic Seed

    1. Hi Reiki Roxy. This is linked into the Mayan Calendar and is a fabulous way of working with your universal bigger picture energy and your individual energetic blueprint. There are 10 Galactic Activation Portals in this wavespell starting today so it’s very powerful – this is a huge energy gateway that links all of time. I will be posting each day on the energy with lots of links so if you wish to use it for yourself please tune in and find out your Mayan sign on the link above – galactic decoder. Lovely to connect to you 🙂


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